Catching Snowflakes

Sparkling Christmas romance.

Author: Nora Roberts


ISBN: 9780263910476

Category: Inheritance and succession

Page: 507

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Sparkling Christmas romance. Mitch hadn't been planning on spending Christmas with anyone, until shy single mum Hester Wallace moved in upstairs. Now he is determined to become her Christmas hero. Pandora McVie must spend Christmas with the co-beneficiary of her beloved Uncle's will, but she and Michael Donohue have never got along...until now. Contains: A Will and a Way, Local Hero.

Catching Snowflakes

fond of catching snowflakes as they slowly fall dillydallying with the winter breeze, almost taking little too long to reach my hands and face.

Author: Swetha Bhagwat

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1649199406

Category: Poetry

Page: 146

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Catching Snowflakes is a collection of poems and paintings that were born on stormy days in the cold frigid winters of Upstate New York. They try to capture the beauty and serenity in the many shades of winter. However occasionally, just like the snowflakes, they drift and land in unexpected places—sometimes settling on a surprising idea or a strange emotion or an unheralded perspective. This book is meant to be a cosy read and is filled with white winter’s charm. It is for people that love winter and want to relive it, out of season - for just a little while (as I often do). It is also for people who have never seen snow-covered winters and want to glimpse it from the comfort of their warm couches. So, fill your cups with hot chocolate or warm spiced tea, and let’s go catching snowflakes.

Catching Snowflakes

But here are some that lingered, that stayed with me. These snowflakes refused to melt on my breath and disappear at my fingertips. I'm throwing them up in the air, everywhere. And they're yearning, yearning for you to catch them.

Author: L. Diaz

Publisher: Creative Talents Unleashed

ISBN: 9780692694374


Page: 130

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A snowflake is symbolic of a moment, trapped and frozen in time. Each snowflake has its own imprint, like lives wrapped in laughter and joy, in grief and sorrow, unique, chaotic and beautiful moments that we are unable to recreate, for no two are the same.Snowflakes taste of nostalgia, laced with bittersweet notes of waxy lemons and orange blossom honey. There's no feeling quite like catching snowflakes, whether they're melting on your tongue, clustered in the palm of your hand or preserved somewhere safe, somewhere only we know.Like white winter butterflies arcing across silver skies and racing towards a fluorescent red sun, they are gone too soon. But here are some that lingered, that stayed with me. These snowflakes refused to melt on my breath and disappear at my fingertips. I'm throwing them up in the air, everywhere. And they're yearning, yearning for you to catch them.

Catching Snowflakes and Other Poems

A collection of poems of different lengths and styles - some with a hint of humour, others of a more serious nature - exploring a variety of themes, such as animals, nature, emotions, and the world around us.

Author: Victoria Zigler

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546383208


Page: 72

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A collection of poems of different lengths and styles - some with a hint of humour, others of a more serious nature - exploring a variety of themes, such as animals, nature, emotions, and the world around us.

Preschool Appropriate Practices Environment Curriculum and Development

Catching. a. Snowflake. After talking it over with the teacher, the children ... “You have to catch snowflakes when they are falling,” announced Jonathan, ...

Author: Janice J. Beaty

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1285499956

Category: Education

Page: 416

View: 216

Unique alignment of chapters for each of the 13 learning centers in a preschool classroom make PRESCHOOL APPROPRIATE PRACTICES, 4th Edition a must have resource for preschool teachers. Emphasis is placed on setting up preschool centers for self-directed learning, treating the teacher as a facilitator. Creative ideas for involving children in all aspects of their learning, including rule making and curriculum planning, are found throughout the book. These activities integrate with the National Association for the Education of Young Children's (NAEYC) developmentally appropriate practice (DAP), a nationally recommended set of early childhood practices. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Discover Nature in Winter

Before you plan to catch snowflakes, put a piece of dark construction paper or fabric in the freezer. When it snows, place the frozen paper or fabric on a ...

Author: Elizabeth P. Lawlor

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811727198

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 198

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Introduces common living things that continue to make a living during the winter and suggests activities for discovering what each creature looks like, where it lives, and how it survives.

The Death of a Rose

“Let's catch snowflakes on our tongues!” says Josef. “That's silly, only children do stupid things like that.” Josef then throws Katarina over his shoulder, ...

