Predatory Value Extraction

A prime way in which the executives in control of corporate resource allocation fuel this hope, and one perfectly in line with the precepts of MSV and agency theory, is by pouring corporate cash into stock buybacks in order to pump up ...

Author: William Lazonick

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192585983

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Predatory Value Extraction explains how an ideology of corporate resource allocation known as 'maximizing shareholder value' (MSV) that emerged in the 1980s came to dominate strategic thinking in business schools and corporate boardrooms in the United States. Undermining the social foundations of sustainable prosperity, it resulted in employment instability, income inequity, and slow productivity growth. In explaining what happened to sustainable prosperity, William Lazonick and Jang-Sup Shin focus on the growing imbalance between value creation and value extraction in the U.S. economy, and the corporate-governance institutions that determine this balance in the nation's major business corporations. The imbalance has become so extreme that predatory value extraction is now a central economic activity, to the point at which the U.S. economy as a whole can be aptly described as a value-extracting economy. Balancing the contributions of economic actors to value creation with their power to extract value provides the foundation for stable and equitable economic growth. When certain economic actors are able to assert their power to extract far more value than they contribute to the value-creation process, an imbalance occurs which, when extreme, leads to dire economic, political, and social consequences. This book not only explores these consequences, but also sets out an agenda for restoring sustainable prosperity.

The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance

of shares depresses that company's stock price, which in turn facilitates a takeover by shareholders, ... Then, after the collapse of the Internet bubble at the beginning of the 2000s, corporate resource allocation sought to restore ...

Author: Thomas Clarke

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446263827

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 680

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The urgent and sustained interest in corporate governance is unprecedented, with the connections between corporate governance and economic performance being emphasized by the World Bank, the IMF and others in the global economic community. In this timely and definitive intellectual analysis of a key discipline, The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance offers a critical overview of the key themes, theoretical controversies, current research and emerging concepts that frame the field. Consisting of original substantive chapters by leading international scholars, and examining corporate governance from an inter-disciplinary basis, the text highlights how governance issues are critical to the formation, growth, financing, structural development, and strategic direction of companies and how corporate governance institutions in turn influence the innovation and development of industrial and economic systems globally. Comprehensive, authoritative and presented in a highly-accessible framework, this Handbook is a significant resource to those with an interest in understanding this important emerging field.

Resource Management Journal

A Case for Operationally Oriented Resourcing by LTC George M. Lind Why Don't We Resource Operationally Now ? ... which forces management , at all levels , to allocate finite corporate resources to the cutting edge of profitability .






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International Human Resource Management

Resources for training often differ across subsidiaries and even when the corporate HQ resource allocation is similar, different local priorities and local management attitudes to training needs leads to variable T&D provision.

Author: Anne-Wil Harzing

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1473908647

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 568

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"I enthusiastically endorse the fourth edition of IHRM. The editors are to be congratulated for recruiting the top-rated authors in this field to contribute to this volume. The chapters are up to date, insightful, and sometimes even provocative. Students, including post-grads and advanced undergraduates, as well as savvy practitioners, will benefit from reading this volume." Neal M. Ashkanasy, Professor of Management, The University of Queensland Anne-Wil Harzing and Ashly Pinnington’s bestselling textbook has guided thousands of students through their International Human Resource Management studies. The fourth edition retains the critical edge, academic rigour and breadth of coverage which have established this book as the most authoritative text on the market. The new edition by our international team of experts provides an even more stimulating journey through the core curriculum, contemporary debates and emerging issues in IHRM. New for the fourth edition: Reduced number of chapters to allow for greater depth and an improved structure ensuring fundamental topics underpin your knowledge Expanded coverage of Equality and Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Cross-Cultural Management in line with developments in the field New Stop and Reflect feature provides an opportunity to test your understanding at regular intervals This text comes with access to a companion website containing web links, SAGE journal articles and more.

Corporate Reputation and the News Media

Agenda-setting within Business News Coverage in Developed, Emerging, and Frontier Markets Craig Carroll ... management of corporate resources Good management style Good Management effciency ManagementEffcient resource allocation High ...

Author: Craig Carroll

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135252432

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 480

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This volume examines agenda-setting theory as it applies to the news media’s influence on corporate reputation. It presents interdisciplinary, international, and empirical investigations examining the relationship between corporate reputation and the news media throughout the world. Providing coverage of more than twenty-five countries, contributors write about their local media and business communities, representing developed, emerging, and frontier markets – including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Germany, Greece, Japan, Nigeria, Spain, and Turkey, among others. The chapters present primary and secondary research on various geo-political issues, the nature of the news media, the practice of public relations, and the role of public relations agencies in each of the various countries. Each chapter is structured to consider two to three hypotheses in the country under discussion, including: the impact of media visibility on organizational prominence, top-of-mind awareness and brand-name recognition the impact of media favorability on the public’s organizational images of these firms how media coverage of specific public issues and news topics relates to the associations people form of specific firms. Contributors contextualize their findings in light of the geopolitical environment of their home countries, the nature of their media systems, and the relationship between business and the news media within their countries’ borders. Incorporating scholarship from a broad range of disciplines, including advertising, strategic management, business, political communication, and sociology, this volume has much to offer scholars and students examining business and the news media.

The Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management

'Predicting Corporate Performance from Organizational Climate.' Journal of Management Studies, 26/6: 783–98. Guest, D. (1997). 'Human Resource Management and Performance: A Review and Research Agenda.' International Journal of Human ...

Author: Peter F. Boxall

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780199282517

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 658

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Human resource management is central to management teaching & research. Presenting the trends & developments, this handbook is divided into: foundations & frameworks; core processes & functions; patterns & dynamics; & measurement & outcomes.

Contemporary Human Resource Management

Doherty, N., Dickmann, M. and Mills, T. (2011) 'Exploring the motives of company-backed and self-initiated expatriates', The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22 (3): 595–611. Doherty, N., Brewster, C., Suutari, ...

Author: Tony Dundon

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1529760259

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 632

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Written by experts in the field, this well-established book covers the core fundamentals of HRM and examines contemporary issues such as work-place bullying, flexibility and emotion at work.

The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management

Bruno Staffelbach, Prof Dr, is a full professor for business administration, director of the Center for Human Resource Management, and president of the University of Lucerne. He is a member of the board of the International Committee of ...

Author: Emma Parry

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190861169

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 704

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The Oxford Handbook of Contextual Approaches to Human Resource Management provides both conceptual and empirical analyses using a range of different lenses in order to provide a detailed examination of how context affects the design and implementation of HRM activities.