A Technique for Producing Ideas

Professionals from poets and painters to scientists and engineers have also used the techniques in this concise, powerful book to generate exciting ideas on demand, at any time, on any subject.

Author: James Young

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071426256

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 64

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A step-by-step technique for sparking breakthrough creativity in advertising--or any field Since its publication in 1965, A Technique for Producing Ideas has helped thousands of advertising copywriters smash through internal barriers to unleash their creativity. Professionals from poets and painters to scientists and engineers have also used the techniques in this concise, powerful book to generate exciting ideas on demand, at any time, on any subject. Now let James Webb Young's unique insights help you look inside yourself to find that big, elusive idea--and once and for all lift the veil of mystery from the creative process. "James Webb Young is in the tradition of some of our greatest thinkers when he describes the workings of the creative process. The results of many years in advertising have proved to him that the key element in communications success is the production of relevant and dramatic ideas. He not only makes this point vividly for us but shows us the road to that goal." --William Bernbach, Former Chairman and CEO, Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc.

A Technique for Producing Ideas thINKing Classics

THIS BOOK has become essential reading for anyone-whether in marketing, advertising, sales, finance, or the pure artist-who is seriously interested in the creative business of generating good ideas.

Author: James Wood Young


ISBN: 9781907590139

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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THIS BOOK has become essential reading for anyone-whether in marketing, advertising, sales, finance, or the pure artist-who is seriously interested in the creative business of generating good ideas. It is a concise, clear, but above all practical book, and all those willing to put forth the mental energy to read, understand, and-most importantly-implement its instructions will be richly rewarded. I hope you'll find this to be an amazing gem and another appropriate inclusion in the thINKing cata-logue. I've read its words and absorbed its teachings many times and finally had the wisdom to implement its lessons.

Growing Great Ideas Unleashing Creativity at Work

... based on real studies http://www.trizle.com/the-myth-of-a-great-small- business
-idea/ View Money Magazine's list of 11 ... Paul Arden A Technique for Producing
Ideas from the Advertising Age Classics Library by James Webb Young Zing!

Author: Karen (Sieczka) Eugenio

Publisher: Karen (Sieczka) Eugenio

ISBN: 0557004802

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 78

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What would you think of a machine that only worked at 5% efficiency? Wouldn't you want to make improvements? Now think about the human mind. It is estimated we only use 5-10% of our brain's amazing capacity! In today's rush for success, we tend to forget the vast wealth within the human mind, especially the untapped potential we have in our employees. We are all naturally curious and imaginative so how do we tap into the other 95% of potential? Many employees want to develop and use all their skills, but they aren't sure how to get there. Show your employees the way, bring enthusiasm and fun, and most importantly, IDEAS back to work with Growing Great Ideas: Unleashing Creativity at Work. The book trains managers and staff how to explore creativity and unleash problem-solving skills and creative potential, build teamwork, and to turn business challenges into business opportunities.

Visible learning for teachers

This book: links the biggest ever research project on teaching strategies to practical classroom implementation champions both teacher and student perspectives and contains step by step guidance including lesson preparation, interpreting ...

Author: John Hattie


ISBN: 9781003024477



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In November 2008, John Hattie's ground-breaking book Visible Learning synthesised the results of more thanfifteen years research involving millions of students and represented the biggest ever collection of evidence-based research into what actually works in schools to improve learning. Visible Learning for Teachers takes the next step and brings those ground breaking concepts to a completely new audience. Written for students, pre-service and in-service teachers, it explains how to apply the principles of Visible Learning to any classroom anywhere in the world. The author offers concise and user-friendly summaries of the most successful interventions and offers practical step-by-step guidance to the successful implementation of visible learning and visible teaching in the classroom. This book: links the biggest ever research project on teaching strategies to practical classroom implementation champions both teacher and student perspectives and contains step by step guidance including lesson preparation, interpreting learning and feedback during the lesson and post lesson follow up offers checklists, exercises, case studies and best practice scenarios to assist in raising achievement includes whole school checklists and advice for school leaders on facilitating visible learning in their institution now includes additional meta-analyses bringing the total cited within the research to over 900 comprehensively covers numerous areas of learning activity including pupil motivation, curriculum, meta-cognitive strategies, behaviour, teaching strategies, and classroom management. Visible Learning for Teachers is a must read for any student or teacher who wants an evidence based answer to the question; 'how do we maximise achievement in our schools?'

