A House Without Windows

From the author of the bestseller The Pearl That Broke Its Shell comes this vivid, spellbinding story of murder, survival, sisterhood, and a mother’s love that illuminates the plight of women in a traditional culture For most of her life ...

Author: Nadia Hashimi

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

ISBN: 9780062449658

Category: Fiction

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A vivid, unforgettable story of an unlikely sisterhood—an emotionally powerful and haunting tale of friendship that illuminates the plight of women in a traditional culture—from the author of the bestselling The Pearl That Broke Its Shell and When the Moon Is Low. For two decades, Zeba was a loving wife, a patient mother, and a peaceful villager. But her quiet life is shattered when her husband, Kamal, is found brutally murdered with a hatchet in the courtyard of their home. Nearly catatonic with shock, Zeba is unable to account for her whereabouts at the time of his death. Her children swear their mother could not have committed such a heinous act. Kamal’s family is sure she did, and demands justice. Barely escaping a vengeful mob, Zeba is arrested and jailed. As Zeba awaits trial, she meets a group of women whose own misfortunes have also led them to these bleak cells: thirty-year-old Nafisa, imprisoned to protect her from an honor killing; twenty-five-year-old Latifa, who ran away from home with her teenage sister but now stays in the prison because it is safe shelter; and nineteen-year-old Mezhgan, pregnant and unmarried, waiting for her lover’s family to ask for her hand in marriage. Is Zeba a cold-blooded killer, these young women wonder, or has she been imprisoned, as they have been, for breaking some social rule? For these women, the prison is both a haven and a punishment. Removed from the harsh and unforgiving world outside, they form a lively and indelible sisterhood. Into this closed world comes Yusuf, Zeba’s Afghan-born, American-raised lawyer, whose commitment to human rights and desire to help his motherland have brought him back. With the fate of this seemingly ordinary housewife in his hands, Yusuf discovers that, like Afghanistan itself, his client may not be at all what he imagines. A moving look at the lives of modern Afghan women, A House Without Windows is astonishing, frightening, and triumphant.

A House Without Windows A House Without Windows

... a house without windows . Media coverage of this ongoing crisis has been minimal , and the public's interest fleeting . The situation has often been billed by humanitarian actors as the " forgotten crisis , " overshadowed by events ...

Author: Marc Ellison

Publisher: Humanoids, Inc.

ISBN: 1643377035

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By the delicate hand of Didier Kassaï (Storm Over Bangui) comes a comic book documentary about the street children of Bangui, told in a style that mixes photo and illustration.


A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS OR DOORS By Stephanie J. Ralston A Club Lighthouse Publishing E-Book ISBN 978-1-897532-04-1 All rights reserved Copyright © 2008 Stephanie J. Ralston Cover Art: T.L. Davison ...

Author: Stephanie J. Ralston

Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing

ISBN: 1897532040



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The House Without Windows

A house, a detested house – one of those houses that she had run away from. Everything came back to her – those foolish coverings on the floors which they called carpets, at the windows those useless decorations called curtains.

Author: Barbara Newhall Follett

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241986087

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Escape into the wild from the comfort of your own home this winter, with a dazzling lost classic of nature writing... Eepersip is a girl with the wild in her heart. She does not want to live locked up behind the walls of a house. So she runs away - first to the Meadow, then to the Sea, and finally to the Mountain. Her heartbroken parents follow their daughter, trying to bring her home safe, but Eepersip has other ideas... Republished by Penguin with a new introduction and hand-inked illustrations by beloved artist Jackie Morris, The House Without Windows is a timeless fable about wildness, freedom and the redemptive power of the natural world. 'I can safely promise joy to any reader of The House Without Windows. Perfection' Eleanor Farjeon, winner of the Carnegie Medal and The Hans Christian Andersen Award 'Gloriously illuminated by Jackie Morris's moving art, this is a work of strange power for our own bewildered times' Nick Drake 'A classic, as miraculous and awe-inspiring as the author' Xinran, author of The Good Women of China

The Facts on File Dictionary of Proverbs

the house shows the owner remain united if the group is to suc- ceed or survive; sometimes used to warn against ... Randle Cotgrave in A Dictionary of the French and English Tongues. a house without books is like a room without windows ...

Author: Martin H. Manser

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 0816066736

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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Lists the meaning and origin of more than 1,700 traditional and contemporary English proverbs.

The Moon Beamed

A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS OR CHIMNEY OR DOOR It seemed like : A house without windows or chimney or door ! I looked behind it , around it , and on top of it , too ; I tapped on it , rapped on it , and found it was true ! It was a house ...

Author: Viswajita Das

Publisher: Ratna Sagar

ISBN: 9788170701828


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A selection of fun stories and poems that range from fantasy and humour to true life incidents. The delightful sense of humour running throughout will appeal to every child.

The Dominion of the Dead

I cannot imagine, for example, that an architect would design a house without windows. Can we even imagine a house without windows? Yes, but we would say of it that it is more like a tomb than a house. It is appropriate for the dead to ...

Author: Robert Pogue Harrison

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226317927

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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How do the living maintain relations to the dead? Why do we bury people when they die? And what is at stake when we do? In The Dominion of the Dead, Robert Pogue Harrison considers the supreme importance of these questions to Western civilization, exploring the many places where the dead cohabit the world of the living—the graves, images, literature, architecture, and monuments that house the dead in their afterlife among us. This elegantly conceived work devotes particular attention to the practice of burial. Harrison contends that we bury our dead to humanize the lands where we build our present and imagine our future. As long as the dead are interred in graves and tombs, they never truly depart from this world, but remain, if only symbolically, among the living. Spanning a broad range of examples, from the graves of our first human ancestors to the empty tomb of the Gospels to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Harrison also considers the authority of predecessors in both modern and premodern societies. Through inspired readings of major writers and thinkers such as Vico, Virgil, Dante, Pater, Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Rilke, he argues that the buried dead form an essential foundation where future generations can retrieve their past, while burial grounds provide an important bedrock where past generations can preserve their legacy for the unborn. The Dominion of the Dead is a profound meditation on how the thought of death shapes the communion of the living. A work of enormous scope, intellect, and imagination, this book will speak to all who have suffered grief and loss.

Martin Heidegger

A house, in sum, was a place where two realms—one under and the other on the earth—interpenetrated each other. We no longer think of the house in ... I cannot imagine, for example, that an architect would design a house without windows.

Author: Stephen Mulhall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351919636

Category: Philosophy

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Although Heidegger's writings are not extensively concerned with the analysis of political concepts or with advocating particular arrangements of political institutions, his basic way of understanding the human relation to the world accords a constitutive significance to its social, cultural and historical dimensions. There is thus a political aspect to his thinking about every philosophical matter to which he turns his attention. This collection of essays is designed to identify, contextualize and critically evaluate the main phases of his intellectual development from that perspective.

Eyes and Ears

Books are the windows through which the soul looks out . A house without books is like a room without windows . No man has a right to bring up his children without surrounding them with books , if he has the means to buy them .

Author: Henry Ward Beecher



Category: English essays

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Riddle Of The Riddle

The popular Russian equivalent of archetypal quality: Bez okon bez dverei, / Polna gornitsa liudei [Without windows or doors, the chamber is full of folks] has a variety of answers. The adjacent very productive type describes a house in ...

Author: Senderovich

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136893296

Category: Social Science

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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.