The Maestro

Better still, call me Maestro. Yes, I like that. What do you think?” “Maestro,” said Burl. “That's like a conductor?” “Oh, more than just a conductor. Master. Teacher. Here, I'll teach you something. Then you'll have to call me Maestro.

Author: Tim Wynne-Jones

Publisher: Groundwood Books Ltd

ISBN: 1554980232

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 224

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Burl Crow hasn't had many breaks in his young life. His father is a manipulative lout with a dangerous temper; his mother, worn down by years of abuse, now resorts to her little helpers to get her through the days. Then he meets Nathaniel Orlando Gow, the Maestro, and in just one day, this eccentric genius changes Burl's life forever.

Never to Return

A Tale of My Two Worlds Un Cuento de Mis Ambos Mundos Bob Tippett. goodness and energy would meet me. He would bring along Jose (Pepe) Lora, also Peruvian, ... Don't call me Maestro. He is Maestro.yes, he! Cuba is too small for the body ...

Author: Bob Tippett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462836194

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 121

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SEVERAL PEOPLE CONTRIBUTED to my writing of this book that is part memoir and part history, in places held together with the cartilage of fiction. First of all my wife, the former Mary Anne Hendon, with her sharp intellect and logical mind encouraged me to record this piece of my past and gave me helpful critiques. I made a cold call on John Lawrence Tome, associate professor of history at Georgia Tech, and author of War and Genocide in Cuba, 1895-1898. He met me with the gracious greeting “I’ll shake the hand that shook the hand of Leon Trotsky.” He suggested that I meet Dr. Ondina Gonzalez who at the time was teaching Latin American history at Emory University. I called on her and found an enthusiastic friend and supporter of this work. Ondina introduced me to her uncle and co-author, Dr, Justo Gonzalez, a noted Methodist minister, historian and writer. He graduated from the same Candler College in Havana that I had attended. As we talked we discovered we had lived only two blocks apart in the Havana of our younger days. Justo’s father had been instrumental in founding the ABC Party around a group of liberal intellectuals opposed to the dictatorship of the Cuban president, Gerardo Machado. My conversations with the two Doctors Gonzalez gave me good background material as well as a boost to my spirit. Ms. Lesbia Varona, research librarian in the Roberto Goizueta Collection at the Otto Richter Library of the University of Miami was most helpful in providing me access to microfilmed Cuban newspapers of the 1930’s and 1940’s and to the library’s material on Santería, the unique mixture of West African religious practices with those of Roman Catholicism

The Voices of Birds and Other Plays by Josef Topol

You just want to give me a hard time today, Maestro. I think I'd better leave. Wait! Who told you to call me Maestro? Anna. That's funny. She herself never calls me Maestro. Don't leave. Stay with me for a while. Can you keep a secret?

Author: Josef Topol

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469124122

Category: Drama

Page: 314

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This is a book of five plays by Josef Topol translated into English, only two of which have been produced in the USA. Josef Topol and Vaclav Havel are considered the best Czech living playwrights. The five plays chosen for this volume are representative of Topols chamber plays, dealing with such universal themes as youth, love and parting, life and death in language that is very contemporary and often incredibly poetic. The title of the book The Voices of Birds was chosen because it is the last play Josef Topol has written and indicates that the playwrights newer works are included.

Wrong Sex Wrong Instrument

“Don't call me maestro!” This was the headline emblazoned across the New York Times on the occasion of the first visit to that city by the CBSO. As if we would! This small word is open to many interpretations, and it is rare for a ...

Author: Maggie Cotton

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1907792651

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 477

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Now retired and no longer silenced by a contract, Maggie Cotton presents an honest and long-overdue player’s perspective of life inside a professional symphony orchestra, describing how she became the first female percussionist in what was initially a staunchly male-dominated world. Now retired after forty years with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Maggie gives a fascinating and humorous insight into every aspect of her working life, including tours, conductors, composers, soloists, colleagues, recording contracts and educational work, as well as her own family life and the social conditions of wartime England and post-war Eastern Europe. Bolstered by her gritty Yorkshire roots, and naively undeterred by overwhelming odds, Maggie overcame many hurdles in pursuit of her ambition to play percussion in a professional symphony orchestra, in so doing transforming the face of women in that field from one of novelty circus performer to respected professional and colleague.

The Uninvited

'How's it hanging, Maestro?'Ashok Sharma. Odd. Normally Phipps &Wexman don't call me on my mobile: they have a face—to—face policy, and favour Skype. 'It's hanging well, thank you, Ashok,' I tell him. I assume the 'it' referent is ...

Author: Liz Jensen

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 140882115X

Category: Families

Page: 307

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A stunning, gripping psycho-thriller for fans of SJ Watson and Justin Cronin's The Passage.

Is Alice

Alice – my partner – had already pre-ordered and paid for the tickets on her credit card, and all we had to do was pick them up. Simple.” He paused again, but the old pianist remained silent. “You see, Maestro...” “Don't call me ...

