The End of Mental Illness

Dr. Daniel Amen offers evidence-based approach to preventing and treating conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions, PTSD, bipolar, and more. The end of mental illness begins with a revolution in brain health.

Author: Daniel G. Amen

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1496438159

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Dr. Daniel Amen offers evidence-based approach to preventing and treating conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions, PTSD, bipolar, and more.

The End of Mental IllnessThe End of Mental Illness

Brain specialist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen is on the forefront of a new movement within medicine and related disciplines that aims to change all that.

Author: Daniel Amen

Publisher: Tyndale Momentum

ISBN: 9781496438164

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PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY and USA TODAY BESTSELLER! New hope for those suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addictions, PTSD, ADHD and more. Though incidence of these conditions is skyrocketing, for the past four decades standard treatment hasn't much changed, and success rates in treating them have barely improved, either. Meanwhile, the stigma of the "mental illness" label--damaging and devastating on its own--can often prevent sufferers from getting the help they need. Brain specialist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen is on the forefront of a new movement within medicine and related disciplines that aims to change all that. In The End of Mental Illness, Dr. Amen draws on the latest findings of neuroscience to challenge an outdated psychiatric paradigm and help readers take control and improve the health of their own brain, minimizing or reversing conditions that may be preventing them from living a full and emotionally healthy life. The End of Mental Illness will help you discover: Why labeling someone as having a "mental illness" is not only inaccurate but harmful Why standard treatment may not have helped you or a loved one--and why diagnosing and treating you based on your symptoms alone so often misses the true cause of those symptoms and results in poor outcomes At least 100 simple things you can do yourself to heal your brain and prevent or reverse the problems that are making you feel sad, mad, or bad How to identify your "brain type" and what you can do to optimize your particular type Where to find the kind of health provider who understands and uses the new paradigm of brain health

The Stigma of Mental Illness End of the Story

It has also been shown that in countries with less stigmatising attitudes, better access to information, where the public felt more comfortable to talk to people with mental illness, the self-stigma is reduced and people with mental ...

Author: Wolfgang Gaebel

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319278398

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This book makes a highly innovative contribution to overcoming the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness – still the heaviest burden both for those afflicted and those caring for them. The scene is set by the presentation of different fundamental perspectives on the problem of stigma and discrimination by researchers, consumers, families, and human rights experts. Current knowledge and practice used in reducing stigma are then described, with information on the programmes adopted across the world and their utility, feasibility, and effectiveness. The core of the volume comprises descriptions of new approaches and innovative programmes specifically designed to overcome stigma and discrimination. In the closing part of the book, the editors – all respected experts in the field – summarize some of the most important evidence- and experience-based recommendations for future action to successfully rewrite the long and burdensome ‘story’ of mental illness stigma and discrimination.

Improving Mental Health through Social Support

The concept of two continua, one for mental health and one for mental disorder (Tudor 1996), could be helpful here, although, ... (or potentially diagnosable) disorder at the higher end and the absence of such symptoms at the lower end.

Author: Jonathan Leach

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 085700932X

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Social support is the everyday assistance offered by family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, as well as the foundations of support in a range of non-clinical settings, and plays a vital role in a person's mental health and wellbeing. This book examines the nature of social support and offers a practical approach to how it can be enhanced. Focusing on the relationships between service users and supporters , it examines service users' experiences of issues of identity, stigma, social exclusion and social networks. Individual chapters look in depth at how social support is enacted in close relationships, educational institutions and in the world of employment. The nature of 'community' is explored with particular reference to how service users can be supported into greater engagement with social networks. Demonstrating the importance of social perspectives on mental health, this book is essential reading for practitioners, students and educators in mental health, social and community work, community mental health nursing and occupational therapy.

Basic Psychology for Nursing in India

MENTAL HEALTH AND MENTAL ILLNESS healthy and unhealthy behaviour will help you to develop more effective client ... Mental health can be thought of as the positive end and mental illness the negative end of the same scale .

Author: Ann J Zwemer

Publisher: BI Publications Pvt Ltd

ISBN: 9788172252854


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The book titled Basic Psychology is quite comprehensive as it deals with all the important aspects of general psychology and human behaviour in a very simple and readable form. The author has succeeded in including some thoughts and ideas of modern psychologists. The content is presented with utmost clarity and thoroughness. The illustrations and drawings will sustain the interest of the students. It will be a very valuable text book for nursing students as there are adequate explanations and thought provoking discussions. The summary and quiz in each chapter will be very helpful for the students to facilitate learning process and develop good study habits.

Hidden Valley Road

Studying families with multiple occurrences of mental illness was, in the end, the study of a shared genetic issue—one that, depending on each person, manifests itself in a different way. “These are multiplex families, ...

