A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin stands as "one of the essential books for understanding war and life" (A. S. Byatt, author of Possession).

Author: Anonymous

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1250156750

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A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice For eight weeks in 1945, as Berlin fell to the Russian army, a young woman kept a daily record of life in her apartment building and among its residents. "With bald honesty and brutal lyricism" (Elle), the anonymous author depicts her fellow Berliners in all their humanity, as well as their cravenness, corrupted first by hunger and then by the Russians. "Spare and unpredictable, minutely observed and utterly free of self-pity" (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland), A Woman in Berlin tells of the complex relationship between civilians and an occupying army and the shameful indignities to which women in a conquered city are always subject--the mass rape suffered by all, regardless of age or infirmity. A Woman in Berlin stands as "one of the essential books for understanding war and life" (A. S. Byatt, author of Possession).

A Woman in Berlin

A Woman in Berlin is the astonishing and deeply affecting diary of a woman fighting for survival amid the horror and inhumanity of war.


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Between April 20th and June 22nd of 1945 the anonymous author of A Woman in Berlin wrote about life within the falling city as it was sacked by the Russian Army. Fending off the boredom and deprivation of hiding, the author records her experiences, observations and meditations in this stark and vivid diary. Accounts of the bombing, the rapes, the rationing of food and the overwhelming terror of death are rendered in the dispassionate, though determinedly optimistic prose of a woman fighting for survival amidst the horror and inhumanity of war. This diary was first published in America in 1954 in an English translation and in Britain in 1955. A German language edition was published five years later in Geneva and was met with tremendous controversy. In 2003, over forty years later, it was republished in Germany to critical acclaim - and more controversy. This diary has been unavailable since the 1960s and is now newly translated into English. A Woman in Berlin is an astonishing and deeply affecting account.

A Bookshop in Berlin

In the tradition of Suite Française and The Nazi Officer’s Wife, this book is the tale of a fearless woman whose lust for life and literature refuses to leave her, even in her darkest hours.

Author: Françoise Frenkel

Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN: 1501199854

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A PEOPLE BOOK OF THE WEEK WINNER OF THE JQ–WINGATE LITERARY PRIZE “A haunting tribute to survivors and those lost forever—and a reminder, in our own troubled era, never to forget.” —People An “exceptional” (The Wall Street Journal) and “poignant” (The New York Times) book in the tradition of rediscovered works like Suite Française and The Nazi Officer’s Wife, the powerful memoir of a fearless Jewish bookseller on a harrowing fight for survival across Nazi-occupied Europe. In 1921, Françoise Frenkel—a Jewish woman from Poland—fulfills a dream. She opens La Maison du Livre, Berlin’s first French bookshop, attracting artists and diplomats, celebrities and poets. The shop becomes a haven for intellectual exchange as Nazi ideology begins to poison the culturally rich city. In 1935, the scene continues to darken. First come the new bureaucratic hurdles, followed by frequent police visits and book confiscations. Françoise’s dream finally shatters on Kristallnacht in November 1938, as hundreds of Jewish shops and businesses are destroyed. La Maison du Livre is miraculously spared, but fear of persecution eventually forces Françoise on a desperate, lonely flight to Paris. When the city is bombed, she seeks refuge across southern France, witnessing countless horrors: children torn from their parents, mothers throwing themselves under buses. Secreted away from one safe house to the next, Françoise survives at the heroic hands of strangers risking their lives to protect her. Published quietly in 1945, then rediscovered nearly sixty years later in an attic, A Bookshop in Berlin is a remarkable story of survival and resilience, of human cruelty and human spirit. In the tradition of Suite Française and The Nazi Officer’s Wife, this book is the tale of a fearless woman whose lust for life and literature refuses to leave her, even in her darkest hours.

Catalogue of Casts Part III Greek Roman Sculpture

Eutychos , etc . , in Athens , | ens , 138 ; large , of a god471 ; of Hegeso , in
Athens , dess , in Berlin , 140 ; small , fe462 ; of ... of Mynnion , in Athens , 469 ; of
a woman , from Eretria , in of Kleo , Phainippe , and Smi Berlin , 143 ; female , in
the ...

Author: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



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Catalogue of Casts

... of a woman , from Eretria , in of Kleo , Phainippe , and Smi Berlin , 143 ; female
, in the kythion , in Athens , 461 ; of Glyptothek , Munich , 146 ; of Philis , from
Thasos , in the an athlete , in the Glyptothek , Louvre , 93 ; of Theophile , in
Munich ...

Author: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



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Greek Roman sculpture by Edward Robinson

from an altar in the Vatican , a woman , fragment from Ere680 . tria , in Berlin ,
143 ; head of a Goddess , large head of a , in the woman , in Lansdowne House ,
Berlin Museum , 140 . 464 ; large , in the Villa AlGoddesses , two , on a relief in ...

Author: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston



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Christian Work

Now a woman , Mrs. Guauck , who is one of the representatives tended by about
one thousand women , protested against ... But a few improvements have
nevertheless been intro- through the Women's Congress held in Berlin in
September ...




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Rubble Music

The violent experiences of mass rape that prevailed in Berlin and the greater
Soviet zone until 1947 meant that German suffering beyond the air war took on a
distinctly gendered dimension. An estimated one in three women in Berlin were ...

