Awkward and Definition

—The Village Voice Ariel Schrag capturesthe American high school experience in all its awkward, questioning glory inAwkward and Definition, ...

Author: Ariel Schrag

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416552316

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 84

View: 836

Chronicles the author's first two years at California's Berkeley High School in the mid-1990s, documenting her struggles with myriad teen foibles, from understanding adolescent fashion to developing as an artist.


Awkward must be on the other side of content, which would suggest that awkward is the place where we reside most of the time even though it assumes an ...

Author: Mary Cappello

Publisher: Bellevue Literary Press

ISBN: 1934137901

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

View: 132

Los Angeles Times Bestseller “Mary Cappello[’s] inventive, associative taxonomy of discomfort . . . [is] revelatory indeed.” —MARK DOTY, author of Dog Years: A Memoir and Fire to Fire: New and Selected Poems “A wonderful, multi-layered piece of writing, with all the insight of great cultural criticism and all the emotional pull of memoir. A fascinating book.” —SARAH WATERS, author of The Night Watch and The Little Stranger Without awkwardness we would not know grace, stability, or balance. Yet no one before Mary Cappello has turned such a penetrating gaze on this misunderstood condition. Fearlessly exploring the ambiguous borders of identity, she mines her own life journeys—from Russia, to Italy, to the far corners of her heart and the depths of a literary or cinematic text—to decipher the powerful messages that awkwardness can transmit. Mary Cappello is the author of four books of literary nonfiction, including Awkward: A Detour, which was a Los Angeles Times bestseller, Called Back: My Reply to Cancer, My Return to Life, which won a ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award and an Independent Publishers Prize, and Swallow: Foreign Bodies, Their Ingestion, Inspiration, and the Curious Doctor Who Extracted Them. Professor of English at the University of Rhode Island, she lives in Providence, Rhode Island and Lucerne-in-Maine, Maine.


Embrace the Awkward. When you intentionally up the awkwardness quotient until it's funny instead of awkward, it shows a level of confidence that's quite ...

Author: Sam Scholfield

Publisher: The Experiment

ISBN: 1615191402

Category: Humor

Page: 272

View: 748

No One Is Safe from Awkward! Ending a first date that falls flat. Drunk-texting your boss. Walking in when your roommate is getting it on. Running into the person you just dumped . . . in the grocery store, an hour after it went down. Awkward bombs can drop anytime, anywhere, and with anyone—people you don’t know, people you see occasionally, and people you see every day. They can sneak up on you and explode in the most unexpected of places, so they’re basically impossible to avoid. The vast majority of us don’t have the wherewithal to gracefully handle the truly and totally awkward as it unfolds. We only realize what we should have said after the fact—when the damage has already been done and we’re a hot mess of embarrassment, red ears, and nervous sweat stains. But author Sam Scholfield has survived more than two decades of embarrassing encounters—and now, in an act of extreme generosity, has set down a wealth of witty comebacks, surefire distraction techniques, and suave evasion strategies so that future generations may take heed and dodge the Awkward Monster before it strikes! So how do you avoid the epic cluster of drama that can result when awkward situations are handled badly? You read this book.

Beyond Awkward

I had unconsciously made a choice that I wasn't going to risk being an awkward zealot. Instead I lived in an awkward silence. And my awkward silence yielded ...

Author: Beau Crosetto

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830897054

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 275

We love to share good news with the world—a great restaurant, a coveted promotion, a new baby—and that makes us evangelists for many things. So why don't we do the same with Jesus? Simply put, talking about Jesus is awkward. Yet when we brave the awkwardness, we see God work. Beau Crosetto helps us move out of our comfort zones and beyond the awkwardness to share the life-transforming power of God with others.

The Awkward Embrace

Examining four case studies, The Awkward Embrace considers democracies of a different kind: rule by a dominant party which is virtually undefeatable.

Author: Hermann Giliomee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135297169

Category: Political Science

Page: 368

View: 218

Democracies derive their resilience and vitality from the fact that the rule of a particular majority is usually only of a temporary nature. By looking at four case-studies, The Awkward Embrace studies democracies of a different kind; rule by a dominant party which is virtually immune from defeat. Such systems have been called Regnant or or Uncommon Democracies. They are characterized by distinctive features: the staging of unfree or corrupt elections; the blurring of the lines between government, the ruling party and the state; the introduction of a national project which is seen to be above politics; and the erosion of civil society. This book addresses major issues such as why one such democracy, namely Taiwan, has been moving in the direction of a more competitive system; how economic crises such as the present one in Mexico can transform the system; how government-business relations in Malaysia are affecting the base of the dominant party; and whether South Africa will become a one-party dominant system.

