The Beethoven Violin Sonatas

History, Criticism, Performance Lewis Lockwood, Mark Kroll ... On 6 August 1812 he participated in a charity concert in Karlsbad with the violinist Giovanni Battista Polledro , performing one of his “ early sonatas with violin .

Author: Lewis Lockwood

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

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"Lewis Lockwood and Mark Kroll's volume The Beethoven Violin Sonatas is the first scholarly book in English devoted exclusively to the Beethoven sonatas and deals with them in unprecedented depth. Serving readers, listeners, and performers as a companion to the sonatas, it presents seven critical and historical essays by some of the most important American and European Beethoven specialists of our time.

Brahms s Violin Sonatas

The Scherzo from the “F– A– E” Sonata: A Glimpse of Brahms's Early Violin- Sonata Style Without access to Brahms's early violin sonatas, we of course cannot directly assess their content. But thanks to a fortunate suggestion of Robert ...

Author: Joel Lester

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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Notation in Johannes Brahms's sonata scores tells violinists and pianists far more than merely what pitches to play and how long to play them--if read carefully, these scores reveal an immense amount of expression, both of musical and human essences. Joel Lester's Brahms's Violin Sonatas magnifies key passages from these scores, revealing in clear and accessible language how the composer built his themes and musical narratives and how, ultimately, Brahms's music came to sound Brahmsian. Through close readings and annotated musical examples, Brahms's Violin Sonatas guides practitioners to read scores with care and to develop their own informed interpretation of the pieces, eschewing the notion of a single "correct" interpretation of the historical score. By exploring not only the sonatas' musical elements, but also their relationship to important events in the composer's life, Lester shows how subtle components can communicate the gestures, moods, personalities, and emotions that make Brahms's music so compelling. A companion volume to the author's award-winning 1999 study Bach's Works for Solo Violin: Style, Structure, and Performance (OUP), Brahms's Violin Sonatas is a clear and practical guide to understanding and performing Brahms's music in the present.

The Early Violin and Viola

sonatas in his Artificii musicali ... Op . 13 , and Pietro Degli Antonii introduces expressive vocal inflections to the violin line in his solo sonatas Op . 4 ( 1676 ) and Op . 5 ( 1686 ) . In France the violin took some time to free ...

Author: Robin Stowell

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An invaluable guide to the available historical source material on playing the violin and viola.

Structurally Sound

108, is known as the last of three sonatas for violin and piano that the composer wrote. Although published as “No. ... As it turns out, Brahms himself later decided against issuing this early violin sonata and eventually destroyed it.

Author: Eric Wen

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"A well-written textbook by a learned musician practicing his craft. The analyses are clearly argued, and Wen projects a reassuring sense of authenticity in his approach to tonal music analysis. The book will be of interest to many musicians, especially those focused on Schenkerian theory and analysis. I believe the book will be a welcome addition to the range of teaching manuals on the subject." — Music Theory OnlineMusic theorist Eric Wen presents in-depth analyses of seven masterworks from the common-practice period of Western art music: Bach: Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D, BWV 1068 Mendelssohn: Andante con moto tranquillo from Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 49 Schubert: Nacht und Traüme, D. 827 Haydn: Adagio — Vivace assai from Symphony No. 94 in G, Hob. I:94 Mozart: Molto Allegro from Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550 Beethoven: Marcia funebre: Adagio assai from Symphony No. 3 in E-flat, Op. 55 Brahms: Un poco presto e con sentimento from Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Op. 108 Wen employs the analytic approach developed by Heinrich Schenker, a method that uses musical notation to clarify and illuminate a work's structural hierarchies. Copiously illustrated with analytic musical examples that elucidate the tonal organization of each of the seven works, this study also explores aspects of form, rhythmic organization, and programmatic meaning. This volume will be of particular interest to musicologists and professional musicians, and it will also appeal to listeners keen to probe the rich complexities of these masterpieces.

Chamber Music

He was an accomplished violinist and pianist, and some of his earliest works were for this combination. By the time he was eight he had written four violin sonatas. The earlyviolin sonatas,” as we call them, were actually designated ...

Author: Lucy Miller Murray

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In Chamber Music: An Extensive Guide for Listeners, Lucy Miller Murray transforms her decades of program notes for some of the world’s most distinguished artists and presenters into the go-to guide for the chamber music novice and enthusiast. Offering practical information on the broad array of chamber music works from the Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods—and an artful selection from the Baroque period of Johann Sebastian Bach’s works—Chamber Music: An Extensive Guide for Listeners is both the perfect reference resource and chamber music primer for listeners.

Chamber Music

An analysis of four violin sonatas , including the early , unnumbered 1903 sonata influenced by Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra , the first and second sonatas ( 1921 and 1922 ) , which show Bartok's own highly developed style with ...

Author: John H. Baron

Publisher: Psychology Press

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Mozart His Character His Work

In an early classic work— say, a 'solo sonata' for violin and harpsichord— everything of importance was in the ... Before 1750 there were violin sonatas with basso-continuo; after 1750 came clavier sonatas with accompanying violin part.

Author: Alfred Einstein

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Written by one of the world's outstanding music historians and critics, the late Alfred Einstein, this classic study of Mozart's character and works brings to light many new facts about his relationship with his family, his susceptibility to ambitious women, and his associations with musicalcontemporaries, as well as offering a penetrating analysis of his operas, piano music, chamber music, and symphonies.

The Violin

“Yet More Ornaments for Corelli's Violin Sonatas, Op. 5.” Early Music 24 (November 1996): 623–33. Discusses the recently discovered ornaments (c. 1735) for Corelli's Op. 5 sonatas by English violinist-composer Michael Christian Festing ...

Author: Mark Katz

Publisher: Routledge

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First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Manchester Violin Sonatas

The Manchester Violin Sonatas Antonio Vivaldi Michael Talbot ... a musical center during the early eighteenth century, Vivaldi was also well-favored with commissions from visiting notables. When entire collections of sonatas or ...

Author: Antonio Vivaldi

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Twelve solos for a violin or oboe with basso continuo

See Neal Zaslaw, "Ornaments for Corelli's Violin Sonatas, Op. 5," Early Music 24 (1996): 95-115. 11. For a more complete biographical sketch of Babell's life and career, see Price, "Free Ornamentation," 29-32. 12.

Author: William Babell

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Pagination: xvii + 82 pp.Parts (violin) available as B140P