Effortless Mastery

While Mr. Werner happens to be a musician, the concepts presented here are applicable to every profession, aspiration, or lifestyle where there is a need for free-flowing effortless thinking.

Author: Kenny Werner

Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz Incorporated

ISBN: 9781562240035

Category: Music

Page: 192

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Kenny Werner is an accomplished pianist who began to perform at age 4 and by age 11 had appeared on television. While at the Manhattan School of Music, he became restless with his musical direction and began to explore Jazz as new means of creativity and expression. Along his journey, he was inspired by the masters of the craft to rethink not only the technical aspects of creativity, but also the spiritual aspects. Effortless Mastery is not only an account of that journey, but also an insightful guide for all those wishing to remove their own barriers to creativity in life and the arts. While Mr. Werner happens to be a musician, the concepts presented here are applicable to every profession, aspiration, or lifestyle where there is a need for free-flowing effortless thinking.

Effortless Mastery 20th Anniversary Edition

This special limited edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the profound text that inspired thousands of musicians to reach that place in their music where performance became as effortless as drawing a breath.

Author: Kenny Werner

Publisher: Alfred Music

ISBN: 9781562243012

Category: Music

Page: 220

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This special limited edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the profound text that inspired thousands of musicians to reach that place in their music where performance became as effortless as drawing a breath. The beautiful foil-embossed cover, added chapters and articles, and foreword and testimonials by Herb Alpert, Quincy Jones, and others make this edition a timeless collectible to be displayed and treasured for a lifetime.


Effortless Mastery Kenny Werner Book & CD EM $20.00 Playing music should be as simple as drawing a breath, yet most musicians are hindered by ...





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JazzTimes has been published continuously since 1970 and is the recipient of numerous awards for journalisim and graphic design. A large crossection of music afficionados and fans alike view JazzTimes as America's premier jazz magazine.In addition to insightful profiles of emerging and iconic stars, each issue contains over 100 reviews of the latest CDs, Books and DVDs. Published ten times annually, JazzTimes provides uncompromising coverage of the American jazz scene.

Musicking Shakespeare

... nonchalance , an effortless mastery of all arts that shrugs off its own accomplishment ; for Castiglione , the height of grace is self - dismissal .

Author: Daniel Albright

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 9781580462556

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 317

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Demonstrates how Purcell, Berlioz, Verdi, and Britten, responding to Shakespeare's juxtaposition of contrasting theatrical styles, devised music dramas that call opera into question.

Effortless Action

... effortless mastery of ritual and other Confucian practices attained through a lifetime of rigorous training in traditional cultural forms.

Author: Edward Slingerland

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199874576

Category: Philosophy

Page: 368

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This book presents a systematic account of the role of the personal spiritual ideal of wu-wei--literally "no doing," but better rendered as "effortless action"--in early Chinese thought. Edward Slingerland's analysis shows that wu-wei represents the most general of a set of conceptual metaphors having to do with a state of effortless ease and unself-consciousness. This concept of effortlessness, he contends, serves as a common ideal for both Daoist and Confucian thinkers. He also argues that this concept contains within itself a conceptual tension that motivates the development of early Chinese thought: the so-called "paradox of wu-wei," or the question of how one can consciously "try not to try." Methodologically, this book represents a preliminary attempt to apply the contemporary theory of conceptual metaphor to the study of early Chinese thought. Although the focus is upon early China, both the subject matter and methodology have wider implications. The subject of wu-wei is relevant to anyone interested in later East Asian religious thought or in the so-called "virtue-ethics" tradition in the West. Moreover, the technique of conceptual metaphor analysis--along with the principle of "embodied realism" upon which it is based--provides an exciting new theoretical framework and methodological tool for the study of comparative thought, comparative religion, intellectual history, and even the humanities in general. Part of the purpose of this work is thus to help introduce scholars in the humanities and social sciences to this methodology, and provide an example of how it may be applied to a particular sub-field.

Violin Mastery

... mental study is of the highest importance in developing the student so that he can gain that effortless mastery of detail of which I have already spoken ...

Author: Frederick Herman Martens

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486450414

Category: Music

Page: 178

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Twenty-four famous violinists reveal the secrets to their success, discussing the aesthetic and technical aspects of playing and personal conceptions of violin mastery. Includes tips on efficient practice, improving bow technique, and refining intonation.