Author: Bill Bailey

Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd

ISBN: 1847476716


Page: 341

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DescriptionIs Alice? is a powerful and fictionalised love story. The novel was written solely as a manuscript gift for my partner, and publication is therefore dependent upon her wishes. Her primary one, along with pleasure about its surprising publication, is anonymity. She is not "Alice," and I am not "Theo." This is not a biography. Fiction is used in Is Alice? to illuminate an actual madness along with a real search for the ideas that may help in understanding the living and political nature of consciousness - the structure of "normality" and the "real" world and its incoherent collapse into the hell that is known as schizophrenia. There are passages from the patient's point of view, which make this novel an unusual project. That is because the inner landscape of madness does have a logic and meaning that should be acknowledged and evoked, instead of ridiculed or misunderstood. Contemporary psychology - nevermind clinical psychiatry - fails in its attempt to address the nature of consciousness or its creation of the "world." I believe philosophy underpins psychology, not the other way around. About the AuthorBorn in a small rural town in North Carolina, Bill Bailey began his itinerant life after graduating from university with a degree in philosophy and a keen interest in judo. After being drafted and subsequently ejected by the US Army for being "incompatible," he found work as a prison guard in Canada and continued his study of judo before briefly prospecting for gold in British Columbia. Having meanwhile accidentally married a Texan heiress, he moved to Houston, Texas where he managed a ranch, scrambled motorbikes, rallied sports cars, worked as a bouncer, taught English and French and organised the first white collar union in the US meat-packing industry. He placed third in the Southwestern US Judo Championships (light-heavyweight division) and was awarded his black belt. Backing quickly away from Texas after stumbling into the acting profession he moved to London. Within a year of his arrival he became the first full-frontal male nude on the British stage and, consequently, was featured in a full page photo in Life Magazine opposite Lennon and Ono. In the course of his acting career he has worked extensively in film - in Hollywood and Europe - television, and London's West End. During the Miners' Strike of '84-'85 Bill wrote a play about the strike and toured the embattled coalfields performing with a small company of actors. He is the published author of five novels called The Haug Quintet, an investigation of the political nature of consciousness set in a compelling fictional landscape.

The Fencing Master

"Perhaps you're thinking of killing me too if I don't give in to your demand?" A mocking smile appeared on her lips. ... "You're not going to kill me?" He seemed to be giving the matter ... "Please don't call me maestro." "I need it.

Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 0547539460

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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“A taut, elegant mystery” set against the historical backdrop of nineteenth-century Madrid (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). It is 1868; Spain teeters on the brink of revolution. Jaime Astarloa is a master fencer of the old school, priding himself on the precision, dignity, and honor of his ancient art. His friends spend their days in cafes discussing plots at court, but Jaime’s obsession is to perfect the irresistible sword thrust. Then Adela de Otero, violet-eyed and enigmatic, appears at his door. When Jaime takes her on as a pupil he finds himself embroiled in dark political intrigue against which his old-fashioned values are no protection. “A delightful period whodunit” (USA Today), The Fencing Master “succeeds admirably as both a vivid picture of an unfamiliar culture and as high, sophisticated entertainment” (Kirkus Reviews).

Writer in Residence

I paced the beach calling myself every sort of a fool, drank the last of the juice, went up to the house for my third rejection, ... Are you the painter who has been waiting to see me? Yes, maestro. And I've kept you waiting all day.

Author: Herbert Burkholz

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504012399

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

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This is the talented Burkholz’s (Strange Bedfellows) ninth novel, the first volume of his projected Ibiza Tapestry trilogy. Max Levi-Morris, a well-known novelist teaching creative writing at a small, prestigious North Carolina college, uses the five graduate students in a seminar as subjects for his novel-in-progress, eventually involving them in its writing as well. Burkholz interweaves the stories of Levi-Morris, his pupils and friends with the gestating novel, which deals with a famous artist and his annual ritual of burning that year’s paintings, apparently in reaction to the deaths of his wife and best friend.

Unheard Of

In a course called Music Literature, I had introduced graduate students to Bach's Orgelbüchlein, having brought back from Paris ... I addressed him as “Maestro,” but he protested, “Oh, don't call me 'maestro,' please, I'm not that good!

Author: John Beckwith

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554583853

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 408

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Canadian composer John Beckwith recounts his early days in Victoria, his studies in Toronto with Alberto Guerrero, his first compositions, and his later studies in Paris with the renowned Nadia Boulanger, of whom he offers a comprehensive personal view. In the memoir’s central chapters Beckwith describes his activities as a writer, university teacher, scholar, and administrator. Then, turning to his creative output, he considers his compositions for instrumental music, his four operas, choral music, and music for voice. A final chapter touches on his personal and family life and his travel adventures. For over sixty years John Beckwith has participated in national musical initiatives in music education, promotion, and publishing. He has worked closely with performing groups such as the Orford Quartet and the Canadian Brass and conductors such as Elmer Iseler and Georg Tintner. A former reviewer for the Toronto Star and a CBC script writer and programmer in the 1950s and ’60s, he later produced many articles and books on musical topics. Acting under Robert Gill and Dora Mavor Moore in student days and married for twenty years to actor/director Pamela Terry, he witnessed first-hand the growth of Toronto theatre. He has collaborated with the writers Jay Macpherson, Margaret Atwood, Dennis Lee, and bpNichol, and teamed repeatedly with James Reaney, a close friend. His life story is a slice of Canadian cultural history.