The Actress

It is just such a combination of approaches that I utilize in the second part of this
volume to construct case studies of five contemporary star–actresses. The Star–
Actress If star acting has been neglected as a subject for scholarly analysis, the ...

Author: Karen Hollinger

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0415977924

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Examining the major issues in studying film acting, stardom and the Hollywood actress, this book combines theories of screen acting and film stardom to present the student with a fresh approach to these two popular study topics.

Best Actress

16 Twelve days later, the actress Lauren Bacall presented Smith with her Best
Actress Oscar statuette at the 24th Tony Awards in New York City. Largely
appearing in supporting roles, Smith continued to act in a mixture of commercial
and ...

Author: Stephen Tapert

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 1978808062

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Ingrid Bergman. Audrey Hepburn. Elizabeth Taylor. Jane Fonda. Meryl Streep. The list of women who have won the coveted and legendary Academy Award for Best Actress is long and varied. Through this illustrious roster we can trace the history of women in Hollywood, from the rise of Mary Pickford in the early 20th century to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements of today, which have galvanized women across the world to speak out for equal pay, respect, power, and opportunity. This lavishly illustrated coffee table book offers a vital examination of the first 75 women to have won the Best Actress Oscar over the span of 90 years. From inaugural recipient Janet Gaynor to Frances McDormand’s 2018 acceptance speech that assertively brought women to the forefront, Best Actress: The History of Oscar®-Winning Women serves to promote a new appreciation for the cinematic roles these women won for, as well as the real-life roles many of them played – and still play – in advancing women’s rights and equality. Stories range from Bette Davis’ groundbreaking battle against the studio system; to the cutting-edge wardrobes of Katharine Hepburn, Diane Keaton and Cher; to the historical significance of Halle Berry’s victory; to the awareness raised around sexual violence by the performances of Jodie Foster, Brie Larson, and others. Showcasing a dazzling collection of 200 photographs, many of which have never before been seen or published, Best Actress honors the legacies of these revered and extraordinary women while scrutinizing the roadblocks that they continue to overcome.

Only an actress

... both agreed that it served the girl right , —she was fast , Helen always felt sure
— and it was just a row in a private gambling room about an actress , call it by
fine names if they would — how could the marquise ever go to that “ Trois -
Etoiles .

Author: Edith Stewart Drewry





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The Paradox of the Actress

In performance , the actress believed she was “ seized with the spirit of the thing ”
and was overcome by “ those poetical utterances of pathetic passion ” which
guided her performances ( Records of a Girlhood 188 ) . Although critics
frequently ...

Author: Robyn Leigh Quick





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My Sister the Actress

So let us hope for the best , Miss Betha , for if I've any foresight , my bonnie bairn
will live to bless the day when she met again her sister the actress . ” CHAPTER

Author: Florence Marryat





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Crisis in the Life of an Actress and Other Essays on Drama

It is so far from gallantry to begin admiring an actress in the later period of her
development , that the opposite is really the flattery : to admire a little girl of
sixteen . I cannot believe that an essentially cultivated aesthetician could bring
himself to ...

Author: Søren Kierkegaard

Publisher: Gannon Distributing Company


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Fanny Kemble Actress Author Abolitionist

FANNY KEMBLE Actress , Author , Abolitionist She was Fanny Kemble , actress ,
writer , and humanitarian , and she moved in the most distinguished social and
dramatic circles of the nineteenth century . The daughter of England's most noted

Author: Winifred Esther Wise



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Jean Arthur

" Jean Arthur (1900-91) kept her personal life private, disdained the Hollywood publicity machine, and was called "difficult" because of her perfectionism and remoteness from costars on the movie set.

Author: John Oller

Publisher: Limelight

ISBN: 9780879102784

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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The luminous star of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Shane, and other classic films was, as the subtitle aptly puts it, "the actress nobody knew." Jean Arthur (1900-91) kept her personal life private, disdained the Hollywood publicity machine, and was called "difficult" because of her perfectionism and remoteness from costars on the movie set. John Oller, a lawyer, tracked down kinsfolk and friends never before interviewed to capture the elusive personality of a free spirit best embodied in her favorite role, Peter Pan. Arthur herself might have appreciated his warm, respectful portrait. "...[An] insightful, painstakingly researched analysis of Arthur's life and career raises the curtain on the complex, conflicted person behind the screen persona...Captures the special shine of a unique star who turned out to be a genuine eccentric." -Chicago Tribune

Film Facts

Olivia De Havilland , 2 Oscars : To Each His Own ( 1946 ) and The Heiress (
1949 ) Ingrid Bergman , 2 Best Actress Oscars : Gaslight ( 1944 ) and Anastasia (
1956 ) Elizabeth Taylor , 2 Best Actress Oscars : Butterfield 8 ( 1960 ) and Who ' s

Author: Cobbett Steinberg



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A compendium of statistics, lists, and surveys on the movie industry.

Reader s Digest Almanac and Yearbook

Stella Stetevens ( 190475 ) actress and sir SHOW BUSINESS PERSONALITIES (
continued ) Barbara Rush ( 1930 , actress Harold Russell ( 1914 , actor , A - 1946
Jane Russell ( 1921 - ) , actress Lillian Russell ( 1861 - 1922 ) , actress , T ...




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The World Almanac and Book of Facts

Watch on the Rhine. Supporting actor: Charles Coburn. The Mor Merrier. Actress:
Jennifer Jones, The Song of Bernm supporting actress: Katlna Paxlnou, For the
Bell Tolls. Picture: Casablanca. Warner. Thalberg Memorial Award: Hal B. WallU.




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The 1992 Information Please Almanac

Actress: Louise Fletcher, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Actor: Jack Nicholson
, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Supporting Actress: Lee Grant, Shampoo
Supporting Actor: George Burns, The Sunshine Boys 1976 Picture: Rocky, Robert

Author: Otto Johnson


ISBN: 9780395596722

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