Blood Magick

"County Mayo is rich in the traditions of Ireland, legends that Branna O'Dwyer fully embraces in her life and in her work as the proprietor of The Dark Witch shop, which carries soaps, lotions, and candles for tourists, made with Branna's ...

Author: Nora Roberts


ISBN: 9780425259870

Category: Blessing and cursing

Page: 322

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"County Mayo is rich in the traditions of Ireland, legends that Branna O'Dwyer fully embraces in her life and in her work as the proprietor of The Dark Witch shop, which carries soaps, lotions, and candles for tourists, made with Branna's special touch. Branna's strength and selflessness hold together a close circle of friends and family -- along with their horses and hawks and her beloved hound. But there's a single missing link in the chain of her life: love ... She had it once -- for a moment -- with Finbar Burke, but a shared future is forbidden by history and blood. Which is why Fin has spent his life traveling the world to fill the abyss left in him by Branna, focusing on work rather than passion. Branna and Fin's relationship offers them both comfort and torment. And though they succumb to the heat between them, there can be no promises for tomorrow. A storm of shadows threatens everything that their circle holds dear. It will be Fin's power, loyalty, and heart that will make all the difference in an age-old battle between the bonds that hold their friends together and the evil that has haunted their families for centuries" --

Blood Magick

Blood magick is dangerous. The sorcerer uses the power that lies within the
physical substance that is blood, with the aim of shaping reality into what he or
she wills. This requires enough force to impose one's will upon the world, enough

Author: Seth

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595298397

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 68

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Blood Magick is a synthesis of ancient tradition and contemporary innovations designed for both the discerning adept seeking to incorporate blood into existing disciplines and beginning practitioners taking their first steps into the occult world.

Blood Magick

“Whoever cast it used a blood sacrifice for extra power.” Caesar's eyes narrowed
as his attention flicked between her and the road. “Natasha told me witches don't
use sacrifices in their spells.” Leave it to fuzzy bunny propaganda to make this ...

Author: Suzan Harden

Publisher: Angry Sheep Publishing

ISBN: 1938745019

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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Blood Magic

Some quirk of ancestry had gifted him with the ability to see and use magic.
Obviously, sorcery was both rare and valuable, but he took no credit for
possessing this skill, just as he laid no blame upon himself for lacking great

Author: Eileen Wilks

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101185100

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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View our feature on Eileen Wilks’s Blood Magic.A new World of Lupi novel from "a true master of her craft" (Eternal Night) Lily Yu and Lupi prince Rule Turner have a bigger problem than their families not accepting their impending human/werewolf mixed marriage. A powerful ancient nemesis of Lily's grandmother has come to San Diego to turn the city into a feeding ground.

Vampyre Magick

Medical science has proven that diseases such as HIV can remain dormant in the
blood for upward of ten years. ... Blood Magick includes body modification,
sacrificial rites in Caribbean and African religions such asYoruba and Santeria (
in ...

Author: Father Sebastiaan

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 9781609255985

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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Since the dawn of civilization, the vampire has danced through the dreams and nightmares of every culture, expressed in folklore, literature, and art. Today, this fascination resonates in pop-culture through hit television shows, movies, and bestselling books. In Vampyre Magick, Father Sebastiaan reveals the hidden rituals and spells of the Living Vampires. This companion volume to Sebastiaan’s Vampyre Sanguinomicon, is intended for initiates of the Stigoii Vii, but will appeal to any scholar of magickal arts, The Golden Dawn, or other Western Mystery Traditions.

Blood and Magick

the most awesome fans an author could ever have. You inspire me to write this
crazy world and I love you all. 1 I should have BLOOD AND MAGICK Also by Title

Author: James R. Tuck

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0758286031

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Taking out hellish creatures—not a problem. Armed with blessed silver hollow-points and the ability to manipulate magick, he's ready for anything—except betrayal he never saw coming. . . Deacon Chalk knows the biggest danger in fighting monsters is becoming one. Just another day at the office for your friendly neighborhood occult bounty hunter. If keeping three helpless were-dog children safe means battling a malevolent trio of witches by any means necessary, so be it. If that means partnering with a ruthless government agent to stay one step ahead of the allies and friends he must now suspect, he's not going to cry about it. The only way Deacon can save humans and shape-shifters alike is to embrace a power beyond his imagining, putting his team at stake—and his soul on the line. . . Praise for Blood and Silver "This is urban fantasy as men's fiction—Sookie Stackhouse meets the Dresden Files by way of Maxim." –Publishers Weekly More Deacon Chalk!