Author: Robert Kolker

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385543778

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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • OPRAH’S BOOK CLUB PICK • ONE OF GQ's TOP 50 BOOKS OF LITERARY JOURNALISM IN THE 21st CENTURY • The heartrending story of a midcentury American family with twelve children, six of them diagnosed with schizophrenia, that became science's great hope in the quest to understand the disease. "Reads like a medical detective journey and sheds light on a topic so many of us face: mental illness." —Oprah Winfrey Don and Mimi Galvin seemed to be living the American dream. After World War II, Don's work with the Air Force brought them to Colorado, where their twelve children perfectly spanned the baby boom: the oldest born in 1945, the youngest in 1965. In those years, there was an established script for a family like the Galvins--aspiration, hard work, upward mobility, domestic harmony--and they worked hard to play their parts. But behind the scenes was a different story: psychological breakdown, sudden shocking violence, hidden abuse. By the mid-1970s, six of the ten Galvin boys, one after another, were diagnosed as schizophrenic. How could all this happen to one family? What took place inside the house on Hidden Valley Road was so extraordinary that the Galvins became one of the first families to be studied by the National Institute of Mental Health. Their story offers a shadow history of the science of schizophrenia, from the era of institutionalization, lobotomy, and the schizophrenogenic mother to the search for genetic markers for the disease, always amid profound disagreements about the nature of the illness itself. And unbeknownst to the Galvins, samples of their DNA informed decades of genetic research that continues today, offering paths to treatment, prediction, and even eradication of the disease for future generations. With clarity and compassion, bestselling and award-winning author Robert Kolker uncovers one family's unforgettable legacy of suffering, love, and hope.

Change Your Brain Every Day

End. Mental. Illness: Biological. The physical aspects of your brain and body function together. When I wrote my book The End of Mental Illness, I introduced the concept of the good ruler versus evil ruler. It evolved from the Brain ...

Author: Amen MD Daniel G.

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

ISBN: 149645457X

Category: Psychology

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366 Days to a Better Brain, Mind, and Life! In Change Your Brain Every Day psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist Daniel Amen, MD, draws on over 40 years' clinical practice with tens of thousands of patients to give you the most effective daily habits he has seen that can help you improve your brain, master your mind, boost your memory, and make you feel happier, healthier, and more connected to those you love. Incorporating Dr. Amen's tiny habits and practices over the course of a year will help you: Manage your mind to support your happiness, inner peace, and success Develop lifelong strategies for dealing with whatever stresses come your way Create an ongoing sense of purpose in a way that informs your daily actions Learn major life lessons Dr. Amen has gleaned from studying hundreds of thousands of brain scans Imagine what you could learn by spending every day for a year on a psychiatrist's couch. In the pages of Change Your Brain Every Day, you'll get a year's worth of life-changing daily wisdom from Dr. Amen, one of the world's most prominent psychiatrists. Today is the day to start changing the trajectory of your life, one tiny step at a time.

Challenging the Stigma of Mental Illness

“All persons with psychiatric disorders are going to end up on the back ward of a mental hospital!” These are meant to be meaty expressions that get to the heart of the prejudice. Most participants are amazed at the frequency with which ...

Author: Patrick W. Corrigan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119996120

Category: Psychology

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Challenging the Stigma of Mental Illness offers practical strategies for addressing the harmful effects of stigma attached to mental illness. It considers both major forms of stigma: public stigma, which is prejudice and discrimination endorsed by the general population; and self-stigma, the loss of self-esteem and efficacy that occurs when an individual internalizes prejudice and discrimination. Invaluable guide for professionals and volunteers working in any capacity to challenge discrimination against mental illness Contains practical worksheets and intervention guidelines to facilitate the implementation of specific anti-stigma approaches Authors are highly experienced and respected experts in the field of mental illness stigma research

The Stigma of Mental Illness E Book

stigma not only of mental illness but of related experiences and characteristics, for example, ... list of terms (a combined glossary and list of abbreviations), bibliographical references and an index at the end of the book.

Author: Nicolas Ruesch

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323834302

Category: Medical

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People with mental illness are often painfully familiar with overt prejudice or more subtle forms of mistreatment. The stigma and discrimination associated with their disorders can have effects in several areas of life: in social interactions, in work and healthcare settings, in the legal system and the media. Many withdraw due to shame and do not seek help. In turn, stigma can prove to be a more serious problem than the disorder itself. Yet too little is done to reduce stigma and its impact. The Stigma of Mental Illness: Strategies Against Discrimination and Social Exclusion offers up the knowledge necessary to understand and fight against stigma and discrimination. It will be invaluable to all health professionals, social workers, healthcare managers and policy makers with an involvement or interest in mental illness. Broad coverage of the forms and consequences of stigma Specific treatment of stigma in relation to diagnoses such as dementia and autism Perspectives and strategies of a service user and a relative Up-to-date concepts regarding exclusion and discrimination Practical strategies for service users, relatives, healthcare professionals and policy makers

Mental Illness in Popular Media

Although Ayo and Jumoke's destiny took them through the agony of mental illness and homelessness, the end was good: Jumoke runs a big firm and enjoys her marriage; Ayo and Adunni rec- oncile and head to the U.S. for graduate education.

Author: Lawrence C. Rubin

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786488638

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Whether in movies, cartoons, commercials, or even fast food marketing, psychology and mental illness remain pervasive in popular culture. In this collection of new essays, scholars from a range of fields explore representations of mental illness and disabilities across various media of popular culture. Contributors address how forms of psychiatric disorder have been addressed in film, on stage, and in literature, how popular culture genres are utilized to communicate often confusing and conflicted relationships with the mentally ill, and how popular cultures around the world reflect mental illness and disability. Analyses of sources as disparate as the Batman films, Broadway musicals and Nigerian home movies reveal how definitions of mental illness, mental health, and of psychology itself intersect with discourses on race, gender, law, capitalism, and globalization. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.