Beginning Windows 8 1

From tips and tweaks to easy-to-follow guides and detailed descriptions, this book takes you inside Windows 8.1 to discover the true power and flexibility that lies within, and guides you at your own pace through getting the very best from ...

Author: Mike Halsey

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430263598

Category: Computers

Page: 612

View: 788

Windows 8 has been described by Microsoft as its ‘boldest’ Windows release ever and the 8.1 update enhances the paradigm further. Beginning Windows 8.1 takes you through the new features and helps you get more out of the familiar to reveal the fullest possibilities for this amazing new operating system. You will learn, with non-technical language used throughout, how to get up and running in the new Windows interface, minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and harness the features you never knew existed to take control of your computer and enjoy the peace of mind and excitement that comes with it. From tips and tweaks to easy-to-follow guides and detailed descriptions, this book takes you inside Windows 8.1 to discover the true power and flexibility that lies within, and guides you at your own pace through getting the very best from it.

Beginning Windows 10

Microsoft account password reset, 110–111 password reset disk, 109–110 set up
new users, 105 tablet device, 105 User ... 82 public network, 81 security, 88
share passwords, 82 win32 desktop app, 210 Windows 8.1, 297 desktop icons,
309 ...

Author: Mike Halsey

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484210859

Category: Computers

Page: 613

View: 928

Beginning Windows 10 takes you through the new features of this amazing new operating system, revealing some of its surprising capabilities, and helping you customize it to suit you. Whether you are new to Windows, or you want to get up to speed with the latest features and changes, this book has everything you need to get started. Author Mike Halsey shows you how to create an environment for school, work, and play that puts the important things at your fingertips, while combining them in ways you never thought possible. Learn how to carry your personalized Windows experience with you as part of your Microsoft account instead of having it tied to one device, while also keeping everything safe, secure and backed up, so you can enjoy peace of mind with your new PC. With the right start, your PC can become a tool that works for you, not against you, and leaves more of your time and energy free for the things that matter to you. Beginning Windows 10 shows you how. What You'll Learn About the ins and outs of the Windows 10 interface and its new features How to personalize your Windows experience to give trouble-free performance How to manage your Microsoft account across different devices and services in the home, at work, and on the move How to maximize your productivity with Windows 10 How to secure and configure Windows 10 to guarantee a safe and secure experience How to use, hack and manipulate Windows to enable advanced customization Who This Book Is For Beginning Windows 10 is for people new to Windows or who want to get up to speed with the latest version. This book also can help people who already know how to perform routine tasks learn how to get more out of Windows, their computer and their time. Whether you want to get up and running with Windows 10, or want to go to the next level and learn useful ways to minimize problems, maximize performance, and optimize your overall Windows experience, this book is for you.

My Windows 8 1

... Recovering Your Windows 8.1 .........................................................56 Refreshing
Your PC ........................................................................57 Using and Tweaking the
Start Screen 61 3 Beginning with the Start Screen ....................................................
63 ...

Author: Katherine Murray

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 0133541134

Category: Computers

Page: 368

View: 113

My Windows® 8.1 Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Windows 8.1 photos that show you exactly what to do. Help when you run into Windows 8.1 problems or limitations. Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Windows 8.1 computer. Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Windows® 8.1 computer working just the way you want. Learn how to • Master Windows innovations you like, and keep the older techniques you’re comfortable with • Adjust the Start screen so it works the way you want (not the other way around!) • Get more productive with touch gestures, live tiles, and Charms • Browse the Web faster and easier with Internet Explorer 11 tabbed browsing • Find, download, install, and work with the best new Windows Store apps • Copy, move, and share files using File Explorer • Use the built-in Skype app to make super-easy free video calls • Master the major improvements in Windows 8.1’s Photos and Music apps • Stream movies on your computer, and share media with your Xbox • Use cloud features to access your files everywhere, on any device you choose • Keep your files and computer safe, secure, backed up, and working reliably Register your book at

Beginning Lotus 1 2 3 for Windows

... Closing a Worksheet S - 16 Column widths S - 12 Columns , Adding S - 37 – 5
- 39 Commands S - 24 Data S - 82 Edit S - 81 File S - 81 Graph S - 82 Help S - 83
Range S - 82 Style S - 82 Tools S - 83 Windows S - 83 Worksheet S - 81 Menu ...

