A Spoonful of Murder

She's been framed for murder! The girls must work together like never before, confronting dangerous gangs, mysterious suspects and sinister private detectives to solve the murder and clear Hazel's name - before it's too late . . .

Author: Robin Stevens

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141373806

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 352

View: 161

Shortlisted in the Children's Category in the National Book Awards 2018! It's the sixth murder mystery for The Detective Society! This time though, one of them is the suspect... Carries the Murder Most Unladylike mysteries into new heights . . . meticulously plotted and consistently delightful, and I can't recommend it enough (New Statesman) Superb (Telegraph) ----- When Hazel Wong's beloved grandfather passes away, Daisy Wells is all too happy to accompany her friend (and Detective Society Vice President) to Hazel's family estate in beautiful, bustling Hong Kong. But when they arrive they discover something they didn't expect: there's a new member of the Wong family. Daisy and Hazel think baby Teddy is enough to deal with, but as always the girls are never far from a mystery. Tragedy strikes very close to home, and this time Hazel isn't just the detective. She's been framed for murder! The girls must work together like never before, confronting dangerous gangs, mysterious suspects and sinister private detectives to solve the murder and clear Hazel's name - before it's too late . . .

A Spoonful of Murder

Winter is big business in small-town Snowflake, Vermont.

Author: Connie Archer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101581212

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 356

Winter is big business in small-town Snowflake, Vermont. Tourists arrive to hit the ski slopes—and what could be more satisfying after a chilly day of carving powder than a steaming bowl of soup? When Lucky Jamieson inherits her parents' soup shop, By the Spoonful, she realizes it's time to take stock of her life. Should she sell her parents' house or move in herself? Does she really want to run a restaurant business? And what about her grandfather Jack, who seems to be showing signs of Alzheimer's? But her life decisions are moved to the back burner after an icy blonde tourist is found frozen to death behind the soup shop. and Lucky is bowled over when her soup chef, Sage DuBois, is led out of the kitchen by the police. As suspicion and speculations snowball, Lucky decides that the only way to save her employee and her business is to find out herself who iced the tourist--and landed her chef in the soup... Recipes included! From the Paperback edition.

Murder by the Spoonful

Eventually, their snooping becomes too much for the killer, who decides to put an end to these two nosy antique hunters. The stakes have been raised. It's no longer MURDER BY THE SPOONFUL

Author: Vicki Vass


ISBN: 9781939816672


Page: 258

View: 875

When chemist Anne Hillstrom finds her Great Aunt Sybil dead on her living room floor, she immediately contacts the police. The death scene has all the earmarks of a robbery gone awry. Unfortunately, the police seem unable to determine if the old woman's demise is a crime or an accident. When Anne attends an estate sale for recent lottery winner, Tim Whitmore, she finds an antique spoon under the deceased man's bed. Enlisting the help of her friend--journalist CC Muller, a fellow antique hunter and blogger--the two women begin an investigation into what happened to Tim Whitmore. Along the way, Anne and CC travel throughout the Great Lakes region, visiting yard sales, estate sales, and generally scrounging around, searching for antiques and possible clues that might lead to the history of the small spoon found under Whitmore's bed. With each find, the women unknowingly become closer to unraveling the truth. Eventually, their snooping becomes too much for the killer, who decides to put an end to these two nosy antique hunters. The stakes have been raised. It's no longer MURDER BY THE SPOONFUL

A Spoonful of Soledad

They handcuffed Cal, charged him with the murder of your brother, then took him
away.” He nodded. “That wasn't unexpected.” “But Detective Trumbo said that lab
results came in. What results are they talking about?” Manuel's brow furrowed.

Author: Keith Fisher

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1509227849

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 845

When Soledad Montoya's client tries to strangle her during sex, the upscale call girl is convinced the same animal murdered her best friend, Shantelle. When he turns out to be a mob boss's son, things go from bad to deadly. A mistress of deception, she enlists the help of her sisters and her pimp's lieutenant, Cal, to strike back. Together they must outmaneuver the police, the Miami mafia—and Soledad's deeply religious mother. Will Soledad get revenge and a new life?

