Handbook of Middle American Indians Volume 16

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geográfico general de México, con cartas físicas, biológicas, demográficas,
sociales, económicas y ...

Author: Margaret A.L. Harrison

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 1477306919

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The publication of Volume 16 of this distinguished series brings to a close one of the largest research and documentation projects ever undertaken on the Middle American Indians. Since the publication of Volume 1 in 1964, the Handbook of Middle American Indians has provided the most complete information on every aspect of indigenous culture, including natural environment, archaeology, linguistics, social anthropology, physical anthropology, ethnology, and ethnohistory. Culminating this massive project is Volume 16, divided into two parts. Part I, Sources Cited, by Margaret A. L. Harrison, is a listing in alphabetical order of all the bibliographical entries cited in Volumes 1-11. (Volumes 12-15, comprising the Guide to Ethnohistorical Sources, have not been included, because they stand apart in subject matter and contain or constitute independent bibliographical material.) Part II, Location of Artifacts Illustrated, by Marjorie S. Zengel, details the location (at the time of original publication) of the owner of each pre-Columbian American artifact illustrated in Volumes 1-11 of the Handbook, as well as the size and the catalog, accession, and/or inventory number that the owner assigns to the object. The two parts of Volume 16 provide a convenient and useful reference to material found in the earlier volumes. The Handbook of Middle American Indians was assembled and edited at the Middle American Research Institute of Tulane University with the assistance of grants from the National Science Foundation and under the sponsorship of the National Research Council Committee on Latin American Anthropology.

Traveling from New Spain to Mexico

And while national self-display is clear in García Cubas's Atlas geográfico, his
works after the French intervention ... 131 brief lessons, fully titled Curso
elemental de geografía universal dispuesto con arreglo á un Nuevo método que
facilite su ...

Author: Magali M. Carrera

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822349914

Category: History

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How colonial mapping traditions were combined with practices of nineteenth-century visual culture in the first maps of independent Mexico, particularly in those created by the respected cartographer Antonio Garc&ía Cubas.

Time in Maps

García Cubas, Atlas geográfico. 29. Antonio García Cubas, Compendio de
geografía universal para uso de los establecimientos de instrucción primaria (
México: Murguía, 1909). On García Cubas's role in nineteenth- century
cartography, see ...

Author: Kären Wigen

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022671862X

Category: History

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Maps organize us in space, but they also organize us in time. Looking around the world for the last five hundred years, Time in Maps shows that today’s digital maps are only the latest effort to insert a sense of time into the spatial medium of maps. Historians Kären Wigen and Caroline Winterer have assembled leading scholars to consider how maps from all over the world have depicted time in ingenious and provocative ways. Focusing on maps created in Spanish America, Europe, the United States, and Asia, these essays take us from the Aztecs documenting the founding of Tenochtitlan, to early modern Japanese reconstructing nostalgic landscapes before Western encroachments, to nineteenth-century Americans grappling with the new concept of deep time. The book also features a defense of traditional paper maps by digital mapmaker William Rankin. With more than one hundred color maps and illustrations, Time in Maps will draw the attention of anyone interested in cartographic history.


Cuadro geográfico , estadístico , descriptivo é histórico de los Estados Unidos
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. ( A geographic , statistical ... iv , 474 , iii pp . México , 1885 . Anuario universal y
anuario mexicano para 1885 y 1886 . Año octavo . Redactado por Filomeno
Mata .

Author: United States. Adjutant-General's Office. Military Information Division





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Humboldt s Mexico

Artes de Mexico, no. 73 (2005). akr Kettenmann, Andrea. Rivera. Cologne:
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II. Veracruz: Gobierno de Estado, 2010. atg Atlas geográfico y físico del Reino de
la Nueva España, edited by Charles Minguet and ... Humboldt, ciudadano

Author: Myron Echenberg

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773549412

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 297

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The incalculable influence of Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859) on biology, botany, geology, and meteorology deservedly earned him the reputation as the world’s most illustrious scientist before Charles Darwin. Humboldt’s breath-taking explorations of Mexico and South America from 1799 to 1804 are akin to Europe’s second “discovery” of the New World – this time, a scientific one. His Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain is a foundational document about Mexico and its cultures and is still widely consulted by anthropologists, geographers, and historians. In Humboldt’s Mexico, Myron Echenberg presents a straightforward guide with historical and cultural context to Humboldt’s travels in Mexico. Humboldt packed a lifetime of scientific studies into one daunting year, and soon after published a four-volume account of his findings. His adventures range widely from inspections of colonial silver mines and hikes to the summits of volcanoes to meticulous examination of secret Spanish colonial archives in Mexico City and scientific discussions of archaeological sites of pre-Hispanic Indigenous cultures. Echenberg traces Humboldt’s journey, as described in his publications, his diary, and other writings, across the heartland of Mexico, while also pursuing Humboldt’s life, his science, his experiences, his influence on scholars of his time and after, and the various efforts by others to honour and at times to denigrate his legacy. Part history, part travelogue, and always highly readable and informative, Humboldt’s Mexico is an engaging account of a gifted scientist and visionary that ranges across topics as diverse and broad as natural history was in his era.

Monuments of Progress

Modernization and Public Health in Mexico City, 1876-1910 Claudia Agostoni ...
47 See El Universal , 6 August 1892 . ... See also Antonio García Cubas , Atlas
geográfico y estadístico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos ( Mexico City : Oficina

Author: Claudia Agostoni

Publisher: UNAM

ISBN: 9780870817342

Category: History

Page: 228

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Monuments of Progress: Modernization and Public Health in Mexico City, 1876-1910, Claudia Agostoni examines modernization in Mexico City during the era of Porfirio Díaz. With detailed analyses of the objectives and activities of the Superior Sanitation Council, and, in particular, the work of the sanitary inspectors, Monuments of Progress provides a fresh take on the history of medicine and public health by shifting away from the history of epidemic disease and heroic accounts of medical men and toward looking at public health in a broader social framework. She outlines the relationship between "enlightened" ideals of orderliness and hygiene to Mexican initiatives in public health. The implementation of new health policies and programs were of utmost importance for the symbolic legitimation of Porfirio Díaz's long-lasting regime (1876-1910), which emphasized modernization over individual rights and liberties. Agostoni's unique study builds on a small, but fast-growing, body of literature on the history of public health in Latin America and represents a growing interest in the social and cultural history of public health in this area.


Atlas of Israel . Atocha , Alexander J Clatas va , Mart CO . 0912.569 Is7a1 CE
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ed .

Author: University of Texas. Library. Latin American Collection



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Library Journal

... for Atlas geografico universal y de México . Spain : Ediciones Océano . 1994.
428p . this May ( Knopf ) . While most U.S. pubISBN 84-494-0094-5 . $ 30 .
lishers are still choosing their Spanish This is a comprehensive , current , and
releases ...




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Statistical Papers

Spanish Tal ( Anesi , José ] Nuevo Atlas Geográfico Metódico Universal , 9th
edition , Buenos Aires , Ediciones Geográficos Peuser , 1947 . ( 6 ) Dicionario ...
Gran Atlas Universal Jackson , Mexico , Buenos Aires , etc. , W.M. Jackson , Inc.




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