Constant Craving

Doreen Virtue Food Groups/Food Cravings Our bodies, minds, and emotions are
marvelously complex creations, and the appetite is no exception. As you'll read in
the next three chapters, there are fascinating reasons why we experience ...

Author: Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401935508

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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Do you crave chocolate, bread, cheese, fries, or other foods? If so, there's a reason why, as Doreen Virtue's breakthrough book explains. Each food craving actually corresponds to a specific underlying emotion; so once you understand the meaning behind your particular craving and apply the information and affirmations within these pages, you'll be able to heal your cycle of emotional overeating. In addition, you'll read scientific studies about the mood- and energy-altering properties of each food, which will help you see how your appetite perfectly mirrors your emotions. This comprehensive and empowering guide will also show you how to give "food readings" to yourself and others, allowing you to accurately interpret the meaning behind many cravings. Constant Craving is a one-of-kind book that will give you the emotional, physical, and spiritual tools you need to make friends with food . . . and your appetite!

Craving the Highlander s Touch

Michelle Willingham. Craving the Highlander's Touch Michelle Willingham
Scotland, 1306 For Alys Fitzroy, Lady of Harkirk, her brutish. Craving the
Highlander's Touch Michelle Willingham.

Author: Michelle Willingham

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459212991

Category: Fiction

Page: 53

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Scotland, 1306 For Alys Fitzroy, Lady of Harkirk, her brutish husband is more of an enemy than the wild Scots she is supposed to hate. Her heart longs to help her husband's prisoners—especially Finian MacLachor, the intense Highland chief who bears the scars of his own failed uprising, both inside and out. With her help, he has a second chance to make things right for his clan—and and to show Alys the nights of unbelievable pleasure she's been missing.…

Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs

In H. Milkman & S. Sunderwirth, Craving for ecstasy: The consciousness and
chemistry of escape (p. 115). Lexington, MA: Lexington Books. Milkman, H. (2001
, April/May). Better than dope. Psychology Today. Milkman, H., & Frosch, W. (

Author: Harvey B. Milkman

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412956730

Category: Psychology

Page: 464

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"Harvey B. Milkman and Stanley Sunderwirth have written a tour de force. Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs: A Positive Approach to Mood Alteration . . . is a beautifully written and organized book . . . a thrill ride through the most innovative and insightful perspectives that science and clinical experience have to offer . . . hip and artistic, reflecting a deep understanding of addiction . . . a major contribution to the field; it is must reading." - Howard J. Shaffer, PhD, CAS Editor, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School Director, Division on Addictions, Cambridge Health Alliance "Reading this book is in itself and ecstatic experience! . . . a fascinating journey that explores the benefits and risks of pleasure and the universal desire to feel good . . . It′s quite a trip." - G. Alan Marlatt, PhD, University of Washington People from all walks of life often lose themselves in pursuing counterfeit pleasures--cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, thrill seeking, sex, food, gambling, and on-line fantasies to name just a few. How does the pursuit of pleasure result in compulsion and loss of control? Craving for Ecstasy and Natural Highs addresses this fundamental question and then explores positive ways to achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment. Readers will gain important insight on how to improve their own quality of life and will learn how to offer support to clients, students, family, and friends whose lives may be compromised by hedonic dependencies. Students of addictive behaviors and anyone interested in discovering healthy means to satisfy the drive to alter consciousness will find this book compelling. Reviews of previous work: "The chemistry and psychology of addiction are described with considerable insight. . . . These authors know their stuff and make a compelling case." - The Los Angeles Times "The authors provide a valuable service by placing into perspective a large array of behaviors that could be considered addictive." - JAMA


you will learn which parts of your brain are involved in craving and decision-
making when it comes to compulsive, self-destructive behaviors. We'll discuss the
chemistry of the brain and its relationship to craving, as well as the way thoughts,

Author: Omar Manejwala

Publisher: Hazelden Publishing

ISBN: 1616492627

Category: Self-Help

Page: 205

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Craving Hope

Craving. Hope. Understanding will not deliver us from addiction, but it will, I hope,
help us appreciate grace. Grace is the most powerful force in the universe. It can
transcend repression, addiction, and every other internal or external power that ...

