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The Caledonian Mercury made its appearance CHAISE - LONGUE : CAAISE - MARINE ( 7th S. vi . ... hundred years . the English form chaise - lounge = the Fr. chaiseIn 1796 the Scottish Congregational Magazine longue is that our word lounge ...




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The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

Thus, chaise longue has become, except for the very few purists, chaise lounge. Madeline Hamermesh Minneapolis, Minnesota I was in the automobile business (sales) for several years. 194 William Safire.

Author: William Safire

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416587403

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

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For the past twenty-five years Americans have relied on Pulitzer Prize-winning wordsmith William Safire for their weekly dose of linguistic illumination in The New York Times Magazine's column "On Language" -- one of the most popular features of the magazine and a Sunday-morning staple for innumerable fans. He is the most widely read writer on the English language today. Safire is the guru of contemporary vocabulary, speech, language, usage and writing. Dedicated and disputatious readers itch to pick up each column and respond to the week's linguistic wisdom with a gotcha letter to the Times. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time marks the publication of Safire's sixteenth book on language. This collection is a classic to be read, re-read, enjoyed and fought over. Fans, critics and fellow linguists wait with bated (from the French abattre "to beat down") breath for each new anthology -- and, like its predecessors, this one is bound to satisfy and delight. Safire finds fodder for his columns in politics and current events, as well as in science, technology, entertainment and daily life. The self-proclaimed card-carrying language maven and pop grammarian is not above tackling his own linguistic blunders as he detects language trends and tracks words, phrases and clichés to their source. Scholarly, entertaining and thoughtful, Safire's critical observations about language and slanguage are at once provocative and enlightening. Safire is America's go-to guy when it comes to language, and he has included sharp and passionately opinionated letters from readers across the English-speaking world who have been unable to resist picking up a pen to put the maven himself in his place or to offer alternate interpretations, additional examples, amusing anecdotes or just props. The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time is a fascinating, learned and piquant look at the oddities and foibles that find their way into the English language. Exposing linguistic hooey and rigamarole and filled with Safire's trademark wisdom, this book has a place on the desk or bedside table of all who share his profound love of the English language -- as well as his penchant for asking "What does that mean?" Or, "Wassat?" This new collection is sure to delight readers, writers and word lovers everywhere and spark the interest of anyone who has ever wondered, "Where did the phrase 'brazen hussy' come from?"

A Lighthearted Book of Common Errors

Chaise. Lounge/Chaise. Longue. Would you like to know a term that practically everybody gets wrong? I myself was one of those “everybodies” until I accidentally stumbled upon the right spelling and pronunciation in a dictionary.

Author: Don Hoeferkamp

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1426954271

Category: Education

Page: 136

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Leading magazines and newspapers; seminary journals; Congress members and Presidents; prominent historians, authors, journalists, newscasters, and talk-show hosts all have made language blunders that found their way into A Lighthearted Book of Common Errors. These arent just typos or temporary lapses. They occur repeatedly and without apology! And now the most egregious slip-ups are gathered into a single place. Heres a great opportunity to seize the moment and upgrade your knowledge of English. Then youll be better able to recognize common errors and correct them in your own speech and writing. Its a mini-education in a most delightful format: humorous settings that couch mistakes in unforgettable ways and challenge your wit, a la Dr. Seuss. Who wouldnt want to invest a few dollars and a few hours in such a pleasurable way as relaxing with this entertaining and instructive volume? Discover why the reason why and the reason is because are redundancies. Learn how dangling participles can get you hung up in illogical sentences. And dare to confront other words and phrases that are misspelled, mispronounced, and misused. Its a snarky lark with a stark bark that will mark you as a word shark and help you avoid the dark!


Dani Shapiro, continuing in a chapter about the places people write, waxes lyrical about a chaise longue. 'It wasn't just any chaise longue, it was the perfect chaise longue,' she says. 'There are a lot of things we need in our home ...

Author: Claire Askew

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529384842

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 224

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NOVELISTA is a friendly, straight-talking writing guide for people who want to write a novel but don't know how to begin. It asks all the important questions and gives a host of reassuring answers that demonstrate that anyone can write a novel - even you! To begin with, what the hell is a novel? It's basically a tiny world, where characters are born, live, and (sometimes) die. To write one all you need is a notebook and a pen - but along the way you'll want to learn about good writing habits, planning, mastering descriptions and dialogue and how to pull it all together. This book will guide you through the process and orient you towards the goal of publication. From absolute beginner to novelista, this book will change the way you write and think about writing.

