Biographical Dictionary of Radio

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Author: Christopher H. Sterling

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136993762

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 480

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The Biographical Encyclopedia of American Radio presents the very best biographies of the internationally acclaimed three-volume Encyclopedia of Radio in a single volume. It includes more than 200 biographical entries on the most important and influential American radio personalities, writers, producers, directors, newscasters, and network executives. With 23 new biographies and updated entries throughout, this volume covers key figures from radio’s past and present including Glenn Beck, Jessie Blayton, Fred Friendly, Arthur Godfrey, Bob Hope, Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Ryan Seacrest, Laura Schlesinger, Red Skelton, Nina Totenberg, Walter Winchell, and many more. Scholarly but accessible, this encyclopedia provides an unrivaled guide to the voices behind radio for students and general readers alike.

Encyclopedia of Radio 3 Volume Set

... 2001; Good Poems, 2002; A Few More Pretty GoodJokes, 2002 Further Reading Baenen, Jeff, “Books and Authors: Garrison Keillor Spins More Tales from Lake ...

Author: Christopher H. Sterling

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135456496

Category: Reference

Page: 1696

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Produced in association with the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, the Encyclopedia of Radio includes more than 600 entries covering major countries and regions of the world as well as specific programs and people, networks and organizations, regulation and policies, audience research, and radio's technology. This encyclopedic work will be the first broadly conceived reference source on a medium that is now nearly eighty years old, with essays that provide essential information on the subject as well as comment on the significance of the particular person, organization, or topic being examined.

Pretty Good Joke Book

AND A FEW MORE JOB JOKES A statistician is someone who is good with numbers but lacks the personality to be an accountant . An accountant is someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had in a way you don't understand .


Publisher: Highbridge Company


Category: Humor

Page: 320

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The Pretty Good Joke Book includes all of the jokes from the first nine Prairie Home Companion Joke Shows--hundreds of jokes about every subject from blondes to lawyers to chickens to relationships. From one-liners and puns to jokes about the headlines, this book covers the field. Guys walk into bars, light bulbs get changed, doors are knocked on, and insults fly in this treasury of hilarity from one of America's favorite radio shows, audience-tested and certified Pretty Good.

The Christian Union

It'll be a BY CHARLOTTE E. ROSE . knew that they were out of town . good joke to have them think I'm late as usual - a The young clergyman waited a few weeks , until pretty good joke , and I'll do it . ” By the time he WHAT has become ...

Author: Henry Ward Beecher



Category: Christianity


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The Inevitable Contemporary Writers Confront Death

I had thought Leah could have a few more good years. ... Someone gave her the Pretty Good Joke Book, from A Prairie Home Companion, and she retold the jokes ...

Author: Bradford Morrow

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393341171

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 336

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What is death and how does it touch upon life? Twenty writers look for answers. Birth is not inevitable. Life certainly isn't. The sole inevitability of existence, the only sure consequence of being alive, is death. In these eloquent and surprising essays, twenty writers face this fact, among them Geoff Dyer, who describes the ghost bikes memorializing those who die in biking accidents; Jonathan Safran Foer, proposing a new way of punctuating dialogue in the face of a family history of heart attacks and decimation by the Holocaust; Mark Doty, whose reflections on the art-porn movie Bijou lead to a meditation on the intersection of sex and death epitomized by the AIDS epidemic; and Joyce Carol Oates, who writes about the loss of her husband and faces her own mortality. Other contributors include Annie Dillard, Diane Ackerman, Peter Straub, and Brenda Hillman.

Hungouls of Hartford and Holland

They got to the dance just in time to hear John, the MC and Disc Iockey play many western songs and tell some pretty good jokes. So as it got later, ...

Author: Joe D. Jackson

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434969118

Category: Fiction

Page: 230

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Hungouls of Hartford and Holland is fiction. It starts out as a very simple book that might not get the attention of millions at first, but it begins to grow on you and as the characters become alive and the plot thickens, you find yourself having trouble putting it down. Hard times in the first of the book puts a load on the marriage of two of the main characters, but as kids come along and more money is made, somehow the marriage gets better as they fight other things like spirits of the past called Huns and getting involved with the lives of their kids. As time goes on and Huns marry Gouls, a super race of people called Hungoulds evolve that began to help make the earth a better place to live. So, by the end of the book, Hungouls are going to the moon and Mars and like before on earth, are making them into a great place to live also.

Inside Jokes

Hilarious in childhood and not very funny thereafter . More subtle and admirable practical jokes exploit more subtle commitments on the part of the butt .

