Assassin s Fate

In their continuing quest to save Fitz's daughter Bee, and destroy the sinister order that threatens her, Fitz and the Fool must not only face their most difficult challenges yet, but also come to terms with the unanswered questions of ...

Author: Robin Hobb

Publisher: Del Rey Books

ISBN: 9780553392968

Category: Fiction

Page: 960

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In their continuing quest to save Fitz's daughter Bee, and destroy the sinister order that threatens her, Fitz and the Fool must not only face their most difficult challenges yet, but also come to terms with the unanswered questions of their pasts in the stunning conclusion to Hobb's bestselling trilogy.

Fates Assassins

It's a long story, but fate brought us together, and I plan on keeping it ... As soon as we were back in the car, the questions came rolling 11 Fates Assassins.

Author: Screaming Mimi

Publisher: Author Screaming Mimi

ISBN: 1386271888

Category: Fiction

Page: 58

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Jack Gaston, and Steve MacMahon have known each other since childhood, but their true bond happened while serving in the Army together. Sharing has always come naturally to them, they are like two halves of a whole, and aren't afraid to admit it. The only problem, finding the perfect woman to complete them, little did they know fate was going to throw one at them when they least expected it. Magdalena Garcia didn't know what hit her when she met two of the sexiest bodyguards a girl could ask for. They kept her safe, risked their lives for her, and kept her warm at night. But it was only supposed to be for fun, right? She wasn't supposed to fall in love with not just one, but both of them was she? The bigger question was, did they feel the same, or were they just playing with her?

After the Post Cold War

The admiration for the assassin also transforms into approval of the king. ... Moreover, aside from recognizing the assassins' fate in history (because at ...

Author: Jinhua Dai

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 1478002204

Category: History

Page: 224

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In After the Post–Cold War eminent Chinese cultural critic Dai Jinhua interrogates history, memory, and the future of China as a global economic power in relation to its socialist past, profoundly shaped by the Cold War. Drawing on Marxism, post-structuralism, psychoanalysis, and feminist theory, Dai examines recent Chinese films that erase the country’s socialist history to show how such erasure resignifies socialism’s past as failure and thus forecloses the imagining of a future beyond that of globalized capitalism. She outlines the tension between China’s embrace of the free market and a regime dependent on a socialist imprimatur. She also offers a genealogy of China’s transformation from a source of revolutionary power into a fountainhead of globalized modernity. This narrative, Dai contends, leaves little hope of moving from the capitalist degradation of the present into a radical future that might offer a more socially just world.


The third, seeing the fate of the others, fled. Pearson saw that the first man ... When the assassin bled to death, there was hardly a groan from the crowd.


Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 141846449X

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

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Against the exciting background of China during the passing of the C’hing dynasty, the battles of the communists under Mao Tse Tung, with the Nationalists under Chiang Kai Shek , and the rapacious Japanese invasion, an unbelievable romance blossoms between a beleagured Chinese princess Wansan, who guards the Great Seal of power, and a daring Englishman, Pearson. They must contend against the ancient avenging society of the The Three Daggers, the overweening ambitions of the scheming Chinese minister, Su Liang, and the overbearing Japanese warlord, Karasata. Interwoven is the Dowager Empress Tzu Hsi, the puppet emperor Pu Yi, Shanghai during the foreign concessions, Stokolsky, spying for Russia in the communist stronghold of Yenan, Sing Ti, angry hero of the Long March, Lan Pin, wife of Mao, embittered actress, Lars Nielsen, American historian turned wool trader, the silk trade, and the final battle of the Yangste River.


Collier explained that it would seal the assassin's fate for the Mafia, ... It was unlikely the two assassins would ever see the Statute of Liberty again ...

Author: Selby Parker

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532648413

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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Selby Parker’s novel is a shocking and imaginative tale of murder, mayhem, and out-of-body fantasies, filled with plot twists and provocative issues that tear at the fabric of three families who become involved with a New York psychiatrist. A rich Jewish widow recovering from a failed marriage, a Vietnam veteran who suffers night terrors, and a successful Jewish businessman who learns that his mother was a mistress to a Cuban mobster all make for interesting clients, whilst endangering the psychiatrist’s life. The soldier’s dreams reveal him to be the reincarnation of Prince Albert Victor, the grandson of Queen Victoria. His lurid tale under hypnosis reveals the culpable parties in the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders in London’s White Chapel. Rich with descriptive details of London, San Francisco, and Sicily, the novel offers gritty realism, powerful characters, and historical fantasy all woven together in a common thread.

Writing Religion

William of Rubruck, the French ambassador who was at the court of Möngke Khan in 1255, reported back to Louis IX concerning the Assassins' fate (Itinerary ...

Author: Steven W. Ramey

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 0817318720

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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"The First Decade of Aronov Lecturers at the University of Alabama."


Withholding the sordid details of the two assassins' fate, Schwob ends with an image of masks and fog, the killers prowling the night streets of Edinburgh, ...

