Teen Age Romances Number 13 I Was Too Fast For Love


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In this steamy volume of Teen-Age Romances you'll find the following stories of heartache, romance and teenage romance... A liberated woman played loose and fancy free until she met her match in "I Was Too Fast For Love". A girl smothers her boy with too much attention and starts to drive him crazy in "I Wanted Too Much Love". A sassy student finds herself caught in a love triangle between a suave professor and a hunky head of class in "I Played With Fire". Jealousy takes many forms, and sometimes a woman fights for the attention of her man against his career in "My First Mistake" plus vintage advertisements and more. Teen-Age Romances is a series of soap opera stories published in 1949. While the "scandalous" stories described are more endearing than naughty you'll still enjoy reading old-fashioned romances in a more prudish time than 50 shades. Enjoy a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the best titles from the golden age of comics. Yojimbo Press has lovingly remastered these timeless classics with vivid color correction and image restoration

A Century Too Soon

But from the first he was regarded with aversion , as an intruder upon their
sanctuary and love . The dislike was mutual , for , though Price concealed ...
plunged once more into extravagance and folly . The boy was 134 A CENTURY

Author: John Roy Musick



Category: Bacon's Rebellion, 1676

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Because I Love Too

“This is our first date...and it's too early in our relationship to tell.” I wanted to say,
if I could I'd marry her today and all things I've wanted will be mine already. He
responds, It's too soon to think, never say that it is too soon to think or know
what's ...

Author: Kyra Evonne

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 152460612X

Category: Fiction

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Kaori Lynn is back and things have gotten, Hot! Kaori finds that she is in a dilemma yet again. Now about to be married to a man that says he is her soulmate, beau Darold Walker. Darold is a longtime friend and the owner of the hottest spot in town, the Poetry Spot. Now that he has made a great investment with Sam, Kaoris brother, things have seriously taken flight so much that a new location is opening in Chicago, IL. Now that Sam is a Resident Doctor and co-owner of a children boutique with Stacey as well as in business with future brother-in law and longtime friend Darold; life couldnt be better and Kaori couldnt be happier for the three of them as a team. However, not knowing what moves to make for the wedding without Darold input is leaving Kaori to think that her soulmate is acting as a M.I.A fianc. As the pressures of the wedding plans are boggling Kaori's mind, she begins to worry if something is wrong? In the meantime, Stacey and Sam have since connected and are doing well in both business ventures and in their relationships with one another. On the other hand, so have Vanessa and Jeremiah. They are working on their marriage and as partners in law; Vanessa being a judge and Jeremiah a lawyer are calling the shots. Yet, Kaori now ex, Jackson, may surely be running interference for their friend Kaori, and her soon to be new life with Darold. The question is can Kaori pull through this to make it down the aisle or will she be left yet again waiting on love to find its way into her life? In this Because I Love series, Kyra Evonne is breaking barriers. She is bold on what this romantic drama entails. Love is not holding hostages but giving your mind twists and turns to pathways that you wont believe will happen. Dont Let Your Past Interrupt Your Future~ Kyra Evonne

Women who Love Too Much

Perhaps we were forced by circumstances to grow up too fast, prematurely taking
on adult responsibilities because our mother or father was too sick physically or
emotionally to carry out the appropriate parental functions. Or perhaps a parent ...

Author: Robin Norwood

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671733419

Category: Psychology

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Helps women who tend to be attracted to emotionally unavailable or abusive men to recognize and change the way they love through case histories and gentle advice. Reissue.

