Womans Shoes a Mans Perspective

These baby's don't even have any tread marks on the soles, or as a man would put it they are like 1000 mile tires. How long do you keep your shoes? That is the question we would all like to know. I think shoe manufacturers of the world, ...

Author: Gregory Cowper

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1449084958

Category: Humor

Page: 88

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A lighthearted and funny examination of Women's Shoes from a Man's perspective.

A Man Without Shoes

And suppose you thought once more of the tall thin man with a bullet in his brain, and now suppose you had a second or two for one last suppose—and you supposed it. Suppose you'd only been supposing. Suppose your fine final thoughts had ...

Author: John Sanford

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1448213258

Category: Fiction

Page: 452

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Written between 1943 and 1946, A Man Without Shoes ? an epic novel of the immigrant experience in America ? was finally self-published in 1951 after over 30 rejections. As Sanford explained 'in 1947, it was a new kind of cold altogether: McCarthyism, it was called, and hard weather was no longer on the way, -it was here. For A Man Without Shoes, the sixteen seasons of the next four years were all of them winter. During that period, the book was submitted to some thirty publishers, and thirty-some times it was declined.' The novel was considered too politically radical and leftist for the mainstream publishers at the dawn of the McCarthy era.

How to Tell a Man by His Shoes

A senior Saddle Shoe Man will insist that you never carry anything heavier than a flower and will refuse to discuss ... The junior Saddle Shoe Man is quirky and imaginative. ... Enjoy this man's lateral thinking and creative lovemaking.

Author: Kathryn Eisman

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1449442366

Category: Humor

Page: 54

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Never before have men's shoes achieved such importance - yet women have been overlooking this most important personality determinant, says author Kathryn Eisman. Offering this book as a guide to understanding men from the ground up, Eisman reveals the secrets of male footwear. The Timberland Boat Shoe Man, for example, values quality above all else and is the first to embark on an adventure. The Brogues Man is used to getting what he wants and likes his women ultra-feminine with the softness and gentleness he sometimes lacks. The Italian Loafer Man has an appreciation for sensual pleasures and appreciates women who can move effortlessly between passion and aloofness. Eisman summarizes each type with a humorous pro and con that helps readers make quick decisions about potential relationships. It's a hilarious book that's sure to be the perfect gift for women, whether they are single or married.

Try Walking in My Shoes as a Black Man on Planet Earth

I need to be the one with fear of the white man and women; the shoe is on the wrong foot. There must be a place in God's heart for us, the Black people, for he would put no man or woman into all this Hell that is given out to us, ...

Author: Kenneth E. Murrey Sr.

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1648043488

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 136

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Try Walking in My Shoes as a Black Man on Planet Earth By: Kenneth E. Murrey Sr. Not for the faint-hearted, Try Walking in My Shoes as a Black Man on Planet Earth is the autobiography of Kenneth E. Murrey Sr. Murrey spares no details as he shares the hard truths of navigating life, not only as a Black man, but as a man caught between two worlds: Heaven and Hell.

The Dry Goods Reporter

11 DRY GOODS REPORTER 1984 THINKING MEN SUCCEED SUCCEED Something Entirely New Billiken The Shoe Business Needs the ... a Great Measure on the Ability of His Employes to Think for Him For Children E Young man , your ability to think is ...




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Shoe Retailer and Boots and Shoes Weekly

How a Shoe Clerk Made Three Hard Sales on a Busy Saturday is Never Wanting a Position 2 3 The Man From From Boston ... It was only momentary that my thoughts held forth that I had passed the bad omen ; for it was my turn when a lady and ...






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The Shoe Workers Journal

In the beginning let me say to you that like the union man , a scab .subsists upon that which is produced , by himself or others , When he buys he can use his purchasing power either to employ his kind or the other kind .




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