Violin Mastery Talks with Master Violinists and Teachers

"As to 'Violin Mastery'? To me it means effortless mastery of details; the correlating of them into a perfect whole; the subjecting of them to the ...

Author: Frederick Herman Martens

Publisher: tredition

ISBN: 3847203282

Category: Music

Page: 369

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This book is part of the TREDITION CLASSICS series. The creators of this series are united by passion for literature and driven by the intention of making all public domain books available in printed format again - worldwide. At tredition we believe that a great book never goes out of style. Several mostly non-profit literature projects provide content to tredition. To support their good work, tredition donates a portion of the proceeds from each sold copy. As a reader of a TREDITION CLASSICS book, you support our mission to save many of the amazing works of world literature from oblivion.

The Complete Vocalist

Effortless Mastery There is a level of mastery that many singers or artistes work to achieve where they can perform in a way that appears effortless.

Author: Lee Risdale

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524664952

Category: Music

Page: 212

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Are you a Singer? How do you become a great vocalist? How do you give a great vocal performance? This book breaks down and combines the three key elements which make great vocalists and shares secrets which help define great singers. Complete with guidance, technical information, vocal exercises, illustrations, interviews and case studies, the author presents a definitive guide and process for developing your voice. For The Complete Vocalist Mind, Body & Soul.

Thought in Action

And although jazz pianist Kenny Werner's (1996) Effortless Mastery emphasizes that the best playing is that which is “unobstructed by thought” (p.

Author: Barbara Gail Montero

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019108171X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 304

View: 573

How does thinking affect doing? There is a widely held view—both in academia and in the popular press—that thinking about what you are doing, as you are doing it, hinders performance. Once you have acquired the ability to putt a golf ball, play an arpeggio on the piano, or parallel-park, reflecting on your actions leads to inaccuracies, blunders, and sometimes even utter paralysis—that's what is widely believed. Experts, according to this view, don't need to try to do it; they just do it. But is this true? After exploring some of the contemporary and historical manifestations of the idea that highly accomplished skills are automatic and effortless, Barbara Gail Montero develops a theory of expertise which emphasizes the role of the conscious mind in expert action. She aims to dispel various myths about experts who proceed without any understanding of what guides their action. (For example, that proverbial chicken sexer who can't explain why he makes his judgments? He simply doesn't exist.) Montero's critical task also involves analyzing research in both philosophy and psychology that is taken to show that conscious control and explicit monitoring of one's movements impedes well practiced skills. She explores a wide range of real-life examples of optimal performance-culled from sports, the performing arts, chess, nursing, medicine, the military and elsewhere-and draws from psychology, neuroscience, and literature to offer a refreshing and persuasive view of expertise, according to which expert action generally is and ought to be thoughtful, effortful, and reflective.

America s Fascination with Asian Martial Arts

It is achieved through a type of effortless mastery, created through either electrical or mystical means, and is ostensibly bent to some sort of moral ...

Author: Michael DeMarco

Publisher: Via Media Publishing


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 108

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Chapters in this book present meticulous research into the adaptation and significance of Asian combatives as infused within American society. These chapters are presented here as published according to their original chronological appearance in the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. In the first chapter Dr. John Donohue presents an anthropological perspective on what Asian martial arts represent to Americans and why Americans choose to study them. The attraction goes far beyond the physical aspects of self-defense, embracing the symbolic associations of “warrior heros,” grasping of power and skills through mythical means, and a quest for a coherent world view. Though Asian martial systems do establish high principles, their interpretation and evolution are affected by powerful societal trends, ranging from the inclination toward mutual improvement to commercialism and militarism. In chapter two, Dr. Daniel Rosenberg brings a realistic picture of the favorable and not so favorable aspects of martial art studies. In chapter three, martial arts coverage by four major-market American newspapers are analyzed by Ellen Levitt. Since the articles reflect trends and attitudes, we should be concerned with how they and their styles are presented in newspapers. Frederick Lohse’s chapter shows that by identifying, or contrasting, ourselves with shared ideas and images, we construct an identity that is both salient to ourselves and understandable to those around us. Her examines some aspects of how practitioners in the USA use the martial arts as one means of constructing their narratives of Self. In chapter five by Geoffrey Wingard, an ethnographic “snapshot” is examined to illustrate the validity of the seminal studies of martial arts and aggression. This chapter shows how students representing traditional and non-traditional martial arts engage each other, represent their arts and exhibit aggressive and non-aggressive behaviors. The final chapter by John Donohue examines how the revolution in communications technology has altered American understanding regarding the relationship between skill acquisition/training and the end result of such training. Just what attracts people to study fighting arts? What psychological needs are met when one joins an instructional class? Practitioners and scholars will find much in this anthology to broaden the perspective and understanding of why Americans are so fascinated with the Asian martial traditions.