Author: Fritz H. Grupe


ISBN: 9780697171429

Category: 1-2-3 for Windows

Page: 107

View: 444

Beginning Fedora

... 28 removing Windows, 28 installing Fedora on separate disk, 40 making disk
optimizations permanent, 409 optimizing ... 450 compatibility with Fedora, 83 files
representing, 197 Linux view of, 82 viewing hardware, 83 hardware support, 81 ...

Author: Keir Thomas

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430202971

Category: Computers

Page: 519

View: 473

Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional guides you through the tasks most new Linux users desire to perform while explaining potentially confusing concepts along the way. It provides an illustrated, step-by-step guide to Fedora installation and hardware configuration. You'll also learn how to install it alongside Windows, allowing you to switch between the operating systems at will. The book eases the transition from the Windows to the Linux desktop by focusing on key everyday tasks such as file management, peripheral configuration, MP3/video playback, and office tasks.

Beginning Smartphone Web Development

Building JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Ajax-based Applications for iPhone,
Android, Palm Pre, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile ... 83–84 links <a> tag, 79 <
anchor> tag, 79–81 <do> tag, 81–82 metadata, 75 other features, 95–96 special
characters, ...

Author: Gail Frederick

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430226218

Category: Computers

Page: 368

View: 160

Today’s Web 2.0 applications (think Facebook and Twitter) go far beyond the confines of the desktop and are widely used on mobile devices. The mobile Web has become incredibly popular given the success of the iPhone and BlackBerry, the importance of Windows Mobile, and the emergence of Palm Pre (and its webOS platform). At Apress, we are fortunate to have Gail Frederick of the well-known training site Learn the Mobile Web offer her expert advice in Beginning Smartphone Web Development. In this book, Gail teaches the web standards and fundamentals specific to smartphones and other feature-driven mobile phones and devices. Shows you how to build interactive mobile web sites using web technologies optimized for browsers in smartphones Details markup fundamentals, design principles, content adaptation, usability, and interoperability Explores cross-platform standards and best practices for the mobile Web authored by the W3C, dotMobi, and similar organizations Dives deeps into the feature sets of the most popular mobile browsers, including WebKit, Chrome, Palm Pre webOS, Pocket IE, Opera Mobile, and Skyfire By the end of this book, you’ll have the training, tools, and techniques for creating robust mobile web experiences on any of these platforms for your favorite smartphone or other mobile device.

Beginning iPhone and iPad Web Apps

... 71–72 hardware access for, 72 updates for, 73 example project for, 81–87 click
handler for, 87 document template for, ... 74 Web Inspector, 34–44 Audits pane in
, 61–63 CSS in, 38–40 Developer Tools window, 35–36 Elements Inspector in, ...

Author: Chris Apers

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430230460

Category: Computers

Page: 512

View: 321

This book will help you join the thousands of successful iPhone apps developers without needing to learn Objective-C or the Cocoa touch APIs. If you want to apply your existing web development skills to iPhone and iPad development, then now you can. WebKit’s support for HTML5 means any web developer can create compelling apps for both the iPhone and the larger-screen iPad. Beginning iPhone & iPad Web Apps takes you through the latest mobile web standards as well as the specific features of the iPhone and iPad. You’ll learn about WebKit and Mobile Safari, HTML5 and CSS3, vector graphics and multimedia support. You’ll discover the built-in hardware features of the iPhone and iPad and how best to take advantage of them. The market for web apps for the iPhone and iPad is expanding rapidly. You’ll want to know about all the advantages, and Beginning iPhone & iPad Web Apps is the perfect starting point.

Beginning SUSE Linux

remote access using ssh , 588 restricted vs. root users , 81 RPM files , 521 secure
connections on internet , 112 ... VNC session , 596 WEP / WPA modes supported
by NetworkManager , 112 Windows , 6 Windows Vista , 81 Windows XP , 81 ...

Author: Keir Thomas



Category: Computers

Page: 698

View: 832

A guide to SUSE Linux covers such topics as installation, managing files, the BASH Shell, using multimedia, using, and backing up data.