Author: Abby Anderton

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253042437

Category: Music

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As the seat of Hitler’s government, Berlin was the most frequently targeted city in Germany for Allied bombing campaigns during World War II. Air raids shelled celebrated monuments, left homes uninhabitable, and reduced much of the city to nothing but rubble. After the war’s end, this apocalyptic landscape captured the imagination of artists, filmmakers, and writers, who used the ruins to engage with themes of alienation, disillusionment, and moral ambiguity. In Rubble Music, Abby Anderton explores the classical music culture of postwar Berlin, analyzing archival documents, period sources, and musical scores to identify the sound of civilian suffering after urban catastrophe. Anderton reveals how rubble functioned as a literal, figurative, psychological, and sonic element by examining the resonances of trauma heard in the German musical repertoire after 1945. With detailed explorations of reconstituted orchestral ensembles, opera companies, and radio stations, as well as analyses of performances and compositions that were beyond the reach of the Allied occupiers, Anderton demonstrates how German musicians worked through, cleared away, or built over the debris and devastation of the war.

Echoes of Trauma and Shame in German Families

He was already in his midtwenties when she told him about her ordeal, under a
flood of tears and with a lot of distressing ... The topic was taboo also in the public
domain until 2003, when Eine Frau in Berlin (A Woman in Berlin) was published.

Author: Lina Jakob


ISBN: 0253048273

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How is it possible for people who were born in a time of relative peace and prosperity to suddenly discover war as a determining influence on their lives? For decades to speak openly of German suffering during World War II--to claim victimhood in a country that had victimized millions--was unthinkable. But in the past few years, growing numbers of Germans in their 40s and 50s calling themselves Kriegsenkel, or Grandchildren of the War, have begun to explore the fundamental impact of the war on their present lives and mental health. Their parents and grandparents suffered bombardment, death, forced displacement, and the shame of the Nazi war crimes. The Kriegsenkel feel their own psychological struggles--from depression, anxiety disorders, and burnout to broken marriages and career problems--are the direct consequences of unresolved war experiences passed down through their families. Drawing on interviews, participant observation, and a broad range of scholarship, Lina Jakob considers how the Kriegsenkel movement emerged at the nexus between public and familial silences about World War II, and critically discusses how this new collective identity is constructed and addressed within the framework of psychology and Western therapeutic culture.

Report of the Commissioner of Education Made to the Secretary of the Interior for the Year with Accompanying Papers

Attention was first directel to the many teachers and governesses out of employ ,
to the status of seamstresses , to women connected with commercial pursuits . In
the carly sixties a woman teacher's position in a Berlin school was vacant , and ...

Author: United States. Bureau of Education



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Congressional Serial Set

Attention was first directed to the many teachers and governesses out of employ ,
to the status of seamstresses , to women connected with commercial pursuits . In
the early sixties a woman teacher ' s position in a Berlin school was vacant , anı ...




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Women in Colombia Confronting Trauma and Displacement

Healing Suite Française and A Woman in Berlin have many aspects in common .
In each case a woman wrote the book during a time of war , more specifically
during a time when their countries were invaded and occupied by a foreign army

Author: Adriana Elisa Parra-Fox




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The Religious Identity of Young Muslim Women in Berlin

COMMUNITY The pursuit of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and
woman. –Hadith It is Monday afternoon in MJD's small meeting room, which is
located ...

Author: Synnøve Bendixsen

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004251316

Category: Social Science

Page: 342

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The Religious Identity of Young Muslim Women in Berlin offers an in-depth ethnographic account of Muslim youth’s religious identity formation and their everyday life engagement with Islam. It deals with the reconstruction of selfhood and the collective content of identity formation in an urban and transnational setting.

A History of Women in the West

IMAGES AND REPRESENTATION against the endless red banner she holds
aloft , a graphic statement scandalous enough for the poster to have been
banned in Berlin . Women began to rediscover and display their bodies . Dancers
like ...

Author: Georges Duby

Publisher: Belknap Press

ISBN: 9780674403659

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Discusses the legal, social, and religious position of women in the Greco-Roman world, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, and modern era.


O Maureen Boyle / books A Woman in Berlin Anonymous Virago ISBN : 184408
1125 Suite Française Irène Némirovsky Chatto ... They were both written by
women in the midst of the Second World War – one in Berlin , the other in France




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The Literary Review

99 ) ring of immediate and urgent truth . Both are also the work of acute observers
and experienced writers : the author of A Woman in Berlin was a journalist at the
time , and Hans - Georg Behr writes for Die Zeit and Der Stern now .




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Women in Socialist Society

She put the subject of year , after the repeal of the anti - socialist law , Woman
and Socialism on the agenda , scientifi - Clara Zetkin was able to return ...
Meeting of Women Workers in Berlin , The first annual volumes of the paper give
a en.

Author: Marlies Allendorf

Publisher: New York : International Publishers


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Christopher Brennan a Critical Biography

One thing that probably made Brennan feel more guilty and worried than
anything else while he was in Berlin was the double life he led . For while he was
romantically in love with Elisabeth Werth , he also paid court to another woman .
In the ...

Author: Axel Clark

Publisher: Melbourne University


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