Murder Sends a Postcard

Place a spoonful of shrimp in each lettuce “bowl” to serve. For rolls, use romaine
lettuce. Cut the bottom off the lettuce, wash and dry leaves, and cut in half
crosswise. Place a spoonful of shrimp mixture on each half leaf, fold up one end
about ...

Author: Christy Fifield

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101637536

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 202

It’s the height of summer tourist season and Glory Martine is busier than ever running her souvenir shop, Southern Treasures. The shop’s parrot, Bluebeard, is becoming quite the celebrity among tourists—little do they realize he’s the bird-host to a ghost… Residents of Keyhole Bay, Florida, are dismayed when Bridget McKenna, an auditor in chic attire, arrives to assess the local bank’s shady dealings. Curious about the new arrival, Glory brings dinner to Bridget at her temporary residence—the notorious Bayvue Estates, a halted development complex with no view and no estates – just a couple of hastily-completed model homes . Bridget’s assignment is to figure out where all the money went. But someone wants to keep her in the dark permanently. When Glory finds out her new friend won’t be leaving town alive, she knows she and Bluebeard will have to catch a killer and unravel a financial scandal before it leads to more murderous mayhem…

The Corporal Works of Murder

A Sister Mary Helen Mystery Sister Carol Anne O'Marie. “Now then,” Wong said, “
what can you tell us about Sarah Spencer's murder? ... Olivia took a spoonful of
ice cream and savored it. “Junior said that the guy who shot the girl was not from

Author: Sister Carol Anne O'Marie

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1429907568

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 486

Poor Inspector Gallagher -- his premonition was right. Sister Mary Helen is once more in the middle of a homicide case. Not that she wants to be. No one would envy the poor nun, who finds herself holding a dying young woman -- shot to death in the street almost directly outside the Refuge for homeless women where Mary Helen volunteers. And even while she grieves over the loss of life, Mary Helen spots something odd about the victim. Although she is wearing near-rags, her skin is unblemished and healthy-looking. Her perfect teeth are white and unstained. She doesn't look like a woman whose life has been spent in poverty, in the streets. Mary Helen's feeling is borne out when she discovers that the dead woman was a Vice Department officer trying to find the people responsible for a neighborhood prostitute ring. And in spite of her own conscience warning her, the old nun feels that since the murder happened in front of HER refuge, it is her duty to find the officer's killer. She justifies this by telling herself that her connections with the women who use the Refuge put her in a unique position to get some inside information about what is going on in their neighborhood. After all, isn't one of the Refuge's very own women, Geraldine, the aunt of Junior Johnson? And isn't Junior just about the most powerful and knowledgeable man in the 'hood? So Sister Mary Helen plunges in, determined to find Sarah Spencer's killer. Her "invasion" of the case enrages Inspector Gallagher, but if she is to succeed, his further fury will be well worth Mary Helen's triumph. The police officers assigned to the crimes that turn out to be "hers" might make a case that someone Mary Helen's age is running a serious risk when she deals with criminals and their world. But the delightful old nun has the weapons of her logical mind, and her determination. And just maybe Someone whom she serves is rooting for her. In any case, she is able to work out of perilous situations, come up with commonsense answers, and gather a huge circle of loving fans as she meddles in murder.

A Spoonful of Suspicion

A Spoonful of Suspicion is a Christian Cozy mystery with all of the ingredients that you love - an amateur sleuth, a small town, a cast of colorful characters and a clean mystery with lots of delicious surprises.

Author: Donna Doyle

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781074498221


Page: 102

View: 383

When hunting a new property for her bakery tumbles into a hunt for a killer, Sammy Baker is thrown once again into a culinary mystery that needs to be solved before she is framed for murder. Sammy has truly enjoyed her time at Just Like Grandma's. The wonderful café and its sweet owner have given her a chance to start her life over, and the community of Sunny Cove truly enjoys all her baked goods. Now, with a little encouragement, Sammy is considering starting up her own bakery. This comes with plenty of challenges, including finding a building in which to have her business. Sammy thinks she's found the perfect place, but when the landlord turns up dead, she has second thoughts and a list of suspects. Starting a new business is enough work without having to solve a murder case! A Spoonful of Suspicion is a Christian Cozy mystery with all of the ingredients that you love - an amateur sleuth, a small town, a cast of colorful characters and a clean mystery with lots of delicious surprises. Join Sammy for as she uncovers the clues in Sunny Cove and buy Spoonful of Suspicion today.

