Casual Birding in Trinidad Tobago

Perfect for anyone who has ever seen a bird before, this book is designed to awaken wonder and excitement about the feathered friends that we see on a daily basis.

Author: Faraaz Abdool




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Perfect for anyone who has ever seen a bird before, this book is designed to awaken wonder and excitement about the feathered friends that we see on a daily basis. It is an invitation to stop and take a minute or two to give more than simply a passing glance at the masters of the air. It is encouragement to explore; to see and experience new sights and sounds, all within the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, the richest in the Caribbean in terms of biodiversity, a unique place that almost 1.4 million people are fortunate to call home.With more than 500 full-colour photographs, relaxed descriptions and accounts based on a fine mix of historical data and personal experience, this book strikes the ideal balance between a good read and a handy reference.

The Biological Diversity of Trinidad and Tobago

Most birds have to rest, and they roost in a range of different habitats, mostly selected to minimise predation. ... and Tobago, as in many other parts of the world, birds are the most obvious of the vertebrates to the casual observer.

Author: J. S. Kenny

Publisher: Prospect Press/MEP

ISBN: 9769508233

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"Written for students at sixth form and undergraduate levels, and for 'the interested adult reader who might want to get a general feel for the subject', this is a systematic introduction to the rich diversity of Trinidad and Tobago's natural history, illustrated with maps and the author's own field photography. To manage a country's natural heritage effectively, the author argues, its organisms and ecosystems must be understood. Chronicling its degradation is not enough."--Publisher's description.

Manual of Neotropical Birds

Trinidad and Tobago . [ Breeds in Alaska and Canada . Winters in western and southern United States ( rarely to British Columbia and New York ) , southward in Mexico and the West Indies . Casual in Bermuda . Accidental in Greenland and ...

Author: Emmet Reid Blake

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226056418

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Containing more than one-third of the world's bird species, the neotropical region surpasses all other zoogeographic regions in the diversity of its avian fauna. Though the exploration and cataloging stages of ornithology are now virtually complete, new species and undescribed subspecies of birds are still occasionally discovered. In this manual, Emmet R. Blake has drawn on his experience of forty-eight years in the field and laboratory to prepare a comprehensive, detailed, and authoritative synopsis of the avifauna of tropical America as now known.

Birds of Northern South America An Identification Guide

Status Locally uncommon to common in coastal Ecuador, local, uncommon and seasonal in parts of Colombia, uncommon to locally fairly common in Venezuela, scarce in Trinidad (no records from Tobago). Casual visitor from mainland to Aruba ...

Author: Miguel Lentino

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 147298160X

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This is the first comprehensive identification guide dealing exclusively with the birds of this region. It covers all the species, including vagrants, found in Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Over 2,300 species are described in depth in the text, describing geographical variation, identification, status, habitat, voice and taxonomy. This authoritative book will not only be an indispensable guide to the visiting birder, but also a vital tool for those engaged in work to conserve and study the avifauna of this region, which is of such importance to both the indigenous species and those which pass through on migration. A companion to Birds of Northern South America: An Identification Guide - Plates and Maps Volume 1 and Volume2 available as a shrinkwrapped set: 0 7136 6026 0 £85 'The best field guide ever produced.' Cage & Aviary Birds, June 2007 'An extremely impressive and very valuable contribution to the literature on neotropical birds and I would certainly recommend it to anyone interested in the region.' (January 2007)

Neotropical Migratory Birds

Natural History, Distribution, and Population Change Richard DeGraaf, John Rappole. Mallard Canada (Quebec): Canard Malard Anas ... In Trinidad and Tobago, an occasional winter resident and migrant. In Honduras, a rare migrant sometimes ...

Author: Richard DeGraaf

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 1501734016

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Thrushes, warblers, vireos, and tanagers are probably the most familiar of the Neotropical migrants—birds that breed in the United States and Canada, then journey to spend the winter in the Caribbean, Mexico, or southward. But this extraordinary group actually comprises a large number of diverse species, including waterfowl, shorebirds, terns, hawks, flycatchers, and hummingbirds. In their compendious review of information on these birds, Richard M. DeGraaf and John H. Rappole illuminate the need for a thorough understanding of the ecology of each species, one that extends throughout the entire life cycle. The authors argue convincingly that conservation efforts must be based on such an understanding and carried out across a species' range—not limited to the breeding grounds. This book is the first to summarize in one volume much-needed practical data about the distribution and breeding habitat requirements of migratory birds in North and South America. The body of the book consists of natural history accounts of more than 350 species of Neotropical migrants, including a brief description of each bird's range, status, habitats on breeding grounds, nest site, and wintering areas. The authors provide a complete range map of each species' distribution in the Western Hemisphere as well as notes on the distribution—basic data that until recently have largely been unavailable in usable form to ornithologists and land and resource managers. An appendix lists species that are increasing or decreasing at significant rates in various physiographic regions of North America.

