Advances in Chemical Physics

ONE-BODY GREEN'S FUNCTION FOR CLOSED- AND OPEN-SHELL ATOMS AND MOLECULES The greater part of the work done in the field of atomic and molecular Green's functions is restricted to closed-shell systems. In these cases the basic formalism ...

Author: Ilya Prigogine

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470143002

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The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides the chemical physics and physical chemistry fields with a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area of the discipline. Filled with cutting-edge research reported in a cohesive manner not found elsewhere in the literature, each volume of the Advances in Chemical Physics series serves as the perfect supplement to any advanced graduate class devoted to the study of chemical physics.

Control and Dynamic Systems

Under closed loop operation the outer loop compensator acts as a lowpass filter with cutoff at K rad/s. ... Laboratory configurations 1 and 3 represent the extreme conditions considered here: case 1 has the widest-spaced modal ...

Author: Richard A Leondes

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 0323139515

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Control and Dynamic Systems: Advances in Theory and Applications, Volume 36 reviews advances in theory and applications of large scale control and dynamic systems. Contributors focus on production control and the determination of optimal production rates, along with active control systems, uncertainty in control system design, and methods for analyzing multistage commodity markets. This volume is organized into eight chapters and begins with an introduction to multiobjective decision-tree analysis and its significance in applied situations, with two substantive examples. It then shifts to important techniques for the determination of robust economic policies, methods used in the analysis of multistage commodity markets, and a computationally effective algorithm for the determination of the optimal production rate. This book also describes many highly effective techniques for near optimal and robust model truncation. Robust adaptive identification and control algorithms for disturbances and unmodeled system dynamics are given consideration. The final chapter provides examples of the applied significance of the techniques presented in this book, including such large scale systems areas as aerospace, defense, chemical, environmental, and infrastructural industries. This book will be of interest to students and researchers in engineering and computer science.

Manitoba Law Journal Underneath the Golden Boy 2013 Volume 36 2

... the Act provide judges with increased discretion as to whether e-votes should be recounted in the case of a close election result. 5. ... Regulations should clearly describe the tests that ought to 308 MANITOBA LAW JOURNAL VOL 36│ ...

Author: Bryan P. Schwartz, et al.

Publisher: Manitoba Law Journal


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Underneath the Golden Boy series of the Manitoba Law Journal reports on developments in legislation and on parliamentary and democratic reform in Manitoba, Canada, and beyond. This issue has articles from a variety of contributing authors including: Andrea D. Rounce, Bryan P. Schwartz, Dan Grice, Darcy L. MacPherson, Donn Short, Donna J. Miller, Evaristus Oshionebo, Jason Stitt, Karine Levasseur, Sid Frankel, Sunita D. Doobay, Timothy Brown, and William Kuchapski.

Writing History in International Criminal Trials

Prosecutor v. Radoslav Br ̄danin (Case No. IT-99–36). . 2004. “Encountering the Past: History at the Yugoslav War Crimes ... Vol. 29, pp. 197– 226. Flint, Julie, and Alex de Waal. 2009. “Case Closed: A Prosecutor without Borders.

Author: Richard Ashby Wilson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139498266

Category: Law


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Why do international criminal tribunals write histories of the origins and causes of armed conflicts? Richard Ashby Wilson conducted research with judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and expert witnesses in three international criminal tribunals to understand how law and history are combined in the courtroom. Historical testimony is now an integral part of international trials, with prosecutors and defense teams using background testimony to pursue decidedly legal objectives. In the Slobodan Milošević trial, the prosecution sought to demonstrate special intent to commit genocide by reference to a long-standing animus, nurtured within a nationalist mindset. For their part, the defense called historical witnesses to undermine charges of superior responsibility, and to mitigate the sentence by representing crimes as reprisals. Although legal ways of knowing are distinct from those of history, the two are effectively combined in international trials in a way that challenges us to rethink the relationship between law and history.

Neutrosophic Sets and Systems Vol 36 2020

In the present work , we will generalized the concept of strongly alpha generalized closed set in fuzzy neutrosophic topological spaces which was studied by Santhi and Sakthivel in 2011 [ 22 ] via intuitinistic topological spaces and ...

Author: Florentin Smarandache

Publisher: Infinite Study


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“Neutrosophic Sets and Systems” has been created for publications on advanced studies in neutrosophy, neutrosophic set, neutrosophic logic, neutrosophic probability, neutrosophic statistics that started in 1995 and their applications in any field, such as the neutrosophic structures developed in algebra, geometry, topology, etc. Some articles in this issue: n-Refined Neutrosophic Modules, A Neutrosophic Approach to Digital Images, A Novel Method for Neutrosophic Assignment Problem by using Interval-Valued Trapezoidal Neutrosophic Number.

Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electronic Ceramics

In case of increase in thickness in particular for non-cubic materials, the transparency of ceramics will decrease. ... In order to consolidate a material with a density close to theoretical and a grain size as small as possible, ...

Author: Narottam P. Bansal

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119211492

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This book is a collection of papers from The American Ceramic Society's 35th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, held in Daytona Beach, Florida, January 23-28, 2011. This issue includes papers presented in the 8th International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Materials, Science, and Technology on topics such as Cell and Stack Development; Electrochemical/Mechanical/Thermal Performance; Electrodes; Interconnects; Novel Cell/Stack Design and Processing; and Reliability/Degradation.

A List of Records of the State of Oklahoma

CLOSED CIVIL CASES ( Closed Cases Before Criminal Court of Appeals ) , 1927-33 . l vol . ... LIVE CIVIL CASES , 1907–36 . ... CASES ( In Supreme Court ) , 1923-29 . l file . Va . 10. CLOSED CIVIL CASES , 1925-29 , 1931-34 . 2 vols .

Author: Historical Records Survey (U.S.). Oklahoma



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