Dreaming Way Tarot

Explores numerological as well as elemental influences, and offers fresh interpretations of tarot

Author: Rome Choi

Publisher: U S Games Systems

ISBN: 9781572817128

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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Explores numerological as well as elemental influences, and offers fresh interpretations of tarot

Dreaming Way Lenormand

When you look at the Dog card, you will know in an instant this card portrays loyal friendship, not a threat. If you are learning Lenormand for the first time, this is a delightful deck to learn the core meanings.

Author: Lynn Araujo

Publisher: U.S. Games Systems

ISBN: 9781572817586

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


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This charming 36-card Petit Lenormand deck offers fresh, new perspectives for this traditional system of fortune telling. Contemporary Korean artist Kwon Shina's imaginative style of artwork provides the reader with clever visual cues that capture the mood, nuances, and inner meanings of the cards. When you look at the Dog card, you will know in an instant this card portrays loyal friendship, not a threat. If you are learning Lenormand for the first time, this is a delightful deck to learn the core meanings. If you are already familiar with the Lenormand system, Kwon's dreamy images will inspire you to look at Lenormand in a whole new way. The 92-page booklet offers keywords, quotations and interpretations that help the reader understand the lively narrative interplay between the 36 cards. Dreaming Way Lenormand will allow you to do insightful readings that bring clarity to any situation, whether you are working with pairs of cards, the Grand Tableau or one of the starter spreads sugge


The Dreaming Way Tarot is a whimsical deck, part manga, part fairy tale, almost childlike, but gives surprisingly deep answers every time. There is a surprise in every card, and I have spent hours simply looking through this deck, ...

Author: Maddy Elruna

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1803139331

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 368

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Most tarot books explain the meaning of the cards and how to read spreads. In Tarot: A Life Guided by the Cards, I go one step further – using events from my life to illustrate the rich symbolism of each card and helping the reader see how they relate to their own life and circumstances. I have an extended section on the court cards, which are the characters of Tarot. Understanding these cards is a fascinating way to better know yourself, other people, and to add real colour to your readings. I also cover some big tarot questions: What is fate? Can the future be predicted? How to read for yourself in difficult times. How to adjust a Tarot spread to ensure accuracy and reflect any situation. Safeguarding - what you need to consider when reading Tarot for others. How to guide your life with the tarot. Think of my book as a long chat with a Tarot expert, shared over a cup of coffee. As I share memories, answer your questions, and offer you practical guidance to support your Tarot journey.

Tarot Elements

Tarot. Card. Meanings. The deck used in this book is Llewellyn's Classic Tarot. Some other decks that I like for beginners include the Numinous Tarot, the After Tarot, Vivid Journey Tarot, and the Dreaming Way Tarot.

Author: Melissa Cynova

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738758469

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Five Astonishing Tarot Readings for Untangling Life's Messiest Problems From Melissa Cynova, author of the bestselling book Kitchen Table Tarot Author Melissa Cynova noticed that clients often turn up for readings with extremely complicated problems. She developed the five readings in Tarot Elements as a program for hitting the reset button on life. Whether you're reading for yourself or for others, this book can help you work with any tarot deck to clarify complex issues, unstick the stuck parts, and move forward to a better place. The five elements are powerful factors in assessing which areas of life need the most attention. Tarot Elements shows you how to use the elemental structure that shapes tarot to focus on one aspect of a problem at a time and resolve the tangled issues that are holding you back. The earth reading is about home. Air is about mind, fire is about body, water is about heart, and the spirit reading is about your soul and your spiritual practice. With hands-on exercises, sample readings, and fascinating insights, this book invites you to pick up your cards and begin the process of transformation.

Tarot for Troubled Times

The Black Power Tarot The Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen The Dreaming Way Tarot by Rome Choi and Kwon Shina Dust II Onyx Tarot by Courtney Alexander The Fountain Tarot Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert The Lunar Nomad Oracle by ...

Author: Shaheen Miro

Publisher: Weiser Books

ISBN: 1633411133

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 288

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Out of Darkness Comes the Light of Transformation Each of us has a shadow that darkens our inner and outer lives. In Tarot for Troubled Times, Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed show us how working with the shadow—facing it directly, leaning into it rather than away—releases power that can free ourselves from negative mental habits and destructive emotions to find healing ourselves and others. Tarot, as the authors show, offers a rich and subtle path for this profound transformation. Through this book, you will discover a different approach to tarot, life, and self-empowerment. Befriend our shadow by working with the archetypes of the Major Arcana Discover—through affirmations, tarot prescriptions, and other healing modalities—how to empower ourselves and find our true voices Take our newly found powers and speak out so that we can become a helpful ally for the light and begin to do your greater work in the world Tarot for Troubled Times is not just another book on how to read the tarot—the authors provide specialty readings and suggested practices for issues such as grief, addiction, depression, fear, anger, divorce, illness, abuse, and oppression, and provide practical suggestions for stepping up as an ally or leader so that you can shape social policies. With a selection of mindful, introspective tarot spreads, you’ll learn how the Tarot can help you rewrite your healing story and change your life, and help transform the world.

