Childhood beyond Pathology

The book reveals the emotional situations, social tensions, and political issues that shape the meaning of childhood, and focuses on what happens when a child departs from normative scripts of development.

Author: Lisa Farley

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438470924


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Brings psychoanalytic concepts to the notion of childhood development with a keen eye to discussions of social justice and human dignity. Childhood beyond Pathology offers an account of the ways that psychoanalytic concepts can inform ongoing challenges of representing development, belonging, and relationality, with a focus on debates over how children should be treated, what they might know, and who they should become. Drawing from fiction, clinical studies, and courtroom and classroom contexts, Lisa Farley explores a series of five conceptual figures—the replacement child, the neurodiverse child, the counterfeit child, the child heir of historical trauma, and the gender divergent child—with a keen eye to discussions of social justice and human dignity. The book reveals the emotional situations, social tensions, and political issues that shape the meaning of childhood, and focuses on what happens when a child departs from normative scripts of development. Through thought-provoking analysis, Farley develops themes that include childhood loss, the myth of innocence, the problem of diagnosis, the subject of racial hatred, the meaning of a good fight, and gender embodiment. She draws extensively on psychoanalytic concepts to show how the fantasy of the child advancing through lockstep stages fails to account for the child as symbolic of the conflicts of entering into the social world. Childhood beyond Pathology suggests we reconsider developmental understandings of childhood by honoring the elusive qualities of inner life.

The Queer Aesthetics of Childhood

Asymmetries of Innocence and the Cultural Politics of Child Development Hannah Dyer. no. 2–3 (2007): 177–195. ... Farley, L. Childhood beyond Pathology: A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnoses. Albany: State University of ...

Author: Hannah Dyer

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 1978804016

Category: Social Science

Page: 170

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In The Queer Aesthetics of Childhood, Hannah Dyer offers a study of how children’s art and art about childhood can forecast new models of social life that redistribute care, belonging, and political value. Dyer suggests that childhood’s cultural expressions offer insight into the persisting residues of colonial history, nation building, homophobia, and related violence. Drawing from queer and feminist theory, psychoanalysis, settler-colonial studies, and cultural studies, this book helps to explain how some theories of childhood can hurt children. Dyer’s analysis moves between diverse sites and scales, including photographs and an art installation, children’s drawings after experiencing war in Gaza, a novel about gay love and childhood trauma, and debates in sex-education. In the cultural formations of art, she finds new theories of childhood that attend to the knowledge, trauma, fortitude and experience that children might possess. In addressing aggressions against children, ambivalences towards child protection, and the vital contributions children make to transnational politics, she seeks new and queer theories of childhood.

Ambivalent Childhoods

Speculative Futures and the Psychic Life of the Child Jacob Breslow. University Press. Edelman, Marian Wright. ... Children's Defense Fund, March 21. ... Childhood beyond Pathology: A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnosis.

Author: Jacob Breslow

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 1452962022

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Explores childhood in relation to blackness, transfeminism, queerness, and deportability to interrogate what “the child” makes possible The concept of childhood contains many contested and ambivalent meanings that have extraordinary implications, particularly for those staking their claim for belonging and justice on the wish for inclusion within it. In Ambivalent Childhoods, Jacob Breslow examines contemporary U.S. social justice movements (including Black Lives Matter, transfeminism, queer youth activism, and antideportation movements) to discover and reveal how childhood operates within and against them. Ambivalent Childhoods brings together critical race, trans, feminist, queer, critical migration, and psychoanalytic theories to explore the role of childhood in shaping and challenging the disposability of young black life, the steadfastness of the gender binary, the queer life of children’s desires, and the precarious status of migrants. Through an engagement with“the psychic life of the child” that combines theoretical discussions of childhood, blackness, transfeminism, and deportability with critical readings of films, narrative, images, and social justice movements, Breslow demonstrates how childhood requires sustained attention as a complex and ambivalent site for contesting the workings of power, not only for the young. Ambivalent Childhoods is a forward-thinking and intersectional analysis of how childhood affects activism, national belonging, and the violence directed against queer, trans, and racialized people.

The Child in Question

The concept of childhood is so familiar that we tend to assume its universality. ... She is the author of Childhood beyond Pathology: A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnosis (SUNY Press, 2018). The Child in Question ...