Author: Robert Ziegler

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9042027010

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

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Asymptote: An Approach to Decadent Fiction offers a radically new approach to the psychology of Decadent creation. Rejecting traditional arguments that Decadence is a celebration of deviance and exhaustion, this study presents the fin-de-siecle novel as a transformative process, a quest for health. By allowing the writer to project into fiction unwanted traits and destructive tendencies - by permitting the playful invention of provisional identities -, Decadent creation itself becomes a dynamic act of creative regeneration. In describing the interrelationship of Decadent authors and their fictions, Asymptote uses the mathematical figure of the asymptote to show how they converge, then split apart, and grow distant. The author's approach to the facsimile selves he plays with and discards is the curve that never merges with his authorial identity. In successive chapters, this study describes the Decadents' experimentation with perversion (Huysmans's A rebours and Mendes's Zo'har), and their subsequent validation of social regulation and creative discipline. It examines magic and its appeal to fantasies of elitism and omnipotence (Peladan's Le Vice supreme and Villiers's Axel ), then shows authors embracing the values of community and service. It considers the Decadent text as a vehicle of change in which an artist ventilates fantasies of aggression and revenge (Mirbeau's Le Journal d'une femme de chambre and Rachilde's La Marquise de Sade) then employs writing as the means by which these feelings are discharged. It examines creation as a form of play, "une alienation grace a laquelle l'esprit se recupere sous la forme des autres" (Schwob's Vies imaginaires and Lorrain's Histoires de masques), yet notes the Decadents' decision to return to a single generative center. Finally, it examines creation as an expression of artistic transience and failure, yet shows the Decadents' success in commemorating the very forces of disintegration (Rodenbach's L'Art en exil). In considering the Decadents' insistence on subjectivism and aloneness, this study concludes (Gourmont's Sixtine) by showing their wish to escape the prison of identity and to redefine their art as cooperative creation.

The Assassin s Accomplice

40 Chamlee, Lincoln's Assassins, 461. 41 “End of the Assassins,” New York Times. 42 Gray, “The Fate of the Lincoln Conspirators,” 635.

Author: Kate Clifford Larson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0465024475

Category: History

Page: 288

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In The Assassin's Accomplice, historian Kate Clifford Larson tells the gripping story of Mary Surratt, a little-known participant in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln, and the first woman ever to be executed by the federal government of the United States. Surratt, a Confederate sympathizer, ran the boarding house in Washington where the conspirators-including her rebel son, John Surratt-met to plan the assassination. When a military tribunal convicted her for her crimes and sentenced her to death, five of the nine commissioners petitioned President Andrew Johnson to show mercy on Surratt because of her sex and age. Unmoved, Johnson refused-Surratt, he said, "kept the nest that hatched the egg." Set against the backdrop of the Civil War, The Assassin's Accomplice tells the intricate story of the Lincoln conspiracy through the eyes of its only female participant. Based on long-lost interviews, confessions, and court testimony, the text explores how Mary's actions defied nineteenth-century norms of femininity, piety, and motherhood, leaving her vulnerable to deadly punishment historically reserved for men. A riveting narrative account of sex, espionage, and murder cloaked in the enchantments of Southern womanhood, The Assassin's Accomplice offers a fresh perspective on America's most famous murder.

Fate of the Empires

Assassins. Killers without honor. They'll slit your throat while you sleep so you never have a chance fight back. Not tonight!

Author: Michael Maxwell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1257507575

Category: Fiction


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The great nation of Athusia has had a rocky treaty with its island nation neighbor, Densetsu, for many years. Now dark forces with their own agendas are attempting to break that treaty and cause the nations to go to war. It is up to four reluctant heroes to stop this war from happening ... if they can avoiding killing each other in the process. Might and magic collide in this epic struggle to decide the fate of the empires.

The Life of Joseph Chamberlain

Seizing arms , he had not discovered the surgical knives of the Phoenix Park assassins . Fate was perhaps too strong for any Government at that hour .

Author: James Louis Garvin





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Assassins Deeds

As to the fate of the assassins, of the 22 cases where we know what happened, in one they were killed immediately, while in another eight, some or all were ...

Author: John Withington

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1789143527

Category: History

Page: 368

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Assassins have been killing the powerful and famous for at least three thousand years. Personal ambition, revenge, and anger have encouraged many to violent deeds, like the Turkish sultan who had nineteen of his brothers strangled or the bodyguards who murdered a dozen Roman emperors. More recently have come new motives like religious and political fanaticism, revolution and liberation, with governments also getting in on the act, while many victims seem to have been surprisingly careless: Abraham Lincoln was killed after letting his bodyguard go for a drink. So, do assassinations work? Drawing on anecdote, historical evidence, and statistical analysis, Assassins’ Deeds delves into some of history’s most notorious acts, unveiling an intriguing cast of characters, ingenious methods of killing, and many unintended consequences.

Master Assassins

Think about the fate that brought this girl to us!” “Think about fate!” screams Mektu, louder than the rest of them combined. Chindilan snorts.

Author: Robert V.S. Redick

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473231817

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Assassins Dawn

“A victim that doesn't resist the Hag deserves his fate. And our apprentice must have told you—we don't take a person's fate out of the hands of their gods.

Author: Stephen Leigh

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101620005

Category: Fiction

Page: 624

View: 495

Neweden is a world whose gods are death and fate, and it’s here that the Hoorka have arisen: a guild of assassins, whose single law is that the victim must always retain a tiny but finite chance of escape. If the victim can survive until dawn, they may go free. But the rich and powerful don’t care to have their will thwarted, and so the Hoorka must deal with the consequences of their own ethics. Gyll, the leader of the Hoorka, also has dreams of taking the guild offworld into the growing society of the Alliance, which is trying to reconstruct a shattered, worlds-spanning empire. Is that dream a genuine possibility, or will exposure to other cultures doom the Hoorka entirely? Gyll must confront internal struggles within his own people, the dangerous politics of Neweden, and the twinned threat and promise of the Alliance. The Hag of Death dances around them, mockingly. Can the Hoorka survive to see the dawn of their own success, an Assassins’ Dawn?