The Public General Acts

then and in either of the cases aforesaid the courts now exercising jurisdiction in
matters the said annuity of 3,000l ... and shall absolutely determine said Charles
now Viscount Canterbury , then there and award compensation in respect ...

Author: Great Britain



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The Practical Statutes of the Session

next heir male of the Right Honourable Charles Manners Sutton , late Viscount
Canterbury , for his life , subject and ... net annual sum of three thousand pounds
to the said Charles , now Viscount Canterbury , then there should be issued and

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The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer

Geffrey was right myghty , and wele his age did bere ; For natur was more
substantiall , when tho dayis wer , Then now in our tyme ; for all thing doith waste
, Saff vile and cursid lyving , that growith all to faste . What shuld I tell more ? but ...

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer





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The Canterbury Bells Or Scenes in the Belmont Family

But Jesus can throw over ye the robe of his righteousness ; and he stands now
full of love in our very midst , waiting with outstretched arms , to receive ye , if ye
will but turn to him ; oh ! then , now , while ye may go and be saved , surely ye will

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The Canterbury Killgrims

She did that , and then she went all cool and sarcastic and so forth , and she said
, “ I ' ll remember you , Billy ' , she said , and it made me uneasy then . Now she ' s
written to me she ' s coming and she ' s going to remember me tomorrow .

Author: John Newton Chance

Publisher: Ulverscroft

ISBN: 9780708959022

Category: Detective and mystery stories

Page: 232

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Jonathan Blake had no idea when he accepted an invitation to an ordination service in Canterbury that he would be running into old friends whose smiles and blandishments were a screen to stop him from seeing the body on the floor behind them. But he knew them too well to fall for their charms.

The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems

... him all the paines that there were, In all the place saw he not a frere; Of other
folk he saw enough in woe. Unto the angel spake the friar tho;* (*then) 'Now, Sir,'
quoth he, 'have friars such a grace, That none of them shall come into this place?

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer

Publisher: First Avenue Editions ™

ISBN: 1467756466

Category: Fiction

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An oddly diverse group of twenty-nine people meet at an inn. Each of them is on a pilgrimage to a martyr's shrine in Canterbury. The Host suggests the strange bunch journey together and tell stories to pass the time. The group heads off, including a Knight, a Miller, a Wife, a Cook, a Shipman, and a Nun, among others, telling stories that range from bawdy exploits to foolish workers to the lives of saints. A classic of English literature, this unabridged version of Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales was first published in the early 1400s and edited into modern English by D. Laing Purves in 1879. Purves's collection of Chaucer's works also contains Troilus and Cressida and additional poems and prose.

English Then and Now

Bede , who spent his life in these foundations , and his older contemporary
Aldhelm , who was educated at Malmesbury and then at Canterbury and who
became bishop of Sherborne in 705 , were both men of great erudition and must
have ...

Author: Alan Mouns Markman



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The Past in Contemporary Society Then Now

They happen to be those of the Archbishop of Canterbury, himself a great friend
to archaeology, and they come in his last New Year's Day message today,
subsuming in three sentences what has taken me (minus the theocentric
assumption) ...

Author: Peter Fowler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134910460

Category: Social Science

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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Anselm of Canterbury

Now , whoever believes these doctrines maintains that anyone who wants to
contradict any one of them is not a ... are one thing and are not two things ( as are
two angels or two souls ) , it follows that if the Son was incarnate then so also was

Author: Saint Anselm (Archbishop of Canterbury)

Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press


Category: Religion

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The third volume of a four-volume set that draws together works illustrating Anselm's distinctive contributions to 11th-century philosophy and theology.

Writings 1587 1590

... as fel out in our first meeting : and demaunded whither I were now better
advised , and would sweare . I answered that I would not refuse to sweare upon
due occasion and circumstances . Canterbury . Wil yow then now sweare ?
Barrow .

Author: William James



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