Outward Bound Backcountry Cooking

Melt 2 tablespoons butter and brush over the top of the biscuits. Sprinkle with 2 tablespoons Parmesan. 3. Bake until light brown. Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread Makes 1 (10.5-inch) round loaf Topping: 88 Outward Bound Backcountry Cooking.

Author: Molly Absolon

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1493047973

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Outward Bound Backcountry Cooking is a handy resource on the fundamentals of great trail food, including information about food preparation and storage, cooking tips for different weather, keeping food fresh, and planning and packing meals plus recipes for great outdoor meals. In partnership with outdoor leader Outward Bound, this book combines expert instruction with practical tips to ensure a fun and a satisfying meal for your next outdoor adventure.

Idaho Aviation

Hayden-Wing, Larry D. Never to be Repeated: A Ride Through Life. Laramie, WY: LMH Enterprises, Inc., 2016. Holm, Richard H., Jr. Bound for the Backcountry. McCall, ID: Cold Mountain Press, 2013. ———. Bound for the Backcountry II.

Author: Crista Videriksen Worthy

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467107565

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Since the dawn of aviation, Idahoans have employed aircraft to carry people, groceries, mail, freight, and livestock over inhospitable terrain. Idaho's airstrips are the stuff of dreams, offering pilots, anglers, hikers, and river-rafters access to deep wilderness less than an hour from the city. Aerial firefighting was born--and is based--in Idaho. Flight instructors in Idaho prepared thousands of pilots to fight in World War II. As the birthplace of United Airlines, with its famed "friendly skies," Idaho is one of the country's most aviation-friendly states. Government officials, private landowners, and volunteers have worked together to create and then preserve an infrastructure of big-city, small-town, and backcountry airstrips that are the envy of pilots worldwide.


A no-snowboarding policy emphasizes Alta's focus on the skiing experience. ii How demure Alta is in revealing its ... assumini that skiing beyond area bound aries implied laborious, uphil trekking and called for specia backcountry ...





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Leadership the Outward Bound Way

When World War II broke out youth . Although the school did not exclusively in 1939 , however , the British Army commandeered train young merchant sailors to prove hardier at Gordonstoun , and Hahn faced another setback- sea , it served ...

Author: John Raynolds

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9781594850332

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Dynamic and effective leadership skills from the organization that has spent decades helping people discover their own potential to lead

More Everyday Wisdom

16.95 paperbound . 0-89886-523-9 . Backcountry Cooking : From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes by Dorcas Miller . $ 16.95 paperbound . 0-89886-551-4 . More Backcountry Cooking : Moveable Feasts by the Experts by Dorcas Miller .

Author: Karen Berger

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9780898868999

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Gathers practical advice, timesaving tips, and problem solving techniques ranging from planning and packing to field repairs and emergency improvisation.

Resources in Education

The principles of the program concern : ( 1 ) backcountry trip planning and preparation ; ( 2 ) concentrating impacts in high use areas ; ( 3 ) spreading use and impact in pristine areas ; ( 4 ) avoiding places where impact is just ...




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Day Hiker s Handbook

16.95 paperbound . 0-89886-523-9 . More Everyday Wisdom : Trail - Tested Advice from the Experts by Karen Berger . $ 16.95 paperbound . 0-89886-523-9 . Backcountry Cooking : From Pack to Plate in 10 Minutes by Dorcas Miller .

Author: Michael L. Lanza

Publisher: The Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 9780898869019

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Day Hiker's Handbook tells you everything you need to know to make smart decisions on the trail. Learn how to find a hiking club or locate partners suited to your specific abilities.Dayhiking offers the combined benefits of exercise, outdoor experiences, quality time with friends and family, and the ultimate in affordability. This handbook will get you out on the trails with confidence.

Bound for Sin

They were the most woolly-headed backcountry louts he'd ever met. Hec himself was from Königsberg in Prussia, ... He was too composed for a kid his age; he deserved a kick or two in the guts. “Go on. You tell him who else he's going to ...

Author: Tess LeSue

Publisher: Penguin

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Georgiana Bee Blunt is a respectable widow of means who knows exactly what she wants: a resourceful frontiersman--for the purpose of matrimony. Citified men with thoughts of love need not apply to Georgiana's ad for a husband. What she desperately needs is a rugged backwoodsman who can get her family safely to California, two thousand miles away. Someone who could wrestle a bear and not break a sweat. Someone just like Matt Slater... Travel worn and trail weary, Matt Slater wants a clean bed and some R & R--not a woman with fancy airs and a brood of high-spirited children. He can tell Georgiana is trouble, but doesn't realize how much until he's bamboozled into pretending to be her fiancé. And when Georgiana hitches her wagons to his train, Matt finds himself facing something much more daunting than the journey before them: a woman with the spirit and the courage to tame his wild ways...

Breaking The Backcountry

Between 1740 and 1760 an average of twentytwo hundred settlers ayear passed southward through the Shenandoah Valley, ... However, the institutions that might have bound backcountry settlements together were also weak.

Author: Matthew C. Ward

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

ISBN: 0822972735

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Even as the 250th anniversary of its outbreak approaches, the Seven Years' War (otherwise known as the French and Indian War) is still not wholly understood. Most accounts tell the story as a military struggle between British and French forces, with shifting alliances of Indians, culminating in the British conquest of Canada. Scholarly and popular works alike, including James Fennimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans, focus on the action in the Hudson River Valley and the St. Lawrence Seaway. Matthew C. Ward tells the compelling story of the war from the point of view of the region where it actually began, and whose people felt the devastating effects of war most keenly-the backcountry communities of Virginia and Pennsylvania. Previous wars in North America had been fought largely on the New England and New York frontiers. But on May 28, 1754, when a young George Washington commanded the first shot fired in western Pennsylvania, fighting spread for the first time to Virginia and Pennsylvania. Ward's original research reveals that on the eve of the Seven Years' War the communities of these colonies were isolated, economically weak, and culturally diverse. He shows in riveting detail how, despite the British empire's triumph, the war brought social chaos, sickness, hunger, punishment, and violence, to the backcountry, much of it at the hands of Indian warriors. Ward's fresh analysis reveals that Indian raids were not random skirmishes, but part of an organized strategy that included psychological warfare designed to make settlers flee Indian territories. It was the awesome effectiveness of this “guerilla” warfare, Ward argues, that led to the most enduring legacies of the war: Indian-hating and an armed population of colonial settlers, distrustful of the British empire that couldn't protect them. Understanding the horrors of the Seven Years' War as experienced in the backwoods thus provides unique insights into the origins of the American republic.