Documentary s Awkward Turn

It examines awkward moments in documentary film and media that include deliberate rhetorical strategies, inadvertent but revealing ruptures, ...

Author: Jason Middleton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317952200

Category: Social Science

Page: 186

View: 650

Despite the prominence of "awkwardness" as cultural buzzword and descriptor of a sub-genre of contemporary film and television comedy, it has yet to be adequately theorized in academic film and media studies. Documentary’s Awkward Turn contributes a new critical paradigm to the field by presenting an analysis of awkward moments in documentary film and other reality-based media formats. It examines difficult and disrupted encounters between social actors on the screen, between filmmaker and subject, and between film and spectator. These encounters are, of course, often inter-connected. Awkward moments occur when an established mode of representation or reception is unexpectedly challenged, stalled, or altered: when an interviewee suddenly confronts the interviewer, when a subject who had been comfortable on camera begins to feel trapped in the frame, when a film perceived as a documentary turns out to be a parodic mockumentary. This book makes visible the ways in which awkwardness connects and subtends a range of transformative textual strategies, political and ethical problematics, and modalities of spectatorship in documentary film and media from the 1970s to the present.

That s Awkward

She also became well known for her many awkward moments – in public! Lawrence has tripped on the red carpet at film premieres and awards shows .

Author: Megan Cooley Peterson


ISBN: 1474768075


Page: 48

View: 242

Embarrassing and awkward situations happen to everyone. But to some people, everyday situations can feel awkward and embarrassing. From going to a new place for the first time and joining a new sports team or club to tripping in the cafeteria and walking around with your jeans unzipped, this book holds the tools and coping mechanisms to deal with and move on from these situations.

The Quick Intriguingly Awkward Guide

The Awkward Uplifter-This goes hand in hand with humor. Being Intriguingly Awkward can put a smile on one's face any day. Plus by being goofy with your ...

Author: Harken Headers

Publisher: Harken Headers


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 21

View: 199

Harken Headers presents to you a quick guide on how to be Intriguingly Awkward and good at it. No more shy, timid and well...awkward moments after you read this step by step guide book on gaining confidence with your quirky side.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

“If you like Awkward and love Black. Or love Awkward and like Black. Or if you're like me and just can't get enough of Awkward and Black in equal doses, ...

Author: Issa Rae

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476749078

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 234

"A collection of humorous essays on what it's like to be unabashedly awkward in a world that regards introverts as hapless misfits, and Black as cool ... [from] Issa Rae, the creator of the Shorty Award-winning ... series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl"--

Awkward Politics

... was met with awkward silence, in the middle of which Butler gestured the answer with her hand, which resulted in awkward laughter on and off stage.

Author: Carrie Smith-Prei

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773598979

Category: Social Science

Page: 260

View: 243

The increased use of digital tools for political activism has triggered heated debates about the effectiveness of digital campaigns for political change and feminist causes. While technology’s immediacy and transnational reach have broadened the potential impact of activism, it has, at the same time, complicated the goals, materiality, and consumption of feminist actions. In Awkward Politics, Carrie Smith-Prei and Maria Stehle suggest that awkwardness offers a means of engaging with twenty-first century feminist activism by accounting for the uncertainty of popfeminist moments and movements, its sometimes illegible meanings, affects, and aesthetics. By investigating transnational media ranging from popfeminist performance art, music, street activism, blogs, and hashtags to literature, film, academic theory, and protests, the authors demonstrate that viewing activist art through the lens of awkwardness can yield a nuanced critique. By developing awkwardness into a theoretical tool for intervention, a key concept of feminist politics, and a moving target, this innovative study dramatically alters the ways in which we approach activism, its forms, movements, and effects. It also suggests a broad range of applicability, from social movements to the academy. Breaking new ground through the intersections of technology, consumerism, and the political in popfeminist work, Awkward Politics highlights the urgency of feminist politics and activism.

The Awkward Phase

Awkward. Phase. Oh,and. hi that there. your We're hair so is glad looking to see great you're right picking now. up Not our book, to be forward (though ...