The Little Book of Dream Symbols

Tap (Faucet) This shows that money and other good things will soon be coming your way. Tarot If you see a specific card in your dream, you need to research the tarot to see what the card means. A deck of cards suggests that you could do ...

Author: Jacqueline Towers

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

ISBN: 1612833705

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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Did you know that a dream about a blanket can either be a warning to guard your investments or a sign that you can expect financial gain—depending on the context? Or that a dream about lightening generally precedes good luck? From the time Jacob dreamt of a ladder to heaven, through the era of Freud and Jung, right up to the findings of the latest sleep research, the wise have believed that dreams hold important secrets. In this A–Z dictionary of dream symbols, a psychic counselor applies both traditional and scientific approaches to provide a handy key to what your dreams are saying. From anchor to zebra, all dream symbols are analyzed, showing how they bring us messages, reveal our hidden wishes and mental states, and even foretell our future. Readers everywhere will use this little book to learn what their subconscious is trying to communicate. Examples of dreams and their meanings: Alligator: Treachery and secret enemies are about Garlic: You are on the way up and will achieve wealth Snakes: Forthcoming problems and deceit Vermin: Petty irritations Cancer: A long life, if you don’t overdo it! Parking: Time to wind down a relationship This little dictionary is an ideal reference for your nightstand. When you wake from sleep, quickly refer to this book and discover the meaning of your dreams.

The Dreaming Road

Gingerly I made my way to the front room on the left side of the store, past a steep winding staircase that, according to a sign on the wall, led up to second- and third-floor rooms used for psychic and Tarot card readings, Reiki, ...

Author: Elizabeth Moore

Publisher: Turning Stone Press

ISBN: 1618521217

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 378

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What if death is only an urban legend? On a spring morning in early May, Diane wakes up to find her beautiful 16-year old daughter, Callie, lying dead on the floor of her bedroom. The police find a suicide note in Callie’s jewelry chest and Diane’s whole world, as she had previously known it, falls apart. In the afterlife, Callie meets her great grandma, Ellie, who tells her that she’s in a part of heaven called Summer Wind and can never return home again. She wrestles with her abrupt and impulsive decision to take her own life and witnesses the impact that this event has on all who love her. Diane begins a desperate search for answers by tearing apart Callie’s bedroom looking for anything that might tell her what drove her daughter to suicide. She visits Joy, a spiritual healer, who tells her that she must learn to seek the gift in her experiences rather than remaining addicted to her guilt and pain. Diane struggles with letting go of the daughter she once knew and all her hopes and dreams for the future. Desperate to reassure her mother that she’s okay, Callie attempts to communicate with her from beyond the veil. They both begin a heart-wrenching journey to find one another once again.

The Tarot of Vampyres

Start by placing the card on its own on a table and creating a relaxing mood, as with the Dreaming exercise. ... Engage with the mood of the card in a restful, almost dreamy way, while staying focused and absorbed in the card.

Author: Ian Daniels

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 0738711918

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 301

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Embrace the night as you succumb to visions of blood-red roses and feel the impassioned rhythms of your feverishly pounding heart. The Vampyre legend is rooted in darkness and seduction, yet its eternal message is one of spiritual hunger—to taste the Divine. Featuring Ian Daniels' richly evocative Gothic-style artwork, this hauntingly romantic deck is a tool for spiritual awakening. With it, you can plumb the depths of your inner shadows and emerge in the radiant light of truth. Inspired by the Rider-Waite structure, the deck shows the Fool, Priestess, and other traditional figures, while the suits bear unique names that call forth the mysterious and macabre: Scepters, Grails, Knives, and Skulls. The companion book provides detailed card meanings, creative exercises, original spreads, and instructions for creating your own Vampyre character. Includes a 78-card deck and a 312-page book.

The Dream Oracle

Butresearch has highlighted the remarkable similarity of dream imagery withthe symbolismofthe Major and Minor Arcana ofthe Tarot. Part ofthe mystiqueoftheTarot is thatit can be usedinsomany ways,not just in its currently ...

Author: Pamela Ball

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 1848585144

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We all have the potential to access hidden information through our dreams. When we are awake, we tend to either forget, or deny, the inner guru that guides us on these journeys into the subconscious. The Dream Oracle shows us how to use the Tarot - a proven method of accessing archetypal images - to open up to this rich source and use its power ...

Journal of Mental Imagery

REM dreaming periods are physiologically determined and dreams are usually forgotten ; consequently , for Ahsen the ... In the same way Tarot cards can be interpreted and recombinative enlightenment obtained , yet the interpretations ...




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