Dear Granddaughter

We have got a covering of snow this morning & it does look wintry, dear. Grandad is keeping well & I am doing fine. The Dr has finished calling but told me to take things easy. I hope the coal strike does not last long for my coalman ...

Author: Kate Beaulieu


ISBN: 1300867566


Page: 101

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This book brings together the letters which the author's grandmother wrote to her during the twenty years from 1962 to 1982. They are reproduced as written, with all their imperfections. The author has added a commentary that provides a background to the letters and an account of her own life at the time. It is a gentle, nostalgic, admittedly self-indulgent journey through the years. Many grandmothers have special relationships with their grandchildren and some of them, like the author, also had a special relationship with their grandmother. This book is for them.

Lynn s Acting Edition

Because you are crying , and Grandad , when he speaks of me , he always cries , because he loves me , and I love him . ... left me dear , acause she was too good for this ere bad world , an she's gone to be a golden hangel hup there .

Author: Neville Lynn





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Recollections of Bombardier Ralph Timothy

Iwill miss you more than you know go to sleep, dear grandad your memory will linger on we'll remember you with fondness & smile at times gone by stay close, watch over me, my grandad don't ever want to say goodbye rest in peace.

Author: Tracy Timothy

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496983300

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 58

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At this perfect time in history of war, anniversaries and remembrances of the many brave soldiers who fought for their country in our world wars. It is with great pride that I bring to the public’s attention, one such story! This biography written in 1995 taped & transcribed & left in a drawer until now. In his very own words The Recollections of Ralph Timothy, Grandad, to me. The story begins in May 1940. When he joined the Royal Artillery. His family life & tales of his life, in the lead up to war. His experiences, his capture by the Japanese & held as a prisoner of war in various Hell Holes in Java for 3 Years. Leaving behind his Wife & 2 son’s. Enclosed are his hand written post-cards sent home in his very long capture, so brief but so reassuring. His tales of death, disease, torture, survival comradeship and strength. His courage against all odds! His sheer determination to survive. The horrors he endured, what he achieved. The hunger, loss of comrades & fellow friend’s. His faith & the love for his family. His freedom. What is even more amazing, is he lived to be 94 years old. He was married to my Nan Madge for 61 years when she passed away in January 1997, his two sons. John my Dad & Ralph Jnr who are both now sadly deceased. Ralph Jnr passed away in January 2010 & Dad in November 2011. Grandad left behind 4 grandchildren, 6 great-grandchildren & 1 great great grandson (My grandson). So as a Tribute to my Grandad, Dad & Uncle Ralph, your legacy will be told & admired & the respect that you deserve given. It’s been a privilege to have been your grand-Daughter. Thanks for giving me the best Dad in the world! I know this is what you would all have wanted. My Final Tribute. To a very amazing Man. My Hero... Grandad

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

He had gotten my dear, sweet, far-too-helpful grandad to help clean up his mess. What an arsehole. Grandad, sensing my rage, tried to console me. “I didn't mind, luv. I had a bit of free time this morning, and he was ever so good about ...

Author: CJ Duggan

Publisher: CJ Duggan

ISBN: 131145490X

Category: Fiction

Page: 266

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When a big-city agent wants to rent the abandoned chapel on the Bowens’ property for an obscene amount of money, it seems like a deal of a lifetime . . . there’s just one small catch. Nathaniel Black. Disgraced, broken-down, whisky-swilling rock god Nathaniel Black is set to make a comeback, or at least that’s what his long-suffering agent is hoping. Nathaniel’s last chance for salvation is to lock himself away from the temptations of his wicked life. With no women, no booze, and no drugs. Only the music. The one thing he didn’t count on was forming a complex, life-changing bond with a reclusive, talented songbird, Sadie Bowen. Twenty three-year-old Sadie has all of Nathaniel’s cassette tapes under her bed and his tattered poster lining the inside of her wardrobe door. And now he’s here, in her backyard, eating her food and sharing her bathroom—a dream come true, right? Until Sadie realises her teenage idol is the most infuriating, arrogant man-child she has ever met. Will seclusion lead to destruction? Or will Sadie finally get a chance to learn who the real man is behind the music? One thing is clear: despite every voice inside her head telling her to stay away, she can’t. She can’t help it, can’t fight it. Nathaniel Black is about to become her favourite mistake.

Giving Life A Go

My dear Grandad Bob was with us almost every day . He had missed me but was so happy I could walk , there were tears in his eyes . The biggest surprise of all was when our dear friend Sister Pascal walked in , Mum and Dad hadn't told me ...

Author: Ann Whitaker

Publisher: Mediaworld PR Ltd

ISBN: 9781904502470

Category: People with disabilities

Page: 212

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My name is Ann Whitaker. I was born in December 1964 and diagnosed Cerebral Palsy, 'Athetoid'. This meant that my body was rigid and all my movements jerky and uncontrollable. The paediatrician told my parent 'Put her in a home - she will be a cabbage. Forget about her, she will never walk or talk.'

The Matchbox Dragon

She smiled and said, “Yes of course my dear.” Grandad in the meantime on the other side of the cavern was deep in conversation with Dolphim, no doubt hatching some sort of plan. “Yes” said grandad, “in about 20 minutes those kidnappers ...

Author: A.J. Webb

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467016551

Category: Fiction

Page: 143

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You are not a newt are you? Ive not seen one with wings before said Alex. The little creature opened one of his wings and blew over it trying to disperse some of the droplets of water remaining on its greeny black finely scaled skin. This first encounter was the start of a magical adventure that by pure chance happened to just an ordinary boy and his family.

Psychological Adaptive Mechanisms

Dear Grandad Konstantin Makarich,” he wrote. “I am writing a letter to you. I send you Christmas greetings and hope God will send you his blessings. I have no Father and no Mummie and you are all I have left.” .... “Come to me dear ...

Author: Thomas P. Beresford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199794499

Category: Medical

Page: 338

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This book provides a clinical tool for recognizing, and understanding, human adaptive responses to stress and the anxiety it causes. For use in the here-and-now, the recognition algorithm systematically delineates the observable hierarchy of psychological adaptive mechanisms, known in psychoanalytic theory as ego defenses, established in previous longitudinal research. Based in a theoretical model, it teaches practical, systematic recognition of these mechanisms which are not only helpful to know when seeing a patient but also when observing human behavior in everyday life.

Grandad s Book

Bedtime, just getting in, groan: “Oh, dear, Ed.” It's a young chap. Go across. “What's up kid?” “Oh, just move my leg a bit, ow go steady, now my head, ow.” “How's that?” “Thank you, I'm glad there's someone who'll help a poor .

Author: Eric Edwin Needham


ISBN: 1326472720


Page: 229

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Summer with Horses White Cloud Station

'First, my dear,' Grandad interrupted, 'a toast!' He stood up and lifted his wine glass.'To friends old andnew. Tothe horseswe are privilegedto haveinour lives. And to my beautiful wife.' 'Thank you, my dear,' Grandma smiledand sipped ...

Author: Trudy Nicholson

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 1742288863

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 115

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Book two in the series. Suzy, Alexa and Lucy are spending a wonderful summer at the beach with their very own, White Cloud horses. Through a lucky escape the girls meet a new hero and Suzy gets the chance to return to White Cloud Station. Pretty soon she is thrust into the busy world of a working station, but only in her wildest dreams could she imagine what excitement the end of summer would bring.