The Girls of Murder City

30 Howey's most memorable physical characteristic: Hecht, Charlie: The
Improbable Life and Times of Charles MacArthur, 49-50. 30 “What do you mean,
the man”: Murray, 35-36. 30 “A newspaper man need have only a spoonful”:
WGN, 133.

Author: Douglas Perry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101190310

Category: History

Page: 320

View: 711

The true story of the murderesses who became media sensations and inspired the musical Chicago Chicago, 1924. There was nothing surprising about men turning up dead in the Second City. Life was cheaper than a quart of illicit gin in the gangland capital of the world. But two murders that spring were special - worthy of celebration. So believed Maurine Watkins, a wanna-be playwright and a "girl reporter" for the Chicago Tribune, the city's "hanging paper." Newspaperwomen were supposed to write about clubs, cooking and clothes, but the intrepid Miss Watkins, a minister's daughter from a small town, zeroed in on murderers instead. Looking for subjects to turn into a play, she would make "Stylish Belva" Gaertner and "Beautiful Beulah" Annan - both of whom had brazenly shot down their lovers - the talk of the town. Love-struck men sent flowers to the jail and newly emancipated women sent impassioned letters to the newspapers. Soon more than a dozen women preened and strutted on "Murderesses' Row" as they awaited trial, desperate for the same attention that was being lavished on Maurine Watkins's favorites. In the tradition of Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City and Karen Abbott's Sin in the Second City, Douglas Perry vividly captures Jazz Age Chicago and the sensationalized circus atmosphere that gave rise to the concept of the celebrity criminal. Fueled by rich period detail and enlivened by a cast of characters who seemed destined for the stage, The Girls of Murder City is crackling social history that simultaneously presents the freewheeling spirit of the age and its sober repercussions.

A Catered Murder

Otherwise we'd be out of business in a month.” He took a spoonful of ice cream. “
Mmm,” he said, savoring the taste. “Libby was pretty upset yesterday, I can tell
you that.” “She still is.” “I felt bad telling her she couldn't see Tiffany.” Sean sighed

Author: Isis Crawford

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 0758293291

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 859

Bernadette Simmons wasn't sure what to expect when she left L.A.--and her no-good, cheating boyfriend--to move back in with her family in New York. And her sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her catering business. But in between cutting up canapés and dishing up desserts, the two find themselves in the midst of a mystery they can really sink their teeth into. . . It's only been a few days since Bernie and Libby started working together at A Little Taste of Heaven, and already they've got their hands full--baking cookies and slicing rare beef tenderloin to serve at a high school reunion. The dinner has a "Dracula" theme and a very strange guest of honor: Laird Wrenn, a New York Times bestselling author of vampire novels. Libby and Bernie know this will be an evening unlike any other. And they're proven right when Laird pours a glass of water, takes a long sip--and drops stone-cold dead. . . Now, with murder on the menu and Libby under suspicion, the sisters will have to put their heads together to figure out whodunit--in a mystery that promises to be deadly to the very last bite. "A naturally flowing narrative, lively and likeable characters, and plenty of clever word play amid the foul play set this first novel above the common run of cozies." ---Publishers Weekly Includes 7 Delectable Recipes for You to Try! Isis Crawford was born in Egypt to parents who were in the diplomatic corps. When she was five, her family returned to the States, where her mother opened a restaurant in upper Westchester County and her father became a university professor. Since then, Isis has combined her parents' love of food and travel by running a catering service as well as penning numerous travel-related articles about places ranging from Omsk to Paraguay. Married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery.

A Zen For Murder

He'd tried his hand at making them ... rolling out the pasta dough and placing a
spoonful of ricotta filling inside. They weren't as good as his Nonna's or Sophia's,
but they were okay. He ate carefully, cutting each ravioli exactly in half, and ...

