British Steam Sunset

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Author: Jim Blake

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1473857112

Category: Transportation

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In this new album from Pen & Sword, transport historian and photographer Jim Blake presents a selection of pictures he took around the country in British steam's final years.British Railways withdrew their last steam engines with almost indecent haste in the mid- to late–1960s, many having seen only a few years' service before consignment to the scrapheap. Jim's pictures graphically show how not only the locomotives themselves were neglected in their final years, but also their working environment. Their motive power depots were also badly run down, particularly when slated for closure upon steam's demise.Most of Jim's pictures of steam locomotives, taken fifty years ago, are previously unpublished. In BR steam's last two years, they were based in two distinctly different areas on the London & South Western main line, and in the industrial north. However, their decline was just as sad and depressing in both areas once proud depots such as London's Nine Elms, with broken windows and roof open to the sky, not repaired after wartime, piles of ash and clinker everywhere, were just as derelict as those in such places as Wigan or Sunderland. Many scenes herein invoke the sad, eerie atmosphere of steam's last months.Ironically, it was London Transport who operated the last publicly-owned standard gauge steam locomotives in 1971, some three years after BR's had gone. These are included within these pages too.

Imperial Sunset Britain s liberal Empire 1897 1921

But it was difficult to do this without taking an intimate part in the governmental
arrangements of the metropolis , and to this there were technical objections –
more cogent in the eighteenth century than after the invention of the steamship
and ...

Author: Max Beloff



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The Victorian Sunset

... decisive factor of supremacy , 335 , -aim of , 338 Shelley , Percy Bysshe , 45 ,
136,318,332 Shepstone , Sir Theophilus , 274 Sheridan , Richard Brinsley , 333 ,
336 Shipping , progress in , 234 Ships , British , increase in propulsion by steam

Author: Esmé Wingfield-Stratford



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Sunset in the East

I was not to know that the ignominy of our defeat and rout from the peninsula
spelled the end of British rule. The events of the time and ... I boarded S.S. Talma,
an ancient steamship of the British India Steam Navigation line. The atmosphere

Author: John Hudson

Publisher: Casemate Publishers

ISBN: 1783379839

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It is generally recognized that the war in Burma against the Japanese was as fierce as any. The Battle of Kohima was the turning point of this extraordinary campaign and personal accounts of the fighting there are greatly sought after. The author was in the thick of the action and his record is indeed a graphic and moving one. Thereafter he was sent down to Malaya, but when the War ended, he found himself in Indonesia under the most bizarre circumstances. A bitter war of national independence from the Dutch colonial power was underway and it became necessary to employ the defeated Japanese troops to keep a semblance of order. This little known turn of events makes for the most fascinating reading and adds a new dimension to what would in any case be a first class memoir.

Railfan Railroad

... steam in the British empire . 55 Minutes $ 29 . 95 INDIAN STEAM SUNSET
Volume 2 FROM THE LAKE PALACES of Udaipur in Rajasten we are at the
controls of YP - class No . 2777 for a journey to Chittaurgarh . From here we
make a brief ...




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Fall Foliage Escorted Holidays BRITISH COLUMBIA We're tucked away in the
heart of the wine country , 2/2 hours north of San Francisco . With recreation and
... Ride behind one of the great steam locomotives of all time ! The Royal Hudson




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Schooner Sunset

Seldom , if ever , was there sufficient sea room for small sailing vessels working
around the coasts of the British Isles . ... by worm gearing from the head capstan
on the deck above it and , in some cases , capable of being worked by steam .

Author: Douglas Bennet

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic


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Owing to their simplicity of rig and the small fore-and-afters, the coastal schooners, were among the last commercial sailing vessels to remain in existence; today they are gone, as are nearly all the men who sailed in them, and with them the knowledge which was needed to work the vessels by the power of the wind alone. One of them was Douglas Bennett, and in this posthumously-published book he tells of the working life aboard and describes all the facets of construction and fitting out.

The Nautical Magazine

By the Commissioners for Executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the United
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ... that lights shall be exhibited by all British
Steam Vessels between sunset and sunrise , of such description and in such ...




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The U S Merchant Marine Today Sunrise Or Sunset

Involved are the est in conference membership , the Soviets still 23 British and
European lines comprising the refuse to join the U.K. - Australia conference ,
apAustralia - to - Europe Conference versus the Soviet Russia's Baltic Steamship

Author: Earl Wesley Clark



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Landfall at Sunset

In his coverage of events for the North British Daily Mail he specialized in
shipping news , and particularly in writing of the amazing developments in
steamship construction and marine engineering , nowhere more actively and
triumphantly ...

Author: David William Bone

Publisher: London, Duckworth [1955]


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Raj in Sunset

Electric light and power, the telephone and steam trains had hardly made any
difference to the personal life of the ... When the ultimate separations took place
the suddenness of it all was dictated more by the British politics of the day than ...

Author: Philip Napier



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Sunset of the Raj

An English crowd was looking up at us ; a puff of wind blew off the hat of one of
the passengers and we all laughed as it rolled along the quay . A tall police
constable looked so calm and so British . Our passports ... The steam train started
up .

Author: John De Chazal



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The `Sunset Of The Raj` Is Seen Through The Eyes Of A Young Serving Officer, Who Returned To The Land Of His Birth With The First Batches Of Recruits To Leave For The Sub-Continent After The Passing Of The Government Of India Act, 1935. The Writer Candidly Describes Events As They Reshape Life In His Surroundings, Work, Sport, Limited Social Life And His Holidays. Autographed Copy, In Excellent Condition.

British Abstracts

Soc . chim . , 1939 , [ v ] , 6 , 405–421 ) . cooling or heating according as cold H20
, compressed air , or steam is used as ... U is a const . component of sea - water ,
sunset and the problem of determination of the varying in proportion to the total ...




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British 19th Century Marine Painting

For example , his 5 Royal Academy exhibits contained : ' A Steam Carrier
Collecting Fish from the Doggerbank Trawl ... His exhibits at the Suffolk Street
Galleries included : ' Sunset at Mullion , Cornwall ' priced at £21 , ' Study at Bude '
at £10 ...

Author: Denys Brook-Hart

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Limited


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British Chemical and Physiological Abstracts

Stirring is accompanied by cooling or heating according as cold H , O ,
compressed air , or steam is used as motive power . ... U is a const . component
of sea - water , sunset and the problem of determination of the varying in
proportion to the ...




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Last Sunset

The invention of the coal - burning steam ship brought a prospect of regular mail
packets between Suez and Bombay . The first steamship built in ... Under British
government it 2 1 could become a place of the first mercantile 18 Last Sunset.

Author: Stephen Harper

Publisher: HarperCollins


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