Dog Man

Enjoy laughs and giggles with this boxed set of the popular Dog Man series.

Author: Dav Pilkey


ISBN: 9781742997988


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Enjoy laughs and giggles with this boxed set of the popular Dog Man series.

Amazing Spider Man Epic Collection

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Author: Peter David

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 1302498134

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #289-294 And Annual #20-21, Spider-Man Versus Wolverine, Web Of Spider-Man (1985) #29-32 And Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #131-132. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are getting married! But Kraven the Hunter is going to make sure the wall-crawler ends up six feet under — literally! It begins with an all-time classic encounter with Wolverine that changes Spidey’s life forever, leading to the death of one of his best friends! In the wake of tragedy, Peter pops the question — but the honeymoon is short-lived, as Kraven goes to extreme lengths to prove himself superior to his greatest foe! As one of comics’ most introspective, psychological sagas ever unfolds, the Hunter will learn that it’s one thing to defeat Spider-Man — but another to expect him to stay down!

Life Unexpected Series Boxed Set Complete Series Books 1 3

Epic was moving so quickly it was difficult to tell what was going on. The blood-curdling screams coming from Liam along with the dog's snarls left little to the imagination. ... The man's screams intensified.

Author: Melanie D. Snitker

Publisher: Dallionz Media, LLC


Category: Fiction

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Life Unexpected is a complete three-book series focusing on life after foster care, friendship, second chances, and finding a love worth waiting for. This boxed set includes all three full-length novels. ~*~ Safe In His Arms (Book 1): She's is determined to escape her past. He's looking to build a future . . . with her. Will she open her heart and let him help, or keep on running alone? Anna Henderson is guilty of one thing: trusting the wrong man. Now she’s running for her life from an ex-boyfriend who will stop at nothing to find her. The little town of Quintin, Texas seems like the perfect place to lay low, and its quaint little diner may just give her the new start she’s looking for. The more she gets to know the diner’s handsome owner, the more of a connection she feels with him. But she can’t put her heart—or his safety—at risk. Joel Ash knows all about second chances. After all, he pulled himself out of his rough past and became a successful restaurant owner. So, when a nervous woman walks into his diner looking for a job, he can’t say no—even though he’s convinced she’s hiding something. He soon finds himself falling for the beautiful stranger, and he thinks he may have a real chance at winning her heart. But when Anna’s past catches up with her, both their lives are thrown into turmoil. His only thought is to protect Anna, and their possible future together, at any cost. An inspirational Christian novel about faith, new beginnings, and overcoming fear with love. ~*~ Someone to Trust (Book 2): She wants to give him her heart. He wants to give her the best chance at a happy life. They’re headed separate ways . . . until faith steps in. Chess Summers never got to have a “real” family growing up. Thankfully, his makeshift family of former foster kids has given him the sense of belonging he’s always been missing. However, insecurities about his dark past may cost him the future he longs for, especially when it comes to Brooke, the spunky and beautiful woman he has found himself falling for. He’s determined to protect her, and convinced she deserves someone much better than him. Brooke Pierce may have had a rough childhood, but she also had her trust in Christ, which sustained her through it all. When Chess crushes Brooke’s dreams of a future together, she must rely on faith once again to heal her heart and help her move on. But is walking away from each other the answer? Or does redemption lie in these two broken spirits facing the past together? An inspirational Christian novel about the power of faith, the strength of hope, and the joy found in redemption. ~*~ Starting Anew (Book 3): He’s afraid to trust. She has a secret that could change everything between them. Will they let go of their fear, or allow it to rob them of their chance at happiness? For most of his life, Nathan Kirkpatrick was lied to by everyone he cared about. Now, he’s determined to leave the past behind him, and focus on a new future with his only real family—his young daughter, Mia, and his long-lost brother, Chess. When he finds himself attracted to Mia’s pretty and kind caretaker, Lynn, he must do some heavy-duty soul searching. Can he trust her? Or will falling for her put his family at risk? Lynn Crosby’s passion cost her everything. Her parents all but disowned her for pursuing her dream of a music career, and then the music industry she loved wanted her to compromise her values. All she wants is to hold on to her quiet life, with a new name, and an ordinary job as a day care worker. But the more time she spends with Nathan, the more she wants to share her true self with him. Can she trust him to understand and love both sides of her? Or will he walk away like everyone else? An inspirational Christian novel about learning to trust, finding acceptance, and the healing power of truth spoken in love.

