Crippling Leviathan

In this shrewd book, Melissa M. Lee argues that foreign subversion undermines state authority and promotes ungoverned space. Enemy governments empower insurgents to destabilize the state and create ungoverned territory.

Author: Melissa M. Lee

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 1501748378

Category: Political Science

Page: 264

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Policymakers worry that "ungoverned spaces" pose dangers to security and development. Why do such spaces exist beyond the authority of the state? Earlier scholarship—which addressed this question with a list of domestic failures—overlooked the crucial role that international politics play. In this shrewd book, Melissa M. Lee argues that foreign subversion undermines state authority and promotes ungoverned space. Enemy governments empower insurgents to destabilize the state and create ungoverned territory. This kind of foreign subversion is a powerful instrument of modern statecraft. But though subversion is less visible and less costly than conventional force, it has insidious effects on governance in the target state. To demonstrate the harmful consequences of foreign subversion for state authority, Crippling Leviathan marshals a wealth of evidence and presents in-depth studies of Russia's relations with the post-Soviet states, Malaysian subversion of the Philippines in the 1970s, and Thai subversion of Vietnamese-occupied Cambodia in the 1980s. The evidence presented by Lee is persuasive: foreign subversion weakens the state. She challenges the conventional wisdom on statebuilding, which has long held that conflict promotes the development of strong, territorially consolidated states. Lee argues instead that conflictual international politics prevents state development and degrades state authority. In addition, Crippling Leviathan illuminates the use of subversion as an underappreciated and important feature of modern statecraft. Rather than resort to war, states resort to subversion. Policymakers interested in ameliorating the consequences of ungoverned space must recognize the international roots that sustain weak statehood.

The Crippled Leviathan

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Author: Vivek Chibber




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Leviathan s Wake

“You and your Monachus defeated the Lucca, destroyed the Fargate, and dealt
the Mhoul Empire a crippling blow. This meddling has robbed Thuul of valuable
... studied Morgan a moment and then continued. “Ifyou 87 LEVIATHAN'S WAKE.

Author: Neil Lynn Wise

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469170604

Category: Fiction

Page: 561

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The worst of Morgans enemies have been defeated, but in the wake of those conflicts many problems remain. To have a future with the woman he loves, Morgan only has to survive attacks by mutant tribes, avoid the deadly embrace of the Hedonae, free an imprisoned ruler, stop a civil war, and liberate Celestines country from the cruel hands of invaders. And on top of everything else, he has lost his best friends body. To conquer these challenges, Morgan will need all that faith, honor, and friendship can provide.

Crippled Giant

There was emphasis on legislative checks over the chief executive who , some
members of the CDC and CA feared , could become an untameable leviathan . In
addition to ratificatory powers over appropriation bills and appointments ( e . g ...

Author: Eghosa E. Osaghae


ISBN: 9781850653455

Category: Nigeria

Page: 342

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Eghosa Osaghae analyzes Nigerian politics since independence in 1960 in relation to the factors that have prevented Nigeria from being the giant that its resources and location in the global system entitle it to be. The conceptual framework links elements of the country's political culture and economy to its colonial creation and current location as a neo-colonial formation.

The Devil Upon Two Sticks Or The Crippled Devil

You must then bę , resumed Cleofas , Léviathan , Belpheyor , or Aftaroh . Oh ! as
for those three , said the voice , they are Devils of the first order , they are Spirits
of the Court . They enter into the Councils of Princes , instigate the Ministers ...

Author: Alain René Le Sage



Category: Devil


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American Leviathan

Charleston seemed to spell the crippling of the great American Leviathan .
Instead of one " engine " there were now two , the second constructed along the
lines of the ...

Author: Roy Franklin Nichols



Category: Confederate States of America

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Blueprints for Leviathan

Charleston seemed to spell the crippling of the great American Leviathan .
Instead of one " engine " there were now two , the second constructed along the
lines of the old ...