Author: Leighann Dobbs

Publisher: Leighann Dobbs


Category: Fiction


View: 621

*** The first in a great new series by USA TODAY bestselling author Leighann Dobbs *** Tourist season is about to start, and murder is the last thing on the minds of the locals in Mooseamuck Island, Maine ... but that's about to change. When local psychic Zoila Rivers is found dead at the zen garden, retired police consultants Dominic Benedetti and Claire Watkins are forced to team up to catch the killer. Too bad Claire and Dom don't always see eye to eye. But with an island full of locals who all have secrets, Claire and Dom have to put aside their differences in order to solve the case before the police arrest the wrong person and a killer goes free. Will Claire and Dom figure out whose secret was worth killing for in time to stop the killer from claiming another victim?

Murder as a Fine Art

This outline included , at the least , one murder ; so much was settled : but ,
otherwise , their subsequent proceedings make it evident that they wished to
have as little bloodsher as was consistent with their final object . On the
appointed day ...

Author: Thomas De Quincey




Page: 192

View: 530

Murder Casts a Shadow

Ned tasted a spoonful. “Tres oo-la-la. How is Cecily doing?” “She couldn't be
better. She and her fiancé should be here this evening. Did you know he's lived
in Paris, and he speaks French?” Uncle Wing beamed. “No, I didn't.” Ned shook
his ...

Author: Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 0824863682

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 174

New Year’s Eve, 1934. While Honolulu celebrates with champagne and fireworks, someone is making away with the Bishop Museum’s portrait of King Kalakaua and its curator. A series of brutal murders follows, and an unlikely pair, newspaper reporter Mina Beckwith and visiting playwright Ned Manusia, find themselves investigating a twisted trail of clues in an attempt to recover the painting and uncover the killer. Honolulu in the 1930s is a unique (and volatile) mix of the provincial and the urban, East and West, islander and mainlander. Mina and Ned, both of Polynesian descent, confront the complexities and contradictions of Island life as their investigation takes them into the heart of Honolulu society and close-knit local families, whose intricate histories and relationships will have a direct impact on future lives and events. A lively cast of characters aids Mina and Ned in their search for answers: Cecily Chang, an antiques and explosives expert, steers them through Chinatown’s back alleys; Hinano Kahana, a hula chanter and dancer, brings Ned closer to solving an ancient riddle; Mina’s grandmother, Hannah, helps them unlock a secret from the past. Prewar Honolulu comes to life in this thoroughly entertaining mystery that evokes a colorful bygone era. The Mina Beckwith and Ned Manusia series continues with Murder Leaves Its Mark, available September 2011.

The Irish Village Murder

At Finney's, at ten minutes past noon, Winifred Moore cut into her pot roast, took a
satisfying bite, and looked around. Sheila, across from her, unwrapped from her
layers of woolen shawls, experimentally sipped a spoonful of barley soup.

Author: Dicey Deere

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1466821337

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 708

When American translator and sometime sleuth Torrey Tunet returns home to the Irish village of Ballynagh, she wants nothing more than to relax in front of a peat fire in her cottage. But when she finds an eight-year-old girl at the bus stop, waiting forlornly in the gathering darkness, Torrey reluctantly takes charge of delivering the child to the country house where her usually dependable aunt serves as housekeeper. What they find at Gwathney Hall, however, is not a warmly welcoming Auntie Megan: it's cold-blooded murder. Historian John Gwathney has been brutally shot in his own house, and the immediate suspect is none other than his housekeeper-the girl's aunt-Megan O'Faolain. Certain that her friend Megan is not a killer-and unable to resist a good mystery-Torrey vows to track down the murderer herself. As she digs deeper and deeper into Gwathney's research, looking for clues, she gets caught up in a whirlwind of theft, intrigue, and scandal. Is the guilty party Megan's not-so-secret lover, jealous of the romance Megan and Gwathney had shared? Was it Gwathney's assistant, who stood to gain a great deal upon his mentor's death? Was it Owen Thorpe, whose castle Gwathney visited for mysterious purposes shortly before he was killed? And how does the famous historian's final project-an unprecedented piece of scholarly detective work into the Sack of Baltimore by Algerian pirates-fit into the mysterious puzzle of his murder? As Torrey struggles to clear her friend's name and uncover the real killer, she must employ all her skills to find the key to this shocking crime-and prove that even in a small town such as Ballynagh, people can keep the most dangerous of secrets...

