Everywhere Babies

Describes babies and the things they do from the time they are born until their first birthday. On board pages.

Author: Susan Meyers

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152053154

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 30

View: 836

Describes babies and the things they do from the time they are born until their first birthday. On board pages.

Everywhere Babies Padded Board Book

Describes babies and the things they do from the time they are born until their first birthday.

Author: Susan Meyers

Publisher: HMH Books For Young Readers

ISBN: 9780544791206


Page: 30

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This rhyming tribute to babies and all of the things we love about them is now available in a giftworthy padded board book edition.

The Woman Who Painted Her Dreams

It seemed there were babies everywhere. Babies in the newspapers. Babies on television. Baby rabbits. Lambs. Calves. Young deer, trotting by their mothers' ...

Author: Isla Dewar

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755394887

Category: Fiction

Page: 341

View: 864

To the neighbours who helped raise her, Madeline was a handful: opinionated, disruptive, verbose. They blamed it all on her lack of a mother. But Madeline was happy: her father was parent enough. Till he wasn't there for her any more, and Madeline had to grow up fast. Befriended by Annie, she catches a glimpse of normal family life, and sees Annie glow as she marries her adoring Willie. Madeline has never wanted a regular man in her own life, yet somehow she finds herself living in a rambling Highland mansion with Stuart, loving to the point of exhaustion, and painting her heart out. Until life creeps into the idyll with a vengeance...

Out of the Spin Cycle

Every day, everywhere, babies are fed—by bottle, by breast, with cups, and with spoons, with milk and cereal, carrots, and prunes.4 Little pencil drawings ...

Author: Jen Hatmaker

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 0800734483

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 466

A Bible teacher with a keen understanding of women offers forty devotions for moms based on the words and deeds of Jesus.

Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals

Baby drums on all kinds of things in the kitchen. Meyers, Susan. Everywhere Babies. Rhyming story showing a wide diversity of parents and babies.

Author: Penny Peck

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1598845055

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 172

View: 197

Based upon materials used by this experienced children's library and university instructor, this is a vital and essential how to for doing storytimes. Crash Course in Storytime Fundamentals is a vital and essential how to. It is perfect for anyone who is asked to do storytime, but has never been trained-or for anyone who simply needs a new idea. The book is based upon materials designed for and used during an all day workshop, Storytime Fundamentals offered by this veteran children's librarian.

Sugar Baby Miracles are everywhere

There are pencils scattered all over the sidewalk. ... These day there's people looking for stolen babies under (CONTINUED) Go into some fancy store and buy ...

Author: Brian Stewart

Publisher: Boat Angel Outreach Center


Category: Drama


View: 377

What would you do if one of your friends was wrongfully arrested and killed by the police? If you knew he left behind an orphaned child, would you step in and do everything possible to make sure that child had food and shelter? Well, our main characters find themselves in that position in this wonderful story. "Sugar Baby."

Roller Coaster

Also illustrated by Marla Frazee : EVERYWHERE BABIES Everywhere Babies SUSAN MEYERS MARLI FRAZEE * “ The text and pictures make beautiful music together ...

Author: Marla Frazee

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780152045548

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 484

Twelve people set aside their fears and ride a roller coaster, including one who has never done so before.

The Sin of Salome

... were having a few words at the tops of their voices , and there babies everywhere . Babies squalling in the gutter ; babies sprawling on the doorsteps ...

Author: A. L. Harris



Category: Fantasy fiction

Page: 245

View: 872

Buy Buy Baby

Brody said bluntly, "Marketers have become child experts, ... Red Dog ruled the preschool airwaves, and the starring characters were licensed everywhere.

Author: Susan Gregory Thomas

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780618463510

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 276

View: 131

An investigative journalist analyzes the diverse ways in which marketers and promoters exploit infants and toddlers and the potentially damaging impact of that exploitation on the family and society as a whole, from using the latest research in child development to sell directly to young children to transforming youngsters into consumers at an alarmingly early age. 50,000 first printing.

A to Zoo Subject Access to Children s Picture Books 10th Edition

... 757 The bossier baby, 757 A couple of boys have the best week ever, 757 Everywhere babies (Meyers, Susan), 974 The farmer and the clown, 757 Harriet, ...

Author: Rebecca L. Thomas

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440834350

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1636

View: 984

Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

Carter Henry Harrison

In the streets they are running , skipping , and jumping everywhere . Babies are strapped to the backs of their mothers , or of sisters scarcely larger than themselves . One often sees a dozen or two boys and girls under ten at all ...

Author: Willis John Abbot



Category: Mayors

Page: 254

View: 709

Godey s Lady s Book

A literal " baby farın , " surely . the London poor this encamping would probably be Babies - babies everywhere ; babies of all sorts and something rather ...




Category: Costume


View: 338

Godey s Magazine

A literal “ baby farm , " surely , the London poor this encamping would probably be Babies - babies everywhere ; babies of all sorts and something rather ...

Author: Louis Antoine Godey



Category: Costume


View: 226

Includes music.

Something about the Author

School Library Journal contributor Rosalyn Pierini commented that Meyers's " lilting text " captures the " habits of a winsome cast of multicultural tykes , " and concluded that Everywhere Babies reassuringly " impresses on readers how ...

Author: Lisa Kumar

Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9780787687885

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 637

Covers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs.

How to Raise a Reader

Everywhere Babies Susan Meyers, illustrated by Marla Frazee It is very possible that nobody draws a cuter and more expressive baby than Marla Frazee.