Author: Joni Woelfel

Publisher: ACTA Publications

ISBN: 0879463791

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 247

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Countless books are published each year with the latest advice and hottest tips on how to lose weight, but few of them focuson the steadfast anchor of faith and its role in weight loss. Joni Woelfel offers her book Craving Hope as a resource of support and strength during the weight loss process. Consisting of 90 reflections, each containing an opening quote, daily progress notes, a reflection question, inspirational statement, brief prayer, and daily affirmation to repeat throughout the day, Craving Hope is designed to be used in conjunction with a trustworthy weight loss program. While this book can be used successfully by individuals, research has shown that trying a weight loss program with a friend or small group is typically more successful, and the workbook pages with discussion questions make Craving Hope ideal for groups.

The Craving

But for you, right now, because you have no control of the craving yet, resisting
transformation during the time of the full moon would be more difficult.” “But you
said the craving doesn't go away completely, right?” Simon asked. “That is correct
,” ...

Author: Jason Starr

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0718193016

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 454

From the critically acclaimed thriller writer, Jason Starr, comes The Craving - the compulsive supernatural sequel to The Pack. Once you're part of the pack, there's no getting out . . . Mild-mannered stay-at-home dad Simon Burns has undergone a life changing transformation - after being indoctrinated into the pack, he has become a werewolf. Fearing that the truth would end his marriage, Simon has told his wife Alison that he is suffering from a psychological condition called lycanthropic disorder, in which a person thinks he is a werewolf. For the moment, his secret remains safe. But NYPD homicide detective Geri Rodriguez has not forgotten about the mysterious wolf-like murders that remain unsolved,and when she hears that one of the witnesses, Diane Coles, was brutally murdered outside her parents' home in Michigan, she resumes her investigation. She's focused on a group of dads - Michael, Charlie, Ramon, and Simon -- who had a connection to the unsolved murders. Simon had been trying to stay away from the pack, but he has been tipped off by Michael's father that there may be a cure hidden somewhere in the Brooklyn brewery where Michael lives. He wants to find the cure, and to see that Geri doesn't become another mystery death - but his own life and the lives of his wife and son may be in jeopardy. If you like hair-raising thrillers with a supernatural twist, then you'll love Jason Starr's The Craving. Praise for Jason Starr: 'Jason Starr is hypnotically good - if you miss him, you're missing some of the best new writing there is' Lee Child 'Jason Starr's got a hip style and an ear for crackling dialogue . . . with characters so real we feel we know them' Jeffery Deaver 'Manhattan receives a lustrous varnish of black, black humour in this sly urban fantasy thriller' Publishers Weekly Jason Starr was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is the award-winning author of a number of acclaimed crime novels which have been international bestsellers. He now lives in Manhattan. His first novel in this series, The Pack, is also published by Penguin. Find out more at

Craving and Salvation

INTRODUCTION This monograph concerns the function of craving in religious
life, an absorbing and important issue that confronted the Buddha, and one to
which he responded in a creative, singular way. It is a subject which is not always

Author: Bruce Matthews

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554587425

Category: Religion

Page: 150

View: 610

Is there any escape form the awareness of pain and the bonds of an unending cycle of life? Why are human subject to craving" What is the nature human beings? The Buddhist understanding of salvation is based upon such queries. A thorough grasp of the function of craving in religious life is strategic to an understanding of Buddhism, yet its role in the Buddhist plan of salvation is easy to oversimplify and misinterpret. Matthews examines the concept of craving in Buddhism from both a phenomenological and religious perspective. He btings to the task a critical examination of key canonical texts of the Sutta Pitaka (Nikayas) as well as extensive travel in research of the meaning of craving for contemporary Buddhists, from learned monks to lay villagers. Having established the Buddhist perspective on how craving arises, how it affects the mind, and how it can be redirected, the volume concludes with spiritual implications of craving: crucial to awareness and freedom—emancipation—is the engagement and harnessing rather than suppression of craving. The volume will be of interest to students of Buddhism, historians of religion, and persons interested in basic human questions.

