A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin stands as "one of the essential books for understanding war and life" (A. S. Byatt, author of Possession).

Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1250156750

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice For eight weeks in 1945, as Berlin fell to the Russian army, a young woman kept a daily record of life in her apartment building and among its residents. "With bald honesty and brutal lyricism" (Elle), the anonymous author depicts her fellow Berliners in all their humanity, as well as their cravenness, corrupted first by hunger and then by the Russians. "Spare and unpredictable, minutely observed and utterly free of self-pity" (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland), A Woman in Berlin tells of the complex relationship between civilians and an occupying army and the shameful indignities to which women in a conquered city are always subject--the mass rape suffered by all, regardless of age or infirmity. A Woman in Berlin stands as "one of the essential books for understanding war and life" (A. S. Byatt, author of Possession).

A Woman In Berlin

This is a devastating book.

Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0349011338

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This is a devastating book. It is matter-of-fact, makes no attempt to score political points, does not attempt to solicit sympathy for its protagonist and yet is among the most chilling indictments of war I have ever read. Everybody, in particular every woman ought to read it' - Arundhati Roy 'One of the most important personal accounts ever written about the effects of war and defeat' - Antony Beevor Between April 20th and June 22nd 1945 the anonymous author of A Woman in Berlin wrote about life within the falling city as it was sacked by the Russian Army. Fending off the boredom and deprivation of hiding, the author records her experiences, observations and meditations in this stark and vivid diary. Accounts of the bombing, the rapes, the rationing of food, and the overwhelming terror of death are rendered in the dispassionate, though determinedly optimistic prose of a woman fighting for survival amidst the horror and inhumanity of war. This diary was first published in America in 1954 in an English translation and in Britain in 1955. A German language edition was published five years later in Geneva and was met with tremendous controversy. In 2003, over forty years later, it was republished in Germany to critical acclaim - and more controversy. This diary has been unavailable since the 1960s and this is a new English translation. A Woman in Berlin is an astonishing and deeply affecting account.

Fighting Words and Images

A Woman in Berlin, 53; Eine Frau in Berlin, 62–3. A Woman in Berlin, 48. The dash in the German text is converted to an ellipsis in Boehm's English ...

Author: Stephan Jaeger

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442641231

Category: History

Page: 327

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"Fighting Words and Images is the first comprehensive interdisciplinary and theoretical analysis of war representations across time periods from Classical Antiquity to the present day and across languages, cultures, and media including print, painting, sculpture, architecture, and photography. Featuring contributions from across the humanities and social sciences, Fighting Words and Images is organized into four thematically consistent, analytically rigourous sections that discuss ways to overcome the conceptual challenges associated with theorizing war representation. This collection creatively and insightfully explains the nature, origins, dynamics, structure, and impact of a wide variety of war representations."--Publisher's website.

A Woman at War

Some of the greatest performers in Berlin of the 1920s were women who appeared in tuxedos. And I think that it was this freedom, this wildness, and this ...

Author: J. David Riva

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 0814332498

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Marlene Dietrich's conflicted personal journey from Berliner to American soldier during World War II is as intense as any role she played on-screen and perhaps accounts for her ability to inspire so many through drama and song. In this collection of interviews and photographs, the many facets of Dietrich's personality and of her life during World War II are recounted by those whose lives she touched, including Rosemary Clooney, Burt Bacharach, Cher, Hildegard Knef, and Maria Riva. Together with extensive historical documentation, these interviews help readers understand Dietrich's inner struggles and private motivation as well as her political and social legacy. Each interview affords the reader a "mini-documentary" of the time period when that individual first came into contact with the actress. From the front lines of battle to concert halls, from film studios to Dietrich's kitchen, we see her in many environments and gain a perspective on her character, political views, and taste for nonconformity. In stories recounted by American GI's, studio heads, Nazi hunters, and fellow entertainers she publicly decries Nazism, helps a military journalist's career, sings a German lullaby for an Israeli audience, and cooks a steak for a young songwriter. Many photos are included to bring the interviews to life. A Woman at War makes for not only an in-depth experience of Dietrich's turbulent life and times but also for a fascinating journey into the lives of those whom she encountered along the way, many in the midst of world conflict, love affairs, and political intrigue.

Revisioning War Trauma in Cinema

Anonymous, A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary, trans. Philip Boehm and Marta Hillers (New York: Picador/Henry Holt, ...

Author: Jessica Datema

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1498592988

Category: Psychology

Page: 146

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Revisioning War Trauma in Cinema: Uncoming Communities is timely, participating in the debate concerning trauma and representation, and offers a Lacanian augmentation to current understanding. The book considers and engages with mid-century thinking on the issue of disaster and community proposing a way forward through artistic invention.

Jews Germans and Allies

Riess, Berlin Berlin, 19. 26. My translation from Anonyma, Eine Frau in Berlin, 78. See also English version, A Woman in Berlin. See the republished version ...