Author: Matthew M. Hurley

Publisher: Mit Press

ISBN: 0262518694

Category: Philosophy

Page: 359

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An evolutionary and cognitive account of the addictive mind candy that is humor. Some things are funny--jokes, puns, sitcoms, Charlie Chaplin, The Far Side, Malvolio with his yellow garters crossed--but why? Why does humor exist in the first place? Why do we spend so much of our time passing on amusing anecdotes, making wisecracks, watching The Simpsons? In Inside Jokes, Matthew Hurley, Daniel Dennett, and Reginald Adams offer an evolutionary and cognitive perspective. Humor, they propose, evolved out of a computational problem that arose when our long-ago ancestors were furnished with open-ended thinking. Mother Nature--aka natural selection--cannot just order the brain to find and fix all our time-pressured misleaps and near-misses. She has to bribe the brain with pleasure. So we find them funny. This wired-in source of pleasure has been tickled relentlessly by humorists over the centuries, and we have become addicted to the endogenous mind candy that is humor.

The Elements of Great Public Speaking

Never start with a joke. There are three compelling reasons for this particular caution: 1. The odds are pretty good that some, if not all, of the audience ...

Author: J. Lyman Macinnis

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 0399578749

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

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Great speakers aren't just born; they prepare and they practice. THE ELEMENTS OF GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKING takes the fear out of taking the podium, distilling essential techniques and tricks for just about any speaking occasion. Experienced businesspeople, nervous students, best men, and eulogists alike can benefit from the author's simple, direct, and tested advice on everything from body language and word choice to responding to the audience and overcoming stage fright. Because there's no such thing as a boring topic—just boring speakers—ELEMENTS shows how to look, sound, and act like someone worth listening to.Reviews“The go-to guide for anyone about to stand up and say something. . . A practical guide to thumb through before every speech, whether it's your first or 500th.” —USA Today

Death Before Dinner

By the way,” Orly offered, “I heard a pretty good Norwegian joke last night. ... So Ole goes a few more yards away and starts working his third hole.

Author: Gerald Anderson

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738708747

Category: Fiction

Page: 253

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When Dr. George Gherkin, president of Fergus Falls State University, is killed at a faculty party he was hosting, it is up to local sheriff Palmer Knutson to determine which disgruntled guest disturbed the peace of this quiet Minnesota town with murder.

That Reminds Me Finding the Funny in a Serious World

The best thing you could do is hang out with Close and tell jokes all night ... have a few more little changes if you and I are ever really talking jokes), ...

Author: Michael Close


ISBN: 1435706463

Category: Humor

Page: 218

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Michael Close is an inveterate joke teller whose stories have brought gales of laughter from audiences around the world. For more than twenty years, Michael's friends and colleagues have eagerly awaited a collection of jokes from his enormous repertoire. "That Reminds Me" is that compilation - more than 250 of the best clean (and not so clean) jokes you've ever read. But this is much more than a joke book. Michael shares heartfelt reminiscences of the funny people who have enriched his life, stories of crazy personal experiences, and thoughts on the importance of "finding the funny" in your own life. This is the perfect book for anyone who needs a good laugh. Foreword by Penn Jillette [The jokes in this collection range from squeaky clean to R-rated. Words that you can't use on network television appear occasionally. If such language offends you, please don't purchase this book.]


They each had a few more drinks, told some jokes, and said their respective good-byes around 9 P.M. Rick was still feeling pretty good when the strong ...

Author: Patrick Ryan

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595358721

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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Global Positioning System satellite codes have been stolen and auctioned to a six-country cartel. Two innocent characters become involved with two main CIA characters. The perpetrators, rouge Justice Department agents and a Chinese Army Major chase the innocents half way around the world trying to retrieve their codes.


Ernest and I have had a few more opportunities to get to know each other. ... that Ernest has a great sense of humor and tells some pretty good jokes.

Author: CNN Lokko

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468909444

Category: Fiction


View: 134

Homecoming tells the story of a second generation African American, Freda, whose quest in life is to distance herself from her African roots. She is therefore upset when her parents have an emergency situation back in Ghana and insist on taking her along with them despite her objections. Freda is certain that the trip would be a horrible experience, after all, hasn’t she learned all she needs to know about Africa from the news media? From the moment she steps off the plane in Accra, Ghana, Frieda is tossed into a new culture. She meets her extended family for the first time and gets to hang out with Ernest, the handsome yet elusive teenager. Will the summer turn out as awful as Freda had anticipated?

Iron Angels

“I've missed quite a few things, I think. ... “This'll likely take most of the day,” Ed said. ... “Come on, that was a pretty good joke.