Constantly Craving

How to Make Sense of Always Wanting More Marilyn Meberg. Craving More
FroM Marriage Four beFore We Delve FurtHer in trying to unDerstanD our
relentless. 3737 4. Craving More from Marriage.

Author: Marilyn Meberg

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1400203562

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 293

We want more. More peace. More excitement. More romance. More free time. More chocolate . . . Our cravings are written into our DNA. They’re influenced by our childhood experiences. They’re driving the choices we make as adults. And often, they’re keeping us hungry. Never satisfied. Ever searching. What do they mean? What are we to do with them? Should we feel guilty? Are there solutions? Counselor and author Marilyn Meberg knows all about cravings. She also knows the One who knit us together, desires and all. With wit and compassion, Marilyn helps us understand our appetites, offers advice for managing them here on earth, and encourages us to eagerly await the day when we will find total satisfaction in heaven. In the meantime, Constantly Craving is an excellent reminder that our desires for more can lead us to the One we really need, the only One who will quench our thirst forever. Really? Really!

Craving Earth

Pica is the scientific term for the craving and subsequent consumption of non-
food items.1 It's not an acronym, or an abbreviation, or a famous physician's last
name. Pica pica is the genus and species of the common magpie (fig. 1.1).
Magpies ...

Author: Sera L. Young

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231146094

Category: Medical

Page: 228

View: 750

Annotation Humans have eaten earth, on purpose, for more than 2,300 years. They also crave starch, ice, chalk and other unorthodox foods - but why? This book creates a portrait of pica, or non-food cravings, from humans' earliest ingestions to current trends and practices.

Dark Craving

... his arms over his chest to wait. There was no need in rushing Con. Whenever
his leader wanted to talk about something, he'd broach the subject. “After so
many centuries of nothing. Why now? What could Dragon Kings: Dark Craving 88

Author: Donna Grant

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 1466807431

Category: Fiction

Page: 32

View: 651

FIRST IN THE EXCLUSIVE E-BOOK TRILOGY by the author of the Dark Sword and Dark Warrior novels DONNA GRANT DARK CRAVING A Dark King Story Fueled by ancient magic—and enflamed by human desire—the Dragon King known as Hal can transform himself at will into one of the legendary winged creatures he is sworn to protect. But one thing he can never do is fall in love...with a mortal woman. Searching for her brother in Scotland—and succumbing to the freezing cold—Cassie Hunter awakens to find herself in the arms of a magnificent Highland warrior. Across his chest is the tattoo of a fiery dragon. And in his heart is a burning passion that, once unleashed, will consume them both...body and soul. This is a story of destiny and desire, magic and mystery, warriors and lovers. These are the forbidden cravings of the Dark Kings. Don't miss the Dark Sword and Dark Warrior novels by Donna Grant—also set in this scintillating world of Highland magic and legendary lovers.

Craving Grace

... loads of laundry forgotten in the dryer, and I make an effort to bake cookies
whenever the pantry stash begins to run low. On weekends I try to make at least
one meal, giving both Kay and her grocery bill a break, and 94 || CRAVING

Author: Lisa Velthouse

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 9781414360850

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 495

For Lisa Velthouse’s whole life, Christianity had been about getting things right. Obeying her parents. Not drinking. Not cursing. Not having premarital sex. Vowing to save her first kiss until she got engaged, even writing a book called . . . well, Saving My First Kiss. (This, it turns out, does not actually help a girl get a date.) Yet after two decades of trying to earn God’s okay, she found her faith was lonely, empty, and unsatisfying. So she turned to more discipline, of course: fasting! By giving up her favorite foods—sweets—Lisa hoped to somehow discover true sweetness and meaning in her relationship with God. Until, one night at a wedding, she denied herself the cake but failed in such a different, unexpected, and world-rocking way that it challenged everything she thought she knew about God and herself. Craving Grace is the true story of a faith dramatically changed: how in one woman’s life God used a bitter heart, a broken promise, and the sweetness of honey to reveal the stunning wonder that is grace.

