A Far Horizon

And there was something indefinable about the swift running Hoogly, chasing towards the ocean where death and rebirth awaited it beyond a far horizon. There was no piety or profanity that the river did not know, ...

Author: Meira Chand

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9814893536

Category: Fiction


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Calcutta, 1756. In Indian Black Town, the luminously beautiful Sati is believed to be possessed by the goddess Kali, and finds herself at the centre of a religious cult. In British White Town, Chief Magistrate Holwell and Governor Drake come together to face a common enemy – Siraj Uddaulah, the volatile young nawab in Murshidabad. When the nawab finally descends upon Calcutta with a huge army, it’s too late for those British residents who have not fled the city in time. Locked into Fort William with a large number of the Black Town population, these British prisoners spend a night of horror that would become legend of the history of the Raj. Lushly written and richly evocative, A Far Horizon is a sweeping chronicle of the notorious incident of the Black Hole of Calcutta that would later be used to justify the British empire’s colonisation of India.

Far Horizons

For he is one who knows the way, through this life and beyond, Our far horizons are to him, all known. And he has made a way for us, and calls us to respond; And his, a safer journey than our own. The Dying Town This is based on what ...

Author: Tom Chapman

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0980748305


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Step Scenes of Life

Beyond the far and blue horizon I wonder if a sphere exists I ponder if a catalyst of colours Entwine together in a dark abyss Can nature's stars that shine and twinkle Lend form unto a spectrum up above Can meteorites that flash so ...

Author: Dudley (Chris) Christian

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0995995281

Category: Poetry


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Come look at all the captured steps which I've tried to lay out so you better would see the pictures, tho in words, which makes one small togetherness, bringing us in a same time and space, so we can share our deeper philosophies as our paths in our lives did intermix. So different yet so much alike we lived, and live still, to walk along and let us note the 'how much alike we are or were in passing thru.' So take any title and think back to that subjected time, place or day and smile... yes smile... you will, you must, you need to... for to capture and relive our memories -- that is all we keep through our passages of time. This book is just one part of a series of poetry books by this author, who was born in Trinidad, raised in Cayman and after a three-year adventure of world travelling while working deep sea, immigrated to Canada. Herein you will find pages which contains prose about the unexpected bumps of life, the joys of the smoother rides and the deep tears that can only come from loving.

The Far Horizon

find the road—however archaic in the eyes of the modern world that road might be—which leads to the light on the far horizon and beyond to the presence of God. The more he meditated on these things the more inconceivable it became to ...

Author: Lucas Malet

Publisher: DigiCat


Category: Fiction

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The Far Horizon is a Victorian-era adventure novel by Mary St Leger Kingsley, working under the pseudonym of Lucas Malet. The Far Horizon was one of her 17 novels. It was published in 1906 when the author's career was at its peak. Critics often compared the success of Malet's novels of the time to that of Rudyard Kipling and Tomas Hardy.

Far Horizon

“Yeah, it was way out beyond the Ort Cloud. That's not all.” John said, now turning to look at Troy. “There are others.” “What do you mean others?” Troy asked curiously. “There are two other asteroids on a collision course with Earth.

Author: Brian Matlack

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 130468623X

Category: Fiction

Page: 724

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Pursued by Government agents, Troy Eastman and a group of dedicated scientists are in a race against time to unravel the mysteries of an alien species and save the planet.

Love s Reflections

Beyond. That. Far. Horizon. The silver sea reflects the constant sun While we take for granted all we see We live our selfish useless lives Without a thought of helping souls to free But beyond that far horizon One day we all must go ...

Author: Dudley (Chris) Christian

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0995995257

Category: Poetry


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Hello there again my Reader friends. Thank you for your interest in yet another record of Legends, times, peoples and places found in my life. We ALL Need reminding now and again that WE ARE Special We DO belong,WE DO have value and far ahead of any of these... Somewhere, Somehow, Sometimes in our past Someone loved us... that's why we're here. Thus this 'LIFE PLAN' is just a travel map which we ALL should carry at all times . It WILL GPS us when we feel lost; It will feed us when our pockets seems to be empty and it will restore our Strength, our Courage and our Belief in ourselves when we need it most. Lastly it will glimpse YOU some of the roads I have had to travel and therein YOU can surely find an incident or cause or story to compare with yours and thereby find HOPE. Read on then... Read on, slow enough, or stop and re-read and you will find there IS Wisdom I've gained from living LIFE while waiting for YOU... just YOU, to come open up your Heart and join us on YOUR Journeys.

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FAR Horizons

You will find you have already covered a fair part of the first page , and some of the pages beyond . Then ask yourself what percentage of the information in the paper today is different from the information yesterday .




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Far Horizon The Garish Moon

“The boys appear to be a hybrid, they have traits form both species that go far beyond what's usual.” Troy replied. “Genetic markers Indicate that both boys will be quite tall, like the N'gi, but muscular, like humans.

Author: Brian Matlack

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 1312962844

Category: Fiction

Page: 591

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In this second book of the series Troy Eastman and his crew must face the challenges of a new world while Kaylene and Jack Barker fight for their freedom back on Earth.


is no measurable light at all by the monitor, but your eyes will be able to see people in the gloom thanks to scattered light coming from the far horizon, beyond the lunar shadow. Two minutes later, at 11.38 a.m., the light turns on ...

Author: Frank Close

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190902485

Category: Science

Page: 176

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"Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse?" If the question caused you to search your memory, the correct answer would have been "no." A common response is: "Yes--I saw one, it was about 90% partial eclipse where I lived." A 90% partial eclipse is indeed a remarkable phenomenon, but true totality leaves all else in the shade, in all senses of the phrase. Ask the question of anyone who has experienced the full sensation of being obliterated by the moon's shadow, and they will reply "yes"--without hesitation--and continue with a monologue describing the overwhelming experiences and unique phenomena that ensued. On 21 August 2017 millions of people across the United States witnessed "The Great American Eclipse" of the Sun. The moment it was over, people around the world were asking questions: what caused the weird shadows and colors in the build up to totality? Were those ephemeral bands of shadows gliding across the ground in the seconds before totality real or an optical illusion? Why this, what that, but above all: where and when can I see a total solar eclipse again? Eclipses: What Everyone Needs to Know helps explain the profound differences between a 99.99% partial eclipse and true totality, and inform readers how to experience this most beautiful natural phenomenon successfully. It covers eclipses of sun, moon, and other astronomical objects, and their applications in science, as well as their role in history, literature, and myth. It describes the phenomena to expect at a solar eclipse and the best ways to record them--by camera, video, or by simple handmade experiments. The book covers the timetable of upcoming eclipses, where the best locations will be to see them, and the opportunities for using them as vehicles for inspiration and education. As a veteran of seven total solar eclipses, physicist Frank Close is an expert both on the theory and practice of eclipses. Eclipses: What Everyone Needs to Know is a popular source of information on the physics of eclipses.