Author: Karen McBroom

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475949367

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

View: 120

It is 1941 in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, and sixteen-year-old Katarina is overflowing with excitement for the day ahead. As she opens the birthday gift her father has left for her, Katarina gasps in wonderment as she gazes at the tiny, carved heart intertwined in a vine of roses. Despite the threat of Nazi occupation that constantly hangs over her Czech village, Katarina is looking forward to her birthday party with great anticipation. But when her dream of a grand day is squashed, all Katarina wants to do is escape. Seventeen-year-old Josef is a young scholar who knows that tradition dictates that marriage be arranged for him. As a member of one of the few Jewish families living in Lidice, Josef just wants to survive in an intolerant world of hate and prejudice. But when he sees the beautiful Katarina reading in a corner of the town square by herself every day, he cannot resist her magnetic pull. He finally approaches her, and the teenagers soon realize they are meant to be together, despite the danger lurks in the shadows. The Death of a Rose is the unforgettable historical tale of two young people who risk everything for love during the Nazi occupation of their tiny village.


Dan watched a neighbor's child running about, with mouth open, trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue, and immediately saw a painting in his mind: ...

Author: Ben Kraieski

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491872721

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 292

View: 866

This is a novel containing two parallel stories: a fable about Ortho the Cricket's quest to sing a World Song which transcends the traditional Cricket Song and it is also a story about Dan Lesniak's quest for artistic expression that transcends traditional painting techniques. Ortho and Dan travel different paths to same destination. Both meet obstacles on the way that hinder their quests and threaten to prevent them from achieving their life-long pursuits.


Catching Snowflakes On My Tongue Chasing The crystal sky Full Of flavorful snowflakes Falling Ever so gingerly Icing Like those of sugary cakes Landing ...

Author: M. J. Flores

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412021715

Category: Poetry

Page: 90

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There is a seed inside the soul that grows into dreams. It is filled with incredible potential and the power to change. It is composed of the beauty of life and awakens you to live. This is a dreamseed. dreamseeds is a collection of different thoughts, perspectives and reflections expressed in the voice of poetry. May this collection of poems provide you with a window of sunlight in your garden of life, and inspire you to awaken your own dreamseed.

Catching Snowflakes

Each budding song will blossom in your mind.Wit and wisdom for the wise."Mother's words confuseShould I look before I leapOr hesitate and lose"

Author: Sim Wenner


ISBN: 9781441483355


Page: 144

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Each budding song will blossom in your mind.Wit and wisdom for the wise."Mother's words confuseShould I look before I leapOr hesitate and lose"

Concept oriented Reading Instruction

Then someone asked , " How did Snowflake Bentley catch the snowflakes and look at them before they melted ? Our hands are too warm ; they melt the snowflake ...

Author: Emily Anderson Swan

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 9781572308121

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

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This book presents Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI), a research-supported framework for integrating curriculum with instruction and fostering long-term engagement in reading. CORI is a practical model that helps K-6 teachers plan integrated units of instruction based on their own interests and strengths as well as their state's curricular requirements. Demonstrated are compelling ways to: *Connect reading and writing to science, social studies, or math *Create an active, collaborative classroom environment *Use real-world observations to promote strategic thinking and learning *Get students involved in setting and pursuing their own knowledge goals *Develop creative assignments, build student portfolios, and evaluate progress The book is replete with concrete examples showing the CORI approach in action, including lively descriptions and photographs of a semester-long grade 2-3 weather unit. Also included are useful reproducible planning tools and assessment materials.

Just Catching Snowflakes

Is Christmas your favorite time of the year?

Author: Maggie Nguyen


ISBN: 9781689106047


Page: 110

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Is Christmas your favorite time of the year? Or are you already stressed out how to manage all the holiday meetings at work and with family? This journal will help you to have a stress free holiday! Click on "look inside" to get familiar with the interior of this journal. Inside you will find: Gift list Christmas Cards Checklist December at a glance Christmas Eve and Day Schedule including schedule Holiday event tracker for all the gatherings, meetings and parties you cannot miss Online order tracker, track items so you do not get lost Christmas decorating shopping list Stocking Stuffers Make a list of Christmas movies you want to watch and the games you want to play for some fun next to the tree. Bucket list Christmas budget Party planner with supplies, food and decoration and guest list Recipes to write down your favorite seasonal dishes Menu (appetizer, entree, main course, sides, drinks and deserts) and grocery list Gratitude Notes This planner makes a perfect gift for busy moms and that one colleague who puts her Christmas lights up at the office the day after Halloween.

Catching Snowflakes

Breslin is the perfect gentleman. Sensitive, handsome, and a little bit mysterious. In this story, secrets, lies, and jealousy play a huge part in the failure of an important friendship.

Author: Nicole Whitman


ISBN: 9781484175675


Page: 56

View: 768

Breslin is the perfect gentleman. Sensitive, handsome, and a little bit mysterious. In this story, secrets, lies, and jealousy play a huge part in the failure of an important friendship. See in this family drama with a romantic streak, how a reckless, rebellious teenage girl gains a healthy respect for herself and the people around her when she realizes how big the world really is.

Reflections Through Time and Rhyme

Making snow angels and snowmen from snowflakes, Sledding down hillsides alongside a white lake, Catching snowflakes on the tip of your tongue, ...

