Common Decency

A dark, intimate novel of love, grief and obsession Susannah Dickey. " Surprising , clever , sad ... a propulsive joy to read . ' MEGAN NOLAN , AUTHOR OF ACTS OF DESPERATION COMMON DECENCY Susannah Dickey Susannah Dickey COMMON DECENCY.

Author: Susannah Dickey

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473573432

Category: Fiction

Page: 251

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'Susannah Dickey is a phenomenal talent and I loved this novel.' ELIZABETH DAY '[A] treat . . . vividly compelling . . . a rare talent' SUNDAY TIMES 'Seriously readable' DAILY MAIL 'I loved Common Decency . . . a surprising, clever, sad and strange book . . . such a propulsive joy to read too.' MEGAN NOLAN 'Susannah Dickey is, quite simply, one of the funniest and most insightful novelists writing today.' NELL FRIZZELL FROM THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR OF TENNIS LESSONS In an apartment building in Belfast, two women wrestle with the sorrows and spectres of love and loss. Since her mother's death, Lily has withdrawn from the world, trapped between grief and anger. She has to break out of this damaging cycle - but how? Upstairs, Siobhán is consumed by her affair with a married man. Her days revolve around his sporadic texts and rare visits. She barely notices the strange girl who lives below and dawdles in the foyer. But Lily is keeping a close eye on her neighbour, whose life seems so much better and more fulfilling than her own. When resentment evolves into something darker and more urgent, she decides to teach Siobhán a lesson... From the critically acclaimed author of Tennis Lessons comes a darkly powerful novel about two lives running closely in parallel but divided by gulfs of misunderstanding. With boundless wisdom and deep empathy, Dickey charts the anonymity and hidden intimacies of modern existence, and our profound human need to connect. 'Sharp as tacks, extremely funny and deeply moving. This novel is very good company.' JAN CARSON 'A poignant, deft portrayal of love, obsession and grief' STYLIST 'Rich and absorbing . . . thrilling and engaging' IRISH TIMES '[A]n unsettling, bewitching tale about loneliness, connection and obsession.' EVENING STANDARD PRAISE FOR SUSANNAH DICKEY 'I loved Tennis Lessons so much. Susannah is a phenomenally talented writer' ELIZABETH DAY 'A raw, fierce, shockingly honest coming-of-age story' LOUISE O'NEILL 'Incredibly funny . . . by turns charming and disgusting and I loved it' NELL FRIZZELL 'Brilliant . . . a wonderful writer, hugely talented, very funny and insightful' ALAN DAVIES 'Propulsive . . . brilliantly vivid . . . stays in the mind long after reading' IRISH TIMES 'A beautifully written and psychologically incisive bildungsroman...the arrival of a young writer to watch' OBSERVER

Sexuality and the Sacred

17 Common Decency : A New Christian Sexual Ethics MARVIN M. ELLISON It should come as no surprise that the church has lost its credibility where sex is concerned . It is also clear that if the church is going to regain any credibility ...

Author: James B. Nelson

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664255299

Category: Religion

Page: 406

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This volume is rooted in two convictions: first, sexuality is far more comprehensive and more fundamental to our existence than simply genital sex, and, second, sexuality is intended by God to be neither incidental nor detrimintal to our spirituality but a fully integrated and basic dimension of that spirituality. The authors address what our sexual experience reveals about God, the ways we understand the gospel, and the ways we read scripture and tradition and attempt to live faithfully.

For Shame

Offering examples from around the world of shame in various cultures, an author traces the disappearance of shame in American society, using O. J. Simpson, Jenny Jones, and even the Hollywood creation of Mrs.

Author: James B. Twitchell

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312194536

Category: Psychology

Page: 256

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Offering examples from around the world of shame in various cultures, an author traces the disappearance of shame in American society, using O. J. Simpson, Jenny Jones, and even the Hollywood creation of Mrs. Doubtfire as examples. 25,000 first printing.

Common Decency

This work came about because of the state our Country (USA) is in.

Author: Carla R. Mancari


ISBN: 9781717744715


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This work came about because of the state our Country (USA) is in. Not from wars, invasion, or threat of nuclear power. There is a much graver state than any nuclear power could cause. Yes, losing our lives is grave but losing our souls, that is an eternal nuclear blast.There is a lack of the very basic of our God-given nature, common decency. The oval office is no longer a place of common decency. The room that at one time was considered a place of honor must endure crude and bombastic rhetoric.The media news networks multiply the garbage by reporting it daily. Our souls are constantly under attack by the lack of leadership and the hypocritical silence of those who would call themselves Christians. I have spent eighty-five years on this planet, in this Country but never have I had to listen to and watch our beloved Country being tarnished by a tyrant and those who would blindly support and emulate him.Will, can common decency be restored? Like peace, only if we are willing to rise to the occasion and stop the bloody massacre of common decency.The intent of this work is for you who lack the knowledge of your inherent nature of common decency and therefore, believe you have the free rein to mistreat your fellow human beings. Not so, it will bite you in the butt when you least expect it.Read this, and you may learn something about yourself. Be open to change for your sake and the sake of a Nation that is on life support.Included are reviews of the Spiritual Heart Center and the Minute Method Meditation. I hope that these may help reveal your innate courage to rise and become that savior who is so desperately needed.

George Orwell Doubleness and the Value of Decency

But it is worth remembering that this is only so because the cranks, doctrinaires, etc., have been allowed to get there first; if the movement were invaded by better brains and more common decency, the objectionable types would cease to ...

Author: Anthony Stewart

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135924430

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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First Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Crime Histoire Soci t s

... history has concentrated on the following themes : Apart from the classical types of criminal offences like murder, robbery, and theft, petty crimes like insults or transgressions of common decency are intensively inquired into.




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