The True American Murder and Mercy in Texas

If you made it in time, you could count on some permutation of these things: a
stack of pancakes (which Stroman found “cold raw doughy”); “a spoonful of eggs
that wouldn't fill up a small baby”; “sour” applesauce (which he thought not even
an ...

Author: Anand Giridharadas

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 039324413X

Category: Social Science

Page: 336

View: 312

"Gives you new eyes on your nation, makes you wonder about both the recent South Asian immigrant behind the counter at the food mart and the tattooed white man behind you in line. It reminds you that there are some Americas where mercy flows freely, and other Americas where it has turned to ice." —Eboo Patel, The Washington Post Days after 9/11, an avowed "American terrorist" named Mark Stroman, seeking revenge, walks into a Dallas minimart and shoots Raisuddin Bhuiyan, a Bangladeshi immigrant, maiming and nearly killing him. Ten years after the shooting, Bhuiyan wages a campaign against the State of Texas to have his attacker spared from the death penalty. The True American is a rich, colorful, profoundly moving exploration of the American dream in its many dimensions. Winner of the NYPL Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism and named a Best Book of the Year by the New York Times, Boston Globe, NPR, and Publishers Weekly.

Christmas Cookie Murder

There were occasional crimes of violence, like Tucker's murder, but they were
usually the consequence of emotions gone awry, intimate relationships poisoned
by jealousy or ... She poured a dollop in her mug and added a spoonful of sugar.

Author: Leslie Meier

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 075825279X

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 208

For Lucy Stone, the best thing about Christmas in Tinker’s Cove has always been the annual Cookie Exchange. But the usual generosity and goodwill is missing from this year’s event which turns out to be a complete disaster. Petty rivalries and feuds that have long been simmering finally come to a boil, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many guests, including Lee Cummings who accuses Tucker Whitney of stealing her recipe for low-fat, sugar-free cookies. But the icing on the cake is when Tucker is found strangled in her apartment the following morning. Who could’ve wanted Tucker dead badly enough to kill her? Despite all of the ingredients for danger, Lucy sets out on the trail of a murderer and soon uncovers a Christmas secret best left wrapped. “Reading a new Leslie Meier mystery is like catching up with a dear old friend.” —Kate Carlisle, New York Times bestselling author

Just a Spoonful of Laughter Helps the Medicine Go Down

In other words, did someone stab or shoot him first and then torch his place to
cover up a murder or was he just a smoker that fell asleep? After thorough
investigation, we did not find any foul play. But the interesting part was finding out
when ...

Author: Richard D. Edgerly, MD

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449710107

Category: Humor

Page: 116

View: 838

Just a Spoon Full of Laughter...is a great read for anyone that’s been to a doctors office and made it out alive. Written by an actual physician, it will keep you in stitches (no pun intended) from one story to the next. See for yourself what could be so funny about the physician office visit. Whether it’s recalling his first sigmoidoscopy or performing an autopsy, you’ll keep this riveting series of short humorous stories right there in the bathroom for pleasurable reading. You may even find yourself somewhere between the pages. From an author who will never be a New York Times Best Seller, it’s a great book for young or old, male or female, professional or not. It’s especially ideal for that person in your life who has everything except a sense of humor. It’s ideal as a stocking stuffer, white elephant gift or for future yard sales. “The funniest book I ever read.” Says Dr. Zhivago “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Says Dr. No


“Could be. I recall that one of the first great women in cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden,
was a devotee of horseraces. Won some good ones.” Merrily left her stool, went
to the stove, poured boiling water over a spoonful of Nescafe' for another cup of ...

Author: Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462043151

Category: Fiction

Page: 236

View: 302

Murder for Beauty describes the horrific murders by a serial killer planning to take over the cosmetics and perfume industry by killing off top executives of rival companies. Sleuth Happy Harrow, a Kentucky-born woman jockey married to a British race horse trainer based in Epsom, has a supernatural clairvoyant talent to find killers. Happy is drawn into these serial killings by a neighbor who is a Queen in the cosmetics and perfume business heading the WOW!Me Empire. Happy takes the case to save the Queens under threat. Travelling to Italy, Monaco, and Turkey, she stalks the killer in France.