Author: Tyler Gillespie

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1632208024

Category: Humor

Page: 208

View: 207

Based on the popular Tumblr, a collection of funny stories that commemorate the awkward phases in our lives. Back in the 1990s, when slap bracelets and Velcro ruled supreme, two adolescents were stumbling their way through life on gangly limbs. One, Claire Linic, had self-permed her bowl cut, and the other, Tyler Gillespie, had purchased self-tanner, telling the cashier it was for his girlfriend. Now in their twenties and still just a tiny bit awkward, Linic and Gillespie have joined forces to ask the question, “If we could talk to our fourteen-year-old selves, what would we tell them now?” Based on the hit Tumblr “The Awkward Phase,” this book answers that question with personal stories and cringe-worthy photos from seasoned comedians, YouTube stars, and people like the rest of us that cover everything from sweaty-palm moments to bad band photos. In these pages, you’ll hear about the moment Shaun Sperling realized he was gay at a Richard Simmons’s workout studio, how Bente Engelstoft made her own bra out of her dad's old underwear, and why even though Robert Bacon’s awkward phase was mortifying, it was the beginning of his new, happier life. Ultimately, The Awkward Phase encourages us to laugh and celebrate the moments that have helped shape who we are. As Gillespie and Linic say, “Everyone is in on the joke. You don’t have to eat your lunch alone in the bathroom stall. You can sit with us.”

Awkward Dominion

Yet Americans were “ awkward imperialists , ” trying unsuccessfully to manage their wealth and the world with the same economic , informal methods which had ...

Author: Frank Costigliola

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801495052

Category: History

Page: 381

View: 827

In Awkward Dominion, Frank Costigliola offers a striking interpretation of the emergence of the United States as a world power in the 1920s, a period in which the country faced both burdens and opportunities as a result of the First World War. Exploring the key international issues in the interwar period--peace treaty revisions, Western economic recovery, and modernization--Costigliola considers American political and economic success in light of Europe's fascination with American technology, trade, and culture. The figures through which he tells this story include Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Henry Stimson, Charles Lindberg, Ernest Hemingway, and Henry Ford.

The Awkward Age

Shouting would be awkward as she still had in her retainer, but she was too cross to pause and remove it. “Who says? You can't actually control everything ...

Author: Francesca Segal

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399576479

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 892

"A very smart, soulful, compelling, elegantly written domestic novel about a wedged-together family, and what can go wrong when teenage children decide they have minds (and hormones) of their own." —Nick Hornby “A spry and accomplished comedy of manners.” —The New York Times Book Review “They've chosen the one thing that will make our family life impossible. It's genius really, when you think about it. It's the perfect sabotage.” Julia Alden has fallen deeply, unexpectedly in love. American obstetrician James is everything she didn't know she wanted--if only her teenage daughter, Gwen, didn't hate him so much. Uniting two households is never easy, but when Gwen turns for comfort to James's seventeen-year-old son, Nathan, the consequences will test her mother's loyalty and threaten all their fragile new happiness. This is a moving and powerful novel about the modern family: about starting over; about love, guilt, and generosity; about building something beautiful amid the mess and complexity of what came before. It is a story about standing by the ones we love, even while they make mistakes. We would give anything to make our children happy. But how much should they ask?

The Awkward Age in Women s Popular Fiction 1850 1900

ence of that moment : ' The Awkward Age is precisely ... an account of the manner in which the resented interference with ancient liberties came to be in a ...

Author: Sarah Bilston

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191556760

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 268

View: 782

This book demonstrates that 'the awkward age' formed a fault-line in Victorian female experience, an unusual phase in which restlessness, self-interest, and rebellion were possible. Tracing evolving treatments of female adolescence though a host of long-forgotten women's fictions, the book reveals that representations of the girl in popular women's literature importantly anticipated depictions of the feminist in the fin de siècle New Woman writing; conservative portrayals of girls' hopes, dreams, and subsequent frustrations helped clear a literary and cultural space for the New Woman's 'awakening' to disaffected consciousness. The book thus both historicises the evolution and mythic appeal of the female adolescent and works to receive suggestive exchanges between apparently diverse female literary traditions.

Awkward Honesty

The Girl Diaries (Book #1) M. A. Thomas. Awkward Honesty The Girl Diaries: Awkward Honesty Copyright © 2019 by M. The Girl Diaries Book # 1.

Author: M. A. Thomas

Publisher: Steam Scene Pty Ltd

ISBN: 1093427558

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 187

The Girl Diaries first instalment ‘Awkward Honesty’ follows the ramblings of a newly teenage girl. For this young Australian, life is—uncomfortable. Her body is changing, her family is morphing into a new shape, and her social circle at school is, well, non-existent. Writing down her days in a journal proves to be the outlet this young person needs; but she can't help thinking about how she got her new diary—the grey notebook—stolen from the coffin of her recently deceased classmate. Facing the difficult twists and turns of teenage existence in modern Australian society, she starts realising just how troubling life's real questions can be. This book is a candid and often confronting introspective into the reality of life for adolescents, delivered to you in what can only be described as one truly, cringe-worthy journal.

The Awkward Spaces of Fathering

Mapping fathering as a celebration – as I try to do in this book – is to embrace this awkwardness and incoherency. The Awkward Spaces of Fathering The book ...