Author: Atina Grossmann

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 069114317X

Category: History

Page: 416

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Tells the story of Jewish survivors inside and outside the displaced-persons camps of the American zone as they built families and reconstructed identities while awaiting emigration to Palestine or the United States. Examines how Germans and Jews interacted and competed for Allied favor, benefits, and victim status, and how they sought to restore normality-- in work, in their relationships, and in their everyday encounters.

A Women s Berlin

Housing chapters in What a Woman Must Know about Berlin suggest that the range of alternatives for single women decreased from 1913 to ...

Author: Despina Stratigakos

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 0816653224

Category: Social Science

Page: 239

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"Despina Stratigakos is assistant professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York."--BOOK JACKET.

Gendering Modern German History

See Claudia Koonz , Mothers in the Fatherland : Women , The Family and Nazi ... First published in English as Anonymous , A Woman in Berlin , trans .

Author: Karen Hagemann

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845452070

Category: History

Page: 301

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To provide a critical overview in a comparative German-American perspective is the main aim of this volume, which brings together experts from both sides of the Atlantic. Through case studies, it demonstrates the extraordinary power of the gender perspective to challenge existing interpretations and rewrite mainstream arguments.

A Woman in Amber

In October, six months after the Russians arrived, the carpenter heard that someone had nails to trade in Berlin. The carpenter knew a man who owned a ...

Author: Agate Nesaule

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 1616956011

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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American Book Award Winner: A “stunning” memoir of surviving WWII Latvia—and the long journey to healing that followed (The New York Times Book Review). “A heartbreaking yet inspiring memoir of tragedy and healing,” A Woman in Amber tells the story of how the occupation of Latvia during World War II affected a woman’s relationship with her mother and husband for years to come (Tim O’Brien). Though Agate Nesaule eventually immigrated to the United States and became successful in her professional life, she found herself suffering from depression and unable to come to terms with its cause—until she found her voice and began to share what happened to her and her family at the hands of invading Russian soldiers. In a true story that “draws the reader forward with the suspense of a novel,” Nesaule reveals the effects of hunger, both physical and emotional, in stories about begging Russian soldiers for food, the abusive relationship with her first husband, and the redemption that came when she met her second (The New York Times Book Review).

The European Women s History Reader

35 Grossmann , ' Rape and the German Occupation ' ; Kuby , The Russians and Berlin , 1945 , p . 275 . 36 A Woman in Berlin , 37 Ibid . , p . 153 .

Author: Fiona Montgomery

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415220828

Category: History

Page: 380

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The European Women's History Reader is a fascinating collection of seminal articles and extracts, exploring the social, economic, religious and political history of women across Europe since the late eighteenth century. This ambitious volume is arranged into four chronological sections all with their own introductions, which provide context for the chapters that follow. The collection also includes a useful general introduction, which makes the articles accessible to students and helps to define this increasingly important area of study.

Pioneering North America

Clearly , Berlin became a topos for fiction — or was made into one by public relations experts . This is also reflected in A Woman in Berlin presumably ...

Author: Klaus Martens

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 9783826017568

Category: American literature

Page: 254

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100 Provocative Statements about a Woman in Berlin

In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary.

Author: Jonathan Ifing

Publisher: Lennex

ISBN: 9785458928724


Page: 44

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In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City: A Diary." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

The Woman in the Fifth

THE. MOMENT. From the New York Times bestselling author comes a tragic love story set in Cold War Berlin. Thomas Nesbitt is a divorced writer in the midst ...

Author: Douglas Kennedy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451602146

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Leaving the World and The Moment comes the riveting story of a luckless college professor for whom Paris becomes a city of mortal danger. A runaway bestseller in the UK and France that has been made into a film starring Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas, this suspenseful tour de force from the internationally renowned Douglas Kennedy is the quintessential sophisticated commercial novel. Harry Ricks is a man who has lost everything. A romantic mistake at the small American college where he used to teach has cost him his job, his marriage, and the love of his only child. Hounded by scandal, he flees to Paris, where a series of accidental encounters lands him in a grubby room with a job as night watchman for a sinister operation. Just when he begins to think he has hit rock bottom, romance enters his life in the form of Margit—a cultivated, widowed Hungarian émigré who shares Harry’s profound loneliness but who keeps her distance, remaining guarded about her past. As Harry wrestles with Margit’s reticence, he begins to notice that all those who have recently done him wrong are meeting unfortunate ends—and it soon becomes apparent that he has stumbled into a nightmare from which there is no escape. The Woman in the Fifth further establishes Douglas Kennedy as an author who “always has his brilliant finger on the entertaining parts of human sorrow, fury, and narrow escapes” (Lorrie Moore).

Memoirs of a Woman in Politics

[I □ wsEmmmsB^m c* -r *§ • i &«□□□□ With the Grenada Delegation attending Tourism Fair, in Berlin, Germany 1992 With colleagues at the conclusion of a ...