Beyonce Chinoiserie

Thomas Sheraton noted in 1802 that chaise longue forms “have their name from the French, which imports a long chair. ... 51 Some chaise lounges were made in America by the early decades of the eighteenth century.52 The overall form of ...

Author: Petra ten-Doesschate Chu

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004387838

Category: Art

Page: 340

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In Beyond Chinoiserie, historians of art, literature, and material culture address artistic relations between China and the West during the nineteenth century, a time when Western powers’ attempts at extending a sphere of influence in China led to increasingly hostile interactions.

Port Out Starboard Home

Chaise longue The audience at the Chichester Festival Theatre is often criticized for being deeply conservative, preferring older, wellmade plays to modern stuff. One of the many jokes on this theme tells of a lady of mature years who ...

Author: Michael Quinion

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141909048

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

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Can it really be true that 'golf' stands for 'Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden'? Or that 'rule of thumb' comes from an archaic legal principle that a man may chastise his wife, but only with a rod no thicker than his thumb? These and hundreds of other stories are commonly told and retold whenever people meet. They grow up in part because expressions are often genuinely mysterious. Why, for example, are satisfying meals 'square' rather than any other shape? And how did anyone ever come up with the idea that if you're competent at something you can 'cut the mustard'? Michael Quinion here retells many of the more bizarre tales, and explains their real origins where they're known. This is a fascinating treasure-trove of fiction and fact for anyone interested in language.

The Columbia Guide to Standard American English

92 chaise longue • character represent efforts to find nonmasculine names for the one who chairs the meeting or the committee. Chairwoman and chairlady had been in use for some time prior to recent attempts to eliminate exclusive ...

Author: Kenneth G. Wilson

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0585041482

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 482

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In the most reliable and readable guide to effective writing for the Americans of today, Wilson answers questions of meaning, grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, and spelling in thousands of clear, concise entries. His guide is unique in presenting a systematic, comprehensive view of language as determined by context. Wilson provides a simple chart of contexts—from oratorical speech to intimate, from formal writing to informal—and explains in which contexts a particular usage is appropriate, and in which it is not. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English provides the answers to questions about American English the way no other guide can with: * an A–Z format for quick reference; * over five thousand entries, more than any other usage book; * sensible and useful advice based on the most current linguistic research; * a convenient chart of levels of speech and writing geared to context; * both descriptive and prescriptive entries for guidance; * guidelines for nonsexist usage; * individual entries for all language terms. A vibrant description of how our language is being spoken and written at the end of the twentieth century—and how we ourselves can use it most effectively—The Columbia Guide to Standard American English is the ideal handbook to language etiquette: friendly, sensible, and reliable.

You re Saying It Wrong

chaise. longue. [shays LAWHNG)] (just a hint of ag) long, low chair with a back along half its length and one arm; reclining long chair Yes, as you can see above, it is not “chaise lounge.” But if you thought it was, you're far from ...

Author: Ross Petras

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 0399578099

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 192

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For word nerds and grammar geeks, a witty guide to the most commonly mispronounced words, along with their correct pronunciations and pithy forays into their fascinating etymologies and histories of use and misuse. With wit and good humor, this handy little book not only saves us from sticky linguistic situations but also provides fascinating cocktail-party-ready anecdotes. Entries reveal how to pronounce boatswain like an old salt on the deck of a ship, trompe l'oeil like a bona fide art expert, and haricot vert like a foodie, while arming us with the knowledge of why certain words are correctly pronounced the "slangy" way (they came about before dictionaries), what stalks of grain have to do with pronunciation, and more. With bonus sidebars like "How to Sound like a Seasoned Traveler" and "How to Sound Cultured," readers will be able to speak about foreign foods and places, fashion, philosophy, and literature with authority.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

DAY - BED , CHAISE LONGUE , AND CHAIR . MAUDE LILLIAN DE BRETTEVILLE , Coronado , Calif . Filed Feb. 23 , 1928 . Serial No. 256,086 . 1 Claim . ( CI . 155—130 . ) 1. A check holder comprising a casing for vertical mount . ing on a ...

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