Explorers on the Moon

Tintin and his friends are involved in the first manned flight to the moon which proves perilous.

Author: Hergé

Publisher: Paw Prints

ISBN: 9781442047150



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Tintin and his friends are involved in the first manned flight to the moon which proves perilous.

Destination Moon

Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock join Professor Calculus' moon expedition. A sophisticated picture book in graphic novel format.

Author: Hergé

Publisher: Adventures of Tintin

ISBN: 9781405208154

Category: Adventure and adventurers

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Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock join Professor Calculus' moon expedition. A sophisticated picture book in graphic novel format.

Live from the Moon

This delay lent the coverage of the last Moon explorations a particular aesthetic ,
one which strangely highlighted the ... The framing of the astronaut explorers on
the Moon consciously echoes this artistic tradition , connecting to a longer ...

Author: Michael Allen

Publisher: I.B. Tauris


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Man's exploration of space and its climax in the American moon landings have provided the world with iconic sounds and images of the late twentieth century. Travelling across millions of miles, these sounds and images have become lodged in the public conscious as the most powerful of collective memories. They speak both of breathtaking technological achievement and of the courage of the men, and woman, who risked their lives in striving to be more than human and to be more than just of this Earth. As John F. Kennedy said, "We choose to go to the Moon, not because it is easy but because it is hard." This is the first comprehensive exploration of the role played by film and television systems in enabling these feats of interplanetary exploration to be witnessed by audiences of hundreds of millions of people. Using material from the NASA archives, expert and enthusiast Michael Allen traces the parallel development and interdependency of space and media technologies during the Space Race -- of satellite surveillance and interplanetary probes, early Russian successes and the American missions that landed men on the moon. He also chronicles the part played by film and television in recording what was, and is, man's greatest leap: the exploration of outer space and other planets.

NASA 20th Century Explorer Into the Sea of Space

Two lunar explorers transfer to Bug . ... jets Transfer hatch Landing legs NORTH
Plato Surveyor landing area AristillusSea of Showers -Autolycus Sea of Serenity
Archimedes 4 After Moon exploration Bug is launched toward Apollo's orbit .

Author: United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration





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West of the Moon a Book of Explorers

soth 12 - 13 - 38 37426 PREFATORY NOTE TN the fairy tale , the Princess who
sought the Castle 1 ' West of the Moon ' was told that ' there was no way to that
place ' . But she was determined to reach it , and , making her way by land and
sea ...

Author: Elspeth Janet Boog-Watson



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The Lunar Orbiter Meteoroid Experiments

In addition , the detectors were exposed to 3.5 m2 - days during transit between
the earth and moon , with no penetrations . These data are compared ( table V )
with data collected with similar test material by Explorers XVI and XXIII near the ...

Author: Gary W. Grew



Category: Meteoroids

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Meteoroid experiments by five Lunar Orbiters have provided a direct measurement in the near-lunar environment of the rate of meteoroid penetration of 0.025-mm-thick beryllium-copper. Each experiment used 20 pressurized-cell detectors having a total effective exposed area of 0.186 m2. The spacecraft carrying the cells were in both equatorial and polar orbits; altituded ranged between 30 and 6200 km. Data collected continuously for 17 months indicate that the rate of penetration in the lunar environment is approximately half the rate in the near-earth environment as measured by detectors of the same type aboard Explorers XVI and XXIII.

The English explorers comprising details of the more famous travels by Mandeville Bruce Park and Livingstone with chapter on Arctic explorations

English explorers. twelve signs ; and the moon | island are ships without nails of
passes through the twelve signs iron or bonds , on account of in a month . And
because Sa- the rocks of adamants ( loadturn is so slow of motion , the stones ) ...

Author: English explorers



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Railroad Engineers Field book and Explorers Guide

which this method of obtaining Greenwich time is based is as follows: In the
Nautical Almanac the moon's R.A. is given for every hour during the year at

Author: Henry Colthurst Godwin




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The Moon

WEBSITE The Lunar Explorers website has improved significantly and now has
the following functionality ( Figure 2 ) : • • • Basic information on LUNEX goals ,
activities , calendar of events Exhaustive database of relevant lunar , planetary
and ...

Author: Michael B. Duke



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The English Explorers Comprising Details of the More Famous Travels by Mandeville Bruce Park and Livingstone

With Chapter on Arctic Explorations Robert Cochrane. twelve signs ; and the
moon | island are ships without nails of passes through the twelve signs iron or
bonds , on account of in a month . And because Sa - the rocks of adamants (
loadturn ...

Author: Robert Cochrane

Publisher: Edinburgh : W.P. Nimmo


Category: Arctic regions Discovery and exploration British

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Journal of the Franklin Institute

After almost a century of experimentation man has finally evolved a rocket ship to
carry him to the moon . ... careful first hand study of the lunar conditions and the
necessities which will be required to enable future explorers to live on the moon .

Author: Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, Pa.)



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Junior Ranger Night Explorer

An Explorer's Activity Guide for Ages 5 to 12. Waning Crescent Third Quarter ☆
Waning Gibbous Full Moon Waxing Gibbous Orbit is the path , usually an oval , of
a moon around a planet or a planet around a star . First Quarter Waxing ...




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The Frozen Zone and Its Explorers

The sun and moon were in conjunction on the 21st of December ; and , adopting
Captain Parry's observation , that the greatest efflux was always within five days
after the new moon , we had looked with some anxiety to the closing weeks of ...

Author: Alexander Hyde

Publisher: Hartford, Conn. : Columbian Book Company


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Wisconsin Explorers

EXPLORE THE MOON In our world of streetlights , nightlights , headlights , and
spotlights , we hardly notice the moon anymore . It's fun to get away from the
lights while you are camping and take some time to explore the moon ! Nature ...




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Men on the Moon The flight of Apollo 11 “ We have lift - off ! ” announced a voice
at Mission Control . Slowly the huge rocket surged upwards , smoke and flame
gushing from its five engines and shaking the launching pad . The date was 16 ...

Author: Tim Healey

Publisher: Silver Burdett Press

ISBN: 9780382064135

Category: Science

Page: 61

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Describes the voyages of various explorers from the Phoenician circumnavigation in 600 B.C. to the Apollo 11 moon landing. A reference section provides background information on mountain climbing, overland travel, and space and underwater exploration.

Explorers Journal

During the 1960s , Russia competed with the U . S . to put a man on the Moon
before the end of the decade . In many situations , Russia was ahead of the race
with “ tried and tested ” vehicles . The unmanned spacecraft Zond 7 was sent to
the ...

Author: Ernest Ingersoll



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Scientific Explorers

first of the Soviet lunar craft, crashed to earth and killed the cosmonaut aboard.
But despite the delays caused by these tragedies, both nations moved ahead.
The United States was the first to reach the moon. In 1968 the Americans sent
Apollo ...

Author: Rebecca Stefoff

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195076899

Category: Science

Page: 151

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Discusses the history of scientific exploration with emphasis on the discoveries of Captain James Cook, Charles Darwin, and Alexander von Humboldt.