Iron Man Epic Collection War Machine

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Author: Len Kaminski

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 130252027X


Page: 480

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Collects Iron Man (1968) #278-289, Iron Man Annual (1970) #12-13; material from Darkhawk Annual (1992) #1, Avengers West Coast Annual (1989) #7, Marvel Holiday Special (1991) #2. The gunmetal-gray Avenger! Tony Stark’s health takes a turn for the worse thanks to the intergalactic Operation: Galactic Storm! Back home, the Masters of Silence are waiting - and to defeat them, Tony needs to build a new armor unlike any other! But with Justin Hammer gunning for him, will he live long enough to get used to it? Or will the suit be a better fit for James Rhodes? When Tony’s health finally gives out for good, Rhodey must face his destiny - as a War Machine! But which is worse: filling Iron Man’s boots or running Stark Enterprises? Guest-starring Darkhawk, the West Coast Avengers and a lineup of classic villains from Blizzard to Blacklash!

Daredevil Epic Collection

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Author: J.M. Dematteis

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 1302514121

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 488

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Collects Daredevil (1964) #345-364. Taken to the edge! Daredevil’s armored gray costume is no more — but who is that running around in the original yellow suit? And the classic red? Is it Matt Murdock? Jack Batlin? Or someone else?! The Man Without Fear faces an identity crisis — and it won’t be easy to put his broken life back together! If he can, a new day will dawn for Nelson & Murdock — unless hotshot lawyer Rosalind Sharpe has other ideas! Faces from Matt’s past resurface, including his mother, former lover Black Widow and dead mentor Stick — but there’s something different about Spider-Man! Meanwhile, villains line up to take on Daredevil — like Pyro, the Enforcers, the Absorbing Man and Mysterio! Matt faces one of his hardest cases: defending the murderous Mister Hyde! And DD pulls an all-nighter battling Insomnia!

Avengers West Coast Epic Collection


Author: Roger Stern

Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

ISBN: 130250603X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 496

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Collecting West Coast Avengers (1984) #1-4, Iron Man Annual #7, Avengers (1963) #250, West Coast Avengers (1985) #1-7, Vision And The Scarlet Witch (1985) #1-2 And Wonder Man (1986) #1. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go West! When Vision creates a second squad, Hawkeye grabs the first Quinjet to California to lead the West Coast Avengers — including Mockingbird, Wonder Man, Tigra and an Iron Man or two! But will local vigilante the Shroud join the West Coasters? How about Firebird, Hank “Ant-Man” Pym and the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing?! The “Whackos” quickly make their own enemies — including the Blank, Graviton, Master Pandemonium and a villainous Goliath! Plus: Kraven the Hunter targets Tigra! Wonder Man battles Sandman! And Vision and Scarlet Witch lend a hand against the Grim Reaper and Ultron!

Myths of the Dog Man

See above, chapter 3, part 1 and n. 3. 43. It was Megasthenes who identified Ctesias's Kalustrioi with the Kyno- kephaloi: see above chapter 3, part 1. 44. These sculptures, presendy in the Egyptian collection (no.

Author: David Gordon White

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226895092

Category: Religion

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"An impressive and important cross-cultural study that has vast implications for history, religion, anthropology, folklore, and other fields. . . . Remarkably wide-ranging and extremely well-documented, it covers (among much else) the following: medieval Christian legends such as the 14th-century Ethiopian Gadla Hawaryat (Contendings of the Apostles) that had their roots in Parthian Gnosticism and Manichaeism; dog-stars (especially Sirius), dog-days, and canine psychopomps in the ancient and Hellenistic world; the cynocephalic hordes of the ancient geographers; the legend of Prester John; Visvamitra and the Svapacas ("Dog-Cookers"); the Dog Rong ("warlike barbarians") during the Xia, Shang, and Zhou periods; the nochoy ghajar (Mongolian for "Dog Country") of the Khitans; the Panju myth of the Southern Man and Yao "barbarians" from chapter 116 of the History of the Latter Han and variants in a series of later texts; and the importance of dogs in ancient Chinese burial rites. . . . Extremely well-researched and highly significant."—Victor H. Mair, Asian Folklore Studies

Marvel Graphic Novels and Related Publications

Alien Legion: Slaughterworld, New York: Epic, 1991. ISBN: 0871357631. Re- prints Alien Legion Vol. 1: 1, 7–11. ... Reprints Sam and Max Show 13. ... They catch a hot-dog vendor at the fair, who is selling bootleg corndogs.

Author: Robert G. Weiner

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786451157

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 399

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This work provides an extensive guide for students, fans, and collectors of Marvel Comics. Focusing on Marvel’s mainstream comics, the author provides a detailed description of each comic along with a bibliographic citation listing the publication’s title, writers/artists, publisher, ISBN (if available), and a plot synopsis. One appendix provides a comprehensive alphabetical index of Marvel and Marvel–related publications to 2005, while two other appendices provide selected lists of Marvel–related game books and unpublished Marvel titles.