The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America 4 volumes

Courtship, Love, and Marriage on the American Frontier; A Glimpse at America's Romantic Past through Photographs, Diaries, and Journals, 1715–1915. New York: Crown, 1996. Lystra, Karen. ... Cooking in America, 15901840.

Author: Randall M. Miller Ph.D.

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313065365

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The course of daily life in the United States has been a product of tradition, environment, and circumstance. How did the Civil War alter the lives of women, both white and black, left alone on southern farms? How did the Great Depression change the lives of working class families in eastern cities? How did the discovery of gold in California transform the lives of native American, Hispanic, and white communities in western territories? Organized by time period as spelled out in the National Standards for U.S. History, these four volumes effectively analyze the diverse whole of American experience, examining the domestic, economic, intellectual, material, political, recreational, and religious life of the American people between 1763 and 2005. Working under the editorial direction of general editor Randall M. Miller, professor of history at St. Joseph's University, a group of expert volume editors carefully integrate material drawn from volumes in Greenwood's highly successful Daily Life Through History series with new material researched and written by themselves and other scholars. The four volumes cover the following periods: The War of Independence and Antebellum Expansion and Reform, 1763-1861, The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Industrialization of America, 1861-1900, The Emergence of Modern America, World War I, and the Great Depression, 1900-1940 and Wartime, Postwar, and Contemporary America, 1940-Present. Each volume includes a selection of primary documents, a timeline of important events during the period, images illustrating the text, and extensive bibliography of further information resources—both print and electronic—and a detailed subject index.

Food and Drink in American History

America's Charitable Cooks: A Bibliography of Fund-Raising Cook Books Published in the United States, 1861–1915. ... The Making of American Resorts: Saratoga Springs, Ballston Spa, and Lake George. ... Cooking in America, 15901840.

Author: Andrew F. Smith

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610692330

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This three-volume encyclopedia on the history of American food and beverages covers topics ranging from early American Indian foods to mandatory nutrition information at fast food restaurants.

Cooking in Ancient Civilizations

... and Technology in Colonial America William E. Burns Science and Technology in the NineteenthCentury America Todd ... 1250-1650 Ken Albala The Black Death Joseph P. Byrne Cooking in America , 1590-1840 Trudy Eden COOKING IN ANCIENT ...

Author: Cathy K. Kaufman

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313332043

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Examines cooking as an integral part of Acient civilizations.

Science and Technology in Medieval European Life

... in Twentieth - Century American Life Brian Black Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth - Century American Life ... 1250-1650 Ken Albala The Black Death Joseph P. Byrne Cooking in America , 1590-1840 Trudy Eden Cooking in America ...

Author: Jeffrey R. Wigelsworth

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313337543

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Describes how science and technology impacted the daily life of people during the Middle Ages

Daily Life of Christians in Ancient Rome

... in Twentieth - Century American Life Brian Black Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth - Century American Life ... 1250–1650 Ken Albala The Black Death Joseph P.Byrne Cooking in America , 15901840 Trudy Eden Cooking in America ...

Author: James William Ermatinger

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

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Christians in ancient Rome were a persecuted minority, living in community and sometimes in fear. Despite this, their daily lives were largely similar to that of the Romans they lived among. This volume explores the private and public daily lives of Christians in ancient Rome, from the death of Jesus to Emperor Constantine's legalization of Christianity in 354 C.E.

The Army in Transformation 1790 1860

... Life Through History " Series Nature and the Environment in Nineteenth - Century American Life Brian Black Native ... 1250-1650 Ken Albala The Black Death Joseph P. Byrne Cooking in America , 1590-1840 Trudy Eden Cooking in America ...

Author: James M. McCaffrey

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Describes daily life for U.S. soldiers in the first half of the nineteenth century, discussing food, medicine, clothing, training, discipline, and campaigning, and briefly describes the battles which took place during this period.

The Korean War

... Series Nature and Environment in Nineteenth - Century American Life Brian Black Native Americans in the Twentieth ... 1250–1650 Ken Albala The Black Death Joseph P.Byrne Cooking in America , 1590-1840 Trudy Eden Cooking in America ...

