A Brush with Love

—Evie Dunmore, USA Today bestselling author of Bringing Down the Duke “A Brush with Love reads the way young love feels. Mazey Eddings stole my heart with this laugh-out-loud funny, almost unbearably cute debut (and she made me care ...

Author: Mazey Eddings

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250805996

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Nine out of ten dentists agree, Mazey Eddings's rom-com A Brush with Love makes your smile brighter!* *not scientifically proven Harper is anxiously awaiting placement into a top oral surgery residency program when she crashes (literally) into Dan. Harper would rather endure a Novocaine-free root canal than face any distractions, even one this adorable. A first-year dental student with a family legacy to contend with, Dan doesn’t have the same passion for pulling teeth that Harper does. Though he finds himself falling for her, he is willing to play by Harper’s rules. So with the greatest of intentions and the poorest of follow-throughs, the two set out to be “just friends.” But as they get to know each other better, Harper fears that trading fillings for feelings may make her lose control and can't risk her carefully ordered life coming undone, no matter how drool-worthy Dan is. Blood, gore, and extra-long roots? No problem. The idea of falling in love? Torture.

A Brush With love

A BRUSH WITH LOVE (DESTINY'S COVE , #2) She never forgot the broody guy who stole her heart. He never got over his first crush. It's time Destiny took matters into her own hands. Kyla Callaghan left Destiny's Cove to chase a dream in ...

Author: Grace Roberts

Publisher: Grace Roberts


Category: Fiction

Page: 127

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She never forgot the broody guy who stole her heart. He never got over his first crush. It's time Destiny took matters into her own hands. Kyla Callaghan left Destiny's Cove to chase a dream in New York, but she never stopped thinking about the guy who saved her life and secretly captured her heart in high school. When she returns to her hometown for a short visit nine years later, and he saves her once again, she can't help but wonder whether the town legend of the matchmaking ghost might be real after all. With an alleged pirate curse connected to his family name, Caleb Morgan has been an outcast all his life. Although he tried starting anew away from Destiny's Cove, the town called him back, and he resigned himself to a hermit's life with only his dog for company. Until the girl he secretly crushed on in high school comes back to town, and he can't help but wonder if everything might be about to change. As Kyla and Caleb finally get to know each other, their feelings evolve into something stronger. Will they find a way to make it work even after her stay comes to an end, or is this destined to be nothing but a brief brush with love? This is book two in the Destiny's Cove sweet romance trilogy, but it can be read on its own. ***This book was previously published as "A Brush With Love in Fortune's Bay"***

A Brush With Love

A Brush With Love Copyright Dedication Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen ...

Author: Jo Barrett

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1612171184

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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Ruth Moore has lost more than her job, her boyfriend, and her ability to walk. She's lost her desire to paint, until she spies Mick Thomas. His sculptured body compels her to recreate him on canvas, but can she pick up a paintbrush again without losing her heart? Mick Thomas is running from a past he is forced to face when he meets the dark haired sprite in the wheelchair. The wheelchair he put her in. He can only hope that Ruth will somehow find it in her heart to forgive him and allow him to love her as he's never loved before.

A Brush with Love

The idea for this book came to me one evening while standing in the kitchen, fixing dinner, taking a mental break from ... When the week was over, Susan May Warren, Beth Vogt, and Alena Tauriainen brainstormed A Brush With Love with me, ...

Author: Rachel Hauck

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310396107

Category: Fiction

Page: 157

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Ginger Winters is a gifted hairstylist with scars no one can see. The last thing she expects from the New Year is a new chance at love. Overcoming a childhood tragedy, Ginger emerges from the pain and trauma with a gift for bringing out the beauty in others. From the top big city salons to traveling the world as personal stylist to a country music sensation, success was almost enough to make Ginger forget she would never be one of the beautiful people. that girl, forever on the outside looking in. But she needs her confidence this weekend. She’s the acclaimed “beauty-maker” for the Alabama society wedding of the decade. When high-school crush Tom Wells Jr. also returns to town and shows up at her shop looking for a haircut, Ginger’s thinly veiled insecurities threaten to keep her locked away from love, Despite Tom’s best efforts, Ginger can’t forget how he disappeared on her twelve years ago and broke her heart. Can she ever trust him again? When Tom challenges her to see her own beauty, Ginger must decide if she will remained chained to the past or move freely into a new, exciting future.

A Brush with Love

Nine out of ten dentists agree, Mazey Eddings's rom-com A Brush with Love makes your smile brighter!* *not scientifically proven Harper is anxiously awaiting placement into a top oral surgery residency program when she crashes (literally) ...