Beginning Math Concepts for Game Developers

Responses are usually made possible through a routine that is familiar to most
Windows users . You click OK , Cancel , No , and Yes buttons , among ... you
must Click Run to generate a table first . OK Figure Opening the Graphics
Window 81.

Author: John P. Flynt

Publisher: Course Technology


Category: Computers

Page: 319

View: 639

Describes the basic concepts of mathematics and how to apply them to computer game programming.

The Beginning

69, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79, 81, 84, 85. The most peculiar ... But in the egg-shaped
body at the top, in the arched recesses, and round holes of the windows, we have
a recurrence of the curved outlines characteristic of organic shapes. Strange as
this ...

Author: Mungo Ponton



Category: Bible and science

Page: 582

View: 678

Ivor Horton s Beginning Visual C 2010

... Introducing Lvalues and Rvalues Understanding Storage Duration and Scope
Automatic Variables Positioning Variable Declarations 49 49 50 51 52 52 53 55
56 56 58 59 59 61 61 62 63 64 66 66 67 72 73 74 76 78 79 79 80 81 81 82 82 84

Author: Ivor Horton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470930349

Category: Computers

Page: 1231

View: 786

The leading author of programming tutorials for beginners introduces you to Visual C++ 2010 Ivor Horton is the preeminent author of introductory programming language tutorials; previous editions of his Beginning Visual C++ have sold nearly 100,000 copies. This book is a comprehensive introduction to both the Standard C++ language and to Visual C++ 2010; no previous programming experience is required. All aspects of the 2010 release are covered, including changes to the language and the C++ standard.. Microsoft Visual C++ is one of the most popular C++ development environments and compilers, used by hundreds of thousands of developers Ivor Horton's approach to programming tutorials has achieved a huge following; this book gives beginning programmers a comprehensive introduction to both Standard C++ and Visual C++ 2010 Covers all the language changes in Visual C++ 2010, library additions, new MFC features, changes in the Visual Studio development environment, and more Also includes a brief introduction to programming for multicore processors in native C++ and C++/CLR processors Nearly 100,000 copies of this book have been sold in previous editions Beginners seeking a complete education in Visual C++ will find everything they need in Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2010.

School Administrator s Staff Development Activities Manual

Supervision windows of teacher and supervisor . It is in this light that you should
ask the participants to use their toothpicks to form two beginning windows with
four equal quadrants each . Then , on Figure 5 - 9 ask them to form on the right
side their September window for the teachers . In light of this ... Supervision
Window 81.

Author: Ronald T. Hyman

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Category: Education

Page: 153

View: 642

For the K-12 supervising school administrator, here is a practical working tool for stimulating the professional growth of your staff during faculty meetings and other in-service workshops throughout the school year. Included are guidelines for planning and chairing a faculty meeting — with a handy chart for dealing with various types of motions - and seven though-provoking group activities, each focusing on a specific set of skills: COLORED BROKEN SQUARES (cooperation and communication) THE PENNY (observations, inference, and evaluation) THE PRISONER'S DILEMMA (trust and group benefit) THE SUPERVISION WINDOW (awareness and openness) SHERLOCK (collaboration and independence) WINTER GRASH SIRVIVAL (group decision-making) THE SPELLING TEST (evaluation) For easy and effective use, each activity is structured and complete, including a statement of purpose with explicit learning objectives ... an overview ... a list of materials needed ... number of participants ... step-by-step procedures ... points raised by the activity ... suggestions and comments ... and applications in staff development. Moreover, all of the material required for the activities are either provided on reproducible pages or are easily obtained (for example, a penny). You'll find that theses activities are highly motivating to teachers and provide a welcome break from conventional approaches to supervision. They facilitate interactions in a nonthreatening situation in which everyone participates and has fun while learning, and give the teacher and supervisor a common, unifying experience that serves as a reference point for working together. NOTE: The activities in the Manual will be particularly useful when combined with the information and techniques in the author's School Administrator's Faculty Supervision Handbook.

Windows 3 1 Windows 95 for Beginners

When a word is used in connection with Windows 95 its page number appears in
italic type. ... 22, 732 Character Map, 80-81, 92, 726 characters, 80, 705, 726
checkboxes, 21,30, 103 clicking, 1-0, 46, 99- 100 clip-art, 76-77, 90-91 Clipboard
, ...