Principles of Advertising

It is often difficult to pinpoint the exact source or inspiration for a Big Idea or to
teach advertising people how to find them . ... A Technique for Producing Ideas In
A Technique for Producing Ideas , James Webb Young proposes a process for ...

Author: Monle Lee

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780789023001

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 427

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The authors present an integrated marketing approach to contemporary advertising. This new edition has been substantially updated to take account of the changes in the advertising industry that have marked the advent of the 21st century.

Strategic Copywriting

Lois with Pitts, What's the Big Idea?, p. 272. Graham Wallas, The Art of Thought (
New York: Harcourt, Brace and Co., 1926), pp. 79–107. James Webb Young, A
Technique for Producing Ideas (Chicago: Crain Books, 1975 [1940]), p. 25.
Young ...

Author: Edd Applegate

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442244097

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

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When it comes to attracting consumers through advertising, which words, phrases, and techniques are most effective? Strategic Copywriting, a detailed how-to guide, introduces students to time-tested strategies for writing and designing successful ads. In this second edition, Edd Applegate explains the core principles that have guided advertising for decades, from knowing the audience to crafting a compelling message. Next, proven techniques for producing specific kinds of advertising—whether for newspapers, magazines, or other print media, for broadcast radio or television, or for social media and online/mobile platforms—are addressed in step-by-step detail. Throughout, Applegate walks readers through real advertisements from advertising agencies of all sizes across the United States to illustrate what works—or not—and why.

Sticking My Ads Out

... 81 Technique for Producing Ideas, A (Young), 42 Texaco, 33, 75 This Is My
God (Wouk), 35 Tirza (circus performer), 13 Tom Swift series, 16 Truth Ahout Golf
and Other Lies, The (Hackett), 74 TV commercials, 55, 76, 79 U USS HectorAR7,

Author: Al Hampel

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469162857

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 106

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In the first part of this warm and funny memoir Al Hampel relates his life growing up a poor kid in the industrial city of Paterson, New Jersey. He attends the Y camp in nearby Pennsylvania as a charity case wearing hand-me-down donations with labels featuring assorted names he never heard of. Just the beginning of his identity crisis he writes. After high school with WW II in full swing he enlists in the Navy and serves on a repair ship in the Pacific. With benefits from the GI bill Hampel earns a degree in marketing from NYU. Following a series of small time copywriting jobs, Al lands a position in Young&Rubicam, an ad agency he could only dream of joining . Y&R was considered the most creative of all the shops on Madison Avenue. He recounts his rise through the ranks, stepping around and over the very talented copywriters who wrote the award winning advertising that set Y&R apart. Along the way he describes the ads and the work habits that helped him scale the Everest of copy departments to become copy chief. Hampel was a pioneer in the writing of cast or integrated commercials. He would get the scripts of the most popular TV shows weeks in advance and write a minute second ending tailored to the story line of the entire episode. The second ending contained the sponsors commercial. Viewers believed they were seeing a continuation of the show they were watching but instead they were exposed to a commercial seamlessly and entertainingly. Shows that Hampel wrote second endings for included, Jack Benny, Danny Thomas, Andy Griffith, Hogans Heroes, Lucy, Gomer Pyle, Jean Arthur, and Laugh In. In those years Hampel wrote the endings to more TV shows than any other writer for television. In the course of working on the Lays Potato Chip account Al chose Buddy Hackett to replace Bert Lahr who had been the beloved Lays spokesman before passing away. It was not an easy transition, but Al formed a close and mutually respectful relationship with Hackett that led to the creation of dozens of humorous spots and a profitable alliance for Frito Lay. In some of the funniest anecdotes in the book Hampel tells of his travels with Buddy, the Vegas years and the celebrities he meets along the way. One chapter describes, How Buddy Hackett became the Lays Potato Chip spokesman and how he blew the job". In the 1970s, Al Hampel wrote one line that he will ever be remembered for and that is now quoted in ad agencies the world over, Its Not Creative Unless It Sells. Recently he updated the line in keeping with the surge of Internet advertising. From hits and views you can tell everything but will it sell.

Rigorous Magic

So on theone hand, there is unanimous acceptance of the importance of ideas,
but on the other, there are different ... The legendary JWT copywriter, James
Webb Young, told this story inhis book A Technique for Producing Ideas,
published ...

