Days Without End

*NEW NOVEL A THOUSAND MOONS NOW AVAILABLE* Winner of the 2016 Costa Book of the Year Winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2017 Winner of the Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2017 Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize ...

Author: Sebastian Barry

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571277039

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

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*NEW NOVEL A THOUSAND MOONS NOW AVAILABLE* Winner of the 2016 Costa Book of the Year Winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction 2017 Winner of the Independent Bookshop Week Book Award 2017 Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2017 'Pitch perfect, the outstanding novel of the Year.' Observer After signing up for the US army in the 1850s, aged barely seventeen, Thomas McNulty and his brother-in-arms, John Cole, fight in the Indian Wars and the Civil War. Having both fled terrible hardships, their days are now vivid and filled with wonder, despite the horrors they both see and are complicit in. Then when a young Indian girl crosses their path, the possibility of lasting happiness seems within reach, if only they can survive.

A Thousand Moons

From the Costa Book of the Year-winning author of Days Without End Even when you come out of bloodshed and disaster in the end you have got to learn to live.

Author: Sebastian Barry

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571333400

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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From the Costa Book of the Year-winning author of Days Without End Even when you come out of bloodshed and disaster in the end you have got to learn to live. Winona is a young Lakota orphan adopted by former soldiers Thomas McNulty and John Cole. Living with Thomas and John on the farm they work in 1870s Tennessee, she is educated and loved, forging a life for herself beyond the violence and dispossession of her past. But the fragile harmony of her unlikely family unit, in the aftermath of the Civil War, is soon threatened by a further traumatic event, one which Winona struggles to confront, let alone understand. Told in Sebastian Barry's gorgeous, lyrical prose, A Thousand Moons is a powerful, moving study of one woman's journey, of her determination to write her own future, and of the enduring human capacity for love. 'Nobody writes like, nobody takes lyrical risks like, nobody pushes the language, and the heart, and the two together, quite like Sebastian Barry does, so that you come out of whatever he writes like you've been away, in another climate.' ALI SMITH

Days Without End

Wired drug users apparently stay awake for days on end, and since those ... it seems obvious that doing so without the drugs wouldn't kill you, ...

Author: Jason McGathey

Publisher: Exquisite Noise Publishing

ISBN: 1005485135

Category: Fiction

Page: 893

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A sleep deprivation bet careens out of control when a group of friends get together over spring break. One seasoned reporter, caught by chance in this maelstrom, attempts making sense of the carnage, though entirely out of his realm. While beginning as a lighthearted lark, what he encounters eventually finds him ruminating on our current worldwide climate, and its parallels to this insane odyssey.

Day Without End

The book follows the battle-weary infantrymen, led by Lieutenant Paul Roth, during the course of a single, gut-wrenching day near St. Lô.

Author: Van Van Praag

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781497420694

Category: Fiction

Page: 202

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Day Without End, originally published in 1949 and reissued in 1951 as Combat, is a fictional account of a U.S. Army platoon fighting in the difficult hedgerow country of Normandy, France, several weeks after the D-Day landings. The book follows the battle-weary infantrymen, led by Lieutenant Paul Roth, during the course of a single, gut-wrenching day near St. L�. Their relief, promised for many days, has not come, and except for a handful of green replacements, all of the men are approaching an acute state of battle fatigue. From a pre-dawn patrol to a terrible twilight, Roth's platoon is followed through every protracted moment of a day that seems to have been diverted from the normal course of time and to run on forever.

A Long Long Way

Despite the comfort he finds with his family, he knows he must rejoin his regiment and fight until the end. With grace and power, Sebastian Barry vividly renders Willie’s personal struggle as well as the overwhelming consequences of war.

Author: Sebastian Barry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101075767

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Praised as a “master storyteller” (The Wall Street Journal) and hailed for his “flawless use of language” (Boston Herald), Irish author and playwright Sebastian Barry has created a powerful new novel about divided loyalties and the realities of war. Sebastian Barry's latest novel, Days Without End, is now available. In 1914, Willie Dunne, barely eighteen years old, leaves behind Dublin, his family, and the girl he plans to marry in order to enlist in the Allied forces and face the Germans on the Western Front. Once there, he encounters a horror of violence and gore he could not have imagined and sustains his spirit with only the words on the pages from home and the camaraderie of the mud-covered Irish boys who fight and die by his side. Dimly aware of the political tensions that have grown in Ireland in his absence, Willie returns on leave to find a world split and ravaged by forces closer to home. Despite the comfort he finds with his family, he knows he must rejoin his regiment and fight until the end. With grace and power, Sebastian Barry vividly renders Willie’s personal struggle as well as the overwhelming consequences of war.