Craving Him

... joining him in the shower. But seconds later the bathroom door opened and a
haze of steam escaped. Ben stepped out wearing just a towel riding low on his
hips. “You okay, babe?” He stopped in his tracks, raising an Craving Him 87.

Author: Kendall Ryan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476764638

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 803

In Working It, New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan delivered a sexy and addictive contemporary romance about Emmy Clarke, a sweet southern girl out of her depth in New York City’s cutthroat fashion industry, and Ben Shaw, the hot male model who introduced her to a world of pleasure. But their story is far from complete… Emmy Clarke is no quitter. Toughened by her experience working for fashion heavyweight Fiona Stone, Emmy has come a long way from her country girl roots, embracing her fast-paced and unpredictable life in New York City. Though that life comes with more than a few complications. First there’s the mystery of Fiona’s pregnancy, which may or may not involve Emmy’s boyfriend, superstar male model Ben Shaw. Emmy has always known that Ben comes with more baggage than she can handle—and not the Louis Vuitton kind. Yet Ben is the only man who has ever loved Emmy for who she is, and she wants nothing more than to do the same for him, even if it means forgiving his past and overlooking their wildly different lifestyles. But when a shocking secret from Ben’s past comes to light, unraveling all of their progress, Emmy must decide if their relationship is worth the fight, or if it’s time to ignore her passion for him and let go.

Luscious Craving

There was nothing there at all. My best, my only, course of action was to go back
to the existence I had constructed with such deliberation. The world that, until
tonight, had provided everything I wanted. Stop dreaming of LUSCIOUS

Author: Cameron Dean

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 0345495225

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 945

WHERE’S THERE’S BLOOD, THERE’S PASSION Sexy vampire killer Candace Steele is back on the Las Vegas strip and determined to steer clear of Ash, the seductive vampire whose smoldering allure begs her to surrender to the dark side. But determination may not be enough when Candace’s job at the glitzy Scheherazade casino drives her right into the center of Ash’s deadly domain, for there are rumors of a New Year’s Eve vampire assault on the casino, and only Candace can stop it. With the clock ticking down to the fateful night, Candace isn’t sure if she can resist the overwhelming desire she feels for Ash, but she has run out of choices. She must go to Ash for help; even though she knows that the price he’ll expect in return is nothing less than her body and her soul. From the Paperback edition.

Immortal Craving

With agentle shrug, Izzy let it go. Kale wrestled with thefacts andthefeeling hewas
having. Therewas no way what he was feeling was her—she was gone, had
been for years now, but what she was... Well, they were a thriving Immortal
Craving ...

Author: Cynthia Shepp

Publisher: Magen McMinimy

ISBN: 1484975782

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 645

Kale, the youngest of the elite Light Fae Warriors chosen to protect the Human World from the dark creatures that lurk in the shadows, has had a life that’s been hard fought and racked with betrayal, loss and heartache. Finding comfort in the physical manifestation of pain, Kale has discarded what is expected of Rowan’s Warriors, and now lives for the harder side of human life with his trusty bottle of Patron, hiding from the scars of his past. Katarina knew the day Darion imprisoned her that the life she’d once longed for was gone. The illusion that a Light Fae could ever love a woman of the Dark was over. Yet, while building a new life among the humans, Katarina’s past is thrust upon her when the Warriors call on her to help in finding an elusive Fae, who is leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. Katarina is then forced to follow the orders of the very Fae who betrayed her. As secrets and lies unravel around them, Kat and Kale find that their past was never what it seemed, and that discovering what is true will be the most difficult battle of their lives. “The truth, Kale… The truth would be the best place to start.” “You and I must have a differing view of the truth in this situation, because in no way would the truth as I know it make you any less guilty.”


