Evening Sunrise

during the fighting in Yugoslav in 1945 but he lived on in his son, in every way. Lobel took the offered glass and raised it to touch the other. “To Evening Sunrise,”he offeredandboth men drank, each one silently wary ofthe other.

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Hans Weiss, an ace Luftwaffe pilot, is given a mission that will change history. His unswerving loyalty to the party is beyond question and his ability as a pilot is second to none, but even his skill is not enough to carry it out; a chance encounter with a British fighter foils the plan. Years later he is called upon to complete his mission, using the resources of a resurgent Nazi party and with the help of a traitor embedded in the British establishment he sets out to finish the job. The efforts of a British Secret service agent and two Police officers threaten to derail the plan and Weiss must battle both the British authorities as well as question his own beliefs in order to complete the project known as Operation Evening Sunrise. As the plan moves forward the collateral damage increases, Weiss finds that someone who has become close to him may well be in danger and now more than ever he begins to challenge his own motives and commitment. On a foggy winter’s morning in the South West of England, Operation Evening Sunrise reaches its conclusion, will Weiss follow his new found feelings or will the old discipline and beliefs prove too strong, the future of the British way of life is in the hands of one man.

The American Air Almanac

Examples : Find the local civil time ( LCT ) of sunrise , sunset , beginning of morning civil twilight and ending of evening civil twilight in latitude 39 ° N on Jan. 1. Interpolations between the values for latitudes 40 ° N and 35 ° N ...




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Into God s Presence

Set Prayers for Fixed Occasions Prayer at Morning and Evening Sunrise ( dawn ) and sunset ( late afternoon / evening ) were specific times of prayer . Josephus says of the Essenes , " before sunrise they speak no profane word but recite ...

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One cannot fully understand the New Testament without grasping the importance of prayer throughout its pages. "Into God's Presence" offers a comprehensive look at the nature and use of prayer in the life and ministry of Jesus, in His teachings, and among His earliest followers.

The Air Almanac

The graph Semiduration of Sunlight gives for latitudes north of N.65 ° the number of hours from sunrise to meridian ... ( Sun 6 ° below the horizon ) to the time of sunrise or from the time of sunset to the end of evening civil twilight .




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An Evening s Entertainment

6 Films eventually singled out in these two categories reflected these distinctions fairly well : SUNRISE , THE CROWD , and CHANG for “ artistic production , ” WINGS , THE LAST COMMAND , THE RACKET , 7TH HEAVEN ...

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On the age of silent movies

A Navigation Compendium

To find the time of sunrise , for The navigator utilizes morning and evening example , we turn to the page of the Nautical twilight for star observations because during Almanac for the given date ; interpolating for twilight the ...

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The Illustrated London Almanack

and is visible throughout the night , setting after sunrise till the last day , VENUS is a very brilliant evening star , setting on the 10th at 11h . 14m . when he sets as the Sun rises . p.m. , on the 14th at 10h . 41m .




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