Conversations with Eugene O Neill

Ah , Wilderness ! was written in six weeks , between drafts of another play , Days Without End , which will be the Guild's following production .

Author: Eugene O'Neill

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9780878054473

Category: Drama

Page: 242

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Offers a collection of interviews with the noted American playwright, reprinted from newspapers and magazines and originally published between 1920 and 1948

Down the Nights and Down the Days

BROADWAY REJECTED Days Without End quickly and finally. After a trial run in Boston's Plymouth Theatre (December 27-January 7), it moved to the Henry Miller ...

Author: Edward L. Shaughnessy

Publisher: University of Notre Dame Pess

ISBN: 0268092974

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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This latest book from veteran O’Neillian Edward L. Shaughnessy examines the influence of the Irish playwright’s Catholic heritage on his moral imagination. Critics, due to O'Neill's early renunciation of faith at age 15, have mostly overlooked this presence in his work. While Shaughnessy makes no attempt to reclaim him for Catholicism, he uncovers evidence that O'Neill retained the imprint of his Irish Catholic upbringing and acculturation in his work. Shaughnessy discusses several key plays from the O’Neill cannon, such as Long Day’s Journey into Night, The Iceman Cometh, and Mourning Becomes Electra, as well as the lesser-known Ile and Days Without End. Winner of the Irish in America Manuscript competition, Down the Days and Down the Nights: Eugene O’Neill’s Catholic Sensibility is a compelling investigation into the psyche of one of the most brilliant, internationally honored playwrights of our time.

Perverse Mind

In conclusion , the entire play , Days without End , may be considered an evaluative study of strong closure or the effort to impose a decisive ending upon ...

Author: Barbara Voglino

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838638330

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 166

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The fact is, nothing in O'Neill's forty-five theatrical endeavors of varying merit prior to 1939 suggests the unmistakable touch of genius which radiates from his last plays - A Touch of the Poet (1939), The Iceman Cometh (1940), Long Day's Journey into Night (1941), Hughie (1942), and A Moon for the Misbegotten (1943)."--BOOK JACKET. "At least one valid explanation for this phenomenon is the greatly improved endings of the late plays."--BOOK JACKET.

World Without End

They are three days without food, drink or sleep; these are their fasts. He who is weak and cannot put up with this is regarded as a bad Indian.

Author: Hugh Thomas

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 081299812X

Category: History

Page: 496

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Following Rivers of Gold and The Golden Empire and building on five centuries of scholarship, World Without End is the epic conclusion of an unprecedented three-volume history of the Spanish Empire from “one of the most productive and wide-ranging historians of modern times” (The New York Times Book Review). The legacy of imperial Spain was shaped by many hands. But the dramatic human story of the extraordinary projection of Spanish might in the second half of the sixteenth century has never been fully told—until now. In World Without End, Hugh Thomas chronicles the lives, loves, conflicts, and conquests of the complex men and women who carved up the Americas for the glory of Spain. Chief among them is the towering figure of King Philip II, the cultivated Spanish monarch whom a contemporary once called “the arbiter of the world.” Cheerful and pious, he inherited vast authority from his father, Emperor Charles V, but nevertheless felt himself unworthy to wield it. His forty-two-year reign changed the face of the globe forever. Alongside Philip we find the entitled descendants of New Spain’s original explorers—men who, like their king, came into possession of land they never conquered and wielded supremacy they never sought. Here too are the Roman Catholic religious leaders of the Americas, whose internecine struggles created possibilities that the emerging Jesuit order was well-positioned to fill. With the sublime stories of arms and armadas, kings and conquistadors come tales of the ridiculous: the opulent parties of New Spain’s wealthy hedonists and the unexpected movement to encourage Philip II to conquer China. Finally, Hugh Thomas unearths the first indictments of imperial Spain’s labor rights abuses in the Americas—and the early attempts by its more enlightened rulers and planters to address them. Written in the brisk, flowing narrative style that has come to define Hugh Thomas’s work, the final volume of this acclaimed trilogy stands alone as a history of an empire making the transition from conquest to inheritance—a history that Thomas reveals through the fascinating lives of the people who made it. Praise for World Without End “Readers will not find a more reliable guide to the maturing Spanish Empire. . . . World Without End reminds us that the far-flung Spanish Empire was the work of many minds and hands, and by the end their myriad stories carry a cumulative charge.”—The New York Times Book Review “A sweeping, encyclopedic history of the arrogance, ambition, and ideology that fueled the quest for empire.”—Kirkus Reviews “Literary power is a vital part of a great historian’s armoury. As in his earlier books, Thomas demonstrates here that he has this in abundance.”—Financial Times “A vivid climax to Hugh Thomas’s three-volume history of imperial Spain.”—The Telegraph “Thomas clearly excels in the Spanish history of religion, politics, and culture, [and] successfully shows that Spain’s global ambition knew no bounds.”—Publishers Weekly

