Emma Albani

The New York Herald Tribune, the morning after Emma's first performance, was unequivocal in its praise: “The Academy of Music has rarely been the scene of such a genuine triumph as the one obtained by Miss Albani last night.

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Born in Quebec, Emma Lajeunesse studied in Europe and in 1869 at the age of 23 launched her opera career in Italy. Almost overnight she became Albani, the world-renowned diva.

Madame Chiang Kai shek and Miss Emma Mills

Moreover, in the early ¡950s a former sta› member she had known at ABMAC, and who had taken a job with the Chinese delegation at the United Nations, suggested that she and Emma share a two-bedroom apartment in her ¡6th Street building.

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"The volume describes the identity struggle both girls faced following their 1917 graduation from Wellesley. Following Emma's visit to China, the friendship continued through their correspondence. Emma's role in the newly organized American Bureau of Medi


EMMA ( as HARRIET is greeted by OTHERS ) . Here is my special little friend , Miss Smith . What do you think of her , Mr. Churchill ? FRANK ( distracted ; staring , entranced , at JANE ) . Miss Smith ? Oh , yes .


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Emma Illustrated

I do not pretend to Emma's genius for foretelling and guessing. I hope, with all my heart, the young man may be a Weston in merit, and a Churchill in fortune.—But Harriet Smith—I have not half done about Harriet Smith.

Author: Jane Austen

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Miss Emma Woodhouse of Hartfield lives in the small town of Highbury, and is young, pretty, and rich. Though she has decided she will never marry, Emma takes credit for matchmaking her friend and former governess, Miss Taylor, to the widower Mr. Weston. Emma decides to organize marriages for others of her acquaintance, despite friendly warnings not to meddle from Mr. Knightley, who is both an old friend, her brother-in-law, and the wealthy owner of Donwell Abbey. Emma resolves to marry her new friend, a pretty orphan named Harriet Smith, to the young parish priest Mr. Elton. This fails once Emma realizes to her horror that Elton desires to marry her instead. New arrivals come to Highbury, including young orphan Miss Fairfax and Elton's new pretentious wife. Frank Churchill, the handsome son of Mr. Weston, also arrives generating interest and gossip. Emma, so sure of her ability to judge the feelings of others, believes that Frank wishes to marry her. Eventually the town discovers that Frank and Miss Fairfax have been secretly engaged, while Emma comes to recognize her true feelings for Mr. Knightley ...

Emma Lee

She might say this years later, but on that Sunday in 1857, Emma quickly lost herself in the crowd. She did not know that Brother Rollins (with whom Emma was staying) and John D. Lee had crossed the plains in the same company; ...

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Now in its eighth printing, Emma Lee is the classic biography of one of John D. Lee's plural wives. Emma experienced the best and worst of polygamy and came as near to the Mountain Meadows Massacre as anyone could without participating firsthand.

Ballad for Emma

Emma sighed, admiring the look of the beautiful and elegant baroness, who seemed like a fancy wax figure positioned in the middle of the green grounds. Her face was very pretty and was covered by a fine, almost imperceptible powder.

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Ballad for Emma depicts the life journey of a woman of Jewish descent who, amid the turmoil of the twentieth century, struggles both to survive and to cope with her love for a man she cannot have. Her story dovetails with that of the old Trencks Castle, whose fate is miraculously intertwined with hers. Set in Croatia and Hungary, this book explores the dramatic position of one woman under the fascist and communist regimes that left such bloody marks on Europe.

Emma s Garden

freezers from Jack's garage and we're headed for Emma's gardens with the cadaver dog. More later.” As Jesse pulled up behind all the cars at Emma's, it reminded her of the funeral after her last case. All the cars lining the street and ...

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Three women gone missing from a small town in Wisconsin. The police chief seems indifferent to his people disappearing. His buddy since high school, the mayor, says, 'People wander off sometimes.' Jessica Tyson is called in from Seattle to use her powers to search for foul play. She receives a 'sign' of murder at each woman's home. While in pursuit of the serial killer Jesse discovers more disappearances and long sought answers to her own past and future. Genre: Mystery / Suspense Enjoy these great Jessica Tyson Mysteries from author Jerol Anderson! THE QUEEN ANNE FOX GONE MISSING IN THE UNDERGROUND EMMA'S GARDEN

Emma Corbett

enterprises1 of Emma were relating to henry. he found himself the most blest, most honoured, and most beloved of men! he found Emma all that language cannot express. he found— —in short, it was a false rumour you see that reached Emma ...

Author: Samuel Jackson Pratt

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Set both in England and in America, Emma Corbett is the moving story of a family torn apart by the American revolutionary war. Edward Corbett and Henry Hammond are brought up together and go on to marry each other’s sisters, but fight on opposite sides in the war. Emma Corbett, Edward’s sister, follows Henry to Pennsylvania. Disguised as a man, she fights for the British before finding Henry and saving his life, but the war and its aftermath have tragic consequences for all four young people. This powerful epistolary novel was a transatlantic best-seller, in part because both sides of the conflict are fully represented—as are the miseries and terrible costs of war. Appendices include contemporary reviews as well as contemporary writings on heroism, sensibility, and women and war. A series of personal letters between Pratt (writing as Courtney Melmoth) and Benjamin Franklin, for whom he worked in France, are also included.

Emma etc

Emma , that I fear is a word — No , I have no wish . Stay , yes , why should I hesitate ? I have gone too far already for concealment . Emma , I accept your offer , extraordinary as it may seem , I accept it , and refer myself to you as ...

Author: Jane Austen





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