Blood Witch and Dark Magick

It was magick. Aunt Shelagh and Uncle Beck led the rite. The coven elders
gathered around. I was blindfolded and given wine to drink. I was tested and I
answered as best could. In my blindness I made a circle and drew my runes and
cast my ...

Author: Cate Tiernan

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141967919

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 400

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A bewitching bind-up of stories to feed your desire for all things magick... Perfect for Twilight fans.

Of Blood and Bones

This book explores misunderstood topics such as ethically collecting and using animal parts and bones, blood magick, dark moon energy, hexing, scrying, dark deities, graveyard dirt, spells to assist the crossing of a dying loved one, and ...

Author: Kate Freuler


ISBN: 9780738763637

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 312

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Shadow magick occupies a critical role in the rich history of witchcraft, and it continues to draw strong interest from contemporary practitioners despite the limited information that is available. This book explores misunderstood topics such as ethically collecting and using animal parts and bones, blood magick, dark moon energy, hexing, scrying, dark deities, graveyard dirt, spells to assist the crossing of a dying loved one, and much more. With a strong focus on ethics, author Kate Freuler provides much-needed information and hands-on techniques to help you strengthen your life, connect to nature, protect yourself (and your kith and kin), and know yourself in a deep way.

Blood Sacrifice

Changelings. We could only use the more homely magicks— warming charms,
small location spells, et cetera. That's when he decided to go another route ... “
Spells using blood magick,” I said. “A lot of them. Not a one of them neutral. That
last ...

Author: Maria Lima

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451612710

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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All’s fair in blood and war. . . . Talk about wedding crashers from hell. Keira Kelly and her sexy vampire king, Adam, are about to tie the proverbial knot—sort of—when an uninvited blood relative shows up to cast a long, dark shadow over the happy occasion. Adam’s brother Gideon comes bearing the one-size-fits-all gift of bad news: an ancient, convoluted Challenge thrown down upon the entire Kelly clan. It seems the dreaded forces of the Dark Fae have declared war on Keira’s family, and at stake is the land that is rightfully theirs. But while the Kellys gather their troops in a historic San Antonio hotel to strategize, there’s mayhem back in Rio Seco. The old cemetery is vandalized, fires break out, and—worst of all—the Kelly clan matriarch and leader, Keira’s great-great-grandmother Minerva, goes missing. Should Keira risk breaking the Challenge rules by returning to her beloved home, or should she continue the waiting game that seems the only other option? With everything she loves and maybe even her life on the line, she has only one chance to get the answer right.


“Faerie magick is a plague, Sonny. A sickness. Passion fuels it, and that is its very
peril—because the more you use it, the more it uses you. I know whereof I speak,
believe me. Even the simplest of spells can wound your soul, but blood magick ...

Author: Lesley Livingston

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061961329

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 336

View: 761

Faerie can't lie . . . or can they? Much has changed since autumn, when Kelley Winslow learned she was a Faerie princess, fell in love with changeling guard Sonny Flannery, and saved the mortal realm from the ravages of the Wild Hunt. Now Kelley is stuck in New York City, rehearsing Romeo and Juliet and missing Sonny more with every stage kiss, while Sonny has been forced back to the Otherworld and into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the remaining Hunters and Queen Mabh herself. When a terrifying encounter sends Kelley tumbling into the Otherworld, her reunion with Sonny is joyful but destined to be cut short. An ancient, hidden magick is stirring, and a dangerous new enemy is willing to risk everything to claim that power. Caught in a web of Faerie deception and shifting allegiances, Kelley and Sonny must tread carefully, for each next step could topple a kingdom . . . or tear them apart. With breathtakingly high stakes, the talented Lesley Livingston delivers soaring romance and vividly magical characters in darklight, the second novel in the trilogy that began with wondrous strange.

The Complete Book of Spells Ceremonies and Magic

The use of blood in magic is very common , especially in spells for either love or
destruction . It is interesting to see how this vital fluid can be used for entirely
opposite purposes , with equally satisfying results . The name of a hated enemy ...