The Birds of North and Middle America

A Descriptive Catalogue of the Higher Groups, Genera, Species, and Subspecies of Birds Known to Occur in North America, ... Changuiniola ) , to Venezuela ( Lake of Valencia and Caracas ) ; Trinidad ; Tobago ; Colombia ( Medellín ...

Author: Robert Ridgway



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Birds of Venezuela

N birds migratory. ... Thick wedge-shaped bill and enlarged bulbous frontal shield (extends to crown) chalky white (shield often faintly tinged yellow); inconspic. dusky ring near bill tip. ... Trinidad and Tobago (sight). Casual to ...

Author: Steven L. Hilty

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 0691092508

Category: Nature

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"Detailed range maps plot collection localities and sight records - a unique feature - for almost all species. Plumage descriptions are provided for each bird, as is extensive information on voice, behavior, and status. More than 800 bibliographic entries accompany the text, making this book an invaluable and broad-based reference to the avifauna of not only Venezuela but much of northern South America. Treating nearly 40 percent of the continent's bird species, Birds of Venezuela is the definitive resource for all birders with an eager eye on this splendorous country and the surrounding region."--BOOK JACKET.

The Birds of South America

Argentina ( south to Mendoza , Córdoba , and Buenos Aires ) ; present in s . part of breeding range only during austral summer ( mostly Sept. - Mar . ) ; on Pacific slope south to nw . Peru ; Trinidad , casual on Tobago ...

Author: Robert S. Ridgely

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 9780292707566

Category: Nature

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A land of incredible natural resources, the South American continent is rich in plant and animal species. Among birds alone, over 3,100 species are either resident or migrant. Birds are some of South America's treasures and also one of its most endangered resources. Hence the need for a descriptive record of South American birds that will serve both professional and amateur bird students and encourage conservation of these magnificent species. Although South American birds elicit much popular and scientific interest, they have never been completely or satisfactorily described and cataloged in a single, published source. The Birds of South America, projected to be a four-volume work, thus fills a critical void. Starting from a museum approach, the authors have examined specimens of each subspecies, comparing them visually and trying to discern the patterns in their plumage variation, both intra- and inter-specifically. They take a new look at bird systematics, reassessing relationships in light of new information. Perhaps most important, they combine this review and analysis with extensive field observations to give an accurate, incisive portrait of the birds in nature. At a time when rapid development is devastating millions of acres of tropical habitat in South America, this record of an endangered resource becomes crucial. If the birds and other plants and animals of South America are to be saved, they must first be known and appreciated. The Birds of South America is a major step in that direction. Volume I includes the Jays and Swallows; Wrens, Thrushes, and Allies; Vireos and Wood-warblers; Tanagers, Icterids, and Finches. The remaining volumes of The Birds of South America will be: Volume III: The Nonpasserines (Landbirds) Volume IV: The Nonpasserines (Waterbirds) No release date has been set for the remaining volumes.

The Birds of North and Middle America Family Cathartidae The American vultures Family Accipitridae The hawks eagles kites Harriers and old world vultures Family Pandionidae The ospreys Family Falconidae The falcons and caracaras

... northern Venezuela ( Maruria , Culata , Lake Valencia , Altagracia , Caicara ) ; Trinidad ; Tobago ; to Ecuador ... Casual in winter north to Nebraska , Iowa , Illinois , Indiana , Ohio , southern Ontario , southern Quebec , and New ...

Author: Robert Ridgway



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Trinidad Tobago

The resort is set in 10 acres ( 4 hectares ) of landscaped gardens by three of Tobago's most beautiful beaches – Store Bay ... Bacchanals is a more casual restaurant and bar on the beach serving lunch and snacks during the day , and ...

Author: Don Philpott

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 9781901522051

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This title is part of Landmark's series of guides to islands. It has an emphasis on practical information to enable visitors to make the most from their stay. The book is divided into three parts: Welcome to Trinidad and Tobago, which describes the islands in general, highlighting how to get there, history, climate, culture, plant and animal life and local food and drink; Out and About, in which the author explores the principal inhabited islands by way of guided island tours; and the Landmark FactFile, which gives a comprehensive listing of all the essential information. It includes accommodation for those travelling independently as well as a section giving advice on getting married in the islands.