Volume 2 The Flight of Bats Morphologie und Funktion der sensorischen Systeme bei Chiropteren Aktivit tsperiodik der Chiroptera

Buchler, E. R. (1980): The development of flight, foraging, and echolocation in the little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus). - Behav. Ecol. ... of locomotor activity in captive birds and mammals: Their variations with season and latitude.

Author: Ulla M. Lindhe Norberg

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110904071

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The present volume continues Koopman's book on the systematics of the Chiroptera from 1994 with three further contributions, namely on the Biology of Flight, the Sensory Organs, and on Chronobiology. Written by internationally wellknown authors these contributions present information on their topics in unique breadth and depth, all of them furnished with an extensive bibliography. The language is either English or German; contributions in the German language having an English summary.

Resource Publication

Living Wilderness , vol . 35 , no . 114 , p . 45-46 . 1971. Obituary : Malcolm Davis ( 1899-1970 ) . Auk , vol . ... freetail bats in captivity . American Midland Naturalist , vol . 85 , no . 2 , p . 515-517 . BALSER , D. S. 1971.




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Mammals of the Neotropics Volume 3

2 ' Nose leaf present ; incisors 2/2 , 2/1 , or 2/0 ... 3 Tail perforates uropatagium ... Kunz ( 1988 ) has edited a useful volume dealing with methods for studying bats in the wild and in captivity . Volumes 1 and 2 of Mammals of the ...

Author: John F. Eisenberg

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226195421

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Describes the characteristics, behavior, range, and habitat for more than four hundred species

Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats

In : Bats in Captivity , Vol . 1 : Biological and Medical Aspects ( S. M. Barnard , ed . ) . ... Pp . 2–56 , In : Biology of Bats , Vol . 2 ( W. A. Wimsatt , ed . ) . Academic Press , New York . Racey , P. A. 1970.

Author: Thomas H. Kunz



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Winner, 2011 Editorship Award, The Wildlife Society First published in 1988, Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats is widely acknowledged as the primary reference for both amateur and professional bat researchers. Bats are the second most diverse group of mammals on the earth. They live on every continent except Antarctica, ranging from deserts to tropical forests to mountains, and their activities have a profound effect on the ecosystems in which they live. Despite their ubiquity and importance, bats are challenging to study. This volume provides researchers, conservationists, and consultants with the ecological background and specific information essential for studying bats in the wild and in captivity. Chapters detail many of the newest and most commonly used field and laboratory techniques needed to advance the study of bats, describe how these methods are applied to the study of the ecology and behavior of bats, and offer advice on how to interpret the results of research. The book includes forty-three chapters, fourteen of which are new to the second edition, with information on molecular ecology and evolution, bioacoustics, chemical communication, flight dynamics, population models, and methods for assessing postnatal growth and development. Fully illustrated and featuring contributions from the world’s leading experts in bat biology, this reference contains everything bat researchers and natural resource managers need to know for the study and conservation of this wide-ranging, ecologically vital, and diverse taxon.

The Wild Mammals of Missouri

In captivity , big brown bats have been reported to eat other species of bats ... 1970. Biology of bats . New York : Academic Press . Vol . 1 : 406 pp .; vol . 2 : 477 pp .; vol . 3 : 651 pp . Reproduction Mating occurs regularly in the ...

Author: Charles Walsh Schwartz

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826213594

Category: Nature

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Prepared by two of Missouri's most distinguished conservationists, The Wild Mammals of Missouri has been the definitive guide to mammals of this state for over forty years. Now the University of Missouri Press is pleased to release an updated edition, revised by Elizabeth R. Schwartz, reflecting the changes in Missouri's mammalian fauna and including the latest taxonomic revisions. Maintaining the original's successful format and the language that made the book accessible to both professional and lay readers, the revised edition incorporates throughout new knowledge of the various species of mammals of Missouri. Most notable is the addition of a new resident species, the nine-banded armadillo. Several other taxonomic and distributional changes are reflected and the range maps have been revised to show significant changes. Charles Schwartz's meticulously rendered drawings capture the spirit of his subjects while remaining technically accurate. These drawings range from fully rendered portraits to illustrations of dentition and skulls, tracks, and other identifying characteristics, to vignettes showing the mammals engaged in characteristic behaviors. Also included in this volume are discussions of all biological and ecological aspects of the mammals including distribution and abundance, habitat and home, habits, food, reproduction, adversities faced, and conservation and management concerns. The Schwartzes' lifelong dedication to state and national conservation and their vast biological knowledge are apparent throughout the pages of this attractive reference guide. People of all ages and backgrounds will find The Wild Mammals of Missouri an invaluable guide to the study of Missouri's mammals.

Australian Mammals

Biology and Captive Management Stephen M. Jackson. Kangaroos , Wallabies and Rat - kangaroos . Vol . 2. ... Chapter 10 – Bats Adam , D.B. & Baer , G.M. ( 1988 ) Caesarean section and artificial feeding device for suckling bats .

Author: Stephen M. Jackson


ISBN: 9780643066359

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Provides practical guidance in the husbandry of Australian marsupials and other mammals. It dedicates a chapter to each group of animals and gives details on its biology, housing, capture and restraint, transport, diet, breeding, artificial rearing, behaviour and behaviouran enrichment.

Medical Management of Wildlife Species

In: Bats in Captivity, vol. 3, 192. Washington, DC: Logos Press. ... Drug distribution and stability in extemporaneous preparations of meloxicam and carprofen after dilution and suspension at two storage temperatures.

Author: Sonia M. Hernandez

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119036585

Category: Medical

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This book offers an all-encompassing resource for reliable information on the medical management of wild birds, mammals, amphibians, and turtles. Focusing on the medical information relevant to the wildlife setting, it covers triage, emergency care, and other key considerations in handling, diagnosing, and treating wild animals. The book's population-based approach encourages practitioners to understand individual animal care within the broader context. Medical Management of Wildlife Species: A Guide for Practitioners begins with a brief summary of natural history, and introductory chapters address general topics such as pre-release conditioning, post-release monitoring, and legal issues associated with handling wildlife species. Species-specific chapters provide practical information on medical management, including the most prevalent concerns for each species and the epidemiology of infectious diseases. Provides a complete reference to handling, diagnosing, and treating wild species Covers the full range of North American wildlife Includes concepts that can be applied to species globally Emphasizes information relevant to the wildlife setting Focuses on individual medicine, firmly grounded within population medicine for a broader approach Targeted at wildlife veterinarians, veterinary clinicians that will be presented with wildlife, veterinary technicians, and wildlife rehabilitators Medical Management of Wildlife Species is a must-have addition to the bookshelf of wildlife veterinarians and any veterinarian seeing occasional wild animals, as well as wildlife biologists and researchers.

Wildlife Research

Twin vampire bats born in captivity . Journal of Mammalogy , vol . 51 , no . 2 , p . 391–392 . CAMPBELL , D. L. 1969. Plastic fabric to protect seedlings from animal damage , p . 87-88 in Wildlife and Reforestation in the Pacific ...




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The Division of Wildlife Research fulfills the broad authorit given to the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife for research on an array of bird and mammal species -- resident and migratory, game and nongame, beneficial and harmful.