2nd Chance

I felt like he just gave me a second chance at life, a second chance to live and do what I want to do in the life that I have. As we slowly approached the ...

Author: Kym Alexander Marshall Jr

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479700754


Page: 56

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A young man experiences a life changing experience when he and a friend decided to smoke weed one day after class. The young man finds himself undergoing a series of strange so called hallucinations. But after a hard felt conversation with someone dear to him, he begins to change his ways and start a new, thinking about his future and what he s going to do with his new life after a second chance at living.

2nd Chance

Cedric Clewis. 781612 2nd Chance.

Author: Cedric Clewis

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1612154697

Category: Religion

Page: 86

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When in high school teen falls into a temptation of choosing his drug addition over his school education, he fails school. When he survives a fatal drug overdose, he learns that God gave him....a 2nd chance.Cedric Clewis is a born again Christian & lives in Spencer, Oklahoma.

2nd Chance


Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755387066

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

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When a little girl is shot on the steps of a San Francisco church, Detective Lindsay Boxer reconvenes the Women's Murder Club. Working with reporter Cindy Thomas, assistant DA Jill Bernhardt, and medical examiner Claire Washburn, Lindsay tracks a mystifying killer who quickly turns his pursuers into victims. The unorthodox allegiances of the Women's Murder Club lead them to suspect the unexpected - the killer may be an ex-cop. But nothing prepares them for the demented logic behind his choice of victims.

Hope for a 2Nd Chance

Where is that 2nd chance and freedom from failure and defeat? GOOD NEWS I am here to tell you the good news. There is hope for you for a 2nd chance and ...

Author: Joan Duncan

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468925253

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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Need a better life? Need to get rid of the hurts and harms that defeat you? Want to live life to the fullest? Find out how by reading this book. Exciting and dramatic lives that changed.

2Nd Chance for Clifford

This would be a second chance for Clifford to feel safe in a different environment. It was Clifford's first day at St. Vincent Primary school.

Author: Deloris Herbert

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514447401

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 34

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Clifford is a kind, caring young boy loved and valued by his whole family and close friends at school. Very talented, an all-rounder who excels in everything he does. His teacher Mrs. Powell always said what a kind boy he was, very down to earth and loved encouraging other children to work hard. Good at athletics, his best sports would always be football!. If another child ever felt sad at school, Clifford would show you a kind hand, smile, and invite you to come and play. Every day was a fun-packed day, happy faces, delightful children with great imaginations. Clifford never expected to be surrounded by a group of bullies that day, who were mean and very cruel. They judged him because he was different from them, his skin tone and the texture of his hair. This made him question himself, feeling sad and uncomfortable. His family and the headmaster at school tried to make the situation better, but the damage was already set in place. Cliffords parents, Anita and Sinclair, decided enough was enough it was about Cliffords well-being and what change they had to make. Clifford found a new adventures place, a new school not so far away. Somewhere safe that practices the golden rules every single day. Clifford is the happiest boy he has ever been, he now understands to be different, is unique blue print of himself. Clifford has found his purpose in life! To help other children who struggle with confidence. His message to all children show kind hands, dont judge! Most people are not a perfect image of yourself. Clifford and Max are close friends out of school; they spend most of their time encouraging children to speak out.

Second Chance Ranch

... widows fund and the 3rd, for the benefit of the second chance program. ... work and I'd think someone has to watch how the money for 2nd Chance is used.

Author: D. Kelly Yannucci

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329103734

Category: Fiction


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How do you leave the house you worked to restore, move to a small ranch and change that house into a home? You fall in love with a gentle and handsome cop! For Kaaren and her 3 daughters everything blows up on Thanksgiving, not that she liked holidays before but this was beyond her worst nightmares! She follows her handsome cop and they push and struggle to build a life together and rebuild a rundown ranch. Kaaren extends the ranch to include a restaurant and more animals while she completes a series of mystery books. Their family grows, life is wonderful and she finally believes she has it all until...

The Second Chance

After poking about in the chaos of the 2nd Chance Shop ' s makeshift " stalls , ”
filled with every sort of collectible and knickknack imaginable , she climbed a set
of rickety stairs to the barn ' s second floor , where she found a charming section ...

Author: Jaclyn Reding

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 9780451217868

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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Starting a new life in Massachusetts as the proprietor of a quaint bed-and-breakfast, Flora MacCallum, a young widow with three children, finds unexpected love with a composer who is grieving for his lost marriage and son, and together they discover the healing power of hope and music. Original.

Second Chance

Author: Robert Scripps

Publisher: Infinity Publishing

ISBN: 0741421453

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

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What is it like to spend your final years in a place with all of the amenities of a fine resort, yet with no family and few if any friends?

No Second Chance

Human Rights Watch documents human rights abuses and presses for change in the United States and worldwide. No Second Chance is a national report on public ...

Author: Human Rights Watch

Publisher: Human Rights Watch


Category: Law

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The Second Chance

Such opposed solutions as subjective idealism and realism , chance and
teleology , vitalism and logical positivism , are evaluated and the contributions of
the great philosophers from the ... 2nd German edition translated by H. E.
Cushman .

Author: Leslie F. Hannon

Publisher: London: W.H. Allen


Category: Cellular therapy

Page: 242

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A Second Chance for Families

Evaluation of a Program to Reduce Foster Care Mary Ann Jones, Renee
Neuman, Ann W. Shyne. Table 4 . 10 Phasing of Events and Services by
Quarters Characteristics of Demonstration Staff _ _ _ There were 39. Ist Qtr . 2nd
Qtr . 3rd Qtr ...

Author: Mary Ann Jones



Category: Child welfare

Page: 133

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Second Chance

Freewheeling fashion magazine editor Fiona Monaghan meets her match--and opposite--in conservative widower John Anderson, who accompanies her to a Paris couture show and unexpectedly steals her heart, a development that prompts both to ...

Author: Danielle Steel

Publisher: Dell Publishing Company

ISBN: 0440240794

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Freewheeling fashion magazine editor Fiona Monaghan meets her match--and opposite--in conservative widower John Anderson, who accompanies her to a Paris couture show and unexpectedly steals her heart, a development that prompts both to adapt their contrasting lifestyles. Reprint.

Annual Report

Dutch , Black - Senior Buck : 18t , Cronk ' s Midvale Rabbitry ; 2nd , Berndt ; 3rd ,
4th , Kennedy : 5th , Arnold Johnson . Senior Doe : 1st , Arnold ... Havana ,
Standard - Senior Buck : 1st , Leibel ; 2nd , Chance ' s Rabbit Farm . Senior Doe :
1st ...

Author: Minnesota State Agricultural Society



Category: Agriculture


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2nd Chance

But something happened when he was in jail for armed robbery, an encounter that changed his life. This is his story of breaking free from a life of addiction and crime"--Book cover.



ISBN: 9780473273958

Category: Christian converts


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