Christian Biblical Ethics

From Bíblical Revelation to Contemporary Christian Praxis : Method and Content Robert J. Daly ... 2. a gnomic or parenetic section (6:27-38), in which Jesus exhorts his disciples to his distinctive ethics; 3. a parabolic section ...

Author: Robert J. Daly



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Biblical Ethics

The biblical perspective concerning history is an important factor and really an integral phase of biblical ethics . There is clearly evident in the Bible a theology of history . The general view is that the sovereign God of the ...

Author: Thomas Buford Maston

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An Introduction to Biblical Ethics

moral theology.3 Biblical ethics differs from secular ethics, which is sometimes referred to as moral philosophy, in that it is distinc- tively Christian in its approach to ethical evaluation as it uses the Bible as its source of moral ...

Author: David W. Jones

Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

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An introductory text explaining the nature, relevancy, coherency, and structure of the moral law as revealed throughout the Bible, with discussion of the Ten Commandments as a moral rubric and a subsequent application of each commandment to Christian living.

An Introduction to Biblical Ethics

Introduction to Biblical Ethics combines the winsome wisdom of Robertson McQuilkin, one of the sage professors of Christian ethics, with the penetrating rigor of Paul Copan, one of the premier thinkers of today What could be better than ...

Author: Robertson McQuilkin

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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What should we do or not do? This comprehensive text on biblical ethics is completely revised, focusing on how we fulfill the purposes of God for our lives. New content includes discussions of living virtuously, ethical alternatives, bioethical issues, technology, helping the poor, animal rights, sexual ethics, and the media.

Biblical Ethics and Social Change

The divergence between the academic disciplines of Christian social ethics and biblical studies has been noted by several authors recently.1 James Gustafson describes biblical ethics as “a complex task for which few are well prepared; ...

Author: Stephen Mott

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190207876

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This scholarly synthesis of biblical studies and Christian social ethics is designed to provide a biblical argument for intentional institutional change on behalf of social justice. Stephen Charles Mott provides a biblical and ethical guide on ways to implement that change. The first part of the book, providing the biblical theology of intentional social change, deals with the central concepts in biblical and theological ethics: grace, evil, love, justice, and the Reign of God. Christian social change must be rooted not only in justice, but in the grace received through the death and resurrection of Christ. The second part evaluates ethical and theological methods for carrying out that intentional social change. It offers a study of evangelism, counter community, civil disobedience, armed revolution, and political reform. It shows the contribution of each as well as the strong limitations of each used in isolation. A recurring theme of the book is the scriptural insistence on the priority of justice as taking upon oneself the cause of the oppressed. Justice is understood on bringing back into the community those who are near to falling out of it. Political authority has a vital role in social change for justice. It is essential that a Christian use all available and legitimate means of meeting basic needs by providing for all what is essential for inclusion in society. In this revised edition, Mott updates the contemporary illustrations and includes his own further reflections in the last thirty years on this topic.

Biblical Ethics in the 21st Century Developments Emerging Consensus and Future Directions

Manyof these newer works reflectand point to concrete advancementsthat, as I observe, throw light on the new direction in doing biblical ethics and the use of Scripture in ethics. Sincewe are,I believe, ...

Author: Lúcás Chan, SJ; foreword by James F. Keenan, SJ

Publisher: Paulist Press

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Reviews and critiques the major attempts at biblical ethics over the past twenty years by both biblical theologians and theological ethicists, focusing on New Testament ethics as an illustration.

The Pursuit of Ethical Excellence Biblical Ethics

Scripture quotations, unless otherwise marked, are taken from the “NIV” Holy Bible, New International Version ®, Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

Author: Alvin Low


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How do you live a life of impeccable ethical excellence in the midst of moral confusion? Wondering what to do in making difficult ethical decisions? This book is for you.

Biblical Ethics The Moral Foundations of Life The Philosophy of Sin

Biblical. Ethics. ThisOswald. latest book of talks, lectures, and addresses, given by Chambers at different times and in varied circumstances—as when the New Theology was making its shallow appeal in 1909, or in the strenuous days of ...

Author: Oswald Chambers

Publisher: Our Daily Bread Publishing

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This three-in-one volume by Oswald Chambers, recognized as an intimate companion of God, substantiates the very basis of the Christian faith. He upholds the moral and spiritual standing of Christians, despite challenges from today's secular, skeptical, and lawless rationalists. Here Chambers addresses the human needs to recognize the ethical demands of Scripture, and he challenges readers to act as Jesus did, in the power of His Spirit. Throughout these pages he upholds the ethical principles of the Christian life by promoting Christian thinking that leads to godly behavior.

Christian Ethics in Secular Worlds

And in any case the extent of human sinfulness effectively overrides independent moral reasoning and free - will . When Luther was considering moral ... Christian ethics was fundamentally biblical ethics . The Bible was not one resource ...

Author: Robin Gill

Publisher: A&C Black

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A challenging book examining issues such as biotechnology, AIDS and nuclear weapons and demonstrating that Christian ethics has something important and distinctive to contribute to secular worlds.

The Use of the Bible in Christian Ethics

We know intuitively that biblical studies cannot retain their pertinence if they are unable to inform contemporary questions about the good life ; we know as well that Christian ethics soon loses its distinctive power if it cuts itself ...

Author: Thomas W. Ogletree

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664227562

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In this book, Thomas Ogletree seeks to establish common ground between biblical understandings and contemporary ethical inquiry. Drawing upon phenomenological investigations, he criticizes and modifies some of the most prominent conceptions of ethics, and moves toward a more coherent and comprehensive ethical theory. Guided by this theory, he critically engages selected biblical treatments of the moral life, placing special emphasis on biblical accounts of eschatology in its import for the ordered life of emerging Christian communities.