Author: Julie C. Garlen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000191346

Category: Education

Page: 134

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What is a child? The concept of childhood is so familiar that we tend to assume its universality. However, the meaning of childhood is always being negotiated, not only by the imaginations of adults, but also by nations, markets, history and children themselves. Yet, as much as the question is considered by the social world, the contributions in this book remind readers that children are also active, embodied, and inquiring agents engaged in figuring a relationship with that the world they inherit. This book’s unifying theme, "The child in question," emerges from an assertation that childhood has boundaries far more elastic than can be held by the familiar notion of the innocent child developing toward a heteronormative future. The title pays homage to the work of sociologist, Diana Gittins, who, over twenty years ago, asked how the shifting meanings of children and childhood impact the lives of children. The contributions of this book examine contemporary educational policy and practice, curriculum material, literary and visual representations, and teacher narratives to further probe how and why it matters that childhood, as a concept and experience, remains as multiple and elusive as ever. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of the journal, Curriculum Inquiry.

Lectures on surgical pathology

The vascular tumors are remarkable by their frequent beginning before birth , and their especially quick growth in early childhood . Beyond all comparison they are the most common of congenital tumors . Hence , mother - spot is almost ...

Author: Sir James Paget




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Diagnostic Pathology Vascular E Book

PATHOLOGY. Histologic Features Cavernous type Numerous dilated, ... Otolaryngol Clin North Am. 48(1):29-45, 2015 2. North PE et al: Vascular tumors of infancy and childhood: beyond capillary hemangioma. Cardiovasc Pathol.

Author: David L. Stockman

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323431461

Category: Medical

Page: 750

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Diagnostic Pathology: Vascular offers a specific focus on vascular pathology, making it ideal for the practicing pathologist, dermatologist, pediatrician, or trainee. This easy-to-use, comprehensive reference book takes a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and boasts superior medical images — including radiology, gross pathology, and clinical photographs — on a wide variety of rare entities. This is your essential guide to understanding vascular pathology and diagnosis! Organ system-based approach to the diagnosis of vascular tumors includes diagnostic criteria and decision-making paradigms to rule out mimics in specific anatomic locations. Essential information is distilled into a bulleted format with numerous high-quality images to facilitate learning. "Key Facts" highlight the quick criteria needed for diagnosis or adequacy evaluation at the time of a procedure. Extensive clinical, radiographic, and histologic library of images of vascular lesions set in specific anatomic locations. Updated classification schema for vascular tumors, proliferations, and malformations modified from the current International Society for the Study of Vascular Anomalies and the 2013 WHO Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor book. Molecular genetic characteristics section for each tumor highlights additional possible ancillary techniques that can be employed for diagnostic purposes. Includes the most current immunohistochemical techniques useful for characterizing specific vascular tumors and utilizing in malignancy.

Oral History Education and Justice

Childhood Beyond Pathology: A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnosis. Albany: State University of New York Press. 2018. FNESCFNSA (First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association).

Author: Kristina R. Llewellyn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351715852

Category: Education

Page: 202

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This book addresses oral history as a form of education for redress and reconciliation. It provides scholarship that troubles both the possibilities and limitations of oral history in relation to the pedagogical and curricular redress of historical harms. Contributing authors compel the reader to question what oral history calls them to do, as citizens, activists, teachers, or historians, in moving towards just relations. Highlighting the link between justice and public education through oral history, chapters explore how oral histories question pedagogical and curricular harms, and how they shed light on what is excluded or made invisible in public education. The authors speak to oral history as a hopeful and important pedagogy for addressing difficult knowledge, exploring significant questions such as: how do community-based oral history projects affect historical memory of the public? What do we learn from oral history in government systems of justice versus in the political struggles of non-governmental organizations? What is the burden of collective remembering and how does oral history implicate people in the past? How are oral histories about difficult knowledge represented in curriculum, from digital storytelling and literature to environmental and treaty education? This book presents oral history as as a form of education that can facilitate redress and reconciliation in the face of challenges, and bring about an awareness of historical knowledge to support action that addresses legacies of harm. Furthering the field on oral history and education, this work will appeal to academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of social justice education, oral history, Indigenous education, curriculum studies, history of education, and social studies education.


Most children may die in utero or very soon after birth. 3. Di-George syndrome is a complete lack, ... development and in childhood. Beyond doubt, the social and hygienic factors, as every day conditions, conditions of work, food 94.

Author: Gozhenko AI

Publisher: Walery Zukow

ISBN: 8361047182


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