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1 CASTE AND THE PAST a ) What is ' caste " ? In one of the James Bond stories
our hero is locked in a cell in which one of the walls begins to move gradually
inwards . There is no window , the door is double - locked and the walls are all ...

Author: David Haslam



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The Dalits of India are downtrodden out-castes, constituting 17 per cent of the Indian population. However, thanks partly to the mass movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, they are comprised largely of those of the Christian faith. As a result of a sabbatical journey to India and Pakistan, David Haslam offers a sympathetic outsider's glimpse into India's caste system and the liberation struggle of the Dalits. Comparison is made between casteism and racism and the Church is called upon to play its part in overcoming caste oppression across India.

Caste in India

outcasted.64 Most professional castes also have regular clienteles , persons for
whom individuals perform regular ... Poaching on the practice of a fellow -
casteman would be a proper subject for the caste panchayat to adjudicate upon .

Author: John Henry Hutton

Publisher: [Bombay] : Indian Branch, Oxford University Press


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Caste Hindu and Scheduled Caste Children in Rural India

is found favourable to the Caste Hindu children only in the age group of 10 - 11
years . The reason may be that because of false high càste pride and adequate
material possession such as land , housing etc . the Caste Hindu children in 10 ...

Author: Om Prakash

Publisher: New Delhi : Ess Ess Publications


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Caste and Kin in Nepal India and Ceylon

assertion of high caste - status , even if bought at the expense of some sacrifices
and inconveniences , will ultimately benefit the entire Thakali community . What
has so far changed most are not the relations between the Thakalis and the other

Author: Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf



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Construction of Indian History and Caste

14 ) Caste system in India Indian social history and stratification of varna
generalization presumed to be originated from divine action and strictly speaking
it is not about human ' s history . It is story of god and not that of man .
Subsequently due ...

Author: V. Kannu Pillai



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Chiefly on formation of caste structure in India.

Minority Education and Caste

First , the upper castes have had a head start in education and are therefore
more likely to possess higher qualifications for the same positions . Second , and
perhaps more important , traditional caste barriers intrude into the modern Indian

Author: John U. Ogbu



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Caste Race and Religion in India

a host of different castes following the same occupa . tion , nor exhibit , as they do
, a constant tendency towards fission . If , as Ibbetson supposes , the Brāmhans
selfishly “ degraded all occupations , except their own and that of their patrons of

Author: Sarat Chandra Roy (Rai Bahadur)

Publisher: Ranchi : Man in India Office


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Ideology Caste Class and Gender

The caste and class variables are introduced as an additional area of inquiry
which examines the differential patterns of caste and class behaviour if any. In
effect this part of the book examines the working of gender ideology within the

Author: Selvy Thiruchandran



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Study with special references to Tamil Nadu, India.

Half caste

ground the bare granite ranges of Central Australia , the half - castes and
quadroons of the Alice Springs and Pine Creek compounds would march , in
their denims and rough ginghams , fresh from the life which allows them neither
father nor ...

Author: Eric Baume




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Reconceptualising Caste Class and Tribe

These are : ( 1 ) equality before the law ; ( 2 ) prohibition of discrimination on
grounds of religion , race , caste , sex or place of birth ; and ( 3 ) equality of
opportunity in matters of public employment . 26 The most important of the three
is equality ...

Author: Kanhaiya Lal Sharma



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With reference to India.

Caste and Class in a Southern Town

An extraordinarily powerful exposition of social patterns in a small town, this book has become a benchmark in social science methodology and a classic in American studies.

Author: John Dollard

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299121341

Category: History

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Analysis of the effects of long-established patterns of discrimination upon the Negro and white citizens of a single Southern town poses the general problem in the specific terms of social research.

The Curse of Caste

Already I clasped the pillar of the temple of Caste and it had to tumble , even if I
was buried beneath its ruins . I walked about the house feverishly , sometimes
quoting Shakespeare , sometimes declaiming for Colonel Custis as if on the ...

Author: Nathaniel James Walter Le Cato



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Parliament in a Caste Society

... of Race Relations at the Holiday Inn, East London, on Tuesday, 21 January
Good Parliament in a Caste Society 1975 PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. Front

Author: Bernard Friedman



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Gendering Caste Through a Feminist Lens

Understanding Caste 9. Gerald D. Berreman , ' The Brahmanical View of Caste . '
10. Dumont , Homo Hierarchicus , p.81 , n3 . 11. Berreman , ' The Brahmanical
View of Caste ' , p.88 . 12. Gail Omvedt , ' Caste , Class and Land in India : An ...

Author: Uma Chakraborty

Publisher: Popular Prakashan

ISBN: 9788185604541

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Examining the crucial linkages between caste and gender, undertaken, perhaps, for the first time, Uma Chakravarti unmasks the mystique of consensus in the workings of the caste system to reveal the underlying violence and coercion that perpetuate a severely hierarchical and unequal society. The subordination of women and the control of female sexuality are crucial to the maintenance of the caste system, creating what feminist scholars have termed brahmanical patriarchy. She discusses the range of patriarchal practices within the larger framework of sexuality, labour and access to material resources, and also focuses on the centrality of endogamous marriages that maintain the system. Erudite yet accessible, this book enables the reader to understand the interface of gender and caste and to participate in its critical analysis.