Author: Steve Hatch

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470687413

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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In the marketing world, communication ideas are revered for their magical ability to affect how consumers behave towards brands. Despite this, they are poorly understood. How many types are there? What are their characteristics? How should you use them? And what makes a good one? Most marketers simply cannot answer these questions. Rigorous Magic answers these questions, bringing science to the art of ideas. Jim Taylor and Steve Hatch dispel the myths around communication ideas and create a practical ‘road map’ for marketers to select which types are best for their brand to compete. Only through a rigorous process of cataloguing and evaluation can ideas truly be understood - and the right ones selected to change consumer behaviour in today’s global, multi-channel marketing world.

A Master Class in Brand Planning

HOW ADVERTISING IDEAS ARE CREATED Exactly how ideas get created –
how the “eureka” moment happens – is fairly mysterious. ... James Webb Young
suggested in A Technique for Producing Ideas that, at this stage, youshoulddrop

Author: Judie Lannon

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119994909

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 396

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In 1988, on Stephen King’s retirement JWT published ‘The King Papers’ a small collection of Stephen King’s published writings spanning 1967-1985. They remain timelessly potentially valuable but are an almost unexploited gold mine. This book is comprised of a selection of 20-25 of Stephen King’s most important articles, each one introduced by a known and respected practitioner who, in turn, describes the relevance of the particular original idea to the communications environment of today. The worth of this material is that, although the context in which the original papers were written is different, the principles themselves are appropriate to marketing communications in today’s more complex media environment. The book will serve as a valuable reference book for today’s practitioners, as well as a unique source of sophisticated, contemporary thinking.

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You ve Got

A Technique for Producing Ideas. NTC Business Books, 1975. This book is
nearly 50 years old and takes about 45 minutes to read. Yet, its simplified,
disciplined process for innovative thinking is just as effective and valuable as the
day it was ...

Author: Jay Abraham

Publisher: Truman Talley Books

ISBN: 9780312271466

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 384

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A trusted advisor to America's top corporations and recognized as one of today's preeminent marketing experts, Jay Abraham has created a program of proven strategies to help you realize undreamed-of success! Unseen opportunities face each of us every day. Using clear examples from his own experience, Jay explains just how easy it can be to find and/or create new opportunities for wealth-building in any existing business, enterprise, or venture. And just how easy can it be? One entrepreneur took the concept of the ballpoint pen and refined it into a mulimillion-dollar idea: roll-on deodorant. Fred Smith of Federal Express took the methods that banks use for clearing checks to develop an overnight delivery company that has revolutionized the way we do business. Now, what have you seen-- or are going to see-- that you could take and turn to your advantage? In Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition, the program focuses on helping you spot the hidden assets, overlooked opportunities, and untapped resources around you, and gives you, and gives you fresh eyes with which to see and capitalize on them. You'll also learn how to adapt and apply these tools to your unique circumstances to maximize your income, influence, power, and success.

Fables Fashions and Facts About Advertising

Young, James Webb. Advertising Agency Compensation. Chicago: University of
Chicago Press, 1933. ———. A Technique for Producing Ideas. Chicago: Crain
Communications, 1972. Originally published in 1940. ———. How to Become an

Author: John Philip Jones

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452236836

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 328

View: 252

John Philip Jones, bestselling author and internationally known advertising scholar, has written a textbook to help evaluate advertising "fables" and "fashions," and also to study the facts. He uses the latest trends and cutting-edge research to illustrate their occasional incompleteness, inadequacy, and in some cases total wrongheadedness. Each chapter then attempts to describe one aspect of how advertising really works. Unlike most other advertising textbooks, Fables, Fashions, and Facts About Advertising is not written as a "how to" text, or as a vehicle for war stories, or as a sales pitch. Instead, it is a book that concentrates solely on describing how advertising works. Written to be accessible to the general public with little or no experience studying advertising, it makes the scholarship of an internationally renowned figure accessible to students taking beginning advertising courses.

Management Development An Infoline Collection

... to encounter Creativity : the process of producing original and imaginain
learning about creativity : tive ideas , or things ... by challenging Brainstorming : a
group - based , idea - generating technique assumptions and escaping
conventional ...


Publisher: American Society for Training and Development

ISBN: 9781562861117

Category: Business & Economics


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Management Development: An Infoline Collection contains 17 Infoline issues bound in one volume. This collection is ideal for managers and any trainer tasked with management development. Our editors have hand-picked the best issues, covering an array of management development topics. Issues include Be a Better Manager; Leadership Development; Strategic Planning 101; How to Delegate; Leading Work Teams; How to Resolve Conflict; How to Facilitate; Meetings That Work; Basics of Emotional Intelligence; Harness the Power of Coaching; Mastering the Art of Feedback; Mentoring; Interview Skills for Managers; Motivating Employees; How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal; Succession Planning; and Change Management.