Author: Roy Franklin Nichols



Category: Confederate States of America

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Mukhanov found him sitting by the road at the gate of a wealthy farm, grunting
two or three English words, begging for alms. He was a small brown crippled
man with long matted dreadlocks. The Russian thought his every line was.

Author: John Birmingham

Publisher: Random House Australia

ISBN: 1742741622

Category: History

Page: 596

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An electrifying, epic history of the city of Sydney as you have never seen her before. 'To peer deeply into this ghost city, the one lying beneath the surface, is to understand that Sydney has a soul and that it is a very dark place indeed.' Beneath the shining harbour, amid the towers of global greed and deep inside the bad-drugs madness of the suburban wastelands, lies Sydney's shadow history. Terrifying tsunamis, corpse-robbing morgue staff, killer cops, neo-Nazis, power junkies and bumbling SWOS teams electrify this epic tale of a city with a cold vacuum for a moral core. Birmingham drills beneath the cover story of a successful multicultural metropolis and melts the boundaries between past and present to reveal a ghost city beneath the surface of concrete and glass. In Birmingham's alternative history of Sydney, the yawning chasm between the megarich and the lumpen masses is as evident in the insane wealth of the new elites as it was in the head-spinning rapacity of the NSW Rum Corps. This is a city shattered by the nexus between government, big money and the underworld, where the glittering prizes go to the strong, not the just. Combining intensive research with the pace of a techno-thriller, John Birmingham creates a rich portrait of a city too dazzled by its own gorgeous reflection to care much for what lies at its dark, corrupted heart. Illuminated by wild flashes of black humour, violent, ghoulish and utterly compelling, Leviathan is history for the Tarantino generation.

Taming Leviathan

Many of Brazil's national afflictions , such as crippling taxes , red tape , land
invasions , endemic corruption throughout all levels of government and in all
three branches of the country , lack of infrastructure and an unreliable judicial
system , all ...

Author: Colleen Dyble

Publisher: Inst of Economic Affairs

ISBN: 9780255366076

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 181

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In the last fifty years, many aspects of socialism have been rolled back around the world. Indeed, in the 1990s, following the collapse of communism in Central and Eastern Europe, it seemed as if classical liberal ideas had triumphed. But this did not happen by accident. The role of free-market think tanks was critical. This volume draws on the experiences of thirteen authors involved in classical liberal think tanks in different parts of the world. The contributors identify the strategies that have proved successful in influencing the public policy and explain how they can be adapted to local circumstances. Indeed, though the 'war of ideas' has been hard fought, it has been only partially won. New threats to freedom have emerged, including environmentalism and big-government conservatism. In some countries the burden taxation and regulation has never been greater. "Taming Leviathan" is essential reading for anyone involved in the battle against resurgent collectivism.

Taming Leviathan

Private Sector : Conflicting Lobbies In November , 1999 the leaders of over 40
chambers of commerce and industry appealed to both government and
opposition to work together to break the political impasse that was viewed as “
crippling the ...




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Riders of Leviathan

This was a crippling disability . He thought again of Sofron . If only he could talk to
her . . . exchange motes , he thought . And yet , he was afraid to see her , afraid to
search for her . He had already taken her outward humanity away from her .

Author: Toni Anzetti

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780345418722

Category: Fiction

Page: 362

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Marooned on the exotic alien world of Typhon, Dilani and her fellow human colonists have had their own DNA altered by a strange and capricious godlike entity and find themselves stalked across the face of the planet by vicious Bone Killers out to annihilate the colonists. Original.

Man Or Leviathan

That this margin of error in bombing is unavoidable and that no plane will be
permitted to fly low enough to search out its target may thus well prove not the
crippling limitation but the all - determining potentiality of the aeroplane .

Author: Edward Opotiki Mousley



Category: Christian sociology

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Leviathan Or The Whale

But I heard her on the phone to my sister , bemoaning her situation , and as
creeping arthritis , which no amount of whale medicine would mend , added to
her long list of ailments and her retreating senses , its crippling lock took hold of
her ...