Author: Professor Stuart C Aitken

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409488098

Category: Science

Page: 268

View: 673

Societal notions of fathers have evolved from the distant breadwinner through genial dad and masculine role model to today's equal co-parent. This book seeks to explore the spaces and movements of men-as-fathers. Weaving together theories of space, sexuality and political identity with the stories of fathers from a range of sources, including popular culture, it discusses the way in which geographies of space can disconnect and disempower fathers, while societal notions marginalize and disassociate them from raising children. It explores how fathering identities are shaped by family and community spaces and aims to move the definition of 'fathering' beyond its definition in opposition to 'mothering'. In doing so, it provides insights into the contradictory nature of father's lives and argues that, rather than moving away from the traditional notions of masculine roles, that the emotional work of fathering in itself is an heroic act.

Truly Madly Awkward

Special extra-big thanks and awkward waves to Team Cooper, Jen Bell, Jim, Chelley, the Charing Cross Foyles team, the Scholastic crew, and Mr Maxwell.

Author: Beth Garrod

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 1407184555

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 259

Bella Fisher is back - and is cool, calm and collected as ever. So: NOT EVEN REMOTELY. Her fledgling relationship with Hot Adam seems to have stalled mid-flight (he isn't really speaking to her), her big sister Jo has gone off to university leaving Bella to deal with ditzy Mum on her own, something is up with her best-friend-dynamic with Tegan and Rachel and horror of horrors, horrendous ex-boyfriend Luke has an ACTUAL MODEL as his new girlfriend. Mum opens up a doggy ice cream parlour - Give a Dog a Cone - which Bella is forced to help out at on Saturdays. Yes, dressed up as a dog. For some light relief she enters a radio competition to secure a performance from hot band of the moment The Helicans at her school - but another contestant begins turning into her sabotaging nemesis. Throw in a suspicious new lodger and the world's most chaotic dog agility course and you've got another truly hilarious, truly relatable and truly madly awkward story!

A is for Awkward

I'll admit it, middle school is an awkward time for everybody, but that's okay. This is a time to try new things, learn from your mistakes, meet new people, ...

Author: Aryelle Jacobsen

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 1630514446

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 36

View: 680

Born to Be Awkward

ALSO BY MIKE BENUER AND DOUG CHERNACK Awkward Family РНОЮЗ Awkward Family Pet Photos Awkward Family Hohday Photos No \ Celebrating Those Imperfect Moments ...

Author: Mike Bender

Publisher: Crown

ISBN: 080414074X

Category: Humor

Page: 160

View: 755

From the folks who brought us the bestselling Awkward Family Photos series comes a tribute to those awkward early years of life. Our first few years are the most photographed time of our lives. Our parents document every milestone and then feel compelled to share these photos with the world. The only problem is, we haven't developed our motor skills and can't control our faces, or any other parts of our body for that matter. This, of course, leads to some of the most hilarious and unexpected family pictures. From our first post-delivery scowl, to our first throw-up, and yes, even to our first bikini--Born to Be Awkward is a celebration of what is literally the most uncomfortable stage of life.

Dislocation Awkward Spatial Transitions

Awkward. Spatial. Transitions. Today, the world is in the most serious turmoil it has experienced for many centuries. These multiple crises arise from the ...

Author: Philip Cooke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 100038781X

Category: Architecture

Page: 316

View: 625

Today, the world is in the most serious turmoil it has experienced for many centuries. These multiple crises arise from the fundamental mistreatment by capitalist competition of the carrying capacity of the planet. Even before coronavirus, evidently morbid symptoms of over-development led many spatial planners to write of the threat of a new Dark Age. Many advocated a return to policy decentralisation as the Covid-19 crisis demonstrated once again the failure of ‘global controller’ mindsets to manage complex systems successfully. Dislocation: Awkward Spatial Transitions is a critical exploration of where spatial development processes and rules have gone wrong across many economies. The chapters lay out which mindsets have been responsible for this and gives pointers to new practices that aim to ameliorate the effects of past failings. In the first nine chapters, a mapping of key elements of the prevailing omni-crisis are summarised. These range from an exegesis of the Anthropocene, the rise of populism, the transition to neoliberalist anti-planning, and migration as planning issues with pleas for evolutionary change in spatial policy and process dynamics. Finally, a group of chapters explores the flailing as territorial governances tried to plot the rise of creative cities, 4.0 era industry and services, and in the built form, the role of 'starchitects' in city renewal. In the last part, attention is devoted to territorial innovation, knowledge recombination, sustainable mobility and, finally, green entrepreneurship, as necessary elements of a post-coronavirus, climate change mitigation and sustainable mobility set of survival strategies. The chapters in this book were originally published in the journal European Planning Studies.