Author: Pamela Paul

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 1523508523

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

View: 315

An indispensable guide to welcoming children—from babies to teens—to a lifelong love of reading, written by Pamela Paul and Maria Russo, editors of The New York Times Book Review. Do you remember your first visit to where the wild things are? How about curling up for hours on end to discover the secret of the Sorcerer’s Stone? Combining clear, practical advice with inspiration, wisdom, tips, and curated reading lists, How to Raise a Reader shows you how to instill the joy and time-stopping pleasure of reading. Divided into four sections, from baby through teen, and each illustrated by a different artist, this book offers something useful on every page, whether it’s how to develop rituals around reading or build a family library, or ways to engage a reluctant reader. A fifth section, “More Books to Love: By Theme and Reading Level,” is chockful of expert recommendations. Throughout, the authors debunk common myths, assuage parental fears, and deliver invaluable lessons in a positive and easy-to-act-on way.

Village Mothers

Everywhere babies are left in the care of old women in the summertime , " he wrote , “ everywhere they are fed with ' chaws ' and the like , and everywhere ...

Author: David L. Ransel

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253338259

Category: History

Page: 314

View: 270

Ransel shows how the women mediated the inherited beliefs of their families and communities, the claims of the state to control reproduction, and their personal desires for a better life. The interviews tell of willing acceptance of some changes and selective acceptance of or outright resistance to others. The women interviewed were subject to powerful forces beyond their control, ranging from patriarchal tyranny to civil war, governmental coercion and violence, famine, and world war.

Dot cons

Buying babies Just as there are a multiplicity of 'bride' sites, there are many ... in five states and eleven countries – working with families everywhere.

Author: Yvonne Jewkes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135992029

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 775

Cyberspace opens up infinitely new possibilities to the deviant imagination. With access to the Internet and sufficient know-how you can, if you are so inclined, buy a bride, cruise gay bars, go on a global shopping spree with someone else's credit card, break into a bank's security system, plan a demonstration in another country and hack into the Pentagon − all on the same day. In more than any other medium, time and place are transcended, undermining the traditional relationship between physical context and social situation. This book crosses the boundaries of sociological, criminological and cultural discourse in order to explore the implications of these massive transformations in information and communication technologies for the growth of criminal and deviant identities and behaviour on the Internet. This is a book not about computers, nor about legal controversies over the regulation of cyberspace, but about people and the new patterns of human identity, behaviour and association that are emerging as a result of the communications revolution.

Gryphons Ebook

... while Straif and I commit fraud and forgery in the name of babies everywhere.” “Babies who are twothirds Kryphisian, onethird Faelin,” said J'Vanni.

Author: Alyx Jae Shaw

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1329964705

Category: Fiction


View: 371

Dahli Sandiniti is luckier than most teen girls on her home world of Sferkkaa, and she knows it. She has a roof over her head, her best friend Diza, her older sister Teirra, a room of her own with some posters on the wall, and usually food enough to eat. What Dahli loves most of all is music, especially Sferkkaa’s most famous band, The Mortified Gryphons. She’d love to meet the drummer, but that will never happen. Certainly not by accidentally walking into a bathroom and clobbering him with a door. Please note: This is the full Gryphons story, and is comprised of the three shorter novels 'The Kids Are Alright', 'Take the Long Way Home', and 'Celebration Day'.

Global Connections Volume 2 Since 1500

When the Manchus decided to massacre the Chinese of Yangzhou, eyewitnesses described “piles of corpses everywhere ... babies lay everywhere on the ground.

Author: John Coatsworth

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 131629790X

Category: History


View: 565

The first textbook to present world history via social history, drawing on social science methods and research. This interdisciplinary, comprehensive, and comparative textbook is authored by distinguished scholars and experienced teachers, and offers expert scholarship on global history that is ideal for undergraduate students. Volume 2 takes us from the early modern period to speculation about the world in 2050, visiting diverse civilizations, nation-states, ecologies, and people along the journey through time and place. The book pays particular attention to the ways in which ordinary people lived through the great changes of their times, and how everyday experience connects to great political events and the commercial exchanges of an interconnected world. With 75 maps, 65 illustrations, timelines, boxes, and primary source extracts, the book enables students to use historical material and social science methodologies to analyze the events of the past, present, and future.

The Grasinski Girls

I scuttle around as the ground seems to shift and bulge beneath my feet, and children are everywhere. Babies loll in the pew ahead of me at church.

Author: Mary Patrice Erdmans

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 0821441612

Category: Social Science

Page: 290

View: 752

The Grasinski Girls were working-class Americans of Polish descent, born in the 1920s and 1930s, who created lives typical of women in their day. They went to high school, married, and had children. For the most part, they stayed home to raise their children. And they were happy doing that. They took care of their appearance and their husbands, who took care of them. Like most women of their generation, they did not join the women's movement, and today they either reject or shy away from feminism. Basing her account on interviews with her mother and aunts, Mary Erdmans explores the private lives of these white, Christian women in the post-World War II generation. She compares them, at times, to her own postfeminist generation. Situating these women within the religious routines that shaped their lives, Professor Erdmans explores how gender, class, ethnicity, and religion shaped the choices the Grasinski sisters were given as well as the choices they made. These women are both acted upon and actors; they are privileged and disadvantaged; they resist and surrender; they petition the Lord and accept His will. The Grasinski Girls examines the complexity of ordinary lives, exposing privileges taken for granted as well as nuances of oppression often overlooked. Erdmans brings rigorous scholarship and familial insight to bear on the realities of twentieth-century working-class white women in America.