Author: Philip Hoare

Publisher: HarperCollins Australia


Category: Whales

Page: 453

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The story of a man's obsession with whales, which takes him on a personal, historical and biographical journey - from his childhood to his fascination with Moby-Dick and his excursions whale-watching. All his life, Philip Hoare has been obsessed by whales, from the gigantic skeletons in London's Natural History Museum to adult encounters with the wild animals themselves. Whales have a mythical quality - they seem to elide with dark fantasies of sea-serpents and antediluvian monsters that swim in our collective unconscious. In 'Leviathan', Philip Hoare seeks to locate and identify this obsession. What impelled Melville to write 'Moby-Dick'? After his book in 1851, no one saw whales in quite the same way again. This book is an investigation into what we know little about - dark, shadowy creatures who swim below the depths, only to surface in a spray of spume. More than the story of the whale, it is also the story of our own obsessions.

Moby Dick and Melville s Anti Slavery Allegory

This calls to mind Melville's quotation of Hobbes' Leviathan, which sees the State
or Commonwealth as a whale, or “artificial man.” And the ... Should she, like
Ahab, become a cripple in exchange for this extra mobility and economic power?

Author: Brian R. Pellar

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319522671

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 233

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This book unfurls and examines the anti-slavery allegory at the subtextual core of Herman Melville’s famed novel, Moby-Dick. Brian Pellar points to symbols and allusions in the novel such as the albinism of the famed whale, the “Ship of State” motif, Calhoun’s “cords,” the equator, Jonah, Narcissus, St. Paul, and Thomas Hobbe’s Leviathan. The work contextualizes these devices within a historical discussion of the Compromise of 1850 and subsequently strengthened Fugitive Slave Laws. Drawing on a rich variety of sources such as unpublished papers, letters, reviews, and family memorabilia, the chapters discuss the significance of these laws within Melville’s own life. After clarifying the hidden allegory interconnecting black slaves and black whales, this book carefully sheds the layers of a hidden meaning that will be too convincing to ignore for future readings: Moby-Dick is ultimately a novel that is intimately connected with questions of race, slavery, and the state.

Invisible Leviathan

... decisively crippled by the crisis of its own ' supply - side ' accounts of price
formation ( a crisis engendered by the inconsistencies of Ricardo's theory , the
challenge of Marxism , and the inadequacies of Mill's cost - of - production theory
of ...

Author: Murray E. G. Smith


ISBN: 9780802005892

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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The text is broad-ranging, integrating eleven studies that consider the theory of labour-value from historical, philosophical, and economic perspectives. Smith incorporates a thorough review of the controversy that has raged around Marx's theory of labour-value, reporting the key arguments of orthodox Marxists, neo-Ricardians, neo-orthodox Marxists, and fundamentalist Marxists. He concludes that the Marxian theory of labour-value remains a logically coherent and theoretically sound basis for understanding capitalism's historical-structural crises. Also included is a reconsideration of Marx's law of the falling tendency of the rate of profit along with a statistical analysis of long-term trends in the Canadian economy that lend support to Marx's vies.

Probing Leviathan

Dickens ' stories about crippled children being abused by their guardians and
forced to beg and about the squalor of nineteenth century English work houses
are symbolic of the shortcomings of private charity . The tendency for people to
care ...

Author: Thomas J. Courchene

Publisher: Fraser Inst


Category: Canada

Page: 223

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The Good Leviathan

But most of these people aren't either crippled or sick - physically at least , ” cried
Müller . “ They're fools ! ” “ They're neither sick nor fools , ” said David . “ They're
believers . ” These scenes of madness were repeated all along the first few miles

Author: Pierre Boulle



Category: Apparitions

Page: 204

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With perception and wit, Boulle analyzes public fears and apprehension about the Leviathan, the largest nuclear-powered supertanker ever built, to reveal the ironies and contradictions that plague twentieth-century man.

Ballou s Dollar Monthly Magazine

When Prince Charles saw this manouvre , and the next moment the gallant ship ,
alwhereby the ship completely protected the ready greatly crippled by the
Leviathan's boat from the double - decker's guns , he said , heavy targeting ,
squared ...






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