Author: Sharon E. Licht

Publisher: CCB Publishing

ISBN: 1926918622

Category: Poetry

Page: 236

View: 926

Reflections Through Time and Rhyme is a collection of poems about life. From childhood to adulthood, this book is a tribute to the cherished and treasured memories of life. The poems contained within are original and range from rhymed verse to free verse, with a few sonnets for good measure. Reflections Through Time and Rhyme is divided into sections with poems arranged alphabetically within each section. The sections are arranged as follows: Childhood, Bucks County, Christmas, Family Ties, Life Lines, Pathways, Seascapes, Summertime, The Inner Child, Wings, and Wintertime. This poetry collection is uplifting and a celebration of life through remembering the happy times. About the Author: Sharon Elizabeth Bleasdale-Licht of Holland, Pennsylvania grew up in Morrisville, Pennsylvania, a town in Bucks County, PA. Sharon is married to her husband Jeffrey. She has two children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. From a young age, Sharon has loved to write fictional stories, poetry and verse. Writing song lyrics is also a passion. Sharon is retired from a major newspaper publishing company located in Princeton, New Jersey. After a 28-year career as Management Secretary, Sharon enjoys time devoted to her passion of writing. Sharon has attended classes in Secretarial Science, Psychology, English, Literature and Social Studies at both Rider College and Bucks County Community College. In addition to this book, Sharon has also written Magic Marmalade: A Tale of the Moonlight Fairies and Childhood Travels, a small poetry book for all ages. In addition to the publications mentioned, a sequel to the Magic Marmalade story is an ongoing project. The author can be contacted through her website at:

Chicken Soup for the Soul O Canada The Wonders of Winter

Catching. Snowflakes. Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense. ~Helen Rowland ...

Author: Jack Canfield

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1611592313

Category: Self-Help

Page: 400

View: 286

Canadian winters are notorious! But this collection will warm your heart, brighten your day, and lift your spirits with its 101 stories about embracing and making the most of those long winter months. Winters in Canada are tough, but so are the people! Any Canadian – from east to west coast; from city to rural – will love the 101 stories in this new collection about embracing those long winter days and making the most of them. Filled with amusing and encouraging stories about weathering the cold, creating warm memories with family and friends, and playing great winter sports.

Christmas According to Humphrey

They were catching snowflakes on pieces of black paper, then bending over them with the magnifying glass. 'They're looking at snowflakes,' I told Og. 'I ...

Author: Betty G. Birney

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571255450

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 208

View: 208

Dear Friends Jingle bells and dancing snowflakes, Christmas was coming and suddenly my life as a classroom hamster became unsqueakably exciting! The music teacher, Miss Lark, spent a lot of time in Room 26, preparing our class for Longfellow School's Winter Wonderland show so there was plenty of FUN-FUN-FUN. But my classmates were also having some BIG-BIG-BIG problems. Could one small hamster solve them on his own? Luckily, the spirit of the season managed to shine through and in the end it was definitely a Christmas to remember. Season's squeaking to all, Humphrey

Merry Christmas Cowboy

They stood by the Christmas tree, palms out, catching snowflakes. “Mommy's here, Uncle Garrett. She's wishing us a merry Christmas.

Author: Charlene Sands

Publisher: Tule Publishing

ISBN: 1952560535

Category: Fiction


View: 950

He flips houses. She flips hearts… Independent contractor Garrett Brown hopes to survive Christmas in Last Stand, Texas, without too much fuss. Not interested in the rancher lifestyle, he plans to flip the house he inherited on Cottonwood Ranch and move onto his next project. Little Cody, the nephew he’s raising, needs stability, and he’s got a home waiting for them in California. The last thing Garrett needs is to become attached to anyone—or any place—or to get involved with silly Christmas festivities. Kindergarten teacher Nicole Russell adores Christmas and is counting on the holiday to get her through her recent at-the-altar break up. Tired of pitying looks from the townsfolk, she decides to chair the Honeysuckle Holiday Fundraiser. When she reaches out to the new owner of Cottonwood Ranch, the perfect venue site, she expects cooperation, not stonewalling. Undeterred, Nicole makes her case with persuasive arguments that the too-handsome stranger in town cannot dodge and they strike a bargain. Nicole and Garrett are at odds, but their holiday pact and the power of Christmas may change both of their lives forever.

My Happy Ending

As we walked hand in hand, up and down the street, catching snowflakes on our tongues, Karl suddenly stopped and looked at me trying to catch the snowflakes ...

Author: Caitlyn Rahier

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 132910224X

Category: Fiction


View: 667

"My Happy Ending" is about a teenage girl who experiences her final year of high school; however, she finds some challenges along the way that she must face before the final bell rings on her last day