Author: Richard Dungworth

Publisher: Edc Pub

ISBN: 9780746026922

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

View: 508

Are you feeling lost in Cyberspace? Do you know the difference between the Net and the Web? Don't panic Internet for Beginners cuts through the technobabble surrounding the Internet and introduces it clearly and concisely. The book tells you exactly how to get connected to the Net, describes the hardware and software you will need, and helps you select a service provider. Once you are on-line, it shows you how to send e-mail, read the news, download files from around the world, and explore the World Wide Web.

A History of Art for Beginners and Students

Assyrian painting, 9-1 1 Augsburg Cathedral contains earliest painted windows,
51 Augsburg school of art, 188 Augustine, St., ... Bellini, Gentile, 80-81 Bellini,
Giovanni, 80, 81-82 ; and Titian, 123 ; and Diirer, 197 Bellini, Jacopo, 80 Bellotti,

Author: Clara Erskine Clement Waters



Category: Art


View: 995

An Outline History of Painting for Beginners and Students

Assyrian painting , 9 - 11 | Bellini , Gentile , 80 - 81 Augsburg Cathedral contains
ear - Bellini , Giovanni , 80 , 81 - 82 ; and liest painted windows , 51 Titian , 123 ;
and Dürer , 197 Augsburg school of art , 188 Bellini , Jacopo , 80 Augustine , St .

Author: Clara Erskine Clement Waters



Category: Painting

Page: 320

View: 331

CD ROMs in Print

... 81 askSam for DOS , 81 askSam Resume Tracking , 81 askSam Web
Publisher , 81 askSam for Windows , 81 askSam ... 111 Beginning Access 2.0 ,
112 Beginning Access 95 , 112 Beginning Access 97 , 112 Beginning
ClarisWorks , 113 ...




Category: CD-ROMs

Page: 1983

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Murach s Beginning Visual Basic Net

Click on the No button in this dialog box to end the application and return to the
Code Editor window. ... come a long way! Visual Basic language essentials (part
1) In the last chapter, Chapter 2 How to develop a Windows Forms application 81

Author: Anne Prince

Publisher: Mike Murach & Associates Incorporated

ISBN: 9781890774158

Category: Computers

Page: 724

View: 126

Although Murach's Beginning Visual Basic .NET is designed for people who are new to the .NET Framework, Visual Basic, or even programming, its goals are ambitious. In just 20 chapters, you'll learn how to develop graphical user interfaces, how to develop applications that work with databases through ADO.NET, how to develop web applications that use Web services and XML, and much more. It's all there in the unique Murach style that has been training professional programmers for more than 25 years.

Beginning Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server

... 208 VPN ports, 206 PPTP tab, Settings icon, Server Admin: VPN window, 206,
207 preferences, 132 Preferences icon, ... NFS protocol settings, 81–82
Privileges tab, Workgroup Manager creating users, 124, 125, 126 Limited
administration ...

Author: Charles Edge

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430227737

Category: Computers

Page: 640

View: 998

This book is intended for those who need to get things done with Mac OS X Server 10.6. As such, you can use this book two ways. Those new to Mac OS X Server can read straight through the entire book, and by the end should feel competent to administer any Mac server thrown their way. For those with some knowledge of Mac OS X Server, or perhaps a thorough knowledge of other Unix-based servers, the book is arranged by tasks so that you can either start reading at any point, skipping material you already know, or pick and choose the chapters you'll find most helpful to your own work or system needs. This task-oriented approach also makes the book useful as a general reference for all aspects of Mac OS X Server. Throughout the book, special emphasis is given to the new features of the latest release, Mac OS X Server 10.6, a.k.a. Server Snow Leopard. For instance, you'll find out how to integrate an iPhone with Mac OS X Server using the new Mobile Access features, or how to install an SSL certificate in the web service, Apache. Task-oriented approach to server administration makes it easy to find and accomplish what needs to get done Thorough subject coverage including workflows for Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server GUI-level features, command-line features, and alternatives Features introductory material for new administrators, emphasis on new features for upgrading to Snow Leopard Server, and more advanced material for experienced IT and enterprise administrators who want to get the most out of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server