Author: Joan M. Purcell

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438904689

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 316

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"StreetHeart" follows the life of a young man as he makes a choice between his loyalty to the streets, and his love and dedication to his family. A convicted felon with two strikes against him, Dion is frustrated by trying to live right. An ex-hustler now reduced to working for minimum wage, he feels that his life is falling apart. Now with only a couple of weeks before he will be face-to-face with his firstborn son, Dion wants to be able to look him in the eyes as a man. Feeling cornered, he deems his only way to come up is by getting involved in what is supposed to be a routine drug deal. He joins his boys as a lookout in an attempt to make some fast cash. However, things do not go according to their plans. This is just the beginning of a tale involving 500 bricks of coke, 5 million dollars in dope money, and a crooked cop who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Dion's wife, Yvette, is pregnant with their first child. Yvette has stood by Dion through all the rough times and has proven herself trustworthy to him. Now she wants him to prove the same to her by being a good husband and father. Yvette knows that it is a struggle for Dion to let go of his old way of living. She only hopes that the temptation of easy money doesn't tear her away from her "StreetHeart". This is not your typical urban romance, it's filled with action and suspense. Courtney uses a hip writing style that hooks readers and keeps them turning pages. The elements of suspense and action throughout the story will appeal to both males and females.

Kampf um feministische Geschichten

They cannot be considered »typical« of the way Berlin women speak about that period today: Both A. in her journal from 1945 and B. in her recollections from ...

Author: Annemarie Tröger

Publisher: Wallstein Verlag

ISBN: 3835345354

Category: Social Science

Page: 432

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Eine vergessene Geschichte: Texte aus den Anfängen der Frauenforschung. Annemarie Tröger gehörte in den 1970er Jahren zu den Begründerinnen der Frauenforschung im deutschsprachigen Raum. Mit ihrer feministischen Radikalität, die ein anti-disziplinäres Erkenntnisinteresse antrieb, war sie für viele Studentinnen und Kolleginnen wegweisend. Die Pionierin der Methode der Oral History wollte die Erfahrungen marginalisierter sozialer Gruppen in die Geschichte einschreiben und sie zugleich für eine Analyse gegenwärtiger Zustände nutzen und im Kampf gegen anhaltende Herrschaftsverhältnisse mobilisieren. Die Disziplinierung der Frauenforschung seit den 1980er Jahren verdrängte Intellektuelle wie Tröger und führte dazu, dass wichtige Impulse der frühen Frauenforschung heute in Vergessenheit geraten sind. In diesem Band werden ausgewählte Schriften Annemarie Trögers neu zugänglich gemacht und in Kommentaren ehemaliger Weggefährtinnen und Weggefährten als historische Quellen behandelt, die ein Stück bundesrepublikanischer, vor allem Westberliner Universitäts- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte, wieder freilegen. Annemarie Tröger (1939-2013) gehörte zur Gruppe der Initiatorinnen der ersten Berliner Sommeruniversitäten von 1976 und 1977, die ein Startschuss waren für die Entwicklung der bundesdeutschen Frauenforschung. Sie setzte sich früh mit dem Thema "Frauen und Nationalsozialismus" auseinander und war zugleich eine Pionierin der Oral History.

Berlin s Culturescape in the 20th Century

Berlin worked as Trümmerfrauen “ rubble women , ' clearing the streets , cleaning out basements and collapsed buildings , and piling bricks to make them ...

Author: Thomas Bredohl

Publisher: University of Regina Press

ISBN: 9780889772243

Category: Art

Page: 274

View: 267

Berlin's Culturescape in the Twentieth Century reflects the many facets of Berlin's unique development as a cultural metropolis. At the centre of this compilation of essays is the notion of culturescape as a concept that describes the cultural expressions and identities that occur within a given urban space. From industrialization and modernization to division and subsequent reunification, Berlin has been the flashpoint of German history and culture. This bilingual volume (five German chapters and seven English chapters) provides a discourse that examines expressions of the city's literature, film, and fashion.

The Grip of Sexual Violence in Conflict

For background on the two, as well as a critical analysis of judicial and media treatment of ... A Woman in Berlin, 257–61; Halley, “Rape in Berlin,” 108.

Author: Karen Engle

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 1503611256

Category: Law

Page: 304

View: 286

Contemporary feminist advocacy in human rights, international criminal law, and peace and security is gripped by the issue of sexual violence in conflict. But it hasn't always been this way. Analyzing feminist international legal and political work over the past three decades, Karen Engle argues that it was not inevitable that sexual violence in conflict would become such a prominent issue. Engle reveals that as feminists from around the world began to pay an enormous amount of attention to sexual violence in conflict, they often did so at the cost of attention to other issues, including the anti-militarism of the women's peace movement; critiques of economic maldistribution, imperialism, and cultural essentialism by feminists from the global South; and the sex-positive positions of many feminists involved in debates about sex work and pornography. The Grip of Sexual Violence in Conflict offers a detailed examination of how these feminist commitments were not merely deprioritized, but undermined, by efforts to address the issue of sexual violence in conflict. Engle's analysis reinvigorates vital debates about feminist goals and priorities, and spurs readers to question much of today's common sense about the causes, effects, and proper responses to sexual violence in conflict.