Courting Success

She's going to be happy, so she'll be successful, and so will the team. I don't try to talk kids into something they don't want. ... Everyone else, I * 9 o' think, was okay with her role. I C O U R T | N G SU C C E SS.

Author: Muffet McGraw

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing

ISBN: 1461661803

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In the shadows of the nation's most storied football program, Muffet McGraw has quietly built the Notre Dame women's basketball program into a national power. Arguably, women's basketball has been the university's most consistently successful varsity sport. Over the past 15 years, Irish women's basketball teams have made 12 post-season appearances including nine trips to the NCAA tournament. The team's rise to national prominence was underscored with a national championship in 2001. In short, the Notre Dame women's basketball prgram has been steadily built into a perennial national championship contender, and its architect for those 15 years has been Head Coach Muffet McGraw. McGraw has more than 300 victories at Notre Dame and a winning percentage of .729 with numerous awards to attest to McGraw's coaching success. Her honors in 2001 alone: Women's Basketball Coaches Association National Coach of the Year, Naismith's Women's College Coach of the Year, Associated Press' Coach of the Year, Sports Illustrated for Women's Coach of the Year, and Big East Conference Coach of the Year. Personal accolades aside, Coach McGraw works hard to define effective methods for her players that will not only mean success on the court-but will also translate to personal fulfillment in life. Accordingly, in Courting Success McGraw outlines her ingredients for success-on and off the court-by sharing stories of hard lessons learned, the value of finely tuned work ethic and discipline, experiences that motivate and inspire, and "key plays" to put into daily living practice.


court their very active females mainly on the run and consequently cannot give many of the visual displays typical of ... means) reduces courtship success (probably because small wings cannot fan air towards the female so effectively).

Author: Margaret Bastock

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351525484

Category: Science

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This concise but thorough study of courtship behavior in fish, birds, and arthropods is the first rigorous examination of the evolutionary origins and mechanisms of courtship and its contribution to biological success. Demonstrating the fruitfulness of an empirically based, inductive approach to understanding courtship, the book also explains clearly how principles of modern evolutionary theory can be successfully employed in studying behavior. The author describes many observations and experiments that have not previously appeared outside specialized journals and brings an abundance of simple yet accurate examples of animal behavior to bear on explanations of ethological concepts and evolutionary theory. No attempt is made to skim over the gaps of knowledge apparent in the study of behavior evolution; rather, the author discusses the limitations and difficulties of different approaches, critically reviews the deductions that can be and have been made from them, and tries to present enough evidence on controversial points for the reader himself to judge the validity of specific arguments. Indicating how ethological method, firmly based on biological principles, can intensively investigate and illuminate a single area of animal behavior, the book will be valuable to students and professionals in zoology, animal behavior, and experimental psychology.

Courting Death

The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment Carol S. Steiker ... Blume et al., “A Tale of Two (and Possibly Three) Atkins,” 393, 397 (finding that the average national success rate for Atkins claims is 55 percent while the success rate in ...

Author: Carol S. Steiker

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674974832

Category: Law

Page: 320

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Refusing to eradicate the death penalty, the U.S. has attempted to reform and rationalize capital punishment through federal constitutional law. While execution chambers remain active in several states, Carol Steiker and Jordan Steiker argue that the fate of the American death penalty is likely to be sealed by this failed judicial experiment.

Courting Conflict

The Israeli Military Court System in the West Bank and Gaza Lisa Hajjar ... For all its success in maintaining political hegemony, the Israeli state has had no corresponding success in terms of ideological hegemony, nor has it tried.

Author: Lisa Hajjar

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520241947

Category: Law

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Annotation This is a meticulously documented examination of Israeli military courts in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

Court Delay and Law Enforcement in China

Most of those interviewed were of the opinion that the duration of the court process was too long and there were no ... Furthermore, law enforcement is regarded as an important element of court success, since the court orders/decrees ...

Author: Qing-Yun Jiang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3835090127

Category: Business & Economics

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Qing-Yun Jiang shows that court delay is not a serious problem in the lower courts in respect to trial cases, but mainly in appeal cases and retrial cases, which require more time. The author confirms that law enforcement has been an obstacle for the development of market economy and a bottleneck of the judiciary and he concludes that judicial reform should not only deal with symptoms, but with the roots of the political and economic structure.

