On the Extent of the Atonement

If the atonement consists in the substitute's suffering the identical penalty due to a limited number of offenders , and in suffering it for that number only , to the exclusion of all the lost . Such an atonement mars the character of ...

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SAMPLE ANSWERS Question: 'McEwan suggests that true atonement for one's crimes can never be possible.' 'Atonement' is a broad concept that will have different definitions depending on cultural and personal expectations.

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Atonement and Forgiveness

Atonement, then, is defined here as apology plus reparations. This chapter, the most important in the book, elaborates on the atonement model. Included in this discussion is the question of forgiveness, the victim's acceptance of the ...

Author: Roy L. Brooks

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A comprehensive discussion of the history of the black reparations movement offers a plan for repairing the damaged relationship between the federal government and black Americans.

The Nature of The Atonement

To speak of an atonement as due to the fatherly heart of God is foreign to our habits of mind on the subject of atonement . Yet I believe that in proportion as we see the expiation that is in Christ's confession of man's sin to be that ...

Author: J. McLeod Campbell

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T T Clark Companion to Atonement

The word “atonement” is usually used for it, but this circle in fact stretches beyond the performance of sacrifice to embrace, for instance, the role of nonliturgical prayer and personal repentance as well (e.g., Ps. 51).

Author: Adam J. Johnson

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The T&T Clark Companion to Atonement establishes a vision for the doctrine of the atonement as a unified yet extraordinarily rich event calling for the church's full appropriation. Most edited volumes on this doctrine focus on one aspect of the work of Christ (for example, Girard, Feminist thought, Penal Substitution or divine violence). The Companion is unique in that every essay seeks to both appropriate and stimulate the church's understanding of the manifold nature of Christ's death and resurrection. The essays are divided into four main sections: 1) dogmatic location, 2) chapters on the Old and New Testaments, 3) major theologians and 4) contemporary developments. The first set of essays explore the inter-relationship between the atonement and other Christian doctrines (for example Trinity, Christology and Pneumatology), opening up yet further avenues of inquiry. Essays on key theologians eschew reductionism, striving to bring out the nuances and breadth of the contribution. The same is true of the biblical essays. The final section explores more recent developments within the doctrine (for example the work of Rene Girard, and the ongoing reflection on "Holy Saturday"). The book is comprised of 18 major essays, and an A-Z section containing shorter dictionary-length entries on a much broader range of topics. The result is a combination of in-depth analysis and breadth of scope, making this a benchmark work for further studies in the doctrine.

Scripture Doctrine of Atonement

Upon atonement being made , the situation and circumstances are such , that the great Governor of the world may consistently bestow , or withhold mercy , just as shall tend most effectually 10 answer the general purposes of divine ...

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Lectures on the Doctrine of Atonement

7 > 66 cannot otherwise look upon it but as a most Christian and pious work to endeavour an atonement in the superstructure . " All these citations are from writers who were contemporary with the translation of the Bible in 1611 ...

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A Historical Sketch of Opinions on the Atonement

Interspersed with Biographical Notices of the Leading Doctors, and Outline of the Sections of the Church, from the Incarnation of Christ, to the Present Time; with Translations from Francis Turrettin, on the Atonement James Renwick ...

Author: James Renwick Willson



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