165 those ideas — the “ how to say it ” and “ how to show it ” techniques of
preparing an advertisement that provide the brilliant execution of the ideas the
copywriter wants to convey . PRODUCING IDEAS How does a copywriter get
ideas ?

Author: John W. Crawford



Category: Advertising

Page: 388

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The Copywriter s Handbook

copywriter's job is to come up with words and ideas that sell the product or
service being advertised. Where do these ideas come from? They come from an

Author: Robert W. Bly

Publisher: Holt Paperbacks

ISBN: 9781429900157

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

View: 878

The classic guide to copywriting, now in an entirely updated third edition This is a book for everyone who writes or approves copy: copywriters, account executives, creative directors, freelance writers, advertising managers . . . even entrepreneurs and brand managers. It reveals dozens of copywriting techniques that can help you write ads, commercials, and direct mail that are clear, persuasive, and get more attention—and sell more products. Among the tips revealed are • eight headlines that work—and how to use them • eleven ways to make your copy more readable • fifteen ways to open a sales letter • the nine characteristics of successful print ads • how to build a successful freelance copywriting practice • fifteen techniques to ensure your e-mail marketing message is opened This thoroughly revised third edition includes all new essential information for mastering copywriting in the Internet era, including advice on Web- and e-mail-based copywriting, multimedia presentations, and Internet research and source documentation, as well as updated resources. Now more indispensable than ever, The Copywriter's Handbook remains the ultimate guide for people who write or work with copy. "I don't know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book." —David Ogilvy

Idea Stormers

30 Idea Stormers begins by opening a dictionary randomly to any page and
using the first word that you see as a thought ... Simply put, focused ideation
techniques can produce effective, occasionally great creative ideas quickly and

Author: Bryan W. Mattimore

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118238702

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 669

How to solve critical business challenges by generating more and better ideas Every organization needs a steady supply of fresh, relevant ideas, but managers can?t just lock teams in a room with a mandate to brainstorm and hope for the best. Ideation is both a science and an art, and when group ideation processes are well-designed and well-facilitated, anyone can generate an abundance of creative, implementable options?not to mention true breakthroughs?for any business need. Drawing on his work leading high-stakes ideation sessions at over 300 organizations, Mattimore explains the how, what, and why of successful ideation and provides a framework for when and how to apply various techniques. Identifies Mattimore?s top ideation and innovation techniques (including ?brainwalking,? finding inspiration in worst ideas, the unexpected effectiveness of wishing, and more) and lays the groundwork for you to invent successful processes of your own Tells real stories of ideation at work in Mattimore?s consulting business, including how Ben & Jerry?s named a new strawberry fudge flavor, how Thomas? invented a new, healthier English muffin that now accounts for over 30% of its sales, how IBM transformed the culture of one of its divisions to make it more innovative, and many more Mattimore is a world-class expert on applied creativity and an innovation process consultant to over one-third of the Fortune 100 companies; he and his team have helped create and launch products and services worth over $3 billion in annual US retail sales With a diverse range of tested methods, Idea Stormers is the indispensable guide for developing original, practical solutions to even the most intractable-seeming creative challenges.


Osborn said : There can be no set formula for the production of ideas . ... Working
without reference to any existing theory , James Webb Young formulated A
Technique for Producing Ideas , as follows : First , the gathering of raw materials

Author: Maurice I. Mandell

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Advertising

Page: 752

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Introduction to Business

has been referred to by James Webb Young as " a technique for producing ideas
. " 3 Some writers have referred to it as “ creative thinking . ” It is contended that
the process of getting and developing new ideas and thoughts can be learned ...

Author: University of the State of New York. Bureau of Business and Distributive Education




Page: 125

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Creative Techniques in Product and Engineering Design

Working Principles The two working principles for generating ideas to solve
problems are: • Stimulation of the intuition • Systematic approach to problem
solving Techniques which stimulate ideas in a spontaneous way involve the use
of ...

Author: D J Walker

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 9781855730250

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 176

View: 612

A modern and practical approach to the teaching of design derived from the authors' experience with open-learning materials.

Group Psychotherapy

James W . Webb , in the illuminating little book A Technique for Producing Ideas
throws out the challenge that few will be capable of making any use of the
creative process because it is so simple — and so foreign to their manner of daily
living ...




Category: American periodicals


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