Author: Migene González-Wippler

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780875422862

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 376

View: 177

Offers comprehensive coverage of the history of magic rituals and practices throughout the world, presenting information on voodoo, ancient Egyptian and Hebrew magic, palm reading, secret symbols, astrology, exorcism and spells to overcome enemies and obtain wealth

Natural Magick

Goats blood doth not free the Loadftone from the inchantment of the Diamond . I
Said , That from false Principles , are drawn molt false Conclusions . Also I said ,
Thac it is related that the juice of Garlick smeered on the Loadltone , will cake ...

Author: Giambattista della Porta



Category: Science

Page: 409

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Facsimile edition of work first published in abridged edition of 1558, and then in this full English edition in 1658. A miscellany of early scientific beliefs, observations, and experiments by della Porta and his little group of amateur scientists.

Magick Potions

Magickal inks , such as dragon's blood and dove's blood , are popularly used in
the practice of writing rituals and also in the creation of parchment talismans .
Traditionally , dragon's blood ink is used for spells involving power and strength ...

Author: Gerina Dunwich

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: 9780806519821

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 164

View: 553

, and Much More.

Dragon s Tempest The Imperial Series

Blood flowed, soaking into the parched dirt. ... knew that those who survived the
flight to the dark tower would be sacrificed on the blood altars of the Riders. She
would rather be dead than a prisoner of anyone who practiced blood magick.

Author: LA Quill


ISBN: 1105217558

Category: Fiction

Page: 331

View: 145

For a hundred years, dragons and wyverns have been at war. The wyverns, confident that any real threats have been destroyed, rule the Wastes as tyrants, using the blood of the locals to fuel their dark magicks. For a hundred years, the wyverns and their Riders have remain unchallenged. Tired of living in his father's shadow, Tristan flees the Empire, looking for adventure, excitement, and a chance to prove himself. Sailing south into the unknown Wastes, he hopes only to make his father proud. Instead, he finds himself thrust into the middle of a war he could never have imagined. With few allies and even fewer friends, Tristan must battle against the forces of the Dark, hoping that instinct and courage alone will be enough to ensure victory.

American Folk Magick

Charms, Spells & Herbals Silver RavenWolf. you were sitting under the left hand
of the healer in the direct line of the negative energy flow , you most likely would
suffer unfortunate effects . Stopping Blood I think there are as many chants for ...

Author: Silver RavenWolf

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 291

View: 793

The author of "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" and "Angels" discusses the charms, spells, and herbs of the Pennsylvania Dutch region with its influences from native Pow Wow magick.

Naturall magick

Frankincense , all which being bruised , and mixt in such a pro .. portion as may
make a sweet odour , must be incorporated . with the brain of an Eagle , or the
blood of a whice Cock , afçes . the mapper of Pils , or Trochiscks .. For the Moon
we ...

Author: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim


ISBN: 9780948366154

Category: Occultism

Page: 583

View: 950

Arianna s Tale

The sun was only just rising, making the world appear red, which seemed
appropriate enough for the occasion. He looked over at his mother who was
slowly gathering the blood magick to her, spinning it in and around herself as
carefully as a ...

Author: LA Quill


ISBN: 1257642340

Category: Fiction

Page: 371

View: 744

Leading the simple life of a healer, Arianna is satisfied with her place in the world. Until the day a stranger arrives from the east to change her world forever. Unprepared for events she could not have anticipated, she can only try to survive what is to come. Damuk, a powerful eastern mage, is used to being in control. Until he meets a petite blond girl from the west. Drawn to her in a way he could not have imagined, he soon finds himself caught in her spell. As a dark threat rises from an unexpected source, the two must come together to stop a war that should never had started. The only hope for their future may be in the secrets of the past. Can a peasant girl, a mage, and a forced romance really turn the tide of war?

The Secrets of Love Magick

Blood Spell To win the affections of a certain man or woman , put a drop of his or
her blood on a cone of patchouli or rosescented incense , and say : BLOOD OF (
name of your beloved ) LOVE OF ( name of your beloved ) Put a drop of your ...

Author: Gerina Dunwich

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: 9780806513652

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 206

View: 405

Thelemic Magick

... 52 , 70 , 140 Black School of Magick , 140 , 141 Blackmailer as sorcerer , 28
Black - magical current of Romanism , 118 Blake , William , 175 Blasphemy , 47
Blavatsky , Helena Petrovna , 141 , 168 , 169 , 178 , 188 Blood , 13 , 120 , 121 ,
143 ...

Author: Aleister Crowley



Category: Magic

Page: 338

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