First International Conference in Information and Communication Technologies for Education and Training

... المعلومات، وحفظها، واسترجاعها، وخط تعاظم نظم الاتصالات، وإتاحة الربط بين الحاسبات، وقواعد البيانات مما أتاح نقل المعلومات وتبادلها، حدث ما غرف بالانفجار المعرفي، والثورة المعلوماتية، وتزايد سرعة الاتصالات ونقل المعلومات وتقنيتها.

Author: Ahmed Ferchichi


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Interpersonal Communication

In such a circumstance, communication would help you gain information necessary to self-protection. Sometimes people talk just to lessen the discomfort caused by protracted silences. They communicate to develop and maintain ...

Author: Kathleen Kelley Reardon

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company


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Interpersonal Communication: Where Minds Meet is a book that overcomes these shortcomings of past volumes on interpersonal communication. . The present volume represents a relational approach to interpersonal communication, looking at the process of information exchange between two or more individuals.

Communication in Nursing Practice

By doing so, by really thinking about our basic communication, we will have begun a process essential to our profession. "Knowledge of the communication process itself affects communication behavior" [10] . This principle is basic, ...

Author: Eleanor C. Hein

Publisher: Little Brown


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The Concise Encyclopedia of Communication

communication. intergroup accommodative processes. and “us” as a virtual representative of a group. While intercultural as well as intergroup perspectives have sometimes been infused into studies in such contexts, there is much more ...

Author: Wolfgang Donsbach

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

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This concise volume presents key concepts and entries from the twelve-volume ICA International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008), condensing leading scholarship into a practical and valuable single volume. Based on the definitive twelve-volume IEC, this new concise edition presents key concepts and the most relevant headwords of communication science in an A-Z format in an up-to-date manner Jointly published with the International Communication Association (ICA), the leading academic association of the discipline in the world Represents the best and most up-to-date international research in this dynamic and interdisciplinary field Contributions come from hundreds of authors who represent excellence in their respective fields An affordable volume available in print or online

Communication as

They take these resources and conventions from within a particular social and material context in order to turn back upon the world and communicate about it. Participants draw upon their knowledge of the English language and of how ...

Author: Gregory J. Shepherd

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1506318940

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In Communication as...: Perspectives on Theory, editors Gregory J. Shepherd, Jeffrey St. John, and Ted Striphas bring together a collection of 27 essays that explores the wide range of theorizing about communication, cutting across all lines of traditional division in the field. The essays in this text are written by leading scholars in the field of communication theory, with each scholar employing a particular stance or perspective on what communication theory is and how it functions. In essays that are brief, argumentative, and forceful, the scholars propose their perspective as a primary or essential way of viewing communication with decided benefits over other views.

Progress in Communication Sciences

Communication and development: The passing of the dominant paradigm. Communication Research, 3(2), 213—240. Rogers, E.M., & Adhikarya, R. (1978). Communication and inequitable development: Narrowing the socio-economic benefits gap.

Author: Brenda Dervin

Publisher: Praeger

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Elements of Effective Communication

Identify the major settings in which communication occurs and explain the differences between and among them. 1. Define communication and explain why it is difficult to achieve. 2. Identify the elements of the Feedback Model and explain ...

Author: Randal S. Chase

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La vida y el ministerio de Jesucristo. Este volumen es el primero de tres sobre el Nuevo Testamento. Abarca la vida de Cristo, desde la selección premortal como el Cordero de Dios a través de Su nacimiento e infancia. Luego seguimos al Maestro durante el primer año de Su ministerio, de como es tentado, bautizado, hace milagros, selecciona a los Doce Apóstoles, y luego enseña con parábolas y en el Sermón de la Montaña durante el segundo año de Su ministerio, Él enseña el sermón del Pan de Vida, se transfigura y otorga las llaves del sacerdocio a los Doce. Termina el segundo año de Su ministerio en Jerusalén, donde se declara a Si mismo la Luz del Mundo, el Hijo de Dios y el Mesías. La cubierta exhibe la imagen clásica de "El Sermón de la Montaña", pintado por Carl Heinrich Bloch en 1890.

Towards Equity in Global Communication

CONCLUSION Overall, these six assumptions are based on two basic myths of communication. The first assumption is that communication is either good or bad. Generally, "breakdowns" and manipulation is bad, other forms of communication are ...

Author: Richard C. Vincent

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This collection focuses on the issues of equity and equality in communication on the international or global level. It includes an evaluation of the recommendations of the MacBride Report in terms of their significance for the contemporary world.

Managerial Communication

In this struggle, opponents aim to neutralize, injure, or eliminate their rivals.10 These three definitions help define the nature of conflict and indicate the role of communication in conflict. The first definition uses the word ...

Author: Geraldine E. Hynes

Publisher: SAGE Publications

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A Practical, Strategic Approach to Managerial Communication Managerial Communication: Strategies and Applications focuses on communication skills and strategies that managers need in today’s workplace. This book continues to be the market leader due to its strategic approach, solid research base, comprehensive coverage, balanced examination of oral and written communication, and focus on managerial, not entry-level, competencies. In the Sixth Edition, author Geraldine E. Hynes preserves the book’s key strengths while reflecting the realities of the contemporary workplace.

Towards Realistic Communication Policies

the progress of ideas in education, the natural sciences, communication, the social sciences and culture have been based to a large extent on study and research carried out within the Organization or directly promoted by it.

Author: John A. R. Lee



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