Author: Eric Flint

Publisher: Baen Books

ISBN: 1625796064

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 306

A bizarre kidnapping case leads FBI Special Agent Jasper Wilde into the mysterious world of a strange religious cult and even stranger criminals. At the scene of the kidnapping itself, a frightening apparition is seen. Then, a hideously-mutilated corpse is found nearby. Something wicked has come to the nornal-seeming Chicago suburbs. It doesn’t take long before the FBI agents realize that something truly extraordinary is unfolding in northwest Indiana—and that, whatever it is, the area’s huge steel industry is somehow at the center. Jasper is joined by Supervisory Special Agent Temple Black. Black has recently been put in charge of a new unit, the Scientific Anomalies Group, created to analyze and handle peculiar cases which might be on the periphery of national security. Another cult is discovered, although this one seems to be opposed to the criminal activities taking place. Further investigation, however, just produces more in the way of mystery. The agents consult with scientists and theologians, but no one has any idea what might be producing the situation. Until, finally, the cults erupt in open warfare. As the FBI agents race to intervene and finally put a stop to the horrors, they come to understand and accept that something very ancient and very evil has surfaced in the world—or, perhaps, something that is very, very alien. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). About Eric Flint: “Another engaging alternate history from a master of the genre.”—Booklist “. . . an old-style police-procedural mystery, set in 17th century Germany. . . . the threads . . . spin together . . . to weave an addictively entertaining story. . . . a strong addition to a fun series.”—Daily News of Galveston County “This alternate history series is … a landmark…”—Booklist “[Eric] Flint's 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians.”—Booklist “…reads like a technothriller set in the age of the Medicis…”—Publishers Weekly

It s Been a Pretty Good Ride

We've got a terrific show lined up for you in just a few minutes with (insert star/s name) ... The jokes were good, it was the chair that stunned the crowd.

Author: Bob Harshbarger

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480981435

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 72

View: 147

It’s Been a Pretty Good Ride By: Bob Harshbarger The genesis of this book came from Bob Harshbarger’s three daughters. They had been subjected to numerous tales over the years about where the Harshbargers came from and countless stories (mostly humorous) about their father growing up in a wheelchair. Bob’s children have encouraged him to write down some of these accounts; thus, along with some genealogical history, this “book” began. Oh, it didn’t start as a book. Bob told himself, “I’m no author,” but he decided to expand his reports to include hilarious events and stories about other people along the way that have been valuable pieces of his life’s puzzle. We are all subjects of problems in one form or another and the attitude with which these bumps in the road are addressed will someday define what one sees when reflecting back on their own life. Bob likes to think that this little book will provide not only some humor to the reader, but also inspiration for their own lives.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications Encyclopedia of Radio

... A Prairie Home Companion : Pretty Good Joke Book , 2000 ; Definitely Above Average : Stories and Comedy for You and Your Poor Old Parents , 2000 ; Lake Wobegon Summer 1956 , 2001 ; Good Poems , 2002 ; A Few More Pretty Good Jokes ...

Author: Museum of Broadcast Communications



Category: Radio

Page: 1650

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"A premise of this unique encyclopedia is that radio broadcasting is so pervasive that its importance can be easily overlooked. More than 600 articles provide ample illustration of the role this medium plays throughout the world. From radio's invention to radio on the Internet, the cross-referenced and thoroughly indexed articles analyze over 100 years of topics, programs, issues, people, and places, and provide leads to further reading. Some 250 photographs "give visual context to an often unseen world." Scholars, old-time-radio admirers, and curious readers will appreciate the unparalleled comprehensiveness of this source."--"The Top 20 Reference Titles of the Year," American Libraries, May 2004.


“I got all excited for a moment when I found a personal seal, but it turned out to be just Venier's file of Barrayaran jokes. Some of them are pretty good.

Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

Publisher: Baen Books

ISBN: 0671578081

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 871

The physically handicapped military genius Miles Vorkosigan investigates an act of treachery against the domed planet of Komarr

Bright Light

... thought and although it was just once in a while they were pretty good! ... of the time just talking and we sang a few songs, we told a few more jokes, ...

Author: Walter A. Buchanan Jr.

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1480929808

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

View: 432

Bright Light by Walter A. Buchanan Jr. Bright Light chronicles someone who was given a photogenic memory and the drive to build something very special. It is also about an adventure into the unknown, along with the hardships that are associated with exploring that great unknown, and also finding happiness amongst the chaos. Some parts of Bright Light reflect author Walter A. Buchanan Jr.’s own childhood, what he learned in history while growing up, and some of his experiences while serving in the military, and it is all wrapped together into an ideology that every human being is equal in the eyes of God. Readers will be able to understand that the world could be a better place if we only worked together and not against each other.