Author: Mazey Eddings

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250805988

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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A Brush With Nature

In the distance is the cornfield itself, caught like a sash between the trees, and leading the eye away to a village ... For one housewife, 'The Cornfield copies I have owned have been given to me with love, so the picture reminds me of ...

Author: Richard Mabey

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409070867

Category: Nature

Page: 256

View: 572

Described as 'Britain's greatest living nature writer', Richard Mabey has revealed his passion for the natural world in eloquent stories for BBC Wildlife Magazine. This volume features his favourite pieces and presents a fascinating and inspiring view of the changing natural landscape in which we live. Peppered throughout with references to the heritage of nature writing, and great writers from Richard Jefferies and John Clare to Roger Deakin and Robert MacFarlane, A Brush With Nature is part memoir, part nature journal, part social history, giving us a unique insight into a nature lover's reflections over a quarter of a century.

A Brush with Death

That was the only reference to the argument. “A rat's nest, but my own. ... It's a fairly valuable piece, nineteenth-century Arabian. He got me Bergma's address and ... His warm brown eyes brimmed with love. “That's not the kind of ...

Author: Joan Smith

Publisher: Belgrave House

ISBN: 1610840488

Category: Fiction


View: 899

Cassie Newton once again joins forces with John Weiss, an investigator for Lloyds of London, when he shows up in Montreal on the track of ten fake Van Gogh paintings. The forger is murdered, with the cast of suspects including Hot Buns, a museum curator and a sheik. Along with the luxury and excitement she craves, Cassie finds herself facing deadly danger. Contemporary Romantic Suspense by Joan Smith; originally published by Jove

A Brush with Passion a Trilogy Book Two Diamonds and Sand

“Herr Pfitzner gave us the recipe. The pastry is what makes the dish wonderful, I think.” “And your secret?” Klimt asks. “Besides the egg yolks, butter, cream and flour—a dash of vinegar. And love. Pastries must be made with love.

Author: Joan Kelley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532060548

Category: Fiction

Page: 654

View: 365

Diamonds and Sand Adele Bloch-Bauer (1882-1925) did not seek fame—but acclaimed and passionate artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) thrust her into the public’s eye by painting two portraits that assured her lasting admiration and speculation. Both portraits were commissioned by her wealthy industrialist husband—and each illustrated different, almost contradictory views of the intellectually curious, mysterious woman. As a child, Adele escaped the rules of a repressive Vienna in the last decades of the 19th century, by conjuring a secret tunnel that gave life to her fantasies. Only when she began sitting for Klimt’s portrait of her did her fantasies slide into reality, bringing both blinding ecstasy and paralyzing guilt. Her journey is intriguing... Join her...

A Brush with Passion a Trilogy Book Three Dirty Linen

I bundled up Gusterl and took him to my new friend Bettina who seems more sensible than most of the other prams-in-the-park mothers. (Frieda, who said she was through with love, is following a cocky soldier wherever he goes, ...

Author: Joan Kelley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1532072236

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 937

Whether the canvases of Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918) celebrated the exquisite landscapes of Austria’s Attersee region or caressed the cheek of a lovely young laundress, his appreciation of his subjects was sensitive, sensual and strong. No other painter in Vienna at the close of the 19th century was as revered—and often reviled—as this outrageous artist wearing only a knowing expression and a long blue smock. One of the women who found her way onto his canvas and into his bed was Mizzi Zimmermann (the subject of this book, Dirty Linen), whom he would cherish, in his way, until his death. Mizzi, and the subjects of Book One—Vienna Patterns (Emilie Floge) and Book Two—Diamonds and Sand (Adele Bloch-Bauer) enjoy everlasting admiration, thanks to Klimt’s brush—A Brush with Passion.

A Brush with Death

With love, Priscilla.' And days with no formal plans follow a set routine: breakfast at 8am, coffee at 11am, lunch at 1pm, afternoon tea at 4pm, cocktails at 7.30pm and dinner at 8.15pm. Gin and tonics will be available at the drinks ...

Author: Ali Carter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1786072777

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 612

Agatha Christie meets Downton Abbey in this delightful new series introducing pet portraitist and amateur super-sleuth, Susie Mahl In the village of Spire, murder is afoot. Rich landowner Alexander, 9th Earl of Greengrass is caught with his trousers down in the village graveyard before meeting a gruesome end. Luckily Susie Mahl happens to be on hand. With her artist’s eye for detail and her curious nature she is soon on the scent of the murderer…