Sports Talk Radio in America

Most recently, his second book, Courting Success, with Notre Dame Women's Basketball Coach Muffet McGraw, was released in November 2003. He enjoys coaching basketball in his spare time, and has coached grade school boys and girls, ...

Author: Frank Hoffmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136428917

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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An inside look at the hosts, hot spots, and history of sports-talk radio Sports-Talk Radio in America looks at major-, medium-, and small-market stations across the United States that feature an all-sports format, with a focus on the unique personalities and programming strategies that make each station successful. Broadcasters, journalists, and academics provide insight on how and why this media phenomenon has become an important influence of American culture, examining the “guy talk” broadcasting approach, the traditional sports-emphasis approach, “HSOs” (hot sports opinions), localism in broadcasting, how sports talk radio builds “communities” of listeners, and how reckless, on-air comments can actually build ratings. For better of worse, millions of (mostly) male listeners indulge their obsession with sports to the exclusion of virtually everything else available on the radio dial-music, news, and political talk. This unique book examines how this “niche of the niche” has formed a bond between its hosts and their rabid, passionate, and loyal audiences, spinning the dial from the largest, best-known stations in big-league markets to smaller stations in Collegetown, USA, including Philadelphia’s WIP, “The Ticket,” KTCK in Dallas, WEEI in Boston, “The Team,” WQTM in Orlando, KJR in Seattle, KOZN “The Zone” Omaha, Nebraska, WGR and WNSA in Buffalo, Kansas City’s WHB, and “The Fan,” WFAN in New York, the first all-sports radio station and the blueprint for the format. Sports-Talk Radio in America puts you in the studio with Mike and the Mad Dog, Angelo Cataldi, Howard Eskin, “The Musers” (“Junior” Miller and George Dunham), Norm Hitges, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan, Dan Sileo, Howard Simon, and Art Wander. Sports-Talk Radio in America examines: how stations create an environment in which listeners become part of a social group (social-identity and self-categorization theories) personality-driven programming the station’s commitment to local teams and their fans how exploring controversial topics beyond sports broadens station’s appeal and attracts upscale, affluent audience how an abundance of live, play-by-play broadcasting, creating plenty of available content college sports in a town without a major professional sports team how local sports is framed by hosts and callers the conflicted relationship between sports-talk radio and the print media and much more! Sports-Talk Radio in America is a must-read for academics and professionals working in radio-television and popular culture.


... and since some of these species are peculiarly local in their distribution , it would be courting success to search for the larvæ in the rapids of the river at that point . Say's description of the adult form is as follows : !




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Para States and Medical Science

“And Then I Became a Prostitute . . . Some Aspects of Prostitution and Brothel Prostitutes in Dakar, Senegal.” Social Science Journal 41, no. 1: 137–46. Foley, Ellen, and Rokhaya Nguer. 2010. “Courting Success in HIV/AIDS Prevention: ...

Author: Paul Wenzel Geissler

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 082237627X

Category: Medical

Page: 376

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In Para-States and Medical Science, P. Wenzel Geissler and the contributors examine how medicine and public health in Africa have been transformed as a result of economic and political liberalization and globalization, intertwined with epidemiological and technological changes. The resulting fragmented medical science landscape is shaped and sustained by transnational flows of expertise and resources. NGOs, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other nonstate actors now play a significant role in medical research and treatment. But as the contributors to this volume argue, these groups have not supplanted the primacy of the nation-state in Africa. Although not necessarily stable or responsive, national governments remain crucial in medical care, both as employers of health care professionals and as sources of regulation, access, and – albeit sometimes counterintuitively - trust for their people. “The state” has morphed into the “para-state” — not a monolithic and predictable source of sovereignty and governance, but a shifting, and at times ephemeral, figure. Tracing the emergence of the “global health” paradigm in Africa in the treatment of HIV, malaria, and leprosy, this book challenges familiar notions of African statehood as weak or illegitimate by elaborating complex new frameworks of governmentality that can be simultaneously functioning and dysfunctional. Contributors. Uli Beisel, Didier Fassin, P. Wenzel Geissler, Rene Gerrets, Ann Kelly, Guillaume Lachenal, John Manton, Lotte Meinert, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Branwyn Poleykett, Susan Reynolds Whyte