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Dir55.00 Fennec 2001 MR FRE Ramp - weave areas operation on South African freeways . Skutil , V. ( DPVT , 23 ) 65pp . R30.00 CSIR 1988 SA Raptor identification guide for southern Africa . ... African Books in Print Rainfall Title Index.




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British Books in Print

e African Literature Today . ( Continued ) No 11 Myth and History . Ed.E.D. Jones . D8.231 . pbk £ 4.50 Heinemann Educ . ( 11.80 ) 0 435 91652 1 No. 13 Recent Trends in the Novel . Ed.E.D.Jones & E.Palmer . D8 246. bds £ 12.50 Heinemann ...




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The African Studies Companion

Primarily a library supplier and blanket order dealer for virtually all printed materials published anywhere in Africa ... Has an inventory of more than 40,000 African books , maps , documents , manuscripts and other collectibles .

Author: Hans Zell

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004502157

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Published in dual print and electronic formats, this is a new edition of a much acclaimed reference source that brings together a wide range of sources of information in the African studies field, covering both print and electronic sources. It evaluates the best online resources, the major general reference tools in print format, current bibliographies and indexing services, biographical, cartographic, statistical and economic resources, as well as film and video resources.

Existentialism Literature and the Humanities in Africa

Women in African Literature Today 15. Trenton, New Jersey: Africa World Press, 1987. 131 – 139. Print. Ezeigbo, Theodora. “The Dynamics of African Womanhood in Ayi Kwei Armah's Novels.” Feminism in African Literature.

Author: Chijioke Uwasomba

Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag

ISBN: 3736945981

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The book is divided into seven sections and comprises forty-one articles from scholars from different persuasions and temperaments. It also includes an interview with the honouree. The major thrust of the collection centres on the place of the humanities in a drifting world and the need to chart a fresh course of action that could restore hope to humanity. The contributions also represent a melting-pot for the various branches of humanistic scholarship. We hope this book would serve as a resourceful compendium for scholars, students, policy makers and all lovers of knowledge production and dissemination”

Critical Perspectives on Postcolonial African Children s and Young Adult Literature

Current Trends in Literature and Language Studies in West Africa . ... A Guide to Children's Literature for African Teachers , Librarians , and Parents . ... SACBIP 94 : South African Children's Books in Print 1994.

Author: Meena Khorana

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313298646

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The past few years mark a growing scholarly interest in African children's literature in the United States. Several books on the topic have been published, and the number of articles has also increased. Recent publications have been moving away from general country surveys or studies of publishing conditions to works that analyze literary structures, themes, and illustrations or that apply Marxist, feminist, or postcolonial theories to interpret the literature. The essays in this volume either approach colonial African children's literature from a postcolonial or revisionist perspective, or discuss books published after decolonization.

Acquisition in Different and Special Subject Areas

For those who wish to begin a special collection of African materials from one particular country . . . permit me to issue a ... Another useful work, including more general works on Africa, is fifth edition of African Books in Print, ...

Author: Linda S Katz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317951697

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Learn how acquisitions librarians successfully serve specialized users! In this book, you’ll find profiles, methods, and processes for acquisitions in specialized subject areas, such as local and regional poetry, oceanography, educational information in electronic formats, popular fiction, regional and ethnic materials, and more. Seasoned acquisitions librarians share their experiences in gathering the hard-to-find materials their libraries’ highly specialized clients need to access. You’ll also examine issues surrounding the acquisition of new reference tools that are vital in today’s emerging electronic environment. With Acquisition in Different and Special Subject Areas, you’ll examine: methods of ferreting out local and regional poetry—from Daniel Veach, editor/publisher of the Atlanta Review the acquisition process in a specialized institution devoted to oceanography—from Elizabeth Cooksey of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography how to acquire regional and ethnic materials for your library collection a practical guide to the acquisition of material from an African country (based on the author’s experience in the West African nation of Benin) acquisition of Web-based educational materials acquisitions in the expanding area of popular fiction an acquisition librarian’s mission to the multilingual nation of India, where she assessed the acquisition possibilities for the new India Studies program at Indiana University Special libraries can exist in corners of large public or university libraries or they can be independent. They can be large and populated by hundreds of staff, or very small, staffed by one person. The defining characteristic of a special library is that its clientele is specialized. Acquisition in Different and Special Subject Areas brings together the voices of acquisitions librarians serving a wide variety of fields to guide you through the acquisitions process in their areas of concentration. It is a book that no budding or experienced acquisitions librarian should be without!

Creating Books for the Young in the New South Africa

Essays on Authors and Illustrators of Children's and Young Adult Literature Barbara A. Lehman, Jay Heale, Anne Hill. _____. 1994. South African ... SACBIP 95, South African Children's Books in Print 1995. Grabouw, SA: Bookchat. _____.

Author: Barbara A. Lehman,

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476617163

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This collection of essays analyzes the work of 29 authors and illustrators. South African children’s and youth literature has a long history. The country is the most prolific publisher of children’s books on the continent, producing perhaps the highest quality literature in Africa. Its traditions resonate within the larger world of children’s literature but are solidly grounded in African myth and archetypes. The African diaspora in the U.S. and elsewhere have stories rooted in these oral traditions. Much has changed in South African literature for children since the 1994 transformation of the country. A field once dominated by all white and mostly female writers and illustrators has diversified, adding many new voices.

Building Area Studies Collections

The African Book Publishing Record is also the most comprehensive current resource for information on materials published in African languages . African Books in Print , another important publication that also began in 1975 , is now in ...

Author: Dan C. Hazen

Publisher: Otto Harrassowitz Verlag

ISBN: 9783447055123

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These essays by noted Area Studies specialists at a number of US research libraries serve as a practical and theoretical guide to university and college administrators, library directors and heads of collection development, as well as selection practitioners who work to create foreign-language collections for research libraries. The volume constitutes a general introduction for new practitioners and even the most experienced Area Studies librarians will find useful practical advice for reviewing and refining their existing collecting practices. Coverage includes East Asia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia and the Romance language areas of Europe, as well as the German/Nordic/Netherlandic countries. Each essay presents the Area Studies topic in question from an historical perspective and provides background on its present status and anticipated future development. Special emphasis is placed on the techniques of both print and digital collecting and on the assessment methods by which collection strengths and future needs are determined. Guidelines for expenditures for both collections and collateral activities such as providing access and preservation are provided, and contributors also supply extensive documentation for the burgeoning array of online digital resources which have emerged in the past decade. The volume editors, Dan C. Hazen (Harvard) and James H. Spohrer (University of California, Berkeley), also provide a general introduction to the topic and a detailed summary of current cooperative activities in Area Studies collecting.