Hira, a daughter of nobility in the desert kingdom of Zulheil, on the cusp of being forced into an unwanted marriage by her strict father, plans her escape.

Author: Nalini Singh

Publisher: Harlequin / SB Creative

ISBN: 4596782113

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


View: 487

Hira, a daughter of nobility in the desert kingdom of Zulheil, on the cusp of being forced into an unwanted marriage by her strict father, plans her escape. She asks Marc, the president of an American trading company, for help. “I’ll do anything for you… Just take me away from this country!” Marc is handsome and mysterious…and covered in scars. Hira falls for him at first sight—and then accepts his marriage proposal, even though she knows he wants her only for her beauty and lineage!

Soul Craving

... come easily . In their compelling book The Sacred Romance , Brent Curtis and
John Eldredge touch on the challenge of retreating with God : “ As we . . . enter
into solitude and silence in our own desert place , the first thing we 36 Soul

Author: Joel Warne

Publisher: Standard Publishing

ISBN: 9780784719558

Category: Religion

Page: 285

View: 283

This spiritual formation guide invites ordinary people to satisfy their soul craving for God by feasting on true spiritual food.

Craving Jamie

purchased this book without ...

Author: Emma Darcy

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459268946

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 260

Who was she? She stood out from the crowd, and Jim Neilson, his sexual curiosity piqued, was drawn to her side. The air sizzled between them. Who was he? Did Jim still carry traces of the young Jamie she had known and loved as they had grown up together in the valley? Beth Delaney sensed a man who had distanced himself from all emotion. She craved more than a physical union with this seductive man even though he had obviously forgotten their childhood bond. If she could reach the vulnerable boy inside, might the Jamie she remembered reappear? Or was one night in Jim's arms all she could hope for? Emma Darcy, with more than 60 million books in print, is one of the world's favorite romance authors.

Heart Craving

To all women, regardless of age or culture or background, who yearn for those
ethereal things men do not understand: “heart cravings.” To those good men who
try, but just don't get it. And especially to those men who try and do get it.

Author: Sandra Hill

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 1611944910

Category: Fiction


View: 247

"Too funny for words." --All About Romance They share love, laughter, and a passion that burns up the night. But can he share the secrets that threaten their marriage? Nick and Paula DeCello are getting divorced in seven days, even though they love each other dearly. His overprotectiveness has finally become too much for her, and there's something painful locked deep inside him. Desperate, Nick takes the advice of a quirky, old fortune teller to find his wife's "heart craving." To Nick, that means sexual fantasies. Armed with a hilarious collection of advice books, he embarks on a wild, funny seduction of Paula that proves there's nothing wrong with their relationship in the bedroom. When it comes to giving her what her heart really craves--soul-sharing communication--he'll have to take a big step outside his comfort zone.

Craving for drink

... practice , friends and relations — to his ever - present craving . He drank
continuously brandy - brandy — all day long ; he took it to bed with him , and
drank in the morning before dressing . The quantity he consumed was enormous
; he told ...

Author: Sylvanus Harris





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Craving the World

Eileen Sanchez. Craving the World Craving the World Eileen Sanchez.

Author: Eileen Sanchez

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477122915

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 204

View: 425

Eighteen-year-old Marisa Torres starts her freshman year eager to fi nd love at the University of Northern Illinois. Will Matthew, an up-and-coming Christian apologist, who opens up her eyes to his radical world view, be the one? Or can Pedro, a spiritual thinker, who meets most of her expectations of a boyfriend, fi ll her need for love? In the end, both young men offer her what she has always wanted, but Marisa decides to ask herself what is it she really needs?