Difficult Women

Feminism will always be difficult. It tries to represent half of ... It is revolutionary, challenging the most fundamental structures of our society. ... Spending time with my own collection of Difficult Women has been instructive.

Author: Helen Lewis

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473562252

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

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Well-behaved women don't make history: difficult women do. 'This is the antidote to saccharine you-go-girl fluff. Effortlessly erudite and funny' Caroline Criado-Perez Strikers in saris. Bomb-throwing suffragettes. The pioneer of the refuge movement who became a men's rights activist. Forget feel-good heroines: meet the feminist trailblazers who have been airbrushed from history for being 'difficult' - and discover how they made a difference. Here are their stories in all their shocking, funny and unvarnished glory. ** Shortlisted in the 2020 Parliamentary Book Awards ** 'All the history you need to understand why you're so furious, angry and still hopeful about being a woman now. A book that is part intellectual weapon in your handbag, part cocktail with a friend' Caitlin Moran 'Compulsive, rigorous, unforgettable, hilarious and devastating' Hadley Freeman 'A great manifesto for all those women who have never been very good at being well-behaved.' Mary Beard 'Difficult Women is full of vivid detail, jam-packed with research and fizzing with provocation' Sunday Times

Difficult Women

—Tampa Bay Times “A powerful collection of short stories about difficult, troubled, headstrong, and unconventional women ... challenging, quirky, and memorable.” —Publishers Weekly “Incredible ... These stories are so lovely the book is ...

Author: Roxane Gay

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802189644

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Award-winning author and powerhouse talent Roxane Gay burst onto the scene with An Untamed State and the New York Times bestselling essay collection Bad Feminist (Harper Perennial). Gay returns with Difficult Women, a collection of stories of rare force and beauty, of hardscrabble lives, passionate loves, and quirky and vexed human connection. The women in these stories live lives of privilege and of poverty, are in marriages both loving and haunted by past crimes or emotional blackmail. A pair of sisters, grown now, have been inseparable ever since they were abducted together as children, and must negotiate the elder sister's marriage. A woman married to a twin pretends not to realize when her husband and his brother impersonate each other. A stripper putting herself through college fends off the advances of an overzealous customer. A black engineer moves to Upper Michigan for a job and faces the malign curiosity of her colleagues and the difficulty of leaving her past behind. From a girls’ fight club to a wealthy subdivision in Florida where neighbors conform, compete, and spy on each other, Gay delivers a wry, beautiful, haunting vision of modern America reminiscent of Merritt Tierce, Jamie Quatro, and Miranda July.

Difficult Women on Television Drama

The Gender Politics Of Complex Women In Serial Narratives Isabel C. Pinedo. be punished much more harshly for killing an intimate partner than men are (Chalabi 2019). Once incarcerated, women are disciplined more often and more harshly ...

Author: Isabel C. Pinedo

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000342891

Category: Social Science

Page: 190

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Difficult Women on Television Drama analyses select case studies from international TV dramas to examine the unresolved feminist issues they raise or address: equal labor force participation, the demand for sexual pleasure and freedom, opposition to sexual and domestic violence, and the need for intersectional approaches. Drawing on examples from The Killing, Orange is the New Black, Big Little Lies, Wentworth, Outlander, Westworld, Being Mary Jane, Queen Sugar, Vida, and other television dramas with a focus on complex female characters, this book illustrates how female creative control in key production roles (direct authorship) together with industrial imperatives and a conducive cultural context (indirect authorship) are necessary to produce feminist texts. Placed within the larger context of a rise in feminist activism and political participation by women; the growing embrace of a feminist identity; and the ascendance of post-feminism, this book reconsiders the unfinished nature of feminist struggle(s) and suggests the need for a broader sweep of economic change. This book is a must-read for scholars of media and communication studies; television and film studies; cultural studies; American studies; sociology of gender and sexualities; women and gender studies; and international film, media and cinema studies.

In Praise of Difficult Women

men, sex, love, money, and looking hot at all times, other women will too. Her premise was simple and answered the hoary old Freudian question: What do women want? What men want, silly. The July 1965 issue of Cosmo was her first.

Author: Karen Karbo

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426217951

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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From Frida Kahlo and Elizabeth Taylor to Nora Ephron, Carrie Fisher, and Lena Dunham, this witty narrative explores what we can learn from the imperfect and extraordinary legacies of 29 iconic women who forged their own unique paths in the world. Smart, sassy, and unapologetically feminine, this elegantly illustrated book is an ode to the bold and charismatic women of modern history. Best-selling author Karen Karbo (The Gospel According to Coco Chanel) spotlights the spirited rule breakers who charted their way with little regard for expectations: Amelia Earhart, Helen Gurley Brown, Edie Sedgwick, Hillary Clinton, Amy Poehler, and Shonda Rhimes, among others. Their lives--imperfect, elegant, messy, glorious--provide inspiration and instruction for the new age of feminism we have entered. Karbo distills these lessons with wit and humor, examining the universal themes that connect us to each of these mesmerizing personalities today: success and style, love and authenticity, daring and courage. Being "difficult," Karbo reveals, might not make life easier. But it can make it more fulfilling--whatever that means for you. In the Reader's Guide included in the back of the book, Karbo asks thought-provoking questions about how we relate to each woman that will make for fascinating book club conversation.