Eugene O Neill s Creative Struggle

172, 178-81, 184, 185, 232 and Days Without End, 198-99, 203-5 and Desire ... 253,254 and Long Day's Journey into Night, 52, 115 and Marco Millions, ...

Author: Doris Alexander

Publisher: Penn State Press

ISBN: 0271041021

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 339

View: 216

In Eugene O'Neill's Creative Struggle, Doris Alexander gives us a new kind of inside biography that begins where the others leave off. It follows O'Neill through the door into his writing room to give a blow-by-blow account of how he fought out in his plays his great life battles&—love against hate, doubt against belief, life against death&—to an ever-expanding understanding. It presents a new kind of criticism, showing how O'Neill's most intimate struggles worked their way to resolution through the drama of his plays. Alexander reveals that he was engineering his own consciousness through his plays and solving his life problems&—while the tone, imagery, and richness of the plays all came out of the nexus of memories summoned up by the urgency of the problems he faced in them. By the way of O'Neill, this study moves toward a theory of the impulse that sets off a writer's creativity, and a theory of how that impulse acts to shape a work, not only in a dramatist like O'Neill but also in the case of writers in other mediums, and even of painters and composers. The study begins with Desire Under the Elms because that play's plot was consolidated by a dream that opened up the transfixing grief that precipitated the play for O'Neill, and it ends with Days Without End when he had resolved his major emotional-philosophical struggle and created within himself the voice of his final great plays. Since the analysis brings to bear on the plays all of his conscious decisions, ideas, theories, as well as the life-and-death struggles motivating them, documenting even the final creative changes made during rehearsals, this book provides a definitive account of the nine plays analyzed in detail (Desire Under the Elms, Marco Millions, The Great God Brown, Lazarus Laughed, Strange Interlude, Dynamo, Mourning Becomes Electra, Ah, Wilderness!, and Days Without End, with additional analysis of plays written before and after.

Story without End

Providing he got through the next few days without any adverse reactions. He left the doctor's clutching his International Certificate of Vaccination or ...

Author: Marcus Tempus

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491808209

Category: Fiction

Page: 296

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Marcus recently left a senior executive position and is adjusting to his new life as what a friend has labeled him: a Renaissance man. During this period of adjustment from profit- and process-driven, almost manic, activity to a more leisurely pace, he is researching many interests to keep his brain active in order to maintain his sanity. Among other things, he is traveling extensively, with his camera, finding and enjoying many different experiences. He is based in downtown Chicago and from there stays busy by working for some local charities and remains in touch with the world of business through the almost compulsory consultancy work expected from retired executives. This aspect of his life is as near as he ever is likely to get to the state of normal. His friends keep reminding him about the need to become grounded, a condition he never wants to be in full time. He finds travel and writing pleasurable ways to pass the time, but do they feed the inner man? As a financially independent and self-labeled man of the world, he thinks not. He has therefore set out on a quest to see if true love exists and if there is a soul mate out there just for him. He has been close to true love a few times, but so far he has not experienced the really deep emotional connection with another person that he believes exists. He has yet to see it or find it, which is why he has set out on a mission to see if he can find real deep, true love. To record his adventures and emotions, he decided to write three books to help him find what he is looking for. The first book, 21 Days to Love, has been published. It explains the beginning of his mission, which started with an intense and powerful love affair with Tina. That relationship ended, and shortly afterward he met Anastasia. They went on a twenty-one day journey and fell in love with each other a little, or maybe a lot. This second book details his confusion at deciding who he is and where he is going, as reflected in the title—Story Without End. The third book will be written in 2014 to document the outcome of this journey and if he did indeed find the love he is seeking. The travel aspects of the first two books are largely actual and factual. 21 Days to Love includes visits to Paris, Ireland, London, Marrakech, New Orleans, Santorini, and Malaysia. Story Without End contains travel to Madeira, the Canary Islands, Spain, Key West, Grand Cayman, New Orleans, Wales, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian Amazon. Some of the characters in the books are real, but most are not. They have been created in the imagination of Marcus. Along with the love relationships and passionate encounters, they are part of his delusional quest for a soul mate.