Chakras Made Easy

Mastery arises through years of practice, and practice is the result of combining energy and intention – over and over again – until it becomes effortless.

Author: Anodea Judith

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1788172701

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 565

An accessible, authoritative guide on balancing your energetic body to heal both body and mind. Chakras Made Easy is the ideal book for readers who are new to, or curious about, energy healing systems. Written by Anodea Judith, world-renowned energy healing expert, it offers a complete range of practical tools on using chakras to balance, heal and take charge of your wellbeing. In this book, the reader will learn: * the meaning, function, and purpose of each chakra * the childhood experiences that affect and programme each chakra * the role each chakra plays in our lives, including in our health, relationships, and decision-making * physical, emotional, and mental signs of chakra imbalances * simple yet powerful exercises to balance each chakra * using the chakras as a tool for liberation, manifestation, reception, and expression This book was previously published within the Hay House Basics series.

Ign c Goldziher

“ Goldziher's apparently effortless mastery of his subject and the even tenor of his scholarly expositions suggest a placid existence in the groves of ...

Author: Róbert Simon

Publisher: Brill Archive

ISBN: 9789637301575

Category: Asianists

Page: 457

View: 684

Reprising Craftsmanship

I had already been to several concerts by then and hence been in touch with all the elements involved in such effortless mastery. Still, a sense of wonder ...

Author: Pablo Rojas

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3030801322



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The Matter of Practice

... something similar when he reminds students in his master class that their instrument ... jazz pianist Kenny Werner (2011) calls “effortless mastery” (p.

Author: Curt Porter

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1648023118

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 257

View: 912

The Matter of Practice presents work by teacher-scholars from around the world who are rethinking the relationship between matter and meaning. By emphasizing spatial, bodily, and sensual dimensions of language and literacy practices, this volume offers a portrait of language pedagogy and research that challenges traditional barriers between subjects and objects, speech and noise, and languages and things. We envision the term ‘new materialisms’ as an invitation to locate theorizing, researching, and teaching practices within the rhythms and textures of our material, sensory, and perceptual lives. These chapters enact a hope that increased engagement with our physical surroundings and sensory experiences can extend the sphere of our social, creative, and intellectual labor and expand our understanding of what ‘counts’ as meaningful action.

Rhythms of the Game

by Kenny Werner, jazz pianist and composer, author of the book, Effortless Mastery—Liberating the Master Musician Within It is good to view things as ...

Author: Bernie Williams

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 1458429172

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 208

View: 445

(Book). Bernie Williams' ability to play major league baseball at a high level was directly influenced by his musical training and his deep understanding of the similarities between musical artistry and athletic performance. Through a series of conversations, narratives, and sidebars, the authors (Bernie Williams, Dave Gluck, and Bob Thompson) discover and reveal the influence of music and its rhythms on the game of baseball. Readers of Rhythms of the Game will gain an insight into the similarities between musical artistry and athletic performance. The book is written for musicians and athletes looking to improve their level of performance on the stage or on the field, as well as for a general audience interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying influence of music on the game of baseball.

Psychology Library Editions Psychology of Reading

A further prediction from the model is that the normal effortless mastery of the orthographic strategy should be just as impossible as effortless mastery of ...

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351335987

Category: Psychology

Page: 4050

View: 818

The psychology of reading investigates the process by which readers extract visual information from written text and make sense of it. Psychology Library Editions: Psychology of Reading (11 Volumes) brings together as one set, or individual volumes, a small series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1980 and 1995. The set includes topics such as dyslexia and the relationship between speech and reading.

Performance Anxiety Strategies

Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician Within, 20th anniversary ed. New Albany, IN: Jamey Aebersold, 2016. Written by a jazz pianist, ...

Author: Casey McGrath

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442271531

Category: Music

Page: 184

View: 318

The authors present relevant and noteworthy research and insight into many therapies, including holistic, exposure, cognitive and behavioral therapies, and medicinal treatments. Each chapter features self-guided activities and journaling exercises, words of wisdom from established performing artists and athletes, and suggestions for music teachers.