Challenging Women

What have in the past appeared as female wiles or feminine 'traits' are in fact learned responses, many of which have been the only appropriate response for women ... Some women find helplessness an escape from difficult realities.

Author: Su Maddock

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1849206740

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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This book offers a radical reassessment of organizational forces for change and barriers encountered by the `challenging women' - senior women managers faced with the task of transforming their organizations. Much has been written about women at work, the `glass ceiling' and discriminatory employment practices. This study is seminal in the linkage it makes between gender, innovation and organizational transformation. The book highlights the implications of this for all types of organizations and women managers everywhere.

Challenging Women s Orthodoxies in the Context of Faith

So this is a challenging place in which to come to speak about what it is to be human, and about how the divine may be enfleshed in the one I am given to be, and to do so in friendship. For this is a place in which the voices of women ...

Author: Susan Frank Parsons

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351730436

Category: Social Science

Page: 230

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This title was first published in 2000. Most of the papers in this volume were given at a day conference held at Heythrop College, aimed at discussing challenging women's orthodoxies in the context of faith. The book acts as an indication that gender matters in the understanding and living of faith.

Women Language and Politics

Criticism from her own party included the long-standing Conservative MP, Ken Clark, who was caught on camera calling Theresa May 'a bloody difficult woman'14 just before her appointment in July 2016. May responded by appropriating this ...

Author: Sylvia Shaw

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107080886

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 334

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Investigates the underrepresentation of women in politics, by examining how language use constructs and maintains gender inequalities in political institutions.

No Map Could Show Them

'God knows there are difficult women out there. Women who are – at times – shallow, bitchy, selfish, dishonest and, of course, crazy.' – ASKMEN: WHY MEN DATE DIFFICULT WOMEN Difficult women don't care what time it is, they're crowding ...

Author: Helen Mort

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 147352377X

Category: Poetry

Page: 96

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* A Poetry Book Society Recommendation 2016* 'When we climb alone en cordée feminine, we are magicians of the Alps – we make the routes we follow disappear' The poems of Helen Mort's second collection offer an unforgettable perspective on the heights we scale and the distances we run, the routes we follow and the paths we make for ourselves. Here are odes to the women who dared to break new ground – from Miss Jemima Morrell, a young Victorian woman from Yorkshire who hiked the Swiss Peaks in her skirts and petticoats, to the modern British mountaineer Alison Hargreaves, who died descending from the summit of K2. Distinctive and courageous, these are poems of passion and precipices, of edges and extremes. No Map Could Show Them confirms Helen Mort’s position as one of the finest young poets at work today.

Human Relations and Other Difficulties

for these 'difficult' women but says little to elucidate it. 'You could jump to a Freudian conclusion that this had to do with my mother,' he said in an interview. And then added: 'But I absolutely reject that.

Author: Mary-Kay Wilmers

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1782835237

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 248

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Mary-Kay Wilmers has been a giant of the English literary world for decades. She was integral in the founding of LRB in 1979 during the year-long lock-out at The Times and has served as its editor in chief since 1992. Under her leadership, the magazine has pulled no punches and faced the inevitable controversies head on, leading the Observer to wonder whether LRB is 'the best magazine in the world'. Which may explain why, while most print media has been struggling, LRB has grown to become the most circulated magazine of its kind in Europe. This collection of Mary-Kay Wilmers' essays, book reviews, short articles and obituaries handles subjects from mistresses to marketing, and seduction to psychoanalysts, all with Wilmers' trademark insightful wit. Throughout she uses her deep and varied knowledge to provide both context and cutting criticism. This creates a portrait of a particular slice of English culture in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Women visibility and morality in Kenyan popular media

These misrepresentations and eventual marginalisation are the result of both academic research on women and a lack of interest in taking ... To read the women I study as hypervisible is to acknowledge that they are difficult subjects.

Author: Ligaga, Dina

Publisher: NISC (Pty) Ltd

ISBN: 1920033637

Category: Social Science

Page: 194

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Women, visibility and morality in Kenyan popular media explores familiar constructions of femininity to assess ways in which it circulates in discourse, both stereotypically and otherwise. It assesses the meanings of such discourses and their articulations in various public platforms in Kenya. The book draws together theoretical questions on ‘pre-convened’ scripts that contain or condition how women can circulate in public. The book asks questions about particular interpretations of women’s bodies that are considered transgressive or unruly and why these bodies become significant symbolic sites for the generation of knowledge on morality and sexuality. The book also poses questions about genre and representations of femininity. The assertion made is that for knowledges of femininity to circulate effectively, they must be melodramatic, spectacular and scandalous. Ultimately, the book asks how such a theorisation of popular modes of representation enable a better understanding of the connections between gender, sexuality and violence in Kenya.