Aristotelian Rhetoric in Syriac

Barhebraeus, Butyrum Sapientiae, Book of Rhetoric John Watt ... Bibliotheca Orientalis 37 ( 1980 ) , 294301 SCHRIER , O. J. , “ The Syriac and Arabic Versions of Aristotle's Poetics ' , in G. Endress and R. Kruk ( eds . ) ...

Author: John Watt

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047415817

Category: Philosophy

Page: 496

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This volume contains a critical edition of Bar Hebraeus’ Book of Rhetoric in his Cream of Wisdom. The accompanying introduction, translation and commentary explore its relations with the Syriac Aristotle and the Arabic commentary of Ibn Sina.

Commenting on Aristotle s Rhetoric from Antiquity to the Present Commenter la Rh torique d Aristote de l Antiquit la p riode contemporaine

As is well known, among Syriac-speaking Christians Aristotelian philosophy, particularly logic, was for long admired and studied in the Near East. During the late antique and Umayyad periods (fifth or sixth to eighth century) Aristotle ...


Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004376240

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The present volume brings together thirteen contributions devoted to the history, methods, and practices of the commentaries that have been written on Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric from the East to the West, from Greco-Roman antiquity to Heidegger, and studies them in their proper context. Le présent volume rassemble treize contributions dédiées à l’histoire, à la méthode et à la pratique des commentaires à la Rhétorique d’Aristote tels qu’ils ont été composés, en Orient et en Occident, depuis l’Antiquité gréco-romaine jusqu’à Heidegger, en les réinscrivant dans leur contexte propre.

Aristotle s Rhetoric in the East

Analyzing the Arabic translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric and situating it in its historical and intellectual context, this book offers a fresh interpretation of the early Greek-Arabic translation movement and its impact in Islamic culture ...

Author: Uwe Vagelpohl

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047433424

Category: Philosophy

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Analyzing the Arabic translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric and situating it in its historical and intellectual context, this book offers a fresh interpretation of the early Greek-Arabic translation movement and its impact in Islamic culture and beyond.

The Aristotelian Tradition in Syriac

This volume presents a panorama of Syriac engagement with Aristotelian philosophy primarily situated in the 6th to the 9th centuries, but also ranging to the 13th.

Author: John W. Watt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429817487

Category: History

Page: 294

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This volume presents a panorama of Syriac engagement with Aristotelian philosophy primarily situated in the 6th to the 9th centuries, but also ranging to the 13th. It offers a wide range of articles, opening with surveys on the most important philosophical writers of the period before providing detailed studies of two Syriac prolegomena to Aristotle’s Categories and examining the works of Hunayn, the most famous Arabic translator of the 9th century. Watt also examines the relationships between philosophy, rhetoric and political thought in the period, and explores the connection between earlier Syriac tradition and later Arabic philosophy in the thought of the 13th century Syriac polymath Bar Hebraeus. Collected together for the first time, these articles present an engaging and thorough history of Aristotelian philosophy during this period in the Near East, in Syriac and Arabic.

The Earliest Syriac Translation of Aristotle s Categories

25 That is, the full tradition of the Organon, which included the Poetics and the Rhetoric, both of which had a Syriac tradition. For the former Berti, Libri e Biblioteche, 312-15, and on the Rhetoric, Watt, Aristotelian Rhetoric, esp.

Author: Aristoteles

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004186603

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The present volume makes available for the first time the earliest translation of Aristotle into a Semitic language. It will open the way to a fuller understanding of the transformation of Greek logic in Syriac and Arabic.

Ideas in Motion in Baghdad and Beyond

Aristotelian rhetoric in Syriac (ASL 18), Leiden 2005. ———, The strategy of the Baghdad philosophers: The Aristotelian tradition as a common motif in Christian and Islamic thought, in van Ginkel, J.J., Murrevan den Berg, H.L., ...