Too Soon Old Too Late Smart

... and let him win? Or do you turn to God's arms and to family and friends? The
love from your family and friends, and your faith in your church family will
determine your true success in life. n1) Age: a State of Mind 2 Age gets a 10 '

Author: Alana L. Lilly

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 059538787X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

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After repeating the same mistakes over and over again, author Alana L. Lilly often thinks, "What's wrong with me, and when am I going to learn?" Through one horrible relationship after another, Lilly swore to never make bad decisions again. But like many women, she still kept moving from one dysfunctional relationship to the next. Then, something miraculous happened. Has God ever spoken to you-literally reached out and grabbed your attention? People don't believe that this happens today; and at first, neither did Lilly. Like a small drip from a faucet that will not let up-with the constant drip-drip-drip that threatens to drive you nuts-she tried to ignore the persistent thought that God wanted her to write a book. But it didn't work. With His help, and guidance from the Holy Spirit, Lilly eventually trusts in the Lord's imploration to lend her story to those who might share in its message. All females face adversities, hardships, and trials. Life is hard-but turning your back on friends, family, and the ones you love is never the answer. So find a comfortable place to sit and relax, and let Lilly tell you her inspirational story.

Echoes from Years Gone by

A thousand isles to day give bitter tears : A mother mourns her buried love ; Too
soon for her the harvest came , Too soon was pluck'd the honour'd name , And
planted in the land above , Where he now waits for those below . Go , lay him in ...

Author: James Hoggarth



Category: English poetry

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A Complete Concordance to the Lyrical Ballads of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth

Cmplaint 23 Too soon despair o ' er me prevailed ; Cmplaint 24 Too soon my
heartless spirit failed ; Cmplaint 49 Too soon , my friends , you went away ;
SONGS ( cont . ) Nightngl 103 Pamiliar with these songs , that with the night Love
20 The ...

Author: Patricia A. McEahern

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 739

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Their Words are Music

VERSE TWO When you meet with the young men early in spring , They court you
in song and rhyme , They woo you with words and a ... Speak low when you
speak , love , Our moment is swift , like ships adrift , we ' re swept apart too soon .

Author: Lehman Engel



Category: Musical revue, comedy, etc

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Change for Love Or The Beast Beautified

Tis true love Hath wrought me this . ... Hast thou so soon forgot Thy lover's voice .
... Aye , love , and then too soon I knew Her horrid power ; forthwith the dark hair
grew Long on my crouching form , my nose increased , My limbs grew shorter ...

Author: Horton Bird




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The Lutheran Witness

Or shall we , as each evening we retire , Remember how He prayed in
humbleness ? instance , just a moment ago you men Shall we forget too soon
how in His love tioned the fact that you students discuss He begged forgiveness
for His ...




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Survey of China Mainland Press

However , girls do not wish to fall in love with men at their age . Girls are unhappy
when they are told that ... I am going to be 26 soon , and I still feel that it is a little
bit too early to get married at that age . I want to think of my marriage when I ...

Author: United States. Consulate General (Hong Kong, China)



Category: China


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The Works of the English Poets

A dismal warning to unlawful love ; Ambition shall the guilty brothers ' fire , One
birth gave being to the hapless pair ... But love ( too soon from piety declin ' d )
His wife the fatal bracelet shall implore , Insensibly deprav ' d her yielding mind .

Author: Alexander Chalmers



Category: English poetry


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William Vaughn Moody

Despair not ; these delays We know are Paphian , and the waked thrush knows
Who from the grove chants love ' s heart - broken praise . ' Too late , too soon !
Too soon , too late ! ' he says , ' O goddess , hear them now , before the sweet
night ...

Author: David Dodds Henry




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Saturday Review

Forindulging the seductive pitfalls of tunately , however , the very good
stophysical love too soon and to nurture seem , though just what provoked Ilka
ries are in the majority . In A Roman their hatred for the Maloret family , into such
a course of ...




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The Elves

fast , or the little probability there was of supper , ways of Venice , was not , as
might be supposed , They enjoyed the excesses of the carnival , he in his first
love . Too early initiated , he would with his coat turned inside out , she with a
bunch ...

Author: Ludwig Tieck




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The Works of the British Dramatists

As brightsome as the paramour of Mars , What ! come from Beccles in a morn so
soon ? ... Sit still , and keep the crystal in your love , eye . Whose ... Trust me , I
love too much to tell thee more ; What ! youth of Beccles , with the Keeper's lass ?

Author: Sir John Scott Keltie



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