Author: Paul M. Edwards

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

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Despite the American tendency to bypass it, the Korean War from 1950 to 1953 was a watershed in American history. It was in Korea, for the first time, that the United States committed its armed forces to limiting an expansion, by Communist forces, which many believed was designed to take over the world; it was also the first war that a world organization, the United Nations, played a military role. The conflict in Korea was a war that was fought in hardship and danger by the grunt, the man and woman in the field, bringing an end to the myth that possession of an atomic bomb made conventional warfare unnecessary. Training, usually with World II weapons, life on the front, care of the wounded and the dead, and coming home, are just some of the topics covered in The Korean War. In addition, a timeline of events, a helpful topically arranged bibliography of recommended sources, and illustrations, including many photos taken by the soldiers themselves, bring this period into full focus. Among the issues covered are: The background leading to the war. Raising the military forces to carry out the dictates of both the U.S. government and the United Nations, often by recalling soldiers who had only recently been mustered out of World War II service. The difficulties of adjusting to life under both garrison and combat environments in an unfamiliar part of the world for most, where temperatures could range from freezing cold to unbearably hot. Recreation, religion, entertainment for the troops, and soldiers' efforts to help Koreans hurt by the war. Treatment of the wounded, improved by advances in evacuation methods, the development of the helicopter, and the creation of the Mobile Army Surgical Unit, or MASH. The hard time that veterans had in returning to an American society that often ignored their accomplishments.

The American Patriot s Treasury of Historical Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

If more period-authentic recipes are desired, consider picking up a copy of Trudy Eden's book, Cooking in America 1590-1840, ISBN 978-0313335679. It contains a very nice collection of early American recipes, especially considering how ...

Author: Carrie Franzwa


ISBN: 0557087147

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This unique primer on re-creating authentic elements of 1621 New England life brims with first-of-a-kind ideas for turning Thanksgiving into a time travel celebration. Franzwa reveals a treasure trove of resources and tips for reintroducing early English and Native American culture to this cherished national holiday. Readers are inspired to experience for themselves the charming pleasures of making period decorations and utility items, playing antique games, preparing and tasting early New England foods, using 1621 language, etiquette, music and dance, and sitting at a table set in old-world style. You will even discover how to authentically add 17th century pirates to the mix! An exhaustive resource that is historically accurate and culturally responsible toward American Indians and African Americans. Expanded second edition. Softcover, perfect bound. (Also available in spiral bound, see alternative listing, same title)

Stirring the Pot with Benjamin Franklin

Cooking in America , 1590-1840 . Westport , CT : Greenwood Press , 2006 . The Early American Table : Food and Society in the New World . DeKalb , IL : Northern Illinois University , 2010 . Fara , Patricia . An Entertainment for Angels ...

Author: Rae Katherine Eighmey

Publisher: Smithsonian Institution

ISBN: 158834598X

Category: Cooking

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In this remarkable work, Rae Katherine Eighmey presents Franklin's delight and experimentation with food throughout his life. At age sixteen, he began dabbling in vegetarianism. In his early twenties, citing the health benefits of water over alcohol, he convinced his printing-press colleagues to abandon their traditional breakfast of beer and bread for "water gruel," a kind of tasty porridge he enjoyed. Franklin is known for his scientific discoveries, including electricity and the lightning rod, and his curiosity and logical mind extended to the kitchen. He even conducted an electrical experiment to try to cook a turkey and installed a state-of-the-art oven for his beloved wife Deborah. Later in life, on his diplomatic missions--he lived fifteen years in England and nine in France--Franklin ate like a local. Eighmey discovers the meals served at his London home-away-from-home and analyzes his account books from Passy, France, for insights to his farm-to-fork diet there. Yet he also longed for American foods; Deborah, sent over favorites including cranberries, which amazed his London kitchen staff. He saw food as key to understanding the developing culture of the United States, penning essays presenting maize as the defining grain of America. Stirring the Pot with Benjamin Franklin conveys all of Franklin's culinary adventures, demonstrating that Franklin's love of food shaped not only his life but also the character of the young nation he helped build.

The Fruits of Empire

DuPuis, Melanie E. Dangerous Digestion: The Politics of American Dietary Advice. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2015. Eden, Trudy. Cooking in America, 15901840. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2006.

Author: Shana Klein


ISBN: 0520296397

Category: Fruit

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The Fruits of Empire is a history of American expansion through the lens of art and food. In the decades after the Civil War, Americans consumed an unprecedented amount of fruit as it grew more accessible with advancements in refrigeration and transportation technologies. This excitement for fruit manifested in an explosion of fruit imagery within still life paintings, prints, trade cards, and more. Images of fruit labor and consumption by immigrants and people of color also gained visibility, merging alongside the efforts of expansionists to assimilate land and, in some cases, people into the national body. Divided into five chapters on visual images of the grape, orange, watermelon, banana, and pineapple, this book demonstrates how representations of fruit struck the nerve of the nation's most heated debates over land, race, and citizenship in the age of high imperialism.