Author: Damien Janos

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004306269

Category: Religion

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This volume contains a collection of articles focusing on the philosophical and theological exchanges between Muslim and Christian intellectuals living in Baghdad during the classical period of Islamic history, when this city was a vibrant center of philosophical, scientific, and literary activity.

The Syriac World

Among his publications are the commentary on Aristotle's Rhetoric by Bar Hebraeus, published as Aristotelian Rhetoric in Syriac: Bar Hebraeus, Butyrum Sapientiae, Book of Rhetoric (2005), and, with Frank Trombley, The Chronicle of ...

Author: Daniel King

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317482115

Category: History

Page: 842

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This volume surveys the 'Syriac world', the culture that grew up among the Syriac-speaking communities from the second century CE and which continues to exist and flourish today, both in its original homeland of Syria and Mesopotamia, and in the worldwide diaspora of Syriac-speaking communities. The five sections examine the religion; the material, visual, and literary cultures; the history and social structures of this diverse community; and Syriac interactions with their neighbours ancient and modern. There are also detailed appendices detailing the patriarchs of the different Syriac denominations, and another appendix listing useful online resources for students. The Syriac World offers the first complete survey of Syriac culture and fills a significant gap in modern scholarship. This volume will be an invaluable resource to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Syriac and Middle Eastern culture from antiquity to the modern era.

Islamic Thought in the Dialogue of Cultures

Aristotelian Rhetoric in Syriac. barhebraeus, Butyrum Sapientia, Book of Rhetoric. ed. by John w. watt, with assistance of daniel isaac, Julian Faultless and ayman shihadeh. leiden 2005. = ASL 18.—on echoes of the aristotelian Rhetoric ...

Author: Hans Daiber

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004232044

Category: Philosophy

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The monograph aims at a historical and bibliographical survey of the qur??nic and rational world-view of early Islam, of the period of translations from Greek into Syriac and Arabic, and of the impact of Islamic thought on Europe.

Peripatetic Rhetoric After Aristotle

Shortly before Bar - Hebraeus in his Cream of Wisdom wrote the only known Syriac commentary on the Rhetoric or the Poetics , borrowing heavily from Avicenna , Jacob Bar - Shakko composed his Book of Dialogues .

Author: William Wall Fortenbaugh

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412830669

Category: Literary Criticism

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Interest in ancient rhetoric and its relevance to modern society has increased dramatically over recent decades. In North America, departments of speech and communications have experienced a noticeable renaissance of concern with ancient sources. On both sides of the Atlantic, numerous journals devoted to the history of rhetoric are now being published. Throughout, Aristotle's central role has been acknowledged, and there is also a growing awareness of the contributions made by Theophrastus and the Peripatetics. Peripatetic Rhetoric After Aristotle responds to this recent interest in rhetoric and peripatetic theory. The chapters provide new insights into Peripatetic influence on different periods and cultures: Greece and Rome, the Syrian- and Arabic-speaking worlds, Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the international scene today. Contributors to this volume include Maroun Aouad, Lucia Calboli Montefusco, Thomas Conley, Tiziano Dorandi, Lawrence D. Green, Doreen C. Innes, George A. Kennedy, Michael Leff, and Eckart Schutrumpf. This comprehensive analysis of the history of rhetoric ranges from the early Hellenistic period to the present day. It will be of significant interest to classicists, philosophers, and cultural historians.

Emotion and the History of Rhetoric in the Middle Ages

455–60 ) ; Uwe Vagelpohl , Aristotle'sRhetoric ” in the East : The Syriac and Arabic Translation and Commentary Tradition ( Leiden : Brill , 2008 ) , pp . 39-61 ; Luigi Bottin , Contributi della tradizione greco - latina e arabo ...

Author: Rita Copeland

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192845128

Category: History

Page: 432

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Presents a history of the ways in which authors of the Middle Ages mobilized the force of emotion in their rhetorical writings, and explores the changes that the role of emotion in rhetorical theory underwent during this period in relation to means of textual transmission and conditions of rhetorical teaching.