Stories Without End

Until now, I had never gone more than two days without a ride. My dream has always been to ride, breed, and take care of horses. I was lucky enough to grow ...

Author: Taylor Sapp

Publisher: Alphabet Publishing

ISBN: 1948492121

Category: Education

Page: 144

View: 516

Creative, intriguing short stories to make students think and wonder what if. . . Stories Without End engages students with literature through intriguing short stories that make them think and wonder. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world whenever we wanted to? Will robots ever replace human teachers? Why are some people optimists while others are pessimists? Where does our personality come from? Stories Without End also gets students creating with engaging projects. Because the stories have no end, students will have to create their own. They’ll also find themselves writing about one particular character, drawing a scene from the story, interviewing people about the theme of the story, or keeping a dream journal. Each story is also supported with questions and vocabulary activities to introduce the story and followed by discussion questions. Perfect for teaching reading, creative writing, or discussion. And it’s a flexible resource. Use it as the main book for a month-long elective, as a regular supplement activity, or an occasional treat for the students! Finalist, British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in English Language Teaching 2019 Fascinating book on teaching reluctant readers how to write. —Chel S., NetGalley Reviewer Looking for a downloadable, printable version? Get it on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can even buy individual stories there.

Magnum Opus

Once we have accepted it without evasion, we can begin to create new goals for ourselves, ends for our days!” In response to such optimism, Loving calls ...

Author: Zander Brietzke

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300258305

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 224

View: 517

An original and provocative analysis of Eugene O'Neill's unfinished cycle play project From 1935 to 1939, Eugene O'Neill worked on a series of plays that would trace the history of an American family through several generations. He completed just two of the proposed eleven plays—A Touch of the Poet and More Stately Mansions—which Zander Brietzke argues represent the core of the entire cycle. Combining archival research, literary analysis, and theatrical imagination, Magnum Opus invites an audience to see this unusual and exciting epic as a historical drama of our time.

The Sweetness of Water

But this sanctuary survives on a knife's edge, and it isn't long before the inhabitants of the nearby town of Old Ox react with fury at the alliances being formed only a few miles away . . . '[A] highly accomplished debut' Sunday Times ...

Author: Nathan Harris

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472274393

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

View: 464

**LONGLISTED FOR THE 2021 BOOKER PRIZE** A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB PICK, AND BARACK OBAMA SUMMER READING 2021 SELECTION 'A fine, lyrical novel, impressive in its complex interweaving of the grand and the intimate, of the personal and political' Observer An extraordinary novel of life after slavery for readers of WASHINGTON BLACK, THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD and DAYS WITHOUT END. In the dying days of the American Civil War, newly freed brothers Landry and Prentiss find themselves cast into the world without a penny to their names. Forced to hide out in the woods near their former Georgia plantation, they're soon discovered by the land's owner, George Walker, a man still reeling from the loss of his son in the war. When the brothers begin to live and work on George's farm, the tentative bonds of trust and union begin to blossom between the strangers. But this sanctuary survives on a knife's edge, and it isn't long before the inhabitants of the nearby town of Old Ox react with fury at the alliances being formed only a few miles away . . . '[A] highly accomplished debut' Sunday Times Readers have been swept away by The Sweetness of Water: 'Such a powerful, magnificent book; I urge you to read it. The comparisons with Colson Whitehead are justified' ***** 'A staggering debut and a story that stays with you' ***** 'Thought-provoking and moving . . . a gripping and compelling novel that exposes flaws, mixed emotions and imperfect relationships, and yet it holds on with determination and hope. It fully deserves a 5-star rating' ***** 'Outstanding . . . A book that deserves widespread recognition and a wide audience' *****

Eugene O Neill

Every day through May and June, while Carlotta supervised last- minute work on the new ... Eugene worked many hours on Days Without End. Sometimes he felt ...

Author: Stephen A. Black

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300093995

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 543

View: 936

Stricken with guilt and grief when his father, mother and brother died in quick succession, Eugene O'Neill mourned deeply for two decades. This